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Bts dirty talking
  1. Mommy. Please make bts reaction to finding out you love when they dirty talk, or just making them talk dirty, please, I need this, mommy
  2. Anonymous said:Mommy please make bts reactions to you whispering dirty things you want to do to them while we are out with the other boys, please please mommy

A/n: I will basically do Bts and them talking dirty or doing something that turns you on


*at dinner with the boys* Jin is eating ribs. You whisper in his ear. “I wish you would eat me like you eat the meat of this bone.” Jin raises his eyebrow, picks a bone with no meat on it, bring it to his teeth and snaps it in half. “So, you were saying princess?”

*I read this once somewhere but it just suits him so much*


Laying on the couch. Yoongi looks at you, bends down to whisper, in order for the others not to hear. “I want to take naps with you after I’ve destroyed your body. How about it baby girl?”


Namjoon ees you playing ang huging the maknae line. Namjoon pulls you to the side. “Well,welll,well your body just asks me to pull your hair and slap your ass, does it princess?”


You were getting on his nerves the whole day. Doin smal things that made him go mad. “Wanna hear a joke baby? Tonight daddy will let you lead the parade and even cum once or twice. That was the joke. Now, on all fours.” 


The boys were all in the same room. You got up to do something and your short short shorts were showing a curve they shouldn’t. Jimin got angry and jealous. “Come back. Right now.” you couldn’t say no. You went back. Only then he whisperd in your ear. “Just wait little girl. If you wanted that threesome so bad, Jungkookie will help. Tomorrow you’ll have to clean you shedule.”


Sitting on the couch with all the boys around. Taehyung ultra chill and casually says. “Y/N, baby, come here. The couch is not your throne, My lap is. Fast, fast,fast.” And the baby was fast, unlike the other observers with a wtf look on thei faces.


Hugging in the dorm after a long night of fun. The boys ahve come back and noticed both of you sleeping. The thing is you weren’t. You were trying to cope with Jungkooks hand between your legs. “Stapppp.” Jungkook whispered. “You were using you big girl words yesterday. What happend?”


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Morrigan flirts with Sten. Sten calls her bluff.
  • Morrigan: You seem so deep in thought, my dear Sten. Thinking of me, perhaps? The two of us, together at last?
  • Sten: Yes.
  • Morrigan: I... what did you say?
  • Sten: You will need armor, I think. And a helmet. And something to bite down on. How strong are human teeth?
  • Morrigan: How strong are my teeth?
  • Sten: Qunari teeth can bite through leather, wood, even metal given time. Which reminds me, I may try to nuzzle.
  • Morrigan: Nuzzle?
  • Sten: If that happens, you'll need an iron pry bar. Heat it in a fire, first, or it may not get my attention.
  • Morrigan: Perhaps it would be better if we did not proceed.
  • Sten: Are you certain? If it will satisfy your curiosity...
  • Morrigan: Yes. Yes, I think it is best.
A compilation of Ange’s character specific taunts in OMK

Battler: “Keep the jokes to just your hairdo.”
Beatrice: “Keep the jokes to just the gold.”
Jessica: “Keep the jokes to just your cough.”
George: “Keep the jokes to just your glasses.”
Rosa: “Keep the jokes to just your boyfriend.”
“Oh… Everything about this is a joke.”
“Keep the jokes to just your height.”
Shannon: “Keep the jokes to just your chest.”
Erika: “Keep the jokes to just your swimsuit.”
Dlanor: “Keep the jokes to just your cat eyes.”
Bernkastel: “Keep the jokes to just your tail.”
Lambdadelta: “Keep the jokes to just your super-paper.”
Will: “Keep the jokes to just your headaches.”
Virgilia: “Keep the jokes to just your age.”
Ronove: “Keep the jokes to just your mustache.”
Lucifer: “Keep the jokes to just your clothing.”
Chiester 410: “Keep the jokes to just your ears.”
B.Battler: “Stop pretending to be my brother!”

