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my little headcanon for Mettaton that he’s more serious in his NEO form, if only a little bit


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Anyone else misses seeing this girl’s face? I sure do! ;o; I miss playing with my bb

Dysphoria and The Sims

I have started playing the Sims 4 recently.  I have played these games since they first came out so many years ago and used to play the Sims 4 a lot when it first came out but stopped to feed other video game addictions.  Anyway, I started to playing again recently and have found myself, once again, immersed in the Sims life.

More recently I started to think about why I find the Sims so enthralling.  Of course it’s just a fun game to play, so there’s that.  But, more deeply, the Sims offers a unique experience for those of us who identify as trans or gender non-conforming.  We can live out our “ideal lives” through this game.  We can be cisgender, we can live a life where there are no stressors related to your gender identity.  It’s just normal.  The Sims does a really wonderful job at not limiting a gamer’s gender identity.  They let you choose the gender of your Sim, the clothes and hair you want, which gender you want to allow to get pregnant, etc.  There are very few limits. 

If you have not played the Sims, you’re missing out… just in general.  But, really, I feel it’s an interesting way to combat dysphoria and gives you the opportunity to live an ideal life.  At the very least, it’s an escape.  As with anything, this is not a method that will work for everyone, but if it’s of interest to you, I would say give it a try.

I believe the gender-neutral and pregnancy preferences are only in the Sims 4, just FYI.


Marceline: Ok this on can be Emery… and this one will be Mica… and lastly this one can be little Aspen… do you like that Rylan?

Rylan: Well sure! Uh I hadn’t really thought too much about one name much less three names…

Molly: Holy fucking shit! What are all of these!

Marceline: Molly! They just kept coming and coming I’m worried there is another one hiding in there please god no!

Jynx: This baby will be mine. Don’t worry guys I want to help!

Rylan: ~what have I done~

So here is the story… I made Rylan and Marceline woohoo a bunch of times and I don’t know if it’s my fault or MC command centers fault or if this is possible in the game but Marceline accidentally got pregnant and when I found out I panicked and terminated the pregnancy. Before terminating the pregnancy I saw she was pregnant with 3 boys and I wanted to never play sims again so I turned it off, thought about it for a day and made her pregnant again but it wouldn’t let me do three boys so when that girl baby ages up I will make it a third boy. Sooooooo my plan was to not have any babies for a long time and I was going to build on Rylan and Marcelines romance more but here it is. The day my game became a living hell that I actually love.


This has been in the works for a long long time, and I am so excited to release them. Firstly, thank you so much @sul–sul for the original suggestion and for testing them out and building the hype :p

Option 1: Deco only: All 20 meshes appear under one thumbnail, $30 each under sculptures or simply search “Tsum”. Each mesh appears as a different swatch, to save cluttering the catalog. You are welcome. Each one has 2 slots to allow for stacking, start at the bottom left corner. It is easiest to stack them on the ground first and then move the first one to lift the whole stack. They do not have a footprint so that they can be placed easier. Of course you don’t need to stack them, and your sims can still play with them.

Option 2: Mysims Trophy Overrides: All the same meshes as above, you can find them by digging up time capsules and you complete the collection as normal. All the original prices as their overrided originals, and each character has a little description. The box itself even has a new mesh to look like the premium box from the game c: Again, stackable, but your sims cannot play with them. Oh and they have the emotional aura still.

Important info
- Yes, you can have both files in your game. No, buying the deco version does not complete the collection.
- No, they are not recolourable. Well I mean you can try but the way it’s set up so all meshes parent one single mesh… it’s tricky and I can’t help you out with that, sorry.
- Don’t edit the meshes, but I will take suggestions as I am in the process of making a second set!
- Don’t claim as your own or re-upload. Give credit where credit is due.
- Please enjoy and let me know if there are problems <3

I am not sure why however I am working on fixing them <3

Few things:

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  • I haven’t had a chance to go into S4S yet though because life’s been busy, so it’ll probably be sometime next week
  • I’m gonna do a sim dump because it’s my birthday today (March 31), but again, probably next week. Busy life and things.

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Can confirm. Am 23.


Jules: Oh duckie! I think you have become the second thing, besides mommy that I am fond of. 

After smacking self in face with toy… 

Jules: Curses, you evil little plastic contraption! You think that just because you don’t sleep you can humiliate me like this? I will put you back in the toy chest, never to be played with again!