playing with his girl form

Girls Rule- A Nash Grier Imagine

“Hey Nash” I say, yawning into the phone. “Babe, it’s 2:00 p.m. Did you just wake up?” “What? No.” I say, walking into my bathroom and splashing my face. “I can tell you’re lying.” Nash says, chuckling. “Whatever.” I say through the towel as I dry my face. “So.. you coming over today?” He says, his voice a little nervous. “Of course! I’ll be over in ten.” I say, going towards my closet to pick something out.

I put my phone on it’s charger, putting on pandora. As I get ready, I start to dance along to Fancy by Iggy Azalea. “I’m so fancy, you already know..” I start to sing while putting on my makeup. I look at my outfit in the mirror. I decided to wear some VS Pink sweats and a crop top, going comfy. 

“Alright. I think I’m ready. Mom, I’m leaving now!” I say, walking downstairs and out the door. “Okay honey, have fun! Be home by 10:30!” She says as I close the door. I walk a couple blocks and arrive at Nash’s house. We were friends since 4th grade, when one day he pushed me down. I decided that I wouldn’t take that from him, so I kicked him in the shin. Nash liked my bravery i guess, because ever since then, we’ve been best friends. 

Freshman year was when we started to have feelings for each other. Nash had changed over the years, and he became well… hot. Ever since then, we have gotten closer to each other. Now it’s the end of sophomore year, and we have been dating for 6 months. I smile, knocking on the Griers’ door. 

“(Y/N), you look…” Hayes says, answering the door. “Like a mess? I know.” i say, laughing. He laughs with me, then shakes his head. “No, you look hot.” “Oh, thanks.” I say, blushing a little. “Hi (Y/N)! How are you, dear?” Mrs. Grier interrupts, giving me a hug. “I’m good, and you?” “Oh, I’m great honey. I’m making some cookies, they’ll be done in a little bit if you want to test them out for me.” I just lick my lips and rub my stomach. Mrs. Grier’s baking is the best. “Of course, Mrs. Grier.” I say, laughing.

“Alright, Nash is up in his room.” “Thank you!” I say, walking up the stairs to Nash’s room. I stop to knock, but wait when I hear Skylnn talking. “(Y/N)’s coming today, Nash?” “Yeah Sky, she should be here by now.” Skylnn cuddles closer to Nash, saying, “You really like her. I can tell.” Her voice was tired as she leant her head on Nash’s chest. “Yeah, I do. She’s awesome. Almost as awesome as you.” Nash says, kissing her forehead. 

At that, I smile big. “Can I come in?” I say, knocking lightly on the door. Skylnn perks up, saying, “(Y/N)! We were just talking about you!” “You were?” I say, walking and sitting on the edge of Nash’s bed. She gets up to hug me, then tugs on Nash’s arm. “Nash, (Y/N)’s here!” Nash just laughs, putting his laptop away. “Yeah, hey babe.” Nash says, getting up and tackling me. 

“Nash!” I say, trying to get him off of me. “You know you never win, admit it.” He says, winking at me. “If I weren’t so competitive, I would. Sky, a little help here?” Skylnn gets up and jumps on Nash, playfully punching him. “Ow, Sky! Why would you betray me?” He says, falling on the bed. She just laughs as she jumps on top of him and says, “Girls rule!”. I laugh, crawling up to them. “You did it Sky!” I say, giving her a high five. 

When Sky gets off of Nash, I grab his arms and pin him down. “I think a victory kiss is in order.” “Fine.” Nash says, coming up and kissing me quickly. Skylnn covers her eyes and says, “Ew!” I fall on top of Nash, both of us laughing hard. “Sky, I thought you liked (Y/N)?” She walks out the door saying, “I do, but that’s gross.” Nash wraps two arms around my waist, turning us around so that he’s on top. 

“You have the most beautiful eyes.” I say, staring into them for what felt like eternity. “I could say the same about you.” He says, chuckling. We stare at each other for a while, not saying a word. The silence wasn’t awkward, it was comfortable. After a while, we settle in the bed together, my head on Nash’s chest and his arm around my waist when Skylnn comes in and yells, “Cookies are ready!” We both get up, and I race Nash to the kitchen. 

I beat Nash to the kitchen, grabbing a cookie and eating it. He grabs a cookie and takes a couple bites, enjoying how warm and delicious it was. As Nash reaches for another cookie, I stop him and say, “Just admit it Nash.” He plays dumb, saying, “Admit what?” A smirk forms across his face. “Girls rule, boys drool.” I say, chewing my cookie as Skylnn yells, “Yeah! Say it Nash!” “Fine.” Nash says in between bites. “Girls rule.” I walk over to him and kiss his cheek. 

“And don’t you forget it, babe.”