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Draw Yourself Challenge!

Do you want to learn to draw yourself better? Do you want do draw yourself but just don’t know what to draw yourself doing/wearing? Take this challenge! Reblog as a daily challenge or have followers request numbers— do whatever you please! Have fun!

  1. Draw yourself in a space suit.
  2. Draw yourself in the clothes you wore yesterday.
  3. Draw yourself wearing an outfit one of your parents typically wears/wore.
  4. Draw yourself making some breakfast.
  5. Draw yourself as a witch.
  6. Draw yourself as a dragon.
  7. Draw yourself riding a dragon.
  8. Draw yourself in the style of the last animated thing you watched.
  9. Draw yourself wearing a ball gown.
  10. Draw yourself wearing a fancy suit.
  11. Draw yourself wearing tennis shoes.
  12. Draw yourself wearing a top hat.
  13. Draw yourself walking through snow.
  14. Draw yourself surrounded by trees.
  15. Draw yourself with war paint.
  16. Draw yourself playing a musical instrument.
  17. Draw yourself in pajamas.
  18. Draw yourself with different-colored hair.
  19. Draw yourself with different colored eyes.
  20. Draw yourself wearing colorful socks.
  21. Draw yourself wearing a baggy hoodie.
  22. Draw yourself eating ice cream.
  23. Draw yourself as a merperson.
  24. Draw yourself wearing sunglasses.
  25. Draw yourself wearing a knit hat.
  26. Draw yourself wearing a few bracelets.
  27. Draw yourself wearing something purple.
  28. Draw yourself with your best friend(s) or significant other(s).
  29. Draw yourself with a potted plant.
  30. Draw yourself smiling.
  31. Draw yourself pouting.
  32. Draw yourself stepping on a lego.
  33. Draw yourself as an alien.
  34. Draw yourself as a dog.
  35. Draw yourself as a cat.
  36. Draw yourself as a fish.
  37. Draw yourself jumping.
  38. Draw yourself running.
  39. Draw yourself in swimwear.
  40. Draw yourself wearing a helmet.
  41. Draw yourself as a ghost.
  42. Draw yourself sticking your tongue out.
  43. Draw yourself hugging somebody.
  44. Draw yourself in bright sunlight.
  45. Draw yourself in the rain.
  46. Draw yourself laughing.
  47. Draw yourself wearing boots.
  48. Draw yourself lighting a candle.
  49. Draw yourself as a super hero.
  50. Draw yourself sleeping.
[TRANS] non-no Magazine 2017 Aug Issue - BTS Jungkook


Q1: What’s your hobby or something you’re into recently, how do you spend your holiday?

A1: I’m enjoying playing FPS (First Person Shooter) games recently. Every day I play for 3-4 hours and in the blink of an eye it’s already time to sleep. (laughs) And I listen to music all the time. I listen to exciting music like the future base genre too, but I lean more towards moody and calming songs.

Q2: Tell us your fashion style or preference!

A2: I like big silhouette like hooded jackets and the color black. I don’t change my style that much even in summer. Although we have different styles, I think Rap Monster and J-hope are really cool because you can feel how they are from their way of dressing.

Q3: Favorite perfume?

A3: The fragrance of the wind or the green when spring comes. I once rode a bike along the riverside while listening to music together with Rap Monster and V on a spring day before. When I feel the distinctive air of the early spring, I would recall the memory of that day and get excited.

Q4: Favorite work among Japanese movies, dramas, mangas?

A4: I like Japanese animes and my favorite work, which is also what Jin’s currently into, is ‘Haikyuu!!’. It helps me learn Japanese too!



I’m the type to focus on something instantly once I feel like I want to do it, I want to accomplish it! Right now I’m into makng music so I’m learning diligently, even though it’s still far from releasing. My personality is to do what I like first and think of whether it’s going well or not later.


I like food! Especially meat. Chicken is my favorite. I like the food at Japanese convenience stores so much that I think about convenience stores every time I go to Japan (laughs) If I travel to Japan off work, I would stop by several times!


