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scoliosis awareness

i suffer(ed) from scoliosis (aka curvature of the spine) and not a lot of people know stuff about it, so here are some first-hand facts:

  • scoliosis can cause crooked shoulders, crooked hips, tight muscles, decrease in height, uneven arm/leg lengths, and severe back pain. it hurts so much that you can’t walk sometimes.
  • if left untreated and it gets past a certain curvature, it can be fatal.
  • doctors suspect that genetics play a part in the development of scoliosis, but they don’t know for sure.
  • there are a few different types of corrective braces, they all suck, and a lot of the time they don’t work.
  • the corrective surgery for scoliosis (which is what i had) is called spinal fusion surgery and it involves shifting your spine/ribcage and screwing two rods into your back to make sure your spine grows straight. the full recovery time is 1 year, and there are limits on what you’re allowed to do for the rest of your life.

if you suspect you have scoliosis, please see a doctor. the earlier it gets caught, the more time you have to fix it before it gets too severe.

The Science of Stage Fright

Heart racing, palms sweating, labored breathing? No, you’re not having a heart attack – it’s stage fright! If speaking in public makes you feel like you’re fighting for your life, you’re not alone. But the better you understand your body’s reaction, the more likely you are to overcome it. 

To start, understand what stage fright is. Humans, social animals that we are, are wired to worry about reputation. Public speaking can threaten it. Before a speech, you fret, “What if people think I’m awful and I’m an idiot?” That fear of being seen as an awful idiot is a threat reaction from a primitive part of your brain that’s very hard to control. It’s the fight or flight response, a self-protective process seen in a range of animals, most of which don’t give speeches. 

But we have a wise partner in the study of freaking out. Charles Darwin tested fight or flight at the London Zoo snake exhibit. He wrote in his diary, “My will and reason were powerless against the imagination of a danger which had never been experienced.” He concluded that his response was an ancient reaction unaffected by the nuances of modern civilization. So, to your conscious modern mind, it’s a speech. To the rest of your brain, built up to code with the law of the jungle, when you perceive the possible consequences of blowing a speech, it’s time to run for your life or fight to the death.

Your hypothalamus, common to all vertebrates, triggers your pituitary gland to secrete the hormone ACTH, making your adrenal gland shoot adrenaline into your blood. Your neck and back tense up, you slouch. Your legs and hands shake as your muscles prepare for attack. You sweat. Your blood pressure jumps. Your digestion shuts down to maximize the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to muscles and vital organs, so you get dry mouth, and butterflies. Your pupils dilate, so it’s hard to read anything up close, like your notes, but long range is easy. That’s how stage fright works. 

How do we fight it? First, perspective. This isn’t all in your head. It’s a natural, hormonal, full body reaction by an autonomic nervous system on autopilot. And genetics play a huge role in social anxiety. John Lennon played live thousands of times. Each time he vomited beforehand. Some people are just wired to feel more scared performing in public. 

Since stage fright is natural and inevitable, focus on what you can control. Practice a lot, starting long before in an environment similar to the real performance. Practicing any task increases your familiarity and reduces anxiety, so when it’s time to speak in public, you’re confident in yourself and the task at hand. Steve Jobs rehearsed his epic speeches for hundreds of hours, starting weeks in advance. If you know what you’re saying, you’ll feed off the crowd’s energy instead of letting your hypothalamus convince your body it’s about to be lunch for a pack of predators. 

But hey, the vertebrate hypothalamus has had millions of years more practice than you. Just before you go on stage, it’s time to fight dirty and trick your brain. Stretch your arms up and breath deeply. This makes your hypothalamus trigger a relaxation response. Stage fright usually hits hardest right before a presentation, so take that last minute to stretch and breathe. You approach the mic, voice clear, body relaxed. Your well-prepared speech convinces the wild crowd you’re a charismatic genius. How? You didn’t overcome stage fright, you adapted to it. And to the fact that no matter how civilized you may seem, in part of your brain, you’re still a wild animal. 

A profound, well-spoken wild animal.

