playing this at the end made the movie


Steve isn’t the only one to have lost the love of his life, either.

Charles Aznavour - She ♫

YOI Week: Day Seven

Match Made By Phichit

Pairings: Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov, Ji Guang-Hong/Leo de la Iglesia, Michele Crispino/Emil Nekola, Mila Babicheva/Sara Crispino, Yuri Plisetsky/Otabek Altin, Phichit Chulanont/Seung-gil Lee

Rating: T

Word Count: 4,116

Summary: Five times Phichit plays matchmaker for his friends and the one time they play matchmaker for him.

*Option A. I was actually just going for doing whatever I wanted on this day, but it ended up being an AU. Great how that turned out! This has been a fun seven days. I had a blast exploring so many different characters (anyone notice I focused on a different person(s) each day?) and worlds. I hope you all enjoyed them and that you enjoy this one!

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Noctis Lucis Caelum, From FFXV 

I absolutely love this game, I finished the story line but i’m still going to play it. This was the final fantasy that ended up being the one to get me back into this franchise. After failed attempts on trying to play FF III on the ds which was the last FF game I touched, I gave up on the series and the other games.This story in whole was beautiful with its movie Kings glaive that gave more background to the already emotional roller coaster of a game. I didn’t care that square enix changed the battle system/open world game play that made it that much more fun to play since it worked, but all in all this is a game worth playing whether you’re new to FF or a fan of FF. Truly a beautiful piece of work…. and I want more. (FFXV sequel, FF7 please)

Design made by: Laundingo (SR) 

Tools: Cintiq 13hd , Paint tool SAI

@gregoryhouse Oklahoma! is an old-ass musical that was based on a play called Green Grow the Lilacs.

This play was written by a gay man and used a het romance with a tragic ending as an allegory of how shitty and lonely and terrifying it was to be gay in Oklahoma in 1900. Based on his personal experience.

The play is mostly forgotten now except that Rodgers and Hammerstein turned it into a musical and (naturally) gave the het couple a happy ending, which made it super popular. Earlier today I linked to like a dozen places in Sherlock (and especially TAB) that are like. Blatantly taken from the 1955 Oklahoma! movie. And I mean like. ALL of TAB is ripped from Oklahoma!.

Using the happy Oklahoma! romantic arc for Johnlock means that means that an actual gay couple finally gets that Rodgers and Hammerstein happy ending that was supposed to be gay to begin with.

Two gay stories that need fixing fixed in one mega gay story.

I was on youtube watching ign’s video on Nakmor Drack and LOOK! This was at the end and I had to pause and screenshot it. I think they’re doing movie night, which is what Liam suggests, but look at Drack! He’s like a tired grandpa! This photo made me smile a ton. (I really hope this is in the game. I mean it should be since it was in ign’s video but you can never be to sure!)

More of A Chaser

Request: “Aaah, that fan art you reblogged about Newt playing quidditch made me think of requesting an imagine where Newt is playing and the reader is there at the stands cheering for him and it’s the first time she’s there since they’ve started a relationship and newts is beaming with happiness because she’s there and you can decide how it ends?? :3 fluffy or smutty, go with the flow, sweetie :) /I feel like I’m rambling. Oh well”

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 1699

Warnings: Implied smut

A/n: I made the reader a Slytherin bc Slytherin/Hufflepuff relationships are so cute ok bye – Newt is such a cute lil happy n proud boyfriend awwwww just so pURE

Originally posted by 11-11

“Scamander! Over here!” Newt spun around, slightly teetering on the edge of his broom. The girl who had called his name had her arms outstretched, her face conveying her annoyance.

His mind was somewhere else, thinking about you specifically. You said you would come to watch Newt at the Quidditch tryouts, but whenever he would scan the crowd, you were nowhere to be seen. He knew he shouldn’t have been so upset about it, after all, you did say you had a certain disdain for sport. But he couldn’t help but wallow in the pity that formed from the disappointment of a broken promise, no matter how insignificant that promise was.

He threw the Quaffle, missing his teammate by a large gap. She zoomed towards the ball, but it had already landed in the Slytherin team’s clutches. His fellow Hufflepuffs all gave him a look of sympathy, but he could tell that even the most considerate of his team members were getting frustrated with his mental absence.

“What’s wrong Scamander, girlfriend stood you up?” The Slytherin Seeker taunted, the other members snickering behind him. He ignored them, swiftly moving towards the Chaser that held the Quaffle.

“Woo! Yay Newt!” His head snapped towards the stands, eyes landing straight on you. You had ditched your usual green coloured robes, and instead sported his Hufflepuff scarf which he had lent to you last night when you were cold. You were clapping excitedly, which seemed to be quite the task, as you held 3 large books in your arms.

