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Dating Zach Dempsey would include...

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Zach Dempsey x Reader


A/N: I thought It’s a really cool Idea to make a headcanon and then an example and I hope it’s okay for you… Enjoy!xx


You wanna request something?

  • Never ever ignore is messages after everything that happened

(Baby Boo)
Hey you wanna hang out at the diner? eating some fries and letting time pass by? (read 6:54 pm)

(Baby Boo)
I’m starting to get worried (send 7:03 pm)

(Baby Boo)
nvm what you doing, I’m coming over now (send 7:16 pm)

  • Height difference

“Is it normal that you are so small?”, Zach said while he used you as an armrest.

  • Zach’s late night texts because he cannot sleep

(Baby Boo)
Hey you up? (read 3:23 am)

It’s 3 am, of course not. (read 3:24 am)

(Baby Boo)
LOL (send 3:24 am)

  • His parents dislike you because you are friends with Clay Jensen

“Why are you so sure that they hate you?”, Zach groaned as he heard you complain about his parents and unlocked the front door of his house. you rolled my eyes in annoyance and whispered loud enough:“Are you kidding me? The death glare that they are always giving me when they see me?”

  • Random presents during the day

“Are these roses for me?”, you smiled when your eyes caught the red roses on the backseat of his car.

  • You found out that he’s on the tapes

“You are an asshole, Dempsey.”, Tears started to rush down my cheeks, the school hallway was suddenly silent. “You don’t understand.”, he raspy voice filled my ears, just letting more tears escaping my eyes.

  • Being his winter dance date

Slow music played while everybody was quiet; enjoying the moment. His hands carefully curved your waist while your hands stroked his small hair on his neck. Your lips were locked with each others touch. This night was perfect.

  • Wearing his Letterman Jacket because it’s life

“Am I ever going to get my jacket back?”-”Never.”

  • “You look better with you Make-Up.”

Zach groaned annoyed when he saw that you were about to put foundation on your face, you just giggled and continued doing your Make-Up.

  • Trying to cheer you up whenever you are down

“Always when I was small I loved playing with spoons, and I always did something like that-”, Zach quickly grabbed a spoon from the kitchen sink and rubbed it clean, while letting his breath touch the cold metal. He laid the spoon on his nose carefully but failed awfully when the spoon fell instantly off his nose, but at least you laughed.

  • Him teaching you how to play basketball

“Damn you are too small for basketball..”, he laughed when the ball bounced away from you. “Ha-Ha!, you laugh sarcastic as you grabbed the ball away from him and tried to throw the ball in the basket and succeed.

  • Jamming together out to music in his car while a long drive

“Just stop your crying It’ll be alright.”, you both screamed your lungs out while Harry Styles’ voice filled the car with chills.

  • Cheering for his team they have a basketball match

Even though you never understand the sense in basketball, you knew when you have to cheer.

  • Playing video games at his house

“And- I won again!”,  you cheered as the last HP of Zach’s character lost it, he groaned annoyed and runs his hands through his messy hair; begging for revenge.

  • I love you’s

“I love you so so so so so so much.”, he mumbled against your ear and kissed it softly, letting a small smile crossing your lips; You loved it to hear those little “love you’s” and every time you heard them you instantly melted away.

Les Amis + their weird talents/party tricks
  • Enjolras: Can hang spoons of any size from his nose.
  • Courfeyrac: Can do handstands and recite the entirety of The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe. Yes, at the same time.
  • Combeferre: Can draw a detailed realistic moth from memory. The reason this still astounds people is that Ferre is completely incapable of drawing literally anything else. He has personally banned Pictionary on Games nights.
  • Grantaire: Grantaire has a MULTITUDE of party tricks. They collect them like Pokemon. Including but not limited to: Juggling, beatboxing, circular breathing (they learned the didgeridoo on a gap year in Australia), and card tricks.
  • Joly: Can wiggle their ears and they are VERY proud.
  • Bossuet: Makes dart guns from the pages of a magazine. Also folds really cool paper planes.
  • Jehan: Was a gymnast as a child so