I love sleeping so much. I’m into playing games so my sleep time has been cut off (laughs) If I have even just a little bit of time like in the car, I would nod off to sleep.


from J-HOPE

“A member with stronger desire to improve for music and dancing than others, but sometimes he also has the cute maknae-like side like a spoilt baby. I have to use my strength when I hug him since he’s tall, so I can sleep well. (laughs)

from JIMIN

“The maknae who works harder since he was young than any of the members. He’s the same age as my real brother so I look after him well, but at some point he has started to feel like my real brother. Whatever he does, he’s cute.”

JPN - KRN © Jeon Jungkook Gallery 전정국 갤러리, ma_ko77
KRN - ENG © ktaebwi


Keith finds out Shiro is SUPER ticklish and all hell breaks loose. I tried a different coloring technique! does it look noticeable? p.s I tried to stick as close to the original Voltron art style as possible. Forgive me I’m trying to draw things other than Haikyuu!! lol

Bonus: Tickle play turns into something else…oops

Ohhhh IMade a challenge. Try it out?


  1. Draw your OC with an item significant to them.
  2. Draw your OC sleeping.
  3. Draw your OC with someone from their past.
  4. Draw your OC doing something awkward.
  5. Draw your OC with your favorite Disney Character.
  6. Draw your OC Battling! ! (Another OC or a fav. character)
  7. Draw your OC caught doing something out of character.
  8. Draw your OC from/in a different time period.
  9. Draw your OC as a baby.
  10. Draw your OC Chuck Jones style.
  11. Draw your OC with a super hero.
  12. Draw your OC as an Elder.
  13. Draw your OC with a Weapon.
  14. Draw your OC playing an instrument
  15. Draw your OC in a famous movie scene/still.
  16. Draw your OC in a different color scheme.
  17. Draw your OC’s with their dream guy/girl.
  18. Draw your OC eating their favorite food.
  19. Draw your OC on a date.
  20. Draw your OC in a style you despise.
  21. Draw your OC Hanna-Barbera style.
  22. Draw your OC as the opposite gender.
  23. Draw your OC playing a game/sport.
  24. Draw your OC in a scene from your favorite book
  25. Draw your OC under the weather.
  26. Draw your OC’s favorite expression
  27. Draw your OC intoxicated/high/or horny.
Types As People I Have Met
  • ENTJ: Wants to be a history professor, IS AMAZING AT HISTORY like she even beats mE sometimes and I'm the history queen. She can debate really well. I like her.
  • INTJ: Also wants to be a history professor (what is it with you NTJs?) and really egoistic and surprisingly shallow about relationships and...gross...but he's the smartest person I know. Like he wipes the floor with your brain if he doesn't like you.
  • ENFJ: Acts cute and feminine and has a soft voice until she wants to be loud and then EVERYONE IS SHOOk because she's a great speaker and is GORGEOUS. Great performer and she loves Hamilton!!
  • INFJ: Basically an agoraphobic but really, really insightful. Majored in psychology. May be a psychic. One of the absolute coolest people I know and is also my mom.
  • ENFP: Adores ENFJs and one of my best friends. Cries over web comics and fictional characters. Has big dreams and hardly ever sleeps.
  • INFP: Angel. Romantic, sweet, pure soul. Just wants to be loved and be happy. His own emotions torture him and it's so sad.
  • ENTP: Compulsive liar that makes really corny jokes, gym junkie, thinks he's the CEO of NASA. One of my best friends.
  • INTP: Sarcastic-ist person you will ever encounter. Always wears an orange hoodie and plays his DSi on the nearest park bench. Hates weebs but he is one. Super smart but is lazy so he gets bad grades.
  • ESTJ: Thinks his word is gospel. Salesman who knows how to toy with his words to get you to do anything (his Te-Ne is IMPECCABLE). Likes Star Wars and old western movies and AC/DC. Also my dad.
  • ISTJ: Loves other people's drama and has the coolest fashion style. Hates hugs and if you break a rule she breaks your nose. Fierce woman. She's awesome.
  • ESFJ: Wants to be a nun or a teacher or both. Pure human soul. Tries to be as plain as possible but she still is always so pretty because she's so nice. Nods fervently during lectures and tells people they're beautiful all the time.
  • ISFJ: Surrounded by STPs and yet still lonely. Best friend is an ENTP, me. Thinks I'm a genius. Wants to marry an ISTP. Staunch Catholic. Addicted to rules and moral codes. Super, super sweet.
  • ESFP: Always has friends over?? Like they must live in his backyard. Wants the spotlight on him all the time. Always gets lead roles in plays. Is a secret nerd who loves conspiracy theories.
  • ISFP: Weeb who has ISFPs as parents and an ISFP gf. Really pretty, as in she's a model. Always has a different color hair. Good morals and is religious. Hates fighting. My favorite cousin ;)
  • ESTP: Plays it off like he doesn't care; he actually cares. Never does his homework. Attached to his ISTJ girlfriend like she hung the moon. Really romantic. Makes bad jokes. Bad at sports but can't stay away from them.
  • ISTP: Wants to be a construction engineer. Low talker and a slow talker but has a really awesome style. Really smart. Math genius. Nice but can also be SAVAGE. Laid back. Twin brother is also an ISTP.