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Yesterday evening, Algy’s assistant invited him to watch a unique - and at the time it was made, very courageous - film, The Great Dictator, created by the amazing Charlie Chaplin in 1940…

In case you are not familiar with this movie, Algy must explain that in this film Charlie Chaplin plays two “fictional” characters who look alike - the megalomaniac Tomanian dictator Adenoid Hynkel (top clip), who wants to conquer the world and eradicate all non-Aryans, and an innocent Jewish barber, who is eventually sent to a prison camp but manages to escape and is then mistaken for Hynkel himself, which enables him - at the very end of the movie - to broadcast to the whole world a moving, humanitarian speech often called The Greatest Speech Ever Made (bottom clip). 

Algy recommends watching this movie, at this time in the state of world affairs. Although the film is deadly serious, it is also brilliantly funny in the way it manages to ridicule the dictators Adenoid Hynkel and Benzino Napaloni without losing sight of the very grave subject.

[Note - only a small part of the Adenoid Hynkel speech is shown in the clip above, but the full speech is available in other clips on YouTube.]

Keira Knightley to make shock return to Pirates of the Caribbean films.

Keira Knightley is making a surprise return to the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise after denying she would be involved.

The Mirror can reveal that the actress has secretly shot scenes for the upcoming fifth installment of the popular Disney series, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, due to be released in May.

The 31-year-old, who carved her name in Hollywood playing swash-buckling Elizabeth Swann, filmed top secret scenes at Shepperton studios last month opposite long standing co-stars Johnny Depp, 53, and Orlando Bloom, 39.

A movie insider reveals: “The top-secret one-day shoot took place in November and the set was in lock-down. “Keira was really excited to reprise the character that made her famous and get into her wigs and costume again.

“Her role will be only make a small return during the end credits to delivering killer lines hinting at a possible bigger part in sixth movie.”

Speaking in 2014 when asked if she would be returning Keira said: “No, I don’t think so. It was an amazing point in my life, but it was a good five year chunk. I can’t really imagine going back to it.”


Even if the live action movie ends up being bad this chapter made it all worth it (also no one can be too cute to play Kagura, how dare you, Nameless Samurai?!)

I’m so glad that so many of these past chapters have been comedy based, even though we are in the final arc. That along with all these character moments like we just got for Shinpachi and Kagura makes me confident that Sorachi will handle the ending properly. His grasp on his series has not loosened, he is not rushing it, he is treating it with love, the time is simply right. It’s going to be heartbreaking, but also amazing.

My Heart Will Go On (Solangelo Titanic AU)

Disclaimer: I did not proofread that last half because I couldn’t bring myself to reread this. I made the mistake of playing this song on repeat and I can’t stop crying. 

Also, this includes both fact and fictional things. I did research, but I also used scenes from the movie. I tried to make this as accurate as possible, but I’m just a 17 year old with a laptop. 

It’s super lengthy because I had to build it up, add the smut, and make the end as intense as I could without experience of writing action scenes. Sorry. 

ALSO COUNTS AS SMUT REQUEST AND “How you said ‘I love you’” PROMPT NUMBERS 26 (broken as you clutch to me and beg me not to leave) AND 28 (when I am dead). 

April 11, 1912

If he didn’t think about it, Nico could imagine himself sitting in a normal restaurant dining room. The chairs and tables were in perfect order, the afternoon sky allowed a gentle glow from the windows. And as usual, he was surrounded by important people.

Mr. Aster, handsome man that he was, was glowing with pride as he looked around the room. Beside him sat Benjamin Guggenheim, a man almost as rich as Nico from New York. Then there was Mr. Ismay, a pathetically ignorant man that Nico quite enjoyed to hear talk out of sheer entertainment. Eventually, Nico preoccupied himself with watching his moustache bob with his words.

“Would you like to see the plans, Mr. D’Angelo?” Mr. Aster offered. “My wife chides me on never being able to leave the room without the plans.”

Nico smiled and nodded, not really caring, but knowing he had to pretend for his father’s sake. His father had been the business man of the family for the last several decades, and when Nico turned twenty, he passed on the responsibility to him. And his first order of business was aboard the RMS Titanic after boarding from Southampton the day before.

Mr. Andrews spread out his papers along the table, allowing Nico to see intricate plans for each deck of the ship. “Magnifico,” he said under his breath. And it was. Every small detail was planned, and it was real. He was on it now. “This is wonderful, Mr. Andrews. I’m certain my father would agree to sponsor the Titanic’s future voyages. Given that this one goes smoothly.”

“I can assure you it will,” he promised.

“The Titanic’s supremacy will never be challenged. Size means, stability, luxury, and above all strength,” Mr. Ismay said. “God himself could not sink this ship, my friend!” he exclaimed.