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  • Teenage garage band Pip falls for Honors Student-Ballerina Theodosia
  • Theo is friends with Ange Hamilton and they pass by, that’s where sees Pip practicing in his garage, writing songs with his crew
  • She’s like “wow” and he’s like “Wow” its love at first sight
  • He plays for her, Ange just rolls her eyes and leaves them be
  • Suddenly Pip is writing her songs and stopping by her ballet studio before her dad pick her up
  • They sneak out of their homes and hang out, he sings to her and plays acoustic guitar
  • They’re “spot” is a little bench in Bryant Park by the skate rink
  • Burr does not approve; Theo is constantly hiding the fact she’s into Philip
  • Philip is shameless, he gushes about Theo. Alex realistically suggests he stops going after her
  • they meet up any time his band as a ‘gig’ at an open mic
  • subway ride home kisses
Sweet! (Angelica Schuyler-x-Thomas Jefferson) A Schuylerson Fic

A/N: This just hit me and I had to get it down. Typed on my mobile so forgive typos! I’ll edit later.

Summary: Jefferson made the trip to visit Angelica at the Hamilton household, but not this one!!

(I pretty much thought it’d be cute if Jefferson played with/babysat lil Ange until her Auntie Angelica showed up. 💖😄 Enjoy the adorableness)!

PS: Apparently IRL Angelica Hamilton was 1 year younger than her brother, but if Lin can take creative licensing with history then so can I! I imagine Phil is at least 2-3 years older for this.

Posted: 4/17/17 @ 12:52 AM


Jefferson stared at the little girl who was squinting her eyes skeptically at him. He swallowed nervously.

“Um.. heeey princess. Is your auntie home?”

Her eyes narrowed even more, if that was possible.

“Which one?”


“Ah, your eldest one? Auntie Angelica?” and at this, the girl pouted, looking down and using one hand to sway the ruffles on her light blue skirt while the other still held onto the doorknob.

“Um. She-she’s hanging laundry, but told me not ta bother her ‘cause last time I made the clean sheets fall ‘n get dirty and she gave me a talkin’ to…” she mumbled softly. Jefferson couldn’t help but to smirk at this, and suddenly she was glaring at him again. He frowned.


“Hmmm. My auntie says your a meanie and a jerk.”

“Ah…well???” he didn’t know how to take–

“And so does my papa and big brother,” she added, folding her little arms. Jefferson closed his eyes and sighed. Nice to know where he stood with the family.

“And you? What do you think, lil’ one?” he asked. She hummed in comtemplation.

“I’m not sure. You’ve been nice to me so far buuuuuut, the jury’s still out on you,” she said, borrowing a phrase she’d heard a million times from her father. Jefferson blanched at this. For a 4 year old, she sure was perceptive. “And don’t call me little! I’m this many!” she said, holding up 4 fingers. He cleared his throat,

“Well princess, um, could you tell your Auntie I stopped by? I have to go and…” He turned to leave when she let out a squeak, lunged forward and grabbed the end of his velvet sleeve.

“W-wait! Pleeease stay and play with me! Reading books while waiting for Auntie Ange by myself is boring! Mama and papa went to take care of some business and took Philip, but-but said I was too young to go. And Auntie can take forever with laundry! Pleeeasse?!” she asked, giving him huge puppy dog eyes. He stiffened and grit his teeth, trying to remain immune to her charms, but it was to no avail. He sighed,

“Ah….a-alright. But only until your auntie’s done, okay?” he sighed, looking around to see if anyone was nearby who could use this against him later. The tiny girl giggled before pulling the Secretary of State inside, practically yanking his arm off.


“Angelica?! Angie, sweetheart, where are you?! I’m all done. We can play now! Want to bake cookies? Or go to the park?!” The oldest Schuyler sister called. She was pacing the halls of her sister and brother-in-law’s home looking for her neice. She didn’t have to look long. She heard voices coming from the little girl’s room.

“No way! Your hair’s not magic!”

“It is! How else do you explain how poofy it is?!”

“But how?!”

“It’s special magic from France! See, I’ve traveled all over! Seen pink pandas in China, unicorns in France, and while I was there, they were nice enough to sprinkle pixie dust on my hair! That’s why it’s so poofy! And, they gave me this special tea. Think Mrs. Crumpet will like it?”

“Hmmmm, maybe. I dunno!”