anonymous asked:

Hey i think your builds Look amazing. ๐Ÿค— I was wondering how you make the foodstalls look like they are Part of the Building like you did in your Windenburg old townsquare. I can't seem to figure out a solution without the space above the stall looking weird. ๐Ÿ˜”

[🔎  Click to enlarge ]

Hi ! Thank you ! I’m so sorry for the late reply, I’ve been very busy this month and wanted to take screenshots to make a proper tutorial for you, but unfortunately I’ve not been able to use the computer on which I play the sims (it’s not even installed !) so I’ve made this schema instead. 

  • From what I could recall, a CL food stand is 3x2 tiles, so most of the time I place it in a room that is at least 3x3 tiles (with obviously no wall in front of the stand), so the vendor can use the back entrance without routing issue.
  • You can take advantage of the empty space behind the stand to add deco, clutters and appliances as I did for the Moroccan stand (see above). Put a door wherever you want so the vendor can access the back entrance (imo it’s prettier if we don’t see it from the front).
  • Because the width of the stand isn’t exactly 3 tiles, you will have to fill the gaps with large columns that fits with the style of the stand (or simply the style you want).
  • Same goes for the height, try to trick with friezes, backs of wall cabinets and awnings (and sometimes a lot of MOO and Alt) to hide the gapes. Depending on the wall height, choose the most relevant cabinet size. The easiest way to place wall cabinets, when possible, is to activate MOO, build a temporary wall in front of the stand, place the cabinets indoor (you will have to elevate them slightly), and delete the wall.
  • If you want to use the opening on the right side too (see cake shop above),  using an half wall will hide eventual gaps, and will make the stand better integrated to your building because you can use the wallpaper you want. (alternative schema)
  • Take revenge on EA’s limitations, make the stands yours ! Customize them as much as you can by playing with colors and clutters ! Experiment with different settings ! The possibilities are endless ! 
  • On the contrary, you can be inspired by the style and color scheme of the stand to build a matched facade you wouldn’t have thought to do by yourself, and that brings you out of your comfort zone :)
  • And of course playtest !

I hope it’s not too confusing ! Have fun :)


Paintings based off Harry Styles’ self-titled album “Harry Styles” 

When I started these paintings I didn’t know where I wanted to go with it, all I knew was I wanted to share the emotion I felt when listening to the song onto a blank canvas. Ten paintings for all ten songs, each different from one another. Color Symbolism does play a large roll in most of these paintings. From reds, to whites, to greens, and blues, each painting is its own and I’m proud of the outcome that I got from this experience. They aren’t the best, but they capture what I see when I listen to these songs and the emotions I gather from the lyrics and song itself. 

