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connor murphy headcanons (that no one asked for):

uhhhhh so i did the same thing with jared but here comes another special boy:

- hes actually super fucking blind and he has contacts (he only wears his glasses when hes in Dire Need Of Vision™)
- he plays the ukelele ! he and jared sometimes have jam sessions with their instruments
- he has an undercut but his hair is always down so people forget but then he puts his hair in a bun and people are like “WHAT THE FUCK” (it has an nice intricate triangular design)
- he gave himself multiple stick n poke tattoos throughout high school that have (mostly) faded away but he has a J and E still on each of his ankles
- he knows how to cook hella well (bonus: he owns an apron that says “kiss the chef”)
- hes very clumsy he trips over his own two feet and walking up stairs at least once a week but tries to play it off every single time
- he uses way too much vanilla lip balm (for christmas evan got him a 5-pack of vanilla lip balm and he used all of them up by the time summer came around)
- he plays just dance really fucking well (bonus: one time he threw the remote at the tv by accident when he got too into the dance)
- his laugh is kind of really endearingly ugly its all giggles and then snorts and then dies down to giggles again and some weird wheezing
- hes a rollerskating pro (people expect him to be a skateboarder but one time he got on and it slid from under him and he fell and just laid on the ground for an hour)
- he didnt tell jared and evan his birthday until a year into their friendship (its october 3rd by the way)
- he has a collection of snapple bottlecaps because he thinks the facts are cool and its his most prized possession
- when he was 12 he had a cats phase and zoe has never let him live that down (he starred in a one-person production of cats in his living room for his parents and zoe and its still on film somewhere)
- let him be happy blease!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

feel free to add more to this and/or my jared headcanons too!!!!!!!!

the gangsey and youtube

-they have a group channel!!
-and create really eclectic content lmao
-which means they’re fairly popular
-ok let’s start w gansey
-he does a kinda…. drunk history thing except he’s not drunk and all he’s allowed to use as a source is one wikipedia page which he gets ten minutes to read through
-it’s a mess
-oh he also does monthly videos of him reacting to things in pop culture bc he’s as aware of pop culture as most elderly folk
-noah does makeup tutorials
-hear me out
-he does really outlandish looks that look absolutely amazing?? and he does weekly videos which can be:
-looks only using drugstore products
-looks using only vegan products
-looks using products for sensitive skin
-it just depends on how he feels when he wants to film
-(sometimes he flickers and blames it on camera quality. shh)
-blue does rant videos, diy videos and sometimes features the girls of 300 fox way
-her rant videos are incredibly popular because ?? she speaks the Truth and has no filter
-ok so sometimes the popularity
is through discourse but…… she can handle herself…… y’all…..
-her diy videos are usually like those ‘reuse ur old clothes’ videos bc she’s Cool like that
-and smart
-she mainly features orla in the diy fashion because orla actually knows fashion and blue. doesn’t really.
-calla gets featured in the rants
-she is both feared and adored
-ronan does stunt videos and most of their fanbase worry for his health tbh
-he’s the only one who doesn’t post regularly
-it’s 3am on a monday and whoops everyone’s watching ronan lynch somersault off monmouth manufacturing and landing on a skateboard or something
-he did post a video of chainsaw too once
-she kept trying to peck the camera
-adam doesn’t post often, but they’re regular
-like maybe a video every two months
-he usually does book reviews or positivity videos
-(one time he posted a video of him playing the ukelele and the fanbase went wild)
-(then again,, it was ‘can’t help falling in love’ and “for ronan” was the title)
-group videos are always chaotic but Great
-you can tell they’re all really close and it’s so cute
-one time they did a video where they had to sing songs from musicals and if they didn’t know the words they had to make them up
-most of the made up lyrics had to be bleeped out
-one time they videoed a road trip
-henry was featured in that one. #sarchengsy was. lowkey viral. for a while.
-this was very self indulgent im not sorry
-it’s also probably been done

evan hansen playing ukulele; headcannons





-oK A Y

-s o evan loves the sound of ukuleles

-he goes on youtube and listen to covers of songs that have ukes

-and the noise is just so pretty and calming and beautiful he just loves it

-he actually has a few covers from people like dodie that he listens to to try and calm down when he’s feeling anxious

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Let’s Hang out! (x)

As promised, here is a compilation of Ethan singing while playing the ukelele :D

@septic101 @somenerdywolfok here ya go guys!! you’re very welcome!



cul-de-sac kids have a sleepover headcanons

Most of the time, the kids have their sleepovers in the Bloodmarch household thanks to Damien being so welcoming and insisting to the dads that their kids will be fine. Usually, no one really minds and everyone actually enjoys the household. Daisy and Carmen mostly bond over the books and will show the others (usually the Cahn twins) their finds, along with music recommendations. The Cahn twins, however, jokingly search for Damien’s private collection and try to show the Christiansen kids, but Lucien manages to snatch them away before the damage can be done.