From the TED-Ed Lesson The science of stage fright (and how to overcome it) - Mikael Cho

Animation by KAPWA Studioworks

I think it had been said before but: I think there’s a reason why firearms seem to be absent or restricted in Alternian warfare - a gun is a big equalizer, give a lowblood a gun and no matter how strong or powerful in chucklevoodoos a highblood is, they’re going down. Archery is not frowned upon because, despite it’s ranged nature, it requires good upper body strength and precision, meaning that highbloods could actually have longer bows and shoot further, so the balance on power is still in highblood favour

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You: Pitbulls are amazing dogs who can be the biggest teddy bears in the right hands but there is a danger to them which can't and shouldn't be denied. Tumblr: WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS PROPAGANDA *pitchforks out*

Obviously I received a million messages, but this one will be the only one I’ll answer for the night just to use as a platform for all the anons. I apologize for spamming your dash with this, it’s tough to not answer all the hate.

Just to reiterate why some of you are unfollowing me. I said APBTs had historically been created to fight, and therefore should be cautiously introduced to other dogs due to a possible genetic disposition, and you disagree.

You telling me that they are all squishy teddy bears that wouldn’t hurt a fly is the reason they are in trouble. I’d rather get unfollowed and sent anon hate, than continue to flush this beautiful breed further down the toilet.

I didn’t say they were bad dogs or inherently aggressive monsters. I didn’t make blanket statements, or generalize the whole breed. It is not the same as stereotyping a human race because humans aren’t specifically bred?? I just said that their genetics play a role in their behavior, but it doesn’t always guarantee it. That you’re alright with saying Australian Shepherds are great for herding, but not that APBTs should be cautious around other dogs.

That you like to send messages without reading and understanding the words that I’m writing.

Reasons to watch..

Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet

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  1. The animation is absolutely beautiful. Seriously. It’s so vivid and clear. It really is some of the best work I’ve ever watched.
  2. Ledo, the protagonist, is taken from his world and has to learn a new language, a new way of living, how to understand emotions and the basis of human nature. It’s a journey worth watching.
  3. There are a lot of conflicting points of view between the characters. 
  4. It shows that sometimes its necessary to take a leap of faith and trust. 
  5. The basis of the show is set in a futuristic world, where humanity has split itself two. Some went to space and others stayed and endured on Earth - which is now a planet without landmass. 
  6. It calls into question the ethics of playing with genetics. It calls into question basic morality. 
  7. There is some amazing technology.
  8. It’s about finding your own purpose and highlights the resourcefulness and endurance of the human race.
  9. The ‘enemy’ is a creepy squid thing and when it’s true identity is revealed you’ll be as shocked, horrified and confused as Ledo. 
  10. Because it’s just a beautiful show with a great plot.

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Frances Midford and comic relief in Kuroshitsuji

Guess you didn’t see that one coming, lol

Friendly reminder in advance that it’s only my opinion and you don’t have to agree. However if you don’t, no need to get aggressive because, guess what? I don’t answer violent arguments. :)

Also very lengthy post ahead.

Comic relief has always been a part of Kuroshitsuji since the very beginning, after all we know how Yana loves her jokes and it also helps to cope with the darker side of the story. However for every comical touch that we see too often, it’s natural to wonder if making us laugh is all that Yana has in mind when she draws these moments.
A few examples…

  • Elizabeth’s strength whenever she almost strangles Ciel or when she KO’ed Edward with just one punch -> considering how she fought on the Campania, one might wonder if it’s just a joke.
  • Lau being an air-headed opium dealer haha -> there have been several theories explaining that he could be betraying Ciel before the end (my fav is this one by rationalkuroshitsuji)
  • Ciel apparently never growing up -> how many people wondered if that wasn’t a hint for the 2CT or other theories about him? => CANON now that his absolutely similar twin is back (Yana confirmed they are the same height).
  • And one of my favorite, the Undertaker asking for laugh as payment for his information, I’m sure we all smiled once -> we now know he is a Shinigami because he killed himself, so laughing and having fun are probably feelings he discovered post mortem and that’s actually really sad.  

So it’s hard to really draw a limit between comic relief and small hints meaning more serious business, which is why Frances Midford’s character is quite complicated to theorize about, because she’s one of the best examples of “comic relief” in Kuroshitsuji. I’ll try though.