 Order of paintings: Meet Me in the Hallway- Sign of the Times- Carolina- Two Ghosts- Sweet Creature- Only Angel- Kiwi- Ever Since New York- Woman- From the Dining Table

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세상에 하찮은 얘기
모두 다 알고 있다 믿어요
허나 평생 같은 숨을
나눴던 당신을 난 몰라요
몰라요 몰라요

솔직히 말해 봐요
많이 외로워하잖아요
솔직히 말해 줘요
더는 무리인 걸 알잖아요
언제부터 혼자였나요
거울 속 나와 눈 맞추는 게
어색할 정도죠 나는
나는 나는

 (That part of Elevator might be one of my favorite lyrics from Jonghyun. -I hope I didn’t mess up the lyrics. I wanted to write them in the drawing but since I don’t know Korean I was scared of copying something wrong and fxxt it up-)

 Anyways, this drawing is something different I wanted to try. I’m still not sure if I’m going to keep trying with this style or if I like it but for now I’m pleased with the result. 
I used colored pencils on Kraft paper and white gel pen for details.

 (And, just in case, I changed the colors on purpose I didn’t use his original skin tones, I did it to express something with the contrast of these colors and play with cold & warm palettes.)

More voltron headcannons whoops
  • Keith fears almost nothing. Almost. He’s the biggest baby when it comes to spiders of any size. 
    • Lance will never know. 
  • Hunk cries when he watches Bambi every. single. time. 
  • Shiro cried the first time he saw Toy Story 3 and nobody will ever find out 
  • Allura was actually a very clumsy kid for a princess, and had to have a mentor come in to help her with her poise 
  • Lance used to take ice skating lessons and still remembers how to do it fairly well, he also played soccer and dabbled in football as well 
  • Pidge is allergic to cats, but loves them a lot; it’s a struggle 
  • Hunk is actually really good at football? Like I could see him being good at defense 
  • Hunk and lance used to play football and soccer together when they were little in their backyards 
  •  If you look at Shiro’s YouTube history you’ll probably see a ton of makeup tutorials for different eyeliner styles; he likes to try new things a lot and tends to recommend different palettes to others; he has a great sense of color and style 
  • Shiro dabs like a white dad and dances like one too 
  • Shiro also wore crocs, knee-high socks, and khaki shorts together and it was a serious outfit he had
    •  Pidge cried for a half of an hour when she found this out

Purgatory!Cas digitally painted on the Procreate App :D

I am really eager to learn how to paint digitally after getting my iPad last November, so I’m trying a different coloring style than what I do with Copic Markers. I’m trying to keep that “raw”, “unfinished” feel.
I still have to chant to myself “Think MACRO, Not Micro”

This whole project was done in a matter of hours from sketch to finish.
That’s a record for me, I usually take days, sometimes weeks depending on the project. XD
The last time I was able to do record-fast drawings was probably for this post.

I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed creating this one :)

EDIT: Prints Available on Society6 and RedBubble :D

The Rising Signs: Hair

*use rising*

this is what I’ve most typically seen! (obviously there can be exceptions and ethnicity comes into play)

Aries rising: short hair or hair up 24/7. usually cut bluntly and simply

Taurus rising: nothing crazy. usually a neutral tone but full, thick, luxurious and nice to look at. velvety with great texture

Gemini rising: changes their hair any chance they get. likes to experiment with lots of different styles and take risks with bangs and colors. can be like a cartoon character

Cancer rising: soft and understated. usually smooth, subtle waves. reminds you of water, can change sometimes with their mood

Leo rising: stands out and frames their face. probably poofy, literally a lion mane and you will offend them if you touch it

Virgo rising: simple, very natural and practical. kept neat or tamed. probably the type to keep it constant all the time

Libra rising: traditionally “pretty”. possibly glamorous, probably trendy in some way

Scorpio rising: enchanting and striking, usually very dark, very pale, or very rich with a widow’s peak

Sagittarius rising: even if they’re not a redhead they’re obsessed with red hair. they either dye their hair or want to dye their hair. if hair could be “animated” then that would be this rising sign

Capricorn rising: likes to leave it fairly natural, professional-looking and well-kept. their hair is part of their “image” and they shape it to match that

Aquarius rising: usually hard to tame in some way. free and effortless, possibly unpredictable changes on whims. they’re the type to randomly get a green streak because they felt like it

Pisces rising: flowy, ethereal, usually curly and possibly a bit poofy. looks like it could be made out of unicorn dust

Easter together.