“Well here. I’ll pour some for her and some for you…”

Angelica Scuyler held a hand over her mouth to stifle her laughter as she watched Jefferson play tea - party with her young neice and her dolls. He seemed almost in his element, like he was a natural. It intrigued her. The older woman leaned against the doorway with folded arms and continued to watch the pair.

Little Angelica Hamilton stuck out her tongue at tasting the pretend tea.

“It’s too sweet!” she said. Jefferson brought a hand to his chest in mock surprise and gasped.

“Are you sure?! They told me it’s only as sweet as the person drinking it. That’s what makes it magic!” he said with a wink. The tiny girl’s eyes grew wide and she took another sip of air.

“Ah! I-it’s perfect then!” she beamed, grinning so wide that he could see the gap from where she’d just lost her teeth. He heard someone clear their throat and glanced up to see the woman he’d come for entering the room. He smiled,

“Of course, I’m sure sweetness runs on the family,” he said. The older Angelica rolled her eyes as her neice tried to get her to try the new tea.

“And he’s not that much of an asshole, Auntie! He’s actually really nice!” she said of Jefferson. Both adults gasped, color draining from their faces as they looked at each other. Jefferson failed to bite back a hearty laugh and the woman before him flushed before clearing her throat,

“Ahem, that may be sweetheart but, don’t you dare use that language in front of your parents, okay? They’d be really mad if they heard you, and Auntie could get in big trouble,” she muttered. The smaller Angelica tilted her head in confusion and shrugged.

“Ok Auntie!” she said, making herself comfortable in the older woman’s lap. Jefferson leaned forward and whispered in the eldest Schuyler sister’s ear.

“Though to be honest, I bet I’m the sweetest asshole you ever met,” he said, his warm breath ghosting over her ear and sending chills down her neck. But she kept her composure and fixed him with a smirk.

“Don’t flatter yourself, Mr. Jefferson,” she said, but didn’t move her hand away when his came up to cover hers.


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my yaya (filipino maid who we treat as family) and i were walking and i made her listen to some falsettos songs

*listening to year of the child*


“12 years old sya”

“Ka-age mo lang. babae o lalaki?”


*listening to games i play*

“Bakit ang ganda boses nya”

“He’s forty”

“Parang kasound nya yung nasa hamilton”

“Si Lin? Iba yun. Sya yung king”


*listening to please come to our house*


“natalo sya sa tony’s. she was singing with a banana in her mouth”

“wow ano”

*later on i showed her pictures of the cast*


“But some are forty and gay”

“Ay sayang hindi pwede para sa'kin”

*shows a pic of christian borle bald*


*me laughing*

“sino yung parang mga twenty para sa'kin”

“si ben platt, yung nakita mo sa pitch perfect”

“PLATT pangalan nya? Panget naman. hi mrs. PLATT, ang PLATT ng nose mo”


On Saturday morning, John was woken up by Rosie in mid-REM by her jumping onto his stomach.

“Let’s go, daddy! Let’s go!”

Unf!” John groaned, hands uncoordinated as he tried to still the squirming child on his chest. He blinked open his eyes, pained against the brightness of the lamps his daughter must’ve turned on, to look out the window. It was still dark. “What time is it?”

“Disney World time!”

John winced again at the volume, trying to drag himself out of the vestiges of sleep. The alarm clock on his nightstand said 4:12 AM. Biting back another groan, he found his daughter’s head with his hand to clumsily smooth back her curls. “Darling, we don’t have to leave for the airport for another eight hours. How about you go back to sleep, yeah?”

The hurried thumping of feet sounded from the staircase. In a moment Sherlock whirled into John’s room, impeccably dressed and enviously alert. When his eyes found Rosie, he grinned. “Oh, good, you already woke him up. John, I’m making breakfast.”

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Yep, I definitely think I have a ‘thing’ for turians.

Is it whatever they’ve done with their voices? Is it because they’re so tol? So bad-ass? I don’t know! But I’m all like, “hey, Garrus, baby. Oh hello there, Captain Gavorn, looking dashing today. Primarch Victus, I also enjoy bending the rules. Damn, Nyreen, I’d join your cause to help the people of Omega.”