Christie and Christian love peering at the butterflies, and secretly admire the dark exterior and interior of the household. Chris usually tags along just to keep his siblings out of trouble, but finds the bugs fascinating as well and may sneak out into the garden to find some. Ernest just tags along with his headphones, occasionally making comments to Lucien. (River and Crish, being the youngest, are kept away from sleepovers. With the Cahn twins having so much energy and the Christiansens having a weird imagination, the parents just don’t trust that they’ll keep them safe. The one time River was brought along, she started to cry when the kids made too much noise and was spooked by the interior, so she was sent home.)

Daisy and Carmen love to help and overlook the making of the tea with Damien, where they’ll just throw facts about tea at each other. Damien enjoys the company of the two girls a lot, and usually hand them all the tea to pass to the other kids. The pair love to help.

Everyone actually enjoys the tea, but at some points the Christiansens will ask for hot chocolate and a heck ton of sweets. They raid the fridge (with the permission of Damien as long as they don’t mess everything up) while Damien makes them the drinks. This kinda ticks off Ernest/Lucien when they find a lot of the food gone.

Of course, people can’t help but pass along ghost stories but occasionally Damien (with his hair tied into that adorable ponytail and wearing glasses, that man. One time the Christiansens didn’t even recognize him, and when they asked who the man was, the rest of the kids just laughed together) will chime in with interesting tales about the Victorian Era, and other times he’ll retell stories from books he’s read (most likely read by Daisy and Carmen as well). It’s always fascinating to hear him tell the stories on his own, says a lot of the kids, it makes everything seem much more interesting.

Before heading to bed, they’ll all rush to Damien’s closet and try on a lot of his Victorian inspired clothes. They all imitate accents and stuff, and sometimes Damien even offers to sew them coats like his (headcanon that Damien knows how to sew. Each of the kids actually has a coat like his, given as either a birthday or a Christmas present from the Bloodmarch family, that they all bring over and wear during the following sleepovers.)

No one has ever seen Lucien’s room. Ever.

In the mornings, mainly the girls (along with Chris and Christian) head over to the garden and pick out flowers to make flower crowns for each other, including Lucien and Ernest (who often refuse to wear them but will after some pleading. They secretly like it). Damien will tell them the meanings of some flowers, and help them make the crowns as well (he also makes them bouquets, which the Cahn twins LOVE, for some odd reason). As for Chris, he’ll go searching around for bugs and show it to his siblings, which the siblings will then show to Hazel and Briar.

Speaking of the C&C (Cahn and Christiansen) twins, as much as the Cahns say they think the latter is creepy, they’ll all race around the garden in a game of chase, which eventually the other kids will join if they feel up to it. The Cahns agree it’s good exercise and usually return inside with shakes (like.. I don’t know what they’re called.. they just give you energy.. like a high protein energy drink?) made by Damien and feeling refreshed.

Lucien and Ernest usually stay inside, listening to music and sleepily bantering as they play games on their phones (surprisingly, Lucien doesn’t allow Ernest to smoke in the house). After the rest of the kids return, they all just cozy up. The rest of the morning is spent with quiet conversations, the sharing of music, and laughter about. Some will explore the house, others read, or finish up breakfast).

IF VAL IS INCLUDED, which usually happens when she visits for holidays, she tells Damien to relax and offers to take over overseeing the kids. She tells them outrageous stories like her father (which SOME kids actually believe), other times she’ll talk about her crazy college experience, and even allows some of the kids to try on her glasses or some jewelry, and even allow them to play with her hair. She encourages the younger ones to pursue their dreams, and will listen to their problems and give them a lot of advice. She admires the oil paintings and compliments the overall look of the house, to Damien’s delight. She gives recommendations for books to Daisy too.

Lucien sometimes paints the others’ nails, or do their makeup for them.