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I’m really not a dog person, like when faced with an actual dog I find they’re just kinda slobbery and noisy and they make weird smells and I’m not a big fan

but I still have super strong feelings about dogs as a concept. I mean we take these animals and we shape them into the perfect companions for our species in a process that takes tens of thousands of years. We make them so that they love us, and serve us, and will learn how to do whatever we need them to do. We make them want to guard us while we sleep, to guard our livestock, to guard our homes, to help us hunt, to act as beasts of burden, to watch our children and our fields. They’ll learn how to see for us. They’ll run into burning buildings for us. Dogs walked beside us every step of the way as we became the dominant species on the planet. And all they ever ask for in return is enough food to stay alive and as much love as we will give them.

I mean, people talk a lot these days about how we’re ‘playing God’ with genetic engineering, or with artificial intelligence, and they make that sound very ominous, but when you think about it, we, as a species, have already created another species. And I am heartened and humbled to know that, when humanity set about the daunting and monumental task of creating another race to be our companions on Earth, we made something as noble and selfless and loving as dogs.

And I feel like the fact that we have created such obviously good creatures who only want to serve us confers upon us a responsibility to be gentle and kind and compassionate with them. In an existential and anthropological sense, they’re humanity’s children. We gotta be nice to dogs. We owe them that much.

I dunno man, I think about this stuff. I don’t gotta be a dog person to be grateful. good dogs. thank you dogs. we might not be here without you.

The Peoples of Entropic Horizons

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By far the most powerful and most populous of all the Peoples of the Thedas system, humans vary  widely between size, colouring, build, aptitude, and religions. They are the ruling class of every planet and major colony in the Thedas system aside from the Par Vollen flotilla, Orzammar and Skyhold.

Compared to the other peoples, humans reproduce at rapid rates, allowing them to adapt to new habitats and skills much more quickly than the ancient peoples of the elves and dwarves. How they compare to the relatively new arrivals to the system, the Qunari, remains to be seen.

Only humans are able to become official rulers in the main nations, and non-humans are not able to serve directly in the Chantry or the Templars.

Basic Traits

  • Roles are Rarely Gender specific outside of the Chantry
  • heights average between 5'6’’ and 6’’ but not uncommon for outliers, builds muscular to slender
  • Round ears, hair that varies from blonde to red to black, skin from very pale pink to near black-brown
  • eyes that do not have  a tapetum lucidum (reflective lining on the retina that improves low light vision and glows like a cat’s)
  • Age relatively quickly


  • Shems - Elven, ‘Quicklings’
  • Shemlen - Elven, 'Quick children’
  • Basra - Qunlat (derogatory) 'useless thing’

Magic Ability - Present but still rare. Genetics play a factor but not guaranteed.

Notable Humans

  • Rythlen Theirin (Hero and Queen of Ferelden) & Alistair Theirin (king of Ferelden)
  • Empress Celene I and General Gaspard, the warring Lions
  • Captain Frederic Rousseau formerly of the Chevaliers and his son with Milliara, Nils DuLion
  • Former Champion of Kirkwall, Garret Hawke and his brother, Senior Warden Carver Hawke
  • The Advisors to the Inquisitor
  • Maeve Trevelyan, one of the Heralds of Andraste
  • Haylan the Enchanter, doctor within the Inquisition and former Hound of the Templars
  • Theseus Trevelyan, former Templar Knight, now Knight of the Inquisition
  • Almost everyone in power, really.


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The elves have a poor lot in Thedas. once a thriving nation of near-immortals, now elves live either under the thumb of humans in slums called alienages, as slaves in Tevinter or as nomads that call themselves the Dalish. They have no true home, having lost each they founded to human empire builders.

No longer immortal, they still hold some characteristics of their ancient ancestors such as skin that can range from purple to golden, eyes that are inhumanly bright and can see more clearly in the depths of deep space than any human or dwarf can. And of course, their ears.

Recently, an elf has come to prominence as the Inquisitor and a Herald of Andraste. This has stirred elven populations throughout the system, to stand up against the injustices they face. A surprising number of elves also seek out the Qun, appreciating the transparent rules and roles.

