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I was a mega dork/loser/loner/weirdo at school. I remember coming home most afternoons crying because I didn’t belong to a ‘group’. I was bullied, I was socially awkward (still am) I never had the coolest clothes.. I wore smashing pumpkins tshirts (still do), played cello (still do) , read national geographic magazines, had anxiety (still do), had buck teeth & acne. I remember wishing I could be like all the cool kids. My mother always told me to just keep being myself and the right people will come to me. So I kept being myself. S/O anyone who doesn’t compromise themselves. Sorry about the long post. Sometimes I just wanna go back in time and let my 14 y/o self know that it’s gonna be ok. PLEASE PASS ON TO ANY AWKWARD KID OUT THERE

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1. What was the last language you started learning? (Even if you dropped it)

Catalan, I think

2. Do you play an instrument?

No, but I wish I did. I would want to play cello and/or piano.

3. Where in the world would you be most happy?

No idea. Hogwarts, maybe? Or in a library.

4. Do you think that your TL will help you get a good job? Or do you prefer them to be a by-side thing?

My current fantasy is to teach foreign language to young people when I’m much older, so maybe my TLs will be useful then.

5. If you ever have children, will you teach them your target languages?

Yes!!! My children Hagrid, Severus, Remus, Romilda, and Ginevra will be septalingual.

6. Did you grow up as monolingual or bilingual? Do you wish that it had been different?

I grew up monolingual but my dad is fluent in German. He says he didn’t want to speak German to me and my brother because his German isn’t perfect. For example, he confuses ‘seid’ and ‘sind’ sometimes. So, I’m sad I didn’t grow up fluent, but I’m glad I don’t confuse ‘seid’ and ‘sind.’

7. What’s the last book you read and what language was it in?

The Bitter Kingdom, English

8. Do you have friends near you who speak more than one language?

No 😭

9. What is/are the official language/s of your country?

The United States doesn’t have an official language

10. Have you ever been to a city where they speak one of your TL?

Yes, I’ve been to many cities in Germany, Italy, Taiwan, Austria, in addition to Amsterdam and Brussels

11. Have you ever tried to teach your native language or one of your TLs to another person?

I tutor German at my university, does that count?


So… i saw Step Up 4, and this musicians AU came in my head.

 - Marinette, Alya, Nino, and the rest of the guys have an band, a different kind of band… They work like in a flashmob, going into places and starting doing shows, places like restaurants, parks, museums. 

 - They don’t have they real identity revealed, they paint their faces and use others names, the band is just known as Akumas, or, AK.

 - Adrien is just an rich boy who plays cello and meets Nino, a DJ. The band is a secret, but Nino sees potential in Adrien for a really good guitarist, and say that he can meet the crew.

 Adrien is not in the band yet, but i will post more drawings… if you all like this musicians AU.

2017 New Years Resolutions
  • Violin: Lock yourself in a practice room until a random passerby hears you begging to be let out. Have fewer distractions while in the practice room.
  • Viola: Continue to keep yourself composed every time someone mistakes your instrument for the other one. Maybe just learn to play a different instrument.
  • Cello: Become a more social and successful version of yourself. Also you need to floss more.
  • Bass: Invent a robot that carries the bass around for you. Wear more sunscreen.
  • Piccolo: continue the never-ending pursuit to not going deaf, and start going to the gym, which you might (will) get to busy to keep doing by February.
  • Flute: become first chair. If already first chair, beat down all the other flutes trying to become first chair. There can only be one.
  • Oboe: cry less, make more friends
  • Bassoon: practice more & work on crippling self image issues
  • Clarinet: Try not to murder that one guy in your section who doesn't have a clue what intonation or practicing is. Actually, maybe murder him.
  • Bass Clarinet: Do more with your life and become more involved in activities. You sit at home too much. If anxiety plagues you and you can't, go for more walks alone.
  • Saxophones: Eat healthi- oh look, pizza.
  • French Horn: Drink more water
  • Trumpet: *didn't have a resolution*
  • Trombone: Become a better musician, work on improving that one character flaw that keeps you awake at night.
  • Baritone/Euph: Try new things, don't start online dating.
  • Tuba: call your grandparents more, rediscover the will to live
  • Percussion: learn to tie a bowtie for realsies, instead of just using a clip on.
Darrel Curtis- The Most Dorkiest Man Alive (Headcanon) (Collab with westsidegreaser)

I have officially decided that Darrel Shaynne Curtis Jr. is the most dorkiest and adorable man on the planet. 

- Even though it doesn’t look like it, Darry loves poetry.

-His favorites being Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson.

-The gang figured this out when he helped Ponyboy write a poem for English class and continued to sass Pony on what proper rhyme and meter to use. 

-Darry is that guy who holds doors open like a true gentleman, even if you are two miles away. 

- He blushes real easily.

-He is a teachers pet. 

-He only got detention once and that was because he had to get Two-Bit out of a sticky situation which involved a punch or two being thrown at Socs. When he received the detention he became very flustered and became very embarrassed about the whole thing. 

- During his high school years, he wore braces. 

-He played the cello in middle school but had to quit after he started playing football.

-He is also very farsighted so he wears reading glasses. And by god does he look adorable in them!

- He is also that one guy who loves Shakespeare. His favorite play being “Julius Caesar”.

-Sometimes in high school, Darry and Two-Bit would play different parts from different Shakespeare plays, Soda and Steve would sometimes join in as well. Two-Bit always wanted to play the female role while Darry the male and Darry still doesn’t understand why…

-And last but not least, he does not understand when a woman is flirting with him. He simply does not understand the whole flirting process so he just assumes that they are just being nice. Soda is still trying to get it in his head that that’s not the case.



1- The Arrival
Fine ink and watercolor drawing heightened with gouache.
15.1 x 14.9 cm. (5.9 x 5.51 in).

2- Dancing to a piper
Unfinished ink and watercolor drawing.
15.3 x 15 cm. (5.9 x 5.9 in.)
This scene was later redrawn with a rabbit playing a ‘cello surrounded by five dancing rabbits ( and two rabbits nuzzling each other by the black wall.)

3- The Departure
Fine ink and watercolor drawing.
15.2 x 15.2 cm. (5.9 x 5.9 in.)

Source : Sothebys.

Beatrix Potter

mozart ignored the existence of my instrument so now for a piece we’re doing in orchestra i have to play the cello/bass part which is clearly not designed to be played on the bassoon i’ll just fake the runs and scream internally

HONESTLY when gukdoo was yelling @ bongsoon I fucking lost it like I was in a state of anger n confusion because he is so dumb ???????? n non-reliable all the time anytime ?????? when he’s fuming over the fact that she went home to visit her grandma n was like ‘OH MY GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO U KNOW HOW HARD IT WAS FOR ME TO LET U STAY @ THAT GUYS HOUSE’ like u know what gukdoo, who the FUCK are you to bongsoon ??????? ur not her boyfriend, ur not her brother like u don’t even know her n its like bro u need to stay in ur lane with your fucking lame ass cello playing girlfriend who doesn’t even like u. he’s literally like ‘its SO hard for me to keep on worrying about u’ like how about you do your damn dirty police work n find the kidnapper so u never have to care about her ever again like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE GUKDOO !!!! WHY DIDN’T BONGSOON SHOVE  HIM HARDER LIKE TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD !!!!!!