playing with food


According to the Department of Impossible Cuteness the most delicious lunches are the cutest lunches. Thanks to this awesome Omusubi Nyan kit from Japan, you can create cat and cat paw-shaped onigiri(rice balls) and exponentially increase the cute-factor of your midday meals.

The multi-piece kit includes a cat-shaped rice mold and an adorable set of cutters for creating different kitty faces, paws, and a little fish out of dried nori seaweed. You can further decorate your kitty onigiri by using soy sauce to color the rice:

So what are we all still sitting here for? The sooner we all order our own Omusubi Nyan kits (available via Amazon), the sooner we can make a bunch and then get together for lunchtime kitty onigiri play dates. That’s a thing, right?

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Rolo gets the brownie points today; portrait of a champion. I lasted till 8pm before going and calling for them - still earlier than their curfew used to be, but it is only day 2 and I’d not seen them at all since they went out first thing. Rolo meowed and came running within a minute or so, and came in quietly. No sign of Monty so I tried his loc8tor, and it led me over the road - I thought he’d lost his collar again at first, but after a minute of searching he popped out from where he was exploring the undergrowth of their gardens. He was reluctant to abandon his exploring and I still can’t pick him up for more than a second or two so I went and got his favourite flying frenzy toy and lured him back across the road. There he refused to come inside as he suspected (rightly) that I was going to shut him in. We’ve played that stubborn Monty game before. So despite me waving packets of food at him he sulked in the garden for a bit, while I played with Rolo inside to make him jealous. After five minutes or so he gave up and came in. 

Today I signed a lease for my own apartment across the USA and moved in 90% of my personal possessions. I set up a power utilities account so I can pay energy bills. I start a job in a few weeks that has me starting at a very comfortable salary. I’m starting to work about taxes.

When the fuck did I become an adult.

I just want to play my games and eat food and be with my friends.

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time and date: june 29th, 5:01 pm
nicknames: li
birthday: december 26th
gender: female
sexual orientation: straight
height: 170cm
favourite colour: purple, pink, baby blue
one place that makes me happy: my old bedroom, work
how many blankets do i sleep under: one
what am i wearing right now: t-shirt
last book i read: reading games people play by eric berne
favourite food: pizza
last movie i watched in the theatre: hobbit 2
dream vacation: barcelona, london, new york, los angeles, mexico
dream wedding: with lots of money and gifts lmao
dream pet: little monkey like the one ross had
dream job: presenter of a comedy show

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Sometimes I play with my food…

From top to bottom:

The derpy Ahi, Rice and Kale-maid I made last night (I was proud of this because..her tail was actually made out of fish)

A Tangerine Murder

and Mr. Pepper-butt (I have to credit Stu for slicing this literal piece-of-ass from the bell pepper we were cooking)


Photographer Stephen McMennamy has a gift for pairing his own photos of everyday subjects to create extraordinary new ones. He calls them #ComboPhotos and we think they’re pretty awesome. These unexpected juxtapositions usually involve a dramatic contrast in scale, yet some of them blend together so seamlessly that it might take a moment to identify precisely what’s unusual about them:

Follow McMennamy’s entertaining project right here on Tumblr at smcmennamy or check out his Instagram feed.

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