Nico raised an eyebrow. “I wouldn’t test Him,” he mumbled.

“I must agree with Mr. D’Angelo,” the ship’s designer said. “No ship is unsinkable. Rest assured, my good man, this voyage will be the best you’ve been on.”

Mr. Ismay and Mr. Andrews began another conversation with Mr. Guggenheim about the mine industry he was to inherit, and Nico again began to wonder at the design of the dining room.

“More champagne, sir?” a waiter offered. Nico waved him away without peeling his eyes from the delicate carvings of the pillars. “More champagne, sir?” he heard the waiter ask one of the businessmen around him. Then again.

“Mr. D’Angelo, what on earth are you looking at?” one of his companions asked.

Nico allowed his gaze to return to the people around him, but he stopped dead at the sight of the waiter. Eyes as blue as the ocean in the morning sunlight looked at him curiously as he was called out by his table, only to dart away and finish serving the man’s drink.

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I’m not ready to see shiratorizawa cry next week so here is a headcanon dump

  • reon and ushijima are best friends
  • semi dip dies his hair a different colour each week
  • tendou likes to play pranks on everyone during training camps, such as hiding toothbrushes
  • goshiki is actually a massive star trek fan and deliberately cut his hair to look like spock
  •  shiratorizawa have movie nights each week after friday practice and goshiki always suggests star trek
  • the others always cave in they all snuggle during movie night!!! shirabu often falls asleep on ushijima who can be seen smiling softly and kissing his forehead while shirabu snores 
  • kawanishi has the best grades but it’s always reon who ends up tutoring everyone (bless his soul)
  • tendou has made a team instagram and makes the team take selfies with him while they’re on runs (this is why ushijima ended up so far ahead when he came across hinata and kags)
  • every lunchtime goshiki goes around his teammates’ classrooms asking if they wanted to spend lunch break practicing with him. It’s always ushjima who agrees 
  • semi likes to tag team with kawanishi in order to wind up shirabu
  • ushijima has a collection of hair bows and clips  that the team has given him 
  • tendou is into drama (mainly musical theater) and the team always buys tickets to his performances
  •  the team helped ushijima pick out his favourite item of clothing - a yellow dress 
  • tendou likes to refer to members of the team by using the code names such as benki, farmer brown and mr stick-up-his-ass (shirabu)
  • yamagata has a small following of admiring first year liberos who all have tiny crushes on him 
  • ushijima collects tiny pot plants
  • the team comes to cheer on ushijima during his national games without fail
  • everyone is very glad they came to shiratorizawa 

Rogue One sent me into a daze. Here be spoilers, but I’m not putting things under a Read More.

The movie had its issues with characterization and storytelling, but I enjoyed It a lot. I’m looking forward to (friendly. FRIENDLY!!) discussion about gray morality and the meaning of martyrdom and so on with people, but at the end of the day, everyone died and I went home with my belly full of Feelings because ASIAN WARRIOR MONKS! IN SPACE!!

Chirrut and Baze made this movie for me. I love them both, I love their dynamic, I love how two men are allowed such a close and gentle and loving relationship when they are the characters they are. They’re played by a Hong Kong and a mainland Chinese actor respectively! That part of the world isn’t known for its openmindedness to queerness! And I definitely see Chirrut and Baze in a queerplatonic relationship. Mostly because I’m not sure if Chirrut made any vows of celibacy and if he did, whether he’d actually keep them.

(Probably not, lbr.)

But yeah, I had a nice screechy shouty discussion with my mom (who, bless her, is more than a little homophobic) and she totally 100% agreed with me that Chirrut is Baze’s entire reason for living and LEMME JUST TELL YOU I HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS ABOUT THEM RIGHT NOW.

It’s even better because Chirrut is the subversive laughing monk (which does show up in Chinese dramas) and Baze is the stereotypical silent-Shandong-BAMF-warrior type. Like. These dudes are the epitome of traditional Chinese masculinity. There is famous Chinese classic literature wholly based on these guys. But Chirrut and Baze play so well off each other and have their quietly devoted relationship that absolutely resembles that of a married old Chinese couple.

I think I’ve found a new OTP.


On the Divergent movies:
It’s very much an evolving process. As an actor, you always bring part of you into anything you do, it’s natural. As your own person goes through the different changes of your life, they end up informing the character you play and the mistakes you’ve made or the lessons you’ve learned. I think it was three years ago when I started Divergent. I definitely feel like a different person from that time, so I think Four must change too.

lilac109 :  I read that #KeanuReeves chooses his movies based on a scene that made an impact or touched him. #Hardball was one of his rather “quirky” choices immediately post-#Matrix era, where he played a deadbeat guy who was blackmailed into coaching a kids’ baseball team. I hadn’t seen this film in years and luckily, I found a clear copy online. While an A-lister could have chosen a big-budgeted, commercially viable film, there was a scene in the end that gave a glimpse as to why Keanu had agreed to take the lead in this film. Starring alongside #DianeLane and #DBSweeney, the casting ain’t too shabby.