Basic Traits

  • Roles are never Gender specific among the dalish, but city elves follow the human societies that they live in.
  • Eeights average between 5'0’’ and 5'9’’ but it is not uncommon for outliers, and Dalish tend to be slightly taller as they are less likely to grow up malnourished.
  • Their builds vary but elves are more slender by nature than humans.
  • Elves have pointed ears, hair that varies from white to red to black and gem-coloured skin that ranges from blue to golden.
    • Dalish elves have luminescent markings tattooed on their faces called vallaslin. The markings will often flicker in time with the elf’s mood
  • In addition to having large eyes, elves have a tapetum lucidum that causes their eyes to glow like a cat’s in low light. Apparently it can be unnerving.
  • Elves age and reproduce at rates comparable to a human (though slightly slower) however whenever an elf has a child with a human, dwarf or Qunari, the child appears to be fully the same race as their other parent. 


  • Knife Ear - common insult
  • Rabbit - Orlesian insult
  • Elvhen'alas - 'Dirt Elves’, a Dalish slur for City elves
  • Flat-ears - a slur for elves too friendly with humans
  • Basra - Qunlat (derogatory) 'useless thing’ for non-Qun affiliated elves

Magic Ability - Slightly more prevalent in elves than in humans, however whether this is due to the reduction of policing of mages among the Dalish, or a genetic trait is unclear.

Notable Elves

  • Dalish Elves
    • Milliara Lavellan - A Herald of Andraste, Inquisitor, Former Orlesian Bard, former city elf
    • Fiowyn Lavellan - Cousin to Milliara, part of the Inquisition
    • Kalieth Surana - Grey Warden Enchanter, half sister to Aldes and Karya
    • Aldes Lavellan - A hunter, older brother to Karya and incorrigible flirt
    • Karya Lavellan - the First of what used to be Clan Lavellan.
  • Other?
    • Solas
  • City Elves
    • Briala, former lover of Celene I
    • Sera of the Red Jennys


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While at first they might appear to be short humans, Dwarves are a distinct people from humans and incapable of interbreeding. Traditionally, Dwarves live underground on sub-planet Thaig. However many dwarves have ‘ascended’, leaving Thaig to seek fortune elsewhere.  Traditional dwarven life relies on a strict caste system, Once a ‘true’ Dwarf sees the sky, they are considered to be casteless, and cannot return to their past role.

To travel between planets, Orzammar dwarves use windowless ships  and shuttles to ensure that they do not lose their caste, although such trips are exceedingly rare. 

The Carta is a dwarven cartel that dominates the grey and blue (lyrium) markets, ruthlessly defending their business holdings with less than legal methods.

Basic Traits

  • Built short and stocky, Dwarves barely reach over 5′2″ but are dense with muscle and sturdy bone from developing as a people on  sub-planet Thaig which has a super-dense core, and increased gravity compared to the human planets.
  • In terms of colouring, Dwarves take after humans in range of hair, skin and eye colours, which is curious despite their ancestors living underground for so many thousands of years. 
  • Dwarven reproduction rate is slow, and the population has been in decline for centuries, aggravated by the attacks by Darkspawn on former strongholds.
  • Dwarves have exceptional hearing, and Dark dwarves often speak about the ‘song’ of the stone which allows them to find veins of minerals and other important geolithic features


  • Surfacers - Ascended Dwarves, dwarves who have seen the sky, stars or sun
  • Dark Dwarves -  ‘True dwarves’ who have not ascended
  • NugScats - Casteless Dwarves

Magic Ability - None, although Dwarves are skilled at enchanting magical effects into items they are completely unable to perform magic or even dream.

Notable Dwarves

  • Surfacers 
    • Varric Tethras - famous author, blogger and podcaster
    • Dagna Smith - formerly of the Smith Caste, now a renowned researcher and enchanter
  • Deep Dwarves
    • Orzammar’s King


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The Flotilla known as Par Vollen arrived in the Thedas System some time ago, but still not much is known about the People known as the Qunari. Initial scans appear to show that Qunari are the result of gene splicing, but such technology has never been known to produce viable individuals, let alone a fertile species of people.