• shoutout to @dadshirtking for the help & encouragement •

It was the first Easter you’d all get to spend together. Your family had grown a size larger just after Easter of the previous year, and your eldest son couldn’t wait to show your almost one year old son all the excitement that came with Easter.

The previous night was spent staying up late to watch your husband in New York giving his all on Saturday Night Live, while you were at home in Los Angeles with the kids. Once you put the kids to sleep, you waited for the show to come on, texting H and calling him before the show started. He’d only been gone for a day and a half, but you still missed him like he’d been gone for a month.

As the phone rang, you waited and smiled, thinking of all the shenanigans he could have later that night on the show.

“Hey baby, couldn’t stop thinkin’ about me, could ya?” He chuckled through the phone.

“No I can’t, we all miss you here. Me and the boys send our love.” You say, feeling the sadness creep up, reminding yourself that he’ll be home before you know it.

“Well I’ll be home before yah know it, love. They’re callin’ me to set now, I’ll call you when I’m done. I love you.” He says as you hear him shuffling to get ready for the show.

“I love you, H. Have fun tonight!” You say as you hang up the phone and turn the TV on.

You’re woken up to your oldest son shaking you gently from your slumber.

“Mommy?” He whispers to you, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

Confused, you look up at the clock on the wall next to you, reading 1:02 in the soft moon light shining through the patio door across the room.

“What is it baby? Couldn’t sleep?” You whisper, as you pull your sleepy son into your arms.

As he shakes his head, you pick him up, rubbing his back gently as he’s already drifting off on your shoulder.

“Wanna sleep in bed with Mommy?” You say, as your son gently nods in response.

As you tucked him in to the large master bed, you both are asleep within minutes of laying down.

The next day was going to be filled with excitement, having all different kinds of Easter activities planned out for the kids.

You awoke to the sun shining through the blinds, and the smell of chocolate chip pancakes filling your room.

You quickly sat up, rushing out of the room towards the kitchen.

The sight of what was to come brought tears to your eyes.

Harry was standing at the island in the middle of your kitchen, setting another pancake down on a plate.

He had the baby in his arms, who was playing with his father’s hair happily.

You couldn’t wait any longer as you walked over to your clearly tired husband, wrapping your arms around him and your youngest.

Taking your son from his arms, you both embrace in a long awaited kiss.

“You did great last night babe. I have the show recorded, but I ended up falling asleep half way though.” You say sheepishly, looking away from him.

As he acted hurt, he smiled at you, placing a kiss on your forehead. “I guess we’ll have to watch it with the boys later after the egg hunt.”

Your oldest son perked up with excitement hearing the words egg hunt. “DID YOU SAY EGG HUNT DADDY?” Your son squealed out as he rushed over to his father, wrapping his tiny arms around his dad.

Harry grabs your son’s hand and leads him out in to the yard, which he has decorated with plenty of eggs.

As your eldest son runs around with excitement, picking up all different colored eggs, you just look at Harry in amazement.

“You’re amazing H.” You say, as you lay your head on his shoulder, still holding on to the baby who’s now playing with your hair and watching his older brother run around the yard.

“Not nearly as amazing as you my love.” He responds, gently laying a kiss to your head, as you both continue to watch your son collect different eggs.

I.M - Never Change

Originally posted by kookihyunnie

Warnings: None

Type: Fluff

Requested by: @fangirlbible

Request:  “ Hi I was wondering if i could get an I.M. scenario where the girl is a trainee and she’s friends with I.M. but she’s super shy. She likes him but has no courage to tell him. So her friends tell her to change and get a makeover but he doesn’t really like it because he likes her the way she usually is? Sorry it’s so long. Didn’t know how to explain it 😄”

Authors Note:

Hey, guys! First of all, I just want to take a moment to apologize for not uploading much! I’ve had a lot going on lately and it’s been really hard to come up with ideas for all of your amazing requests! BUT, I’m slowly getting back into it and I’m hoping to upload a good amount of request over the next few days!

Also, I just want to say that this scenario is not one of my best. Actually, I’m really disappointed with it. I’ve been writing it on and off for about 2 weeks now and this is the best I can do. I’m so sorry about the word flow and pacing, but for whatever reason I’m physically and emotionally unable to do better than this. I really hope you understand, and I hope you enjoy it none the less!