I never need to see another Reboot where they cast a high profile actor as the villain and everyone is like “okay, so they’re playing Iconic McNemesis!” and the writers and directors are like “NO THEY ABSOLUTELY ARE NOT, THIS IS A NEW CHARACTER WE MADE UP FOR THE MOVIE” and literally no one believes them even when you’re near the end of a movie that’s gone well out of its way to convince you that This Is A New Original Character, and the hero is like “you’ll never get away with this, Genericus!” and the villain is like “actually, my name is ICONIC MCNEMESIS!!” and the writers are like “haha!! Got you!! You totally didn’t see it coming!! What a twist!!” and then the character spends the last ten minutes doing all their recognizable quirks and mannerisms (which have been absent from their performance up to this point) and receiving all of their iconic scars or distinguishing characteristics that they couldn’t have before or else the poster would’ve revealed their identities

Like not to name names here, but Benedict Cumberbatch in Star Trek Into Darkness, Marion Cotillard in The Dark Knight Rises, Liam Neeson in Batman Begins, Christoph Waltz in Spectre, Andrew Scott in Sherlock, Timothy Dalton AND Derek Jacobi in Doctor Who, and the entire A-plot of Batman: Arkham Knight

Proof that Cece was not Charles.

THEY GAVE US A CLUE LAST NIGHT AND NO ONE HAS EVEN NOTICED. (Not complaining but a little surprised, tbh)

The Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare.

Emily and Aria found this play book inside of Archer/Elliott’s secret apartment…

We all remember the film adaption of The Twelfth Night with Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum, right? Well, for those who don’t, I’ll explain.

The Twelfth Night is a play made into a movie about a girl, Viola, and her twin-brother Sebastian. In the movie version the character Viola (Amanda Bynes) switches places with her twin-brother and goes to college pretending to be him while he travels the world with his band. Viola is determined to prove to herself and to everybody else that girls can do anything a boy can do, if not better, so she joins the men’s soccer team as Sebastian. While pretending to be her brother she ends up falling for her/his roommate and teammate, Duke (Channing Tatum), which only further complicates her situation as she leads a double life. Eventually Viola’s real life brother Sebastian comes back home to school (without telling Viola of course) and messes up Viola’s cover. Sebastian ends up going to their final soccer match, as himself, with no idea how to play soccer. Viola sits back and watches him lose their match until she can’t take it anymore and at half time she confronts her brother and talks him into switching back places with her so she could play in the match as him. Long story short, the principal enters the soccer field near the end of the game and announces that he has suspicions that Sebastian is indeed a woman, which ends Viola’s little charade. She confesses that she was pretending to be her brother and they switch back to their normal lives, leaving Viola free to date Duke. 

Let’s connect that to our Pretty Little Liars world…

Could Cece and Wren be the real life version of Viola and Sebastian? 

Wren (Sebastian) left town to go to London while Cece (Viola) stayed in Rosewood to continue what he started, the A-game. When the Liars started getting closer and closer to A’s true identity, Charles Drake, Cece had no choice but to pretend to be her brother. So she let the Liars find her and she fed them her twin brothers story instead of her own. She lied that way her brother Wren/Charles would be free to carry out their master plan. 

She assumed the identity of her brother, Charles, in order to throw the Liars and everybody else off of his trail. The only problem was Elliott/Archer (Duke). Cece, still pretending to be Charlotte, accidentally fell in love with him. And who knows what she may have confided in him during those five years in Welby together…

If Cece and Wren ARE actually siblings/twins then that would also explain the recent picture that Huw Collins had posted on social media of himself and Julian Morris; Archer/Elliott and Wren could have been almost brother-in-laws.  And it’s possible that Archer is living out Cece’s part of the plan for Charles now that she’s dead. 

Archer Dunhill = A.D.

Charles Drake = Wren Kingston

Charlotte DiLaurentis = Cece Drake

Some constructive criticism for the live action Beauty and the Beast

- Emma Watson was mediocre as fuck, weak vocals, absolutely no emotion. During “Be Our Guest” I was sat with my mouth gaping open, in complete awe of the effects. Her lame ass was just smiling placidly at best. Also wtf, ur furry boyf just got gunned down like three times and you ain’t even crying. At least fake it, get some tear drops in there jfc

- Rampant subtle homophobia with LeFou like, wtf, you might as well have stuck a sign on his head that said “#limpwrist” for the whole gd movie. And fuck you for thinking literally two seconds at the end of him dancing with another guy makes up for it. Literally two seconds. Not joking.