I mean, I’ve got the BIGGEST crush on Aria T'Loak (and I’m not interested in asari) and I was /still/ getting chemistry vibes from Nyreen during the Omega DLC. You gotta be something special to divert my attentions from Aria for even a moment.

Garrus had my heart ever since first “meeting” Archangel in Mass Effect 2, so that’s no surprise. But every time I meet a turian…pitter-patter.

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I DUN GOOF’D and thought Playing for Bees was to be posted today and not three days ago???? Here’s…a thing idk I liked the colors.

Sorry @transmigratory and @makapedia I made an oops and forgot to contact the @resbangmods.

srsly guys I loved this fic so much and I’m currently digging Kat’s playlist right now. In retrospect, I was probably in over my head when wanting to do resbang this year; between work, class, and a long-distance relationship, my mind was admittedly very rarely on this collab, and for that I apologize.

Oh well. Bygones be bygones? lol


anyways i was so wasted on saturday and i walked into the den where my friends were watching something on my friend’s hd tv and my eyes decided there were too many frames and i Did Not Like It so i sat there crying for five minutes bc i did not know what else to do

i was playing a bit of elsword with jellyuuu​ and i wanted to see lu and ciel’s sitting poses and????

lu’s sitting pose is actually cute like she jumps onto the ground, throws her leg over her other leg and occasionally bobs her head

but then you got sassy ass ciel

who just stabs his fuckin gun on the ground and ???????????

PUT’S HIS FOOT ON IT????????????????

Whhw  ahwthhte uf kc ???? what kind of trick u tryign to pull here u lil shit

Honest Mistake (Part 2) - Mercy76

I had so many requests that I write more and, well, I did. So thank you to everyone who requested more. As I like how this ends, I will not be continuing this one. But please subscribe and stayed tuned for more Mercy76 fics! I’ll be writing more!

Part 1:


She wasn’t sure why, but Fareeha insisted that Genji come along. She also hated that she was forced to sit upfront with Jesse. Why couldn’t she ride in the back with Jack and Fay? No, instead Fareeha thought it would be a grand idea to sit Genji in the middle and Jack directly behind Jesse. Doing this allowed Fay the opportunity to text Angela the entire drive.

Srsly, Jack? Of all people, Jack.

She glanced down at her phone and rolled her eyes. Picking it up, she texted back: Yes, Jack. I like Jack. He’s nice. Why don’t you approve?

Not a minute later, she had a return text: He’s so old! Old enough to be my dad! Ewww!

With a groan, she wrote back: He’s not that much older. And besides, I don’t care. If he makes me laugh and smile, isn’t that all that matters? He… he makes me feel complete.

A kick came to the back of her seat and then another text: Fine, fine. But the sex! I’m worried about the sex!

Angela blushed at that text: Do I even want to ask :scaredemoji:

She snorted: But he’ll need to take Viagra. There’s no way he can get it up and keep it up at that age. He’s, what… gotta be pushing 70?!

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I took off a Behemoth’s head with a railway spike. One shot, one kill.

Just doing a little adventuring, checking out amusing secret locations like “Carhenge” here. (Just south of Walden Pond.) 

My railway rifle has been so very entertaining. I was cackling as soon as I saw the Behemoth’s disembodied head hit the car behind it and STAY. Oh man. I of course took more screenshots of the aftermath. 

Hollywood’s New Class

Joe Alwyn

Age: 25.
Hometown: London.
Overused emoji: 💃🏽
Big break: Playing the lead in Ang Lee’s Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk (out in November).
Prized possession: An old A.P.C. jacket.
Vinyl or mp3: MP3—“I still use my iPod all the time.”
Book or Kindle: “Books, but a Kindle’s great when traveling.
Take-out order: Indian.
Karaoke number: “Drink-dependent, any old Eminem.”
Nightstand reading:The Goldfinch, by Donna Tartt; Freedom, by Jonathan Franzen; and All My Puny Sorrows, by Miriam Toews.
Favorite getaway: The Cornwall coast.
Embarrasing habit: Falling asleep on the bus home.
Morning person or Night owl: Night owl.
Up nest: The Sense of an Ending, based on a Julian Barnes novel.

Source: Julie Miller, Vanity Fair, 8 August 2016