Basic Traits

  • In the Qun roles are specified by Gender, but Gender is not specified by the sex one is born with. Qunari men hold martial roles such as Sten, Arishok and Ben Hassrath while Qunari women hold spiritual and guidance roles, and are considered to be the true power behind the Qun. Tal-Vashoth and Vashoth however tend to follow societal norms of the area they live.
  • Qunari are the tallest and most muscular of the people in Thedas system. Averaging 6-9 feet, their size is made more impressive when one considers the horns many of them grow. 
  • Like elves, Qunari have pointed ears, though they are smaller in relation to the Qunari’s skull. They also have inhuman skin tones, but while elves are ‘gem’ toned, Qunari tend to have skin the colour of metal.
  • Qunari often wear body and face paint made from substances that offer special protection against the hazards of space and battle. A trait unique to them, Qunari are able to survive in the void of space for brief periods of time with little side effect.
  • No one is certain about the aging rate of Qunari, as most met by non-Qun forces are killed in action or some other violent means.


  • Ox men - common insult

Magic Ability - Minor, seen as extremely dangerous, mages in the Qun are referred to as Saarebas and mages in the Qun are harshly treated if not outright killed. However mage Qunari exist among the Tal-Vashoth and Vashoth in small numbers.

Notable Qunari

  • Of the Qun
    • Sten, Veteran of the Fifth Blight
    • The Arishok of Kirkwall
    • The Iron Bull
  • Vashoth (not of the Qun, and never were)
    • Peanut and Tanim Adaar


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There are many theories and legends that surround the origin of Darkspawn and the Blight, the truth is that no-one knows for sure how the Blight or Darkspawn came to be. A true Blight occurs when Darkspawn rally around an Archdemon, developing a hive-mind. The Darkspawn horde then launches an attack upon non-infected populations, poisoning the land they inhabit and infecting or killing the individuals they find there.

The only known way of ending a Blight is to kill the Archdemon, and the only way to do that is to sacrifice a Grey Warden… until the 5th Blight when the Hero of Ferelden managed to slay the Archdemon without losing her life.

Darkspawn have overrun most of the sub-planet of Thaig save for a few holdouts like Orzammar, and now inhabit the deep caverns and mines on most Thedan planets. As a result any subterranean ventures deeper than a kilometer

Basic Traits

  • Savage, varying vastly in size, shape and ability
  • inhabit most of Orzammar

Magic Ability - Present in a few darkspawn, but these type of individuals are rarely seen outside of true Blights. 

Notable Darkspawn

  • The Archdemon of the 5th Blight
  • Broodmothers
  • Corypheus
  • Red Lyrium


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The Chantry teaches that all spirits are Demons waiting to trick unwitting mages into allowing themselves to be possessed. This is absolutely not true, although it is a belief that continues to be pervasive and colour the perception of the any contact with spirits even if they’re benevolent.

Spirits reside in the fade, and while some do twist into demons either of their own will or through mangled summoning rituals, many spirits are happy to stay in the Fade.

Basic Traits - Vary too wildly to specify. Spirits represent an aspect of the physical world.

Magic Ability - Innate and extensive. Spirit are magical beings by nature, and reside in the fade. They can become demons if they are summoned into the physical dimension and are twisted against their nature.

Notable Spirits

  • Faith/The Divine
  • Knowledge
  • Justice
  • Cole/Compassion


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Basic Traits - Vary, but tend to follow the 'sins’ taught by the Chantry: sloth, despair, pride, rage, desire (too often thought of as lust), but there exist others not yet known. The Inquisition has only recently identified Fear demons as being distinct from despair.

Magic Ability - Innate and extensive. Demons are magical beings by nature, and exploit their abilities to possess or ensnare a mortal to experience life through them.

Notable Demons

  • The Nightmare
  • Imshael


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Golem are exceedingly rare. Aside from the deep roads and the golem serving Minrathous, only archival footage exists of the Golem that once served with the Grey Wardens in the third blight.

Basic Traits

  • Not squishy, no obvious gender roles but always best to ask the golem which pronouns they prefer. They hit hard
  • Inorganic, crafted by Dwarves from lyrium, crystsal and metal with a soul bound to them to animate the otherwise dead object.
  • Very tall, Golem are said to get as large as 20 feet tall, but modern history shows they range from 7 to 12 feet
  • Often (but not always) paired with a control mechanism. Either in the form of a non-replicable program or, in the case of truly ancient Golem, a rod mad of the same crystal as the Golem’s ‘heart’.

Magic Ability - None, but inherently magical beings as dwarven souls are enchanted into the Golem’s body.

Notable Golem

  • Shale
  • Caridin

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20- hance (hmu with that hunk lovin please)

Not to be dramatic, but Hunk is one hundred percent sure his boyfriend hates him.