- Why The Fuck Do You Think It’s Okay To Make Transphobic Jokes

- The wardrobe, played by a miss Audra McDonald, would have made The Best Fucking Bell. Glorious voice, raw fucking emotion. Give me black bell right fucking now you cowards

- Ewon McGregor butchering a french accent


- Not constructive criticism, but ho ho holy shit, Emma Thompson is still Fine As Hell and i am Really Gay For Her

Pour some Suga on me

Summary: You are Jungkooks girlfriend and get dared to give Yoongi a lap dance and Jungkook only agrees if he gets to watch. 

Requests are open!!

A/N: I know I’m supposed to do the requests but if I get a goodidea i need to do that first haha

Genre: Smut

Pairing: Reader X Jungkook X Yoongi

Word count: 2.2 k

Games of truth and dare always lead to the most awkward and embarrassing situations, everyone knows that. And yet everyone chooses to play anyways. You knew before hand that a movie night with your boyfriend Jungkook and the rest of bangtan would end up at truth or dare. It always happened, especially when a few drinks were involved. And you were right. You had watched one movie together and everyone had a few drinks, nothing too hard, everyone was just a bit less restraint. So Tae  made the suggestion to play truth or dare. Everyone groaned or rolled their eyes but ended up agreeing. You sat on the couch cuddled up to Jungkooks side. The times were you two would get endless teasing for any sign of affection were over and you didn’t care anyways. Jin had brought his girlfriend a long as well so he made sure no one would tease you two. He also made sure this wouldn’t end up in an orgy. After a few of the other members it was your turn. Taehyung looked at you smirking. It was always safer to go for truth with these boys.

“y/n, truth or dare?”


“Did you ever think of any other bts member than Jungkook when touching yourself?”


“Really?? Who?”

“That was not the question Tae, sorry.”

“I’ll ask next round.”

The game went on with all kinds of stupid dares or dirty questions until it was your turn again. Taehyung had looked at you the whole round waiting to ask his question. You really weren’t in the mood to tell them who you thought of and even if you would name a random member it would still cause endless teasing. So you made a quick decision.

“y/n truth or dare?”


Taehyung was visibly annoyed that he couldn’t ask his question know and was working on a dare that would be the same amount of embarrassing. You could see his brain cells working hard and you were sure he was gonna get you bad.

I dare you to give Yoongi a lap dance.

Yoongi, slightly intoxicated and tired, shifted around surprised at the mention of his name. You looked to Jungkook whose jaw had tensed up. Everyone was waiting for a reaction. Jungkook slightly nodded over to you to confirm that it was okay with him.


Now all heads turned to Jungkook. Would he really let his girlfriend give another member a lap dance.

“Under one condition. Not in front of all you horny asses, only I get to watch.”

Taehyung looked disappointed but he knew you would still suffer so he wouldn’t complain further. One thing seemed to be very important for him.

But I get to choose the song!

“If that’s your biggest wish.”

Yoongi was unsure if that was the best idea that he ever heard of but he wouldn’t turn down a lap dance by a members pretty girlfriend. Especially not when he was there anyways so there wouldn’t be room for any misunderstandings. You stood up and Yoongi followed you into the bedroom. Jungkook stayed behind to let Taehyung choose the song on his phone and dragged a chair behind himself towards you two.

“Goodbye have fun I don’t expect to see you three again this evening.”

“Tae how long do you think a lap dance takes?”

“Oh I wasn’t only talking about a lap dance.”

You rolled your eyes at him as Jungkook entered the room last and closed the door. He placed the chair in the middle of the room and sat comfortably on the bed.

“Taehyung chose a really ridiculous song but we promised, sorry.”

“Wait am I supposed to strip as well?”

Jungkook raised and eyebrow at you and Yoongi smirked.

“Mhm I know what your wearing underneath, I think you should do Yoongi this favor.”

You were pretty comfortable around all the members and since your boyfriend didn’t seem to have any problems would this be a lot of fun. You could tease Jungkook using Yoongi. You pushed Yoongi to sit on the chair as you gave Jungkook the go to play the music. Yoongi groaned as the song started to play. Only Taehyung would use the song pour some sugar on me as a wordplay on Yoongis stage name Suga.

You started slowly walking around Yoongi slowly, dragging your hand along his shoulders before you stood in front of him and started stripping your clothes off. You took your time and made sure to move your ass around whilst removing them. When you had peeled yourself out of them you threw them aimlessly on the floor. Now you were left in the lingerie set Jungkook knew you had put on earlier. Black lace covered only very few parts of your body. Yoongi sucked in some air harshly.

