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PET PLAY - which animal do you best identify as?

A lot of people messaged me asking which animal would best fit them; they’ll describe their personality to me and I try to make my best decision. But I am not the one who can choose for you. You have to choose. Here are some characteristics of different pets to possibly help you narrow down and choose which pet would best fit you. (This list does not have every pet and these are not the only pets you can be. Be whatever you want and do whatever you want; no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.)

• BAT: negative, wants people to fear them, isolated, quirky, loves fruit, independent, “vampire-like”, possibly nocturnal

• BEAR: shy, closed off, not really clingy, playful, internally energetic, slow-moving

• BIG CAT: certain, stoic, secretly playful, appearance is important (grooming, stance, etc.), authority, elegance, sleek, seduction

• BUNNY: very cuddly, oral fixation, likes to hide under and paw at things, very childish, daydreamer, emotional, ditzy, headbutts others as a form of communication, needs attention

• DRAGON: asks for a lot, is not to be commanded, prideful, doesn’t like collars/restraints, headstrong, stubborn, protective, collects/hoards things

• FAWN: timid, shy, playful, adventurous, silly, klutzy, wary, enjoys being outdoors, better with an owner

• FERRET: fun, bouncy, can annoy others for amusement, equally active and lazy, likes to dig, hides things

• FOX: clever, playful, tricksters, doesn’t mind being around others, curious, fast, enjoys being in small spaces, excitable

• KITTEN: incredibly cuddly most of the time, will occasionally need space, very playful, needs a lot of petting, could get along without an owner but doesn’t want to, lazy with weird bouts of energy, likes to play hunt and pounce, likes toys

• LAMB: very quiet, meek, likes physical attention, likes soft things, likes getting dolled up, very submissive, obedient, lower energy, conservative

• PIG: loves to be coddled, sticks close to others, loves being given snacks, minimizes movement

• PONY: strong, proud, a little bit skittish, gentle, wants to work with others, curious, likes to have a job/responsibility, likes learning, curious

• PUPPY: playful, energetic, enjoys company, affectionate, enjoys physical contact, silly, plays with toys, curious, immature, better with an owner, loyal

• RAT: can be aggressive/feral or friendly and loving, greedy with food/items, likes to test bite/lick their owner, loves on and sleeps on others

• WOLF: independent but uses their pack for safety and comfort, strong, reserved initially, observant, grown-up, smart, self-sufficient, can get along without an owner, follows instincts, pack-mentality

Care Bears Questions

Cheer Bear: What never fails to cheer you up?
Tenderheart Bear: A piece of advice you can give?
Bedtime Bear: How do you sleep?
Share Bear: Most recent present you’ve given to someone?
Friend Bear: Which friend do you have the most in common with?
Grumpy Bear: One thing that never fails to anger you?
Wish Bear: Someone or something you have faith in?
Funshine Bear: Favourite way to spend a sunny day? 
Love-a-Lot Bear: What qualities in someone would you consider romantic?
Good Luck Bear: Create a fortune cookie note based on your week.
Birthday Bear: What would you wear to a costume party?
Champ Bear: Favourite way to exercise?
Harmony Bear: List 7 colours you really like.
Secret Bear: Say one word related to a secret you must keep.
Take Care Bear: How is your health?
Best Friend Bear: Favourite thing about your best friend?
Daydream Bear: Something you often fantasize about?
Work of Heart Bear: What kind of things do you like to create?
Amigo Bear: What languages would you like to learn?
Smart Heart Bear:  A topic you’re really knowledgeable about?
Do Your Best Bear: What part of yourself do you want to improve?
Sweet Dreams Bear: The last dream you remember having?
Laugh-a-Lot Bear: What do your laughs sound like?
Shine Bright Bear: When do you feel you look your best?
Heartsong Bear: What types of music do you like to listen to?
Superstar Bear: What would you be world famous for?
Oopsy Bear: Last time you accidentally hurt yourself?
Wonderheart Bear: Something that leaves you completely in awe?
Grams Bear: Words of wisdom you’ve received from your elders?
Baby Hugs & Tugs: What is your most childish aspect?
Brave Heart Lion: A time where you had to be really brave?
Loyal Heart Dog: Friend you’ve known the longest and for how long?
Bright Heart Raccoon: Favourite subject in school?
Swift Heart Rabbit: What are your most exciting hobbies?
Lotsa Heart Elephant: How strong are you, physically and mentally?
Cozy Heart Penguin: How do you like to keep warm?
Playful Heart Monkey: Favourite game to play with friends?
Gentle Heart Lamb: What brings out your soft side?
Treat Heart Pig: What is your favourite way to treat yourself?
Proud Heart Cat: Something you’re proud of about yourself?
Noble Heart Horse: What morals are most important to you?
No Heart: Something you don’t care about?


Happy Halloween – Horror movie icons

Nosferatu (Nosferatu) / Norman Bates (Psycho) / Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare on Elm Street) / Michael Myers (Halloween) / Leatherface (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) / Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th) / Pennywise (IT) / Chucky (Child’s play) / Ghostface (Scream) / Hannibal Lecter (The silence of the lambs) / Captain Howdy-Pazuzu (The Exorcist) / Damien (The Omen) / The Candyman (Candyman) / Pinhead (Hellraiser) / Jigsaw (Saw) / Sam (Trick r Treat)

Folklore and witchcraft in the north of France: Part 1



There are things from your childhood you can never forget, and my first introduction to witchcraft is one of them: 

My family had been invited for lunch to a place that was ten minutes away from the sea. It used to be a small farm and the owner had a lamb so I spent my time outside playing with her, and that’s how I found some rocks that had a hole in their center. When the owner of the place noticed, he explained to me that farmers and shepherds used to hang them to their walls to protect themselves from a witch’s curse. These rocks are called Cayeux Cornus in Picard dialect, which translates to “horned stones” which usually just means “flint” but that can also represent the good eye:

This custom is very specific to the region of Santerre, Picardy, and Mr. Lefebvre-Marchand, from the Antiquarian society of Picardy, wrote down a testimony he heard near the town of Chaulnes: he explained that to ward off the evil eye, you had to find a rock with a hole that looked like an eye without looking for it on purpose, and to hang it to the walls of your house or stables. That rocks were so powerful that they could protect the household against all kinds of curses, however, if a witch happened to trespass and close the good eye with a smaller stone, the effects of the talisman would vanish and the witch could do anything to you. 

Though it is now rare to see such talismans hanging on houses walls, it is still possible to find those powerful rocks in some farms, just like I did as a kid!

Silly bbs

The Lion And The Lamb

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 jaime x Reader

Jaime almost fell over you as you sat in the long grass, fingers playing with a silver lamb which hung from a chain around your neck.

“Forgive me my lady I did not see you there.” He said calmly despite the slight frustration and your utter determination to ignore him.

“I am not a lady.” You sighed and glared up at him until he sat next to you.

“Your father is a lord I recognise your Sigel.” He smiled when you rolled your eyes.

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Lavender's Blue (Dilly Dilly)
Lavender's Blue (Dilly Dilly)

Lavender’s green, dilly, dilly, Lavender’s blue,
If you love me, dilly, dilly, I will love you.
Let the birds sing, dilly, dilly, And the lambs play;
We shall be safe, dilly, dilly, out of harm’s way.
I love to dance, dilly, dilly, I love to sing;
When I am queen, dilly, dilly, You’ll be my king.
Who told me so, dilly, dilly, Who told me so?
I told myself, dilly, dilly, I told me so.