Don’t get him wrong, he knows that fifty percent of this is crushing anxiety and the constant fear of abandonment, however he knows that he isn’t… ideal. He knows that the truth is still the truth even if it hurts to think about it, hurts to have such a perfect little boyfriend and then be so. Well. Big.

He can’t say he’s sorry for liking food because it’s human nature to like food, he can’t help that he’s a nervous eater and he’s always nervous. Genetics plays a minuscule role, sure, but it’s mostly Hunk’s own gluttony that contributes to the thick cushion around his middle and cheeks that are too round, pudgy hands. Being a defender of the universe means that a lot of that fat is more muscular now, but sometimes he feels. Like. Well, like too much.

Lance was thin in every sense of the world. A picture of a smiling boy with pretty blue eyes drawn by a thin hand, with a thin face, long thin legs that connected to a thin torso, Hunk could imagine him hiding behind a lamppost or dancing in between blades of grass. (Or something.) This wasn’t lack of eating in the slightest. Of course, during meals Lance could have a sandwich in his hand for twenty minutes without taking a single bite out of it because he’s too busy talking - which Hunk can’t stand, Lance, eat this wonderful fucking meal I slaved over god damn it, please and thank you -, but it was impressive how fast he could shovel food in his mouth so he could get back to messing around. It was beautiful, really. And he never gained a pound.

It suits him. He’s elegant and fluent, natural. Hunk’s awkward in every sense of the word the same way that Lance is thin, he’s aware but he’s just so terrified of anyone else knowing that. So, when a day passes of just the other bouncing glances off of him and frowning to himself, the yellow Paladin feels so self conscious he could cry.

He finds himself in the kitchen pretending to be productive while internally panicking. Oh god, he loves Lance so much and he doesn’t deserve him, did Lance figure that out? He was going to break up with him and Hunk would be so awkward about it, he’d probably cry and Lance is nice so he probably won’t say anything, but that’s pathetic. Hunk is pathetic and too much.

There are already tears gathering at the corners of his doe brown eyes, catching on his lashes at the thought. His lip wobbles. He’d been so blessed to have Lance as both his best friend and his lover. He loved laughing when Lance’s flirting went wrong and cuddling his thin body at night. Lance was always so cold, having grown up somewhere primarily hot and Hunk generated enough body heat for the both of them. He loved when Lance called him cute pet names and then gets so red when Hunk returns the favor. He hates when Lance feels like he’s nothing compared to the rest of Voltron and wants to comfort him as much as humanly possible (God, he’d give his all for Lance, and he doesn’t want this to end.)


He pterodactyl screeches and accidentally flings the empty cup he’d been holding into the air. It bounces noisily into the sink and Hunk does that weird, nervous high pitches laugh he does when he’s trying not to cry.

There’s a hand - thin, with thin, long fingers and nails that Lance bites relentlessly, would chew bloody down to the cuticle if he could and Hunk finds himself holding Lance’s hands much more often after he notices the violently minuscule self destruction - on his shoulder suddenly and he tenses. “Dude, are you okay?”

He nods his head quick, too quick. “Oh, uh, yeah. I got some weird alien… salt in my eye.” Good lord, he’s so bad at lying and Lance is observational, as dumb as he pretends to be for the sake of being the comic relief they all desperately need.

“C'mon,” Lance slides his hand down to Hunk’s hip and now he’s wrapping his arms (thin arms with faint muscles from wielding his bayard so expertly, Hunk wants to kiss him until he knows how much he’s needed, his sharpshooter) around his waist. He lets out a choked exhale, “I know when you’re upset, man.”

“Please don’t break up with me!” He blurts out in one breath, slouching over the sink. “I - I mean!” He flushes dark cherry over his too round cheeks. “I wouldn’t blame you and it’s your choice, but I just love you so much and I can’t even imagine not dating you because you’re such an amazing boyfriend, and I - I don’t really deserve it because I’m me and you’re you… a - and maybe we’re too different via the rating scale and it just won’t work out, but I want to take a chance at ruining our friendship and defying the rating scale if it means I get to call you my - ”

“BOI!” Lance shouts, rocket launching himself in front of Hunk, perched on the edge of the sink, there faces so close together that Hunk can see each individual eyelash framing his stunning blue eyes. His breath catches. Lance’s hands find a place on his cheeks and the blush only intensifies (his hands are so cold). “What are you even talking about?! What the CHEESE, Hunk! Excuse my language.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, what put that in your little Hunk head! Why would I do all that dumb junk?”