“You were wearing stay ups and a garter belt underneath your sweatpants?!”

“Jungkook told me to, he had plans later.”

Jungkook chuckled from the bed.

“This is not exactly what I had in mind but it could get even better.”

You slowly walked towards him before you bent down and placed your hands on his knees, showing of your cleavage as you did so. Your ass was on perfect display for Jungkook who was enjoying your show from the bed. You let your hands travel along Yoongis thighs until you reached his boner before he reached out with his hands to pull you closer to straddle his lap. Your one hand ran through his hair and the other ran down his chest, palm flat against his t-shirt. His back arched, pushing his body into your touch as you swiveled your hips on his lap making sure to grind over his erection. You stood back up only to turn your back towards him, slowly lowering yourself back down. You stared right into Jungkooks dark lust filled eyes as you continued to move provocatively. Yoongi groaned beneath you.

“If you keep doing this I’ll cum in my pants, please don’t make me do this.”

The song conveniently ended anyways so you pulled away to sit on the edge of the bed. Yoongi was painfully hard sitting on the chair. He looked a bit miserable. You wanted to crawl up to Jungkook on the bed as he stopped you.

“No, now you’re gonna have to finish what you started baby, on your knees.”

You smiled at Jungkook as you went back to kneel in front of Yoongi, looking up to him innocently through fluttery lashes. You let your hands run up his thighs a second time unbuckling his belt.

“Jungkook are you sure this is okay-”

Yoongi held in his breath as you palmed him through his briefs. You pulled them down enough to reveal his boner and he didn’t ask a second time if this was okay. Slowly you let your tongue run over the tip of his dick, that was already leaking precum. You flatten your tongue on his cock dragging it from base to tip. He lets out a low groan, tangling his hands on your hair. You decide now wouldn’t be the time for endless teasing so you lower your head onto him until your nose brushes against his lower abdomen. Yoongi almost chokes on his moan.

“Jesus where the fuck is your gag reflex?”

You chuckle sending vibrations up his dick as Jungkook explained from the bed.

“Believe it or not it’s a fucking trick she has seen on the internet and it makes my life ten times better.”

You only need to bob your head up and down a few times, dragging your tongue along and making sure to run it over tip every time you reached it, before Yoongis moans broke and he twitched inside your mouth. You swallowed the bitter substance as Yoongi sat there panting hard.

“No wonder you’re always so relaxed, she gives amazing blow jobs.

“I know and now its time for her reward.”

You crawled towards the bed until you reached Jungkook who pulled you close to him to kiss you. Your little show had done most of it for him and he had a visible bulge in his pants. Jungkook flipped you over so you were now laying underneath him. He covered your neck in hickies as he quickly got rid of your bra and garter belt leaving you only in your panties. His lips focused on your right nipple as he toyed with the other one between his fingers. Your back arched as you moaned loudly and you could hear Yoongi shift around. Jungkook got off the bed to undress himself as Yoongi suddenly spoke.

Can I pay her back too?

Jungkook looked towards you and you gave him an eager nod.

“Sure why not, I heard rappers are amazing with their tongue.”

Yoongi crawled over to you as you blushed. It was weird to have someone else eating you out when your boyfriend was next to you but you heard rumours about Yoongi as well. Also Jungkook watching turned you on a lot. He did not kiss you as he didn’t want to take things too far, but he trailed wet open mouthed kisses along your lower abdomen and up your thighs until he reached the spot you wanted him the most. He pulled your panties down quickly and stopped to look you in the eyes with a smirk. Jungkook watched you with major interest as Yoongi leaned back down to wrap his lips around your clit. Your back arched upwards as he sucked at it harshly. You moaned loudly and his chuckle sent vibrations all throughout your body as he licked your clit kittenishly. Your hips moved around on their own accord as you suddenly could feel a firm hand press them down. To your surprise it was Jungkooks hand and not Yoongis. He distracted you by leaning down and growling into your ear how hot you look so crunched up in pleasure as Yoongi had lowered his mouth and slowly pushed his tongue inside of you. Jungkook stifled your loud moan by pressing his lips against yours whilst Yoongi leaned further down to lick into you. His tongue worked expertly, reaching up to your spot and hitting it perfectly. Yoongis view of you two passionately making out whilst his tongue was working inside of you turned him on way too much.

You were getting close and clenched around his tongue, as Jungkook pulled away to talk to you.

“And are the rumours true? Are rappers better with their tongue?”

It was hard to form any coherent sentence as you were constantly moaning trying to breath.

“Y-Yes they are.”

“I need to step up my game then.”

