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Playing a video game, any video game, for too long can make the real world starting to resemble the game you’ve been playing. But sometimes the game just makes more sense and you have to shape the world accordingly. Redditor DekardPain shared this photo of an awesome Super Mario display made of cases of soda cans. We’ll be the first to admit that we’d really like to try running into that Coin Block to see if any coins pop out, or maybe just some free soda.

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I miss everything about you.
I miss everything we have and had. Those laughter and those nonstop stories.
I miss the way you get mad at me every time I get too loud.
I miss the way you play and hold my hand.
I miss the way you stare and look at me.
I miss the way you laugh every time I tell you a lame joke. Yeah, I know it isn't that funny at all but you tried to look as if it all was really funny just to make me feel okay.
I miss the way you took an effort just to see me.
I miss the way you say my name.
I miss the way you eat and play with your leftover foods after eating.
I miss the way how your skin is so soft and so close to mine.
I miss the way you play your face just to make me laugh.
I miss the way you touch my face and pinch my cheeks.
I miss it all.
I miss you.

a production of hamlet that is just someone, probably osric, hanging out in the kitchen wasting time by playing with food
hamlet is a very small ham
horatio is a potato. just. a potato.
ophelia is an egg
laertes is a vegetable, a leek maybe
hamlet sr is one of those large bell peppers that has a small mutant pepper growing on the inside, which is claudius


Sometimes I play with my food…

From top to bottom:

The derpy Ahi, Rice and Kale-maid I made last night (I was proud of this because..her tail was actually made out of fish)

A Tangerine Murder

and Mr. Pepper-butt (I have to credit Stu for slicing this literal piece-of-ass from the bell pepper we were cooking)


After our friend Linda Lombardi, aka wombatarama, traveled to Japan last year we posted about her awesome visit to an Owl Cafe. Today we’d like to share photos of another experience Linda had in Japan that makes us happily envious. She went to a little shop in Yanaka, Toyko called Amezaiku Yoshihara. There a craftsman, practicing an art dating all the way back to the 8th century, transformed a mixture of sugar and starch into a beautiful, edible rhinoceros beetle.

This wonderful candy art form is called Amezaiku and its practitioners make all sorts of other edible creatures too.

“Amezaiku was once a common street entertainment for children, but the traditional carts were outlawed in the late 20th century and until recently it could only be seen at festivals and special events. Amezaiki Yoshihara, which opened in 2008, was the first permanent shop devoted to this craft. Its owner apprenticed with a master for two years and worked by himself for four years before going into business. You can buy ready-made items, but for the full experience, customers pick a creature from their catalog and have it made on the spot.”

Head over to io9 to learn more about the history of Amezaiku.

Then visit the Amezaiku Yoshihara website to check out all the different candy creatures they make.

[via io9 and Amezaiku Yoshihara]


Food isn’t just for eating; it’s an opportunity for fun and creative expression. During Close Encounters of the Third Kind Richard Dreyfus turned a pile mashed potatoes into Devil’s Tower. Meanwhile in Japan people are turning their curry rice into edible feats of industrial engineering. They’re making dams out of the rice to hold back the curry. That’s right, they’re making “Dam curry” and they’re doing it beautifully.

“Dam” curry rice, as you might expect, simply involves holding back the pools of delicious brown curry sauce using shored-up piles of rice, to prevent a curry overflow. Some will leak through, and that’s fine (think of it as generating lovely, delicious energy through it), but just enough to add to your rice a bit at a time rather than drowning it.

The edible barrier allows the diner to control the intermingling of rice and curry, creating perfect bites, and for preventing sides of salad from getting soggy. And of course they just look awesome too.

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We can’t decide if we’d rather hug or devour this awesome Studio Ghibli Cake created by Rozie Powell of Cinnamon Square bakery in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, England. Featuring characters from My Neighbor Totoro, Castle in the Sky, Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, and Ponyo, it’s a mouthwatering love letter to all things Miyazaki. And it’s making our stomachs growl.

Visit the Cinnamon Square Facebook page to check out more of their amazing edible creations.

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