“Lance, you’ve been glaring a hole in my head all day!” Hunk squeaks out exasperatedly. “What else could I possibly think?”

“Jeez, you’re like as anxious as I am bipolar.” Lance sighs and his thin, lopsided smile makes Hunk’s entire heart stop. “It’s just… frustrating.” Oh no, there’s the frown again.

“What did I do?” His eyes water up and nausea stirs in his stomach. “Why am I frustrating? Tell me so I can stop.”

Lance takes his hands off of Hunk’s checks only to clap them back on and squish the flesh with the intensity of a doting aunt. “You’re just too gosh darn fricken cute!” And then he smashes their mouths together and between kisses, manages, “Cute cheeks,” kiss, “cute smile,” kiss, kiss, “cute, beautiful eyes,”

“The color of mud.” Hunk mumbles against Lance’s lips.

“The color of gooey chocolate,” Lance’s thumb presses against Hunk’s bottom lip as they break away and they’re both red now. “And I could eat you up. It’s frustrating… how cute you are and you don’t even know it.”

Inside, Hunk’s heart throbs with so much love it’s almost painful. Maybe, it’ll burst through his ribcage. Maybe his fat will keep it locked inside for more of Lance’s antics. “You’re stupid and you gave me like thirteen anxiety attacks today.” Hunk responds with a happy sigh, pressing the blue Paladin back on the sink, nuzzling the thin, brown neck. “And I love you so fucking much.”

Lance lets out a dramatic gasp as he wraps his legs around the yellow Paladin’s waist, leaning his head back as his neck is pampered with warm, fleeting smooches. “Language, Hunky bear!”

“My bad, Lancey Lance.”

And maybe, Hunk’s boyfriend didn’t hate him all that much. (Maybe, just maybe, his boyfriend loved him.)


Keith scrunches his nose up as Pidge taps away at her laptop, squinting into the security cam tab opened up on one of the monitors. Shiro is a few paces away observing whatever the girl is doing, but the kitchen scene is… entrancing.

Completely astounded and thoroughly confused, Keith slides down to rest his chin in the palm on his head and cocks his head to the side. “Are they… training?” He asks himself aloud. “In the kitchen?”

Shiro and Pidge simultaneously look up from the computer screen to check the monitor, only to flush beet red in unison at both Keith’s cluelessness and the actions unfolding in the kitchen. The “training”.

In a moment of panic, Pidge launches herself in front of the screen as Shiro flings a pen directly into the middle of it. “They’re training!” Pidge shouts, shoving Keith away from the area in case the screen would miraculously blink back to life. “They’re just training in the kitchen!”

“Ah.” Keith says, satisfied with that answer. He smiles a little. “It looks like Hunk was winning.”

Shiro covers his flushed face with his hand. “Mmhm.”

So, maybe they needed to have The Talk with Keith soon.)

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sonya what are your best treatments for acne, and what's your skin type? <3

Honestly I think hormones and genetics play the largest factor. And age. I used to have acne all over my face when I was 15/16, not cystic by any means, but little bumps/pimples everywhere that just went away after I turned 20-ish. Sun exposure- honestly avoid it. Wear SPF. Use a clarisonic with the large pore brush head. Drink WAAAATTTTER. Don’t be afraid to use a moisturizer that is water or gel based. Use an exfoliator a few times a week! My favorite is Ole Henriksen walnut scrub. And - of course, a mask. I like clay masks, and the Blue Tansy mask by Herbivore Botanicals. Sunday Riley UFO clarifying gel is good. Kate Sommerville has a little pot of pink pimple drying solution. Works well if you have a breakout, not so much if your skin has breakouts everywhere. Kate also has a pink acne face wash with salysilic acid which is amazing. And get a facial or see a cosmetologist if you can- maybe you’d be a good candidate for something like laser genisis or micro needling. Also- blue light LED therapy works well.

I have combination skin. Rosacea prone in the winter- and can get really dry, and I have conjested pores in the summer.