Yoongi chuckled again at your honest response and the vibrations sent you over the edge. The other boys knew very well what you were doing but Jungkook still made sure your moans wouldn’t be that easy to hear. Yoongi licked you up until you were flinching away from your oversensitivity. He pulled away and wiped his mouth clean with the back of his hand.

“Now it’s finally my turn.”

Jungkook was incredibly hard and you probably didn’t have to expect much teasing from him. He needed his release and he needed it now. Yoongi had sat back onto the chair to give you enough room as Jungkook had quickly discarded his clothes. Normally he would be uncomfortable by his hyung in the room whilst he was about to fuck his girl but right now nothing mattered. You were right Jungkook was not interested into any more teasing at all. He hovered over you and slowly started pushing inside you. You moaned loudly at the feeling of him filling you up and he hissed at you clenching around him.

“Babe if you don’t stop that it will be a quick ride.”

He finally started moving and it was sloppy to begin with. His thrust were hard and fast, focusing on a quick release. Still he did not fail to hit your spot with every thrust. He would reach his high very soon and you too were not to far from it. When you heard heavy breathing from behind Jungkook you slowly shifted to take a peek. This did not only cause Jungkook to curse since you clenched around him, but also you to release a loud moan at your sight. Yoongi was stroking up and down his length at a quick pace probably near his high as well. He looked so hot and fucked out, same as Jungkook on top of you. All the please was to much for you as you came. Your vision went white and a string of moans and curses left your mouth. Jungkook was brought over the edge by your erratic clenching around him and now sloppily rode out both your highs. Jungkook dropped next to you trying to catch his breath and you could hear Yoongi zipping his pants back up.

“Don’t tell Tae but this dare was one of the best things ever.”

You nodded and slowly got up to get dressed. Jungkook followed you. As you left the room no one was in sight and you sighed in relief. The only thing left was a note from Jins girlfriend.

I took the boys and convinced them to do something fun somewhere else for 2 hours, see you later.

What if disney?..

Imagine a new ad you can’t skip its too short to skip is all black at first and then elsa is seen sitting alone on a icy hill, It would be made known in the movie that this happens which isn’t unusual. Anyways shed be crying and the camera zooms out for a wide shot and a pair of uncovered feet land on the ground silently along with a staff slowly walking up behind her touching her shoulder she looked at him shocked. And then your ad stopped and whatever video you were about to watch is now playing. The end

The Surgery - Part Two - Sebastian Stan x Reader

Anonymous said to rogerthat-bucky: Hey for the prompts can you do Sebastian Stan and number 1?

24. “That’s… Not mine?”


Sebastian had stuck to his word and been with you through every step of the way. You needed to remain in the hospital for another day and he came in once again to keep you company. You mostly played cards seen as there wasn’t exactly much you could do in such a dull hospital.

For a short while you did complain to Sebastian about how he should be on the set of his latest movie and not in a gross hospital with you. To which he asked, “if I ended up in hospital would you be here with me?”

“Of course,” you’d replied without a second thought. This made Sebastian get a rather smug lug on his face as he got cocky about proving a point. You dropped the subject after that, returning to playing cards and kicking Sebastian’s arse as you did so.

When it got to day three you were finally able to return home and Sebastian had decided he would be the one to take you home. For some reason he decided you were incapable of walking and so he carried you everywhere; you tried not to complain too much, realising you were quite lucky to be the girl in Sebastian’s arms, there were probably thousands of women who wanted to be in your position.

“What’s the plan, Stan?” You quipped, giggling at your own rhyme as Sebastian entered the flat with you pressed against his chest.

The two of you had earned a look from the bitter old lady that lived across from you; Sebastian had never had the displeasure of meeting her before and so he was unprepared for the snarl she sent him after he wished her a good afternoon. You simply rushed to unlock the door with your key and push it open so that Sebastian could get in and away from from Beatrice. You didn’t want the situation to escalate like it had done in the past with her, it seemed she always had a rant prepared.

Seb placed you down on the couch and then went back to shut the door, “is it just me or is that woman a real cliche?” He muttered, obviously feeling a little stung that a complete stranger had been so rude to him for no good reason.

“Um excuse me,” you hummed disapprovingly at him, taking his attention away from his thoughts on the bitter old lady, “don’t ignore my amazing rhyme crime.”

“I’m sorry,” he apologised, though you sensed that the apology had no meaning. Rather than proceeding to praise the amazing rhyme, he started moving around your flat. He went into the kitchen and checked what food you had; he went and got you a couple of blankets whilst also managing to carry about five pillows. He busied himself with getting you into a comfortable position.

Once he was finished, he looked to marvel at his work. Though from your point of view, you felt overly warm and stuffy thanks to the blankets he was drowning you under. “You know I don’t have a cold, right?” You asked, trying to get out from underneath all the blankets but struggling because your stitching would hurt every time you moved that part of your body.