Happy Reading! :)




“I don’t know about this…”

“Come on, Y/N! You look great!”

“But what if he doesn’t like it?”

“Are you kidding me? Look at you! He’d be crazy not to!”

You let out a sigh, you breath deep and heavy as you looked over your mirrored image once again. Most days you wouldn’t spend more than a few minutes looking at yourself in the mirror, your casual and carefree style having no need to check for makeup creases or outfit choices, but today was different. Today was the day that you decided you needed a change, and you definitely got what you asked for.

Your normally straight hair was flowing with lively curls, your frequently makeup-less face was painted in colors, and your way to casual style had been taken over by something more girly and proper. You looked, and felt, like a completely different person, and though you couldn’t deny the fact that you looked beautiful, you had never felt so out of place. 

“But Lisa I…I just…..I don’t know.” You argued, your voice high with concern as you played with the white lace hanging from your shirt.

“I get that you’re nervous.” Lisa comforted, her hand lightly resting on your shoulder as she stood behind your gazing figure. “But you agreed to this, and honestly, I have no doubt that it’s going to work. You and I.M have been friends forever now and you’ve literally been in love with him since the day you became a trainee. If you’re to scared to tell him how you feel then you need to get his attention, and if this makeover doesn’t get his attention, nothing will.” 

You let out another sigh, your eyes meeting Lisa’s before giving her a swift nod. You knew she was right, she always was. You had spent years trying to come to terms with the feelings you had for your best friend, and after coming to terms with them you had spent another few years just trying to make yourself say them out loud. You were in love with I.M, there was doubting that, but you highly doubted that I.M felt the same and you didn’t want to risk your friendship on an attraction that was more than likely one sided.

“Now go get him, sexy.” Lisa laughed, breaking you out of your thoughts as a huge smile made its way onto her face. You smiled back, softly giggling as she playfully poked you in the side, the confidence she had in you radiating off of her and filling your pores.

“Okay.” You whispered, giving yourself what you hope came off as a confident nod before turning on your heel and exiting the bathroom, not giving yourself another moment to think about it in fear that you’d try to change your mind.  

Making your way down the long corridor of Starship Entertainment, you quickly felt  your heart begin to race and throat begin to close. You were nervous. More nervous than you had ever been in your entire life. You didn’t know how to feel and you didn’t know how to act. All you knew was that you had feelings for I.M, and at this point, you weren’t sure if him finding that out was even worth it anymore. 

After a few more minutes of continuing down the long hallway, you finally found yourself in front Monsta X’s occupied practice room. You made your way closer, your hand barley cracking open the door before the loud thump of music quickly took over your senses. Giving yourself a small nod, you made your way inside, the sweat drenched air invading your nostrils and instantly making you dizzy.

“Y/N! What are you doing here?” A voice asked, knocking you out of your trance and making your head spin. Turning toward the voice, you immediately came face to face with Wonho, his skin beet red and covered sweat.

“Uh….” You started, not really sure what the explanation for your surprise visit should be. “Nothing really. I um…I just…your comeback is soon and I…um…how’s that going?” 

Wonho let out a laugh, his eyes forming a beautiful smile before quickly taking a desperate sip from his water bottle. “It’s going good, Y/N. Thanks for asking.”

You gave him a small nod, your eyes instantly leaving his and making their way around the room. All of the members were there, which you had hoped wouldn’t be the case, and every single one of them were looking at you with such a shocked expression that you almost felt as though you were naked. 

“What are you guys staring at?” You asked, trying your best to play dumb as you nervously picked at your curls.

“You look different.” Minhyuk stated, his eyes doing a double take as he took in your outfit. “Like…really different.”

“Yeah, what’s with the outfit change, Y/N?” Shownu asked, the small smirk on his face making it obvious that he knew what it was about.

“I just wanted to try something different.” You lied, “Why? Does it look bad?”

A series of “No’s” left 6 of the boys’ mouths, the small compliments rising to your cheeks and making you blush. Giving them a smile, you thanked them quietly, quickly looking at the boys happy and taken aback expressions before coming face to face with I.M, who, unlike everyone else, didn’t look very impressed. 