Just got my copy of ‘A Brief History of Time Lords’! Above is part of the preview from Amazon, but below the read more I’ve also typed up some (well, a lot - I might have gotten a bit carried away) of my favourite quotes from the book, which I felt some of the Classic/EU fans in particular on here may want to see:

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I was wondering if you could give me advice as to how I can develop leaner legs- like, what kind of exercises or stretches would help? My legs are strong but rather bulky and I'd like to change that if I can

Hi Nina, you can lower your body fat, which will help you get thinner/more defined legs.

There are some exercises like cyclist squat, leg extension, leg curl… That will help you add more definition to your leg muscles.

But if your legs are very bulky and you don’t want them to be be more muscular, you might want to reduce your amount of leg trainings and do a small cut.

Keep in mind that your genetics play a big role in this too. Me for example, I was gifted with big legs even when I wasn’t even training them.

I hope this helps!

More info:

People who racially fetishize for the sole purpose of playing genetic build-a-baby need some help.

It’s okay to fall in love with a person and hope your future child inherits some of your lover’s fondest traits, but JFC, don’t just select people based on physicality so you can genetically engineer a person that lives up to your creepy ass racial fantasies. This isn’t a puppy farm. 

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Najia leak your skincare routine please. Your s/o said your skin is lovely, share your secrets with us

aw 💖✨❤️

so genetics play a big role in this (like my skin’s just always been pretty clear) & everyone’s skin is different but my skin is much smoother, less dry & more uniform in colour since starting this routine

2x a day I wash with Clinique dry combination liquid mild facial soap, then exfoliate with Clinique dry combination clarifying lotion (which for the record has not lightened my skin, lol), tone w rose water, apply jojoba oil (facial oils are a good idea even and especially if you have oily skin or acne. you might not need to use them twice a day but my skin is the Sahara), and then moisturise with Clinique dramatically different+ lotion for very dry to dry combination skin (which also has some oil in it)

& I also just slather my entire body in any kind of thick body butter from like bath & body works or body shop or something after getting out of the shower & then use a separate elbow and foot cream bc, again, Sahara
‘Outlander’ Star Caitriona Balfe Reveals Skin Care Tips
Want clear skin like “Outlander” actress Caitriona Balfe? Find out the most important part of her beauty routine!

“Outlander” fans probably aren’t at all surprised to find that Caitriona Balfe got a mention in People’s Most Beautiful issue. While the magazine lists Julia Roberts in the top spot, the Claire Fraser actress gets a special mention for her clear complexion.

In the magazine, the Irish actress reveals her top tip is making sure she never goes to bed with a face full of makeup clogging her pores. “I’m quite proud to say that I haven’t gone to sleep with my makeup on since I was a teenager,” the former model told People.

While washing her face and great genetics play a big part in how Balfe looks, there are some products that also help her out. Specifically, the 37-year-old uses NYDG’s Formula 119 Cream. The moisturizer contains shea butter, chamomile, algae among many other ingredients.

It’s expensive to have skin like a star, though. A 1.7 ounce jar retails for $110. One percent of the proceeds are donated to the NYDG’s charitable foundation.

Balfe’s co-star Sam Heughan retweeted a scan of the magazine with his onscreen wife’s skin care tips:

Hopefully, both Balfe and Heughan are adding more SPF to their routines right now. They’re getting much more sun as “Outlander” Season 3 filming moved from Scotland to South Africa recently. Cape Town will stand in as Jamaica on the Starz drama.

“Outlander” Season 3 is taking a bit longer to hit screens this year. It will be on hiatus until September, so it’s no wonder that fans typically aren’t asking Balfe for beauty tips when they see her. They are just dying to ask what’s next for Claire and Jamie. “They want to know everything about the show,” she laughed to Red Carpet Report in February. “They want all the spoilers, but of course, I can’t give them any.”

Luckily, the trailer released earlier this week gave a few hints about what’s to come. Check out what you missed in the “Outlander” Season 3 teaser HERE.

Mr. C-word shed today and he’s so pretty!
This will last for maybe a week before he’s a filth worm again. I’ll enjoy his lovely colors while he’s clean and smells okay!

He’s 66% possible het for pink pastel and there’s definitely something at play in this lovely boy’s genetics. I just wish he weren’t so fussy, messy, and floppy.