“Oh, sorry,” he rushed whilst also being very gentle with sitting you up and getting all the blankets off. You thought it was kind of cute how panicked he got over something so small and the more evil side of you was tempted to create more situations just to see that adorable expression of worry again.

“The plan,” he began, calmer once you’d gotten in a less painful situation, “is takeaway and a movie. Seen as most of your foods gone off and, to be honest, I can’t cook all that well. Other than my prized cheese toastie but obviously you’re not a fan.”

You nodded, agreeing with his statement about the lack of cooking abilities he possessed. “You can have the honour of picking a movie then, seen as you won’t let me walk.”

“I could carry you,” he suggested, a smirk forming on his lips.

You shook your head, “i’m good,” you then kicked his butt in order to push him to get up and pick a movie, and also to get away from the subject. Whilst you could appreciate that being in Sebastian’s arms is a pretty amazing position to be in, you just felt so useless (and rather embarrassed) because you couldn’t walk a short distance.

He had to leave for a moment to go into your bedroom which is where all your dvd’s were. He was gone for about three minutes when he returned with a large collection of DVD’s and they all had one thing in common. Seb sent you a judgemental look as he allowed you to read the titles. “Barbie movies, really?”

“That’s… not mine?” Seb simply gave you another look which stated: ‘I don’t believe you’ very loud and very clear. Your shoulders visibly deflated at the realisation that Sebastian knew you were lying. “They were good when I was a kid, okay? I found a massive pack in a store and… splurged.”

“Okay,” rather than returning to your bedroom and picking a different film, he instead put in Barbie Rapunzel and then sat with you.  

The entire time your mouth had just fallen open and remained that way until he came to rest beside you. “Are you serious?”

“Yes, now scootch up so that I can sit down.” You ended up positioned in his lap as the both of you laid on the couch, atop a mass of pillows.

Takeaway ended up being forgotten about as an accidental Barbie marathon began, it was mostly just the two of you snuggled up making adult jokes about a childhood movie. Laughing hurt, but with Sebastian the pain was worth it. It got to one in the morning when you started feeling tired and so you turned away from the TV and snuggled into Sebastian’s chest.

“Want me to take you to bed?” His actions went against his words as he placed a blanket over the two of you and wrapped his arms around your waist, securing you onto the couch.  

You shook your head, “no,” you whispered, your voice coming out gentle and heavy. “Let’s just stay here.”

This was the first time you’d slept with Sebastian in the same ‘bed’ as you, and it was nice. He only let out quiet snores, and his body heat against yours didn’t overheat you like it had with past partners. You just wish it could have lasted, but a few hours later, at around six in the morning, you were woken up by incomprehensible pain.

It was weird, you’d fallen asleep feeling cool and serene, yet you woke up a complete mess; everything was hazy because of the mix of sleep and pain, your stitches burnt with pain and you felt a cold sweat all around your body. You were so out of it when you woke up that you started thrashing against Sebastian.

This action drove him to wake up in a panic and arms instinctively lifted off of you, causing you to fall harshly onto the (thankfully) carpeted floor. You heard Sebastian release multiple curse words, some of which you believe were said in another language, and then you were picked up and put back onto the couch. “Y/N? Speak to me baby, are you okay?”

“My stitching hurts. Pain killers.” It was hard for you to speak as your mouth felt so dry. Sleeping on the couch had seemed like a good idea at the time but now you realise that you were very wrong. Not only that, but you’d also forgotten about your pain killers so the situation had worsened because of your stupidity. All this made you really grateful to have Sebastian there with you as he was quick to get your drugs and a glass of water. Once you’d consumed those, he began to lift up your shirt. “At least take me on a date first,” you giggled, though his serious exterior wasn’t cracked by your light heartedness, Seb was extremely worried about your wellbeing.

“I’m going to need to change your dressing, okay?” You nodded your head, leaving him to be serious as it was probably for the best whilst he handled your stitches.

It was a simple job, all he had to do was clean it, rub some cream onto it and then put a new dressing on. Yet, somehow, he managed to make it intensely sexual. It helped that he was extremely attractive, you supposed. He had this intense expression on his face as his cold fingers gingerly worked their way around your stitches. His other hand was placed flat against your belly and that alone was enough to make your brain go haywire.

By the end of the experience you were sat with your eyes closed and your lip being harshly bitten into. “Y/N,” he called to wake you out of your daydream, “time for bed.”

“Okay,” you swallowed, willingly allowing him to pick you up and take you to your bed. Once he’d placed you down onto the bed he went to leave but you were quick to grab his arm, “please stay.”