I just realized I didn’t add Amanda… Hm, well, when she’s around, she offers the kids advice (how to survive highschool) and will show them pictures of dogs. None of the kids can bring over their pups because of Lucien’s allergy. Amanda will propose crazy ideas that she and the others could do some time, and always invites them over to her college when they can. She and Val become some of the kids’ inspirations. Amanda also tells the best ghost stories, and is the one who often suggests movies for them to watch and games to play. Amanda documents almost every moment, adding them to her scrapbook or giving some of the pictures to the others with a note scrawled on the bottom, some encouragement and motivation. (she also shows new memes to people, and a whole lot of finger guns. she advises Daisy on how to properly finger gun out of an awkward conversation).

They also all share embarrassing dad stories.

Also, Hazel plays the ukelele for them. That is my headcanon. Carmen gives her a lot of song recommendations to play and even asks Hazel to teach her how to play one. There’s some disbelief at first - no one expected her to be able to play an instrument, but they all secretly enjoy it. While she plays, the other kids use objects or their hands to make background noises, as if they were doing a Capella, so they can accompany the ukelele music. They all agree on a certain song, and while strumming and clapping, they all sing together.

Damien’s just there watching the entire thing with a smile on his face.


This’ll be here for the others when they wake up, XD. :p

  • Leggy: So, Rose, you're saying that Padparadscha and I could fuse with no consequences?
  • Steven: It's Steven, Leggy. And yeah! Garnet's fused all the time!
  • Leggy: Right, Steven. do I fuse with a gem that isn't a Ruby? I always just got stacked on with the squad.
  • Steven: Oh, well when you wanna fuse with someone, you dance with them.
  • Leggy: ...Dance?
  • Steven: Oh, um...Garnet! Can you show Leggy how to fuse?
  • Garnet: No problem.
  • -Garnet unfuses into Ruby and Sapphire-
  • Ruby: I'll show ya how it's done, fellow Ruby!
  • Leggy: Nice to meet you!
  • Sapphire: You've met before. I went by "Sophie" and Ruby pretended to be part of your squad, remember?
  • Leggy: Oh, that was when we played "baseball"! What fun!
  • Ruby: Focus, soldier!
  • Leggy(salutes): Sorry, Ruby!
  • Sapphire: Now, watch closely.
  • -Ruby and Sapphire dance and refuse-
  • Garnet: And that's how it's done. Got it, Ruby?
  • Leggy: I...I think. But you have that song to dance to. I need something like that, too, right?
  • Steven: That's a good point, Leggy. Dancing works better when you've got rhythm.
  • Padparadscha(coming out of nowhere): I predict that Ruby and Sapphire will have the most wonderful dance!
  • Leggy: P-Padparadscha! I was
  • Steven: Hey Padparadscha! Leggy over here was just gonna ask to fuse with you? Isn't that right, Leggy!
  • Leggy: Erm...yeah! What Rose-
  • Steven: Steven.
  • Leggy: Steven said!
  • Padparadscha(silent for a bit then speaks): Why of course, Leggy! What are we waiting for?!
  • -Leggy and Padparadscha start to dance while Steven plays ukelele. The 2 fall over, revealing Padparadscha's single eye. The two look at each other and blush. Leggy begins to laugh, and then Padparadscha begins to laugh. Light glows from their Gems as they fuse into Malaya Garnet-
  • Steven(starry-eyed): Ohhhhhhh myyyyyy gooooooosssshhh!!!
  • Malaya: Huh? What's so exciting?
  • -Malaya looks at herself-
  • Malaya(Padparadscha): Leggy? Oh Leggy? Where did you go?
  • Malaya(Leggy): I didn't leave, Padparadscha, I'm
  • Steven: You did it!
  • Malaya: Did what?
  • Steven: You fused!
  • Malaya: Really?
  • -Moves hand to see Padparadscha's gem and moves leg to see Leggy's gem-
  • Malaya: What do you know. I did!
  • -Garnet walks up to Malaya, smiling-
  • Malaya: Wow Garnet, you got smaller.
  • Steven: No, you grew bigger.
  • Malaya: Oh, yeah.
  • Garnet: I'm so proud of you!
  • Malaya(clueless): ...For what?
  • Garnet: For fusing.
  • Malaya: Oh. Right!
  • -After 5 minutes of walking around-

cryptidpeache-deactivated201709  asked:

concept: michael playing ukelele to cheer up jeremy when hes sad and they both end up giggling and laughing like dorks

jeremy props his feet in michaels lap from where hes laying down and looks up at the old worn-out glow in the dark star stickers on his ceiling and listens to michael laugh and feels safe