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What TV writers think is good LGBT representation: *protagonist teary eyed* My attraction to the same gender is so painful I wish I did not feel this way…but alas it’s my burden to bear. Also I have dated both men and women but I don’t like labels. *dies*
What is actually good LGBT representation: *protagonist wearing sunglasses playing the saxophone in front of a giant bisexual flag* How am I doing? Well I’m just getting BI!!! Haha get it?? Because I like both men and women so I’m bisexual. 

Dear kids that are starting band for the first time.

Instruments don’t have gender. If you are a boy and you want to play flute. Do it. If you are a girl and you want to play tuba. Do it. No one can tell you that since you are a boy you have to play saxophone, trumpet or another instrument like that. Or since you are a girl you have to play flute, clarinet or some instrument like that. Play whatever you want to. No one can tell you other wise.

Band instruments as things I've heard them say
  • Piccolo: .... (I don't think I've ever heard them speak. Thinks they're better than everyone and doesn't talk to other band kids)
  • Flute: guess what 'band director' said about 'piccolo'
  • Oboe: *quietly playing a solo, very concentrated*
  • Bassoon: *squeak*
  • Clarinet: we're gonna play those two notes ff instead of p so it sounds like 'DOOT DOOT' wanna help
  • Bass clarinet: I don't think I play here
  • Alto saxophone: I can fit my whole mouthpiece down my throat I'll show you
  • Tenor saxophone: we either play 4 half notes the entire song...or constant 32nd notes....I don't understand
  • Bari saxophone: so do I do sectionals with the trombones, or...?
  • Trombones: *screams into instrument*
  • Tuba: why am I even here
  • French horn: (secluded, doesn't speak much. Very put together. Know what they're doing)
  • Trumpet: *clearly plays wrong note* that wasn't me
  • Percussion: *screaming* RATCHET SUPREMACY
  • some tv show writer: this character hooks up with both men and women, and, if asked about their orientation, will always say that they "don't like labels"
  • rachel bloom, an intellectual: ...anyway, this is darryl whitefeather, a bisexual man who calls himself bisexual many times and comes out in a musical number called "getting bi" and plays the saxophone in front of the bi pride flag and has a boyfriend that helps him realize his orientation and the boyfriend, his friends, and his daughter instantly accept him exactly as he is
min yoongi probably.....
  • *yoongi and jimin washing dishes together*
  • Yoongi: *accidentally brushes against jimin's hand*
  • *careless whisper starts playing*
  • Jimin: dude tae do you really have to do that every time
  • Taehyung: *stops playing his saxophone* sorry

In no practicular order:

1. You got no jams
2. “Scale is International playboy.”
3. “Beach!” “ Bitch?”
4. Snakeu
5. “What is difference between popo and kiss?”
6. Every coreography ever
7. MAMA 2014.
8.“My speciality is rolling around in bed on our days off”
10.Excuji mee~~
11. “ I want to be a rock in next life”
12. Jungkook vacuuming fruit flies
13. 21st century girls coreography
14. Dirty water
15. Cyphers
16. Tae playing saxophone
17. Sexy porn star
18. Jimin ft. Suga - Tony Montana
19. Army house
20. Jungkook becoming adult
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lazytown hcs

Screw it.


  • He was brought up in a very strict, high class family. Like i’m talking mansions.
  • he wasn’t socialized well bc stuffy adult meetings was p much all the socializing he did
  • he also didn’t have to do anything for himself, the servants would. Hence the laziness.
  • all his clothes were hand tailored but he liked to go to the tailoring place and help design his own clothes
  • he was great at drama, math, and english when he tried.
  • He likes fruit only when its chocolate dipped
  • fae or pixie. Why he needs a lot of sugar and why his family kept tabs on him at all times and why his hearing is so good.
  • can play saxophone and piano really well
  • one day he forgot english and accidentally started talking to pixel in icelandic. Pixel ended up knowing icelandic so he went on with his day still speaking it, but stingy got really confused.
  • obsessed with eye shadow, but is subtle about it. He wants to see if anyone notices.
  • doesn’t swear, worst thing he said was probably damn.
  • he can tap dance and ballroom dance pretty well
  • we all know he can sing. Sometimes he hums along to the other songs people are singing when he’s at home
  • has insomnia and a lil depression. just let him nap
  • secretly wants to be admired by the kids (and sporp)
  • lets just say Number 9 wasn’t kind to him, and actually used psychical violence. that’s why he’s jumpy and always flinching.


  • not sure of his own origins, he just kinda happened.
  • he’s a raw vegan but will indulge with store bought soy milk on special occasions. 
  • him being an elf is why he can’t eat processed sugar. Robbie likes to try and push it to see how far he can go
  • on board with the honey makes him drunk hc
  • he doesn’t actively seek out honey, the kids just trick him into eating it cause they think drunkacus is funny.
  • once he got angry and hurt someone, but not too badly. He vowed to never get angry again.
  • He’s pretty bad with puzzles and figuring things out
  • elf ears duh. he can hear pretty well with them, which can also be a bad thing.
  • the worst thing he’s ever said was “dingus” and he felt bad about it for weeks.
  • He called Stingy a dingus. Stingy gasped dramatically but didn’t care too much
  • he eats things with the skin on and the entire thing. Like a whole pineapple, top and all
  • Pixel got really concerned when he saw this happen.
  • he also eats flowers. Stephanie picked him a flower and he ate it and she cried.
The Instruments As Shit My Extended Family Did Over Thanksgiving
  • flutes: spilled red wine all over the tan carpet
  • clarinets: spent 95% of the time playing pokémon sun
  • saxophones: viciously heckled anyone playing mariokart if they were not in first
  • trumpets: wore a bluetooth headset constantly despite never using it
  • horns: took a generous sip of scotch besides being generously pregnant
  • trombones: brought up politics™
  • baritones: claimed more alcohol made him better at mariokart; was correct
  • tubas: guilt tripped everyone into watching college sportsball
  • percussion: made a disturbingly convincing case for my weird uncle being a former government spy

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You said at some point, that we should remind you to show us your mother's art :)

oh yes thanks for the reminder!!!! I’m currently pressuring her to set up a portfolio site, but until then, check her stuff out here:

(^ self portrait game strong)

(collage game strong)

more under the cut! 

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can we just take a moment to appreciate namjoons reaction to seeing taehyung play saxophone for the first time:

The Sections During Band
  • Clarinets: trying to play high and failing miserably
  • Tubas: being chill and actually going over the music
  • Trumpets: screaming and yelling memes at each other, showing off their skills
  • Trombones: complaining about 5th position and every other position there is
  • Percussion: either being really chill or acting like they are the bosses
  • Flutes: being graceful and playing beautiful music
  • French Horns: complaining about how high or low they have to play
  • Baritones: contemplating their life choices
  • Saxophones: playing the sexy saxophone song or just playing really loud in general
  • Bass clarinets: being weird and licking their mouthpieces seductively
The Demigod’s (+Grover) Secret Skills

Frank can do back flips and front flips

Hazel can put her leg behind her head

Jason can braid hair

Percy can play the trumpet

Piper can draw and paint very well

Annabeth can bend her fingers in weird ways

Leo can dance really well

Reyna can sing

Nico can run a mile in 4.35 minutes or less

Will can make animals, flowers, plants, etc. out of paper clips

Grover can play the saxophone 

Rachel can make candles, soap, lip balm, lotion, etc.(the camp called her the walking lush after they found out).