You felt your heart drop, the concerned and unimpressed expression on I.M’s face taking over your vision and invading your mind. You let out a shaky breath, the feeling of tears welling in your eyes quickly taking over as you looked to the ground. The last thing you expected to do was cry, and there was no way in hell that you were going to cry in front of them. No. Damn. Way.

“Well, I’m gonna go.” You stated, giving the boys a polite bow before heading towards the door. “It was nice seeing you. Good luck on your comeback.”

As soon as you were out of the room a stream of tears began to run down your face, the feeling of being a complete idiot taking over your body and making your heart break. How could you ever think that changing your looks would impress I.M? He absolutely hated the way you looked and you could tell the moment you looked him in the eye. Now not only does he have no idea how you feel, but he has no reason to find you attractive whatsoever. How could you ever be so stupid?

“Hey, Y/N!” A familiar voice called out, the sound immediately breaking you out of your thoughts and forcing you to turn around. When you finally managed to blink the blurry vision due to your tears out of your eyes, you found yourself face to face with the last person you wanted to see.


“What do you want, I.M?” You whispered, keeping your eyes toward the ground in hopes that he wouldn’t see your tears.

“I want to know why you’re dressed like that.” He stated, his voice so full of concern that it was almost as if he had thought you’d hurt yourself.

“I told you.” You breathed, not daring to look him in the eyes. “I just wanted to go for something a bit different.”

“Bullshit.” He stated, his tone going from worried to angry so fast that it was apparent he knew you were lying to him. “You don’t like heavy makeup, you hate high heels, and I’ve never seen you wear a dress in my life. Are you being forced to dress this way for your debut, or something?”

You let out a sad laugh, your eyes finally leaving the ground and looking straight into his. “It’s not for my debut, I.M.”

“Well, what is it then?” He asked, his face showing so much curiosity that you could feel it in your bones. “Are you trying to change yourself? Is it for a guy?”

You let out a strangled cough, the air in your lungs coming to a halt as his words made their way into your ears. “I told you. It’s nothing.”

“Stop lying to me, Y/N.” He demanded, his hand reaching out and lightly resting on your shoulder. “Who or what are you trying to change yourself for?” 

“Why do you care?” You asked, lightly shrugging his hand off your shoulder as an unnecessary anger came upon you.

“Because you’re my best friend and I don’t like that you’re trying to change yourself! You’re perfect just the way you are and I don’t like that you’ve seemed to have forgotten that.”

“Best friend? Just…damn…don’t you see that that’s the problem?” You scoffed, all the hesitation and fear you had going away completely as the wall you put up quickly began to tumble down.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” He asked, confusion filling his face as he questioned why your friendship had suddenly become a problem.

“Are you seriously that blind?” You asked, no longer worrying about him discovering how you’d felt. You were angry and sad and frustrated and you couldn’t keep pretending that everything was okay. You had been hiding your feelings for I.M for as long as you could remember and you couldn’t take it. Not any more. 

“Hey, slow down a minute! Why are you getting mad at me all of -”

“I’m in love you with!” You shouted, your chest heaving as all your pent of frustration had finally been let out. “I’ve been in love with you for years and I was scared to tell you and Lisa convinced me to change the way I looked to get your attention and now you probably hate me and think I’m an idiot and I totally understand if you don’t want to talk to me again and -”

Cutting you off from your confession, I.M quickly placed his lips onto yours. You let out a gasp, the action taking you by surprise and making your heart stop. You were frozen for a moment, your eyes open and looking into space, before finally giving in, your lips gently rubbing against his as you became brave enough to kiss him back.

The kiss was slow at first, the deep flavor of peppermint gum and sweat heavy against your lips. I.M was pressed against you, his hands gently cupping your face before he lightly nipped on your bottom lip. You let out a gasp, the foreign feeling breaking you out of your trance and forcing you to full away.

“I…I um…” You started, your speech completely gone as surprise continued to fill your body. 

“Never change for anybody.” I.M. whispered suddenly, his lips so close to yours that you could feel his breath fan against them. “Especially not me.”

You gave him a small smile, the words in your mouth failing to come out as you tried to process what had just happened. I.M kissed you. I.M kissed YOU. In what world is that considered to be a plausible thing?

“Does this mean….” You started, slightly scared of what you were going to ask. “Does this mean that you…I don’t know….like me?”

I.M let out a laugh, his pink lips stretching into a wide smile before gently landing on your cheek. You gave him another smile, the action making you blush so hard that you were for sure it was showing through your makeup.

“I’ve been in love with you for years, Y/N.” He admitted, his hand gently reaching down and linking with yours. “I just always kept it to myself because I never thought someone like you would love me back.” 

You let out a surprised laugh, your eyes widening at the fact that he not only loved you, but that he never thought you’d love him back. That’s the way you had been feeling for years, and to know that he had felt the exact same way was one of the best feelings in the entire world. 

“Seriously?” You questioned, still not sure if what was happening was some messed up prank that Wonho had convinced him to pull. “You’re not just messing with me?”

I.M chuckled, his voice so soft and deep that it made your heart sing. “Of course I’m not messing with you, Y/N.”

You breathed in a heavy breath, the surprise of everything that had happened taking over your body and leaving you in shock.

“But,” I.M continued, his hand leaving yours and gently poking you on the shoulder. “You should really go put some clothes on.” 

anonymous asked:

What type of clothes should I wear if I have wide hips and big ass? Generally I'm rather skinny, so I'm just unlucky here and can't fix it by exercises.

A good rule of thumb when it comes to fashion is to use illusion. What I mean by this is to actually change your shape just by switching some things around. First of all, straight leg pants, those are your best friend now. Pants that end with wider ankles, rather than hugging your calves and ankles, will have a slimming affect on your thighs and bum. Skinny jeans draw attention to the wider parts of you. 

Next, opt for shirts that are going to maximize your shoulders either through shoulder padding or through square necklines. Shirts with brighter prints or colors that are going to bring the eyes up rather than down. I have very narrow shoulders and wide hips and I find short and long sleeve button ups to be very rewarding in this way. When picking a shirt, make sure it does not end at the top of your pants but rather goes past the button of the pants. A shirt that stops short will maximize your hips for sure. Color is your friend too, stick with darker colors, like black and dark blue, when choosing pants but do whatever you want on the top. If you find yourself leaning towards patterns I really suggest irregular patterns because they will disrupt your shape and force the viewer to look along the lines of the shirt rather than whats under it. 

 Play around with different fashion styles and colors that you like and see which of these work well with your personal style and what you are trying to achieve! 

Good luck! 

- Micheal 

anonymous asked:

What are some things I can do if I'm bored of what I'm writing currently? Not giving up my story, but rather I need something else to do for awhile.

//Let’s see;

  • Check out these posts. Here, here, here, and here

  • Think up new characters in your universe. They don’t have to play a part in your universe at all, but it’s all in good fun.

  • Create small snippets of other characters that are thinking about your main characters. I.E, how would an npc be thinking about the shenanigans of your main characters? What would any npc be thinking about your main characters?

  • What would you do if you were in your story? Who would you be? What role you play? 

  • Think about how different the story would be if the main character was traded out for someone else, be it a side character, or even just a simple janitor/npc.

  • You know those tumblr about or character pages? Make one for your characters. Here’s how.

  • Make your characters an aesthetic moodboard- but make sure you use pictures that are a) free for use or b) you’ve gotten permission to use. 

  • Sort out character relationships.

  • If you’re the sort who has many stories and separate characters for them, thinking about how those characters would act if they met.

  • Think about the roles your characters would play if they were implemented into a different universe.

  • Create your characters’ wardrobes. What do they tend to wear and what style do they favor? Some writers don’t think appearances matter all that much, but I think it actually says quite a bit. A gloomy character that wears a lot of bright colors tells me something quite interesting about them, you know?

  • Think about your character’s embarrassing memories. Even if your character is a big tough warrior, there’s bound to be something they regret doing or something that makes them cringe when they’re thinking about it ten years later.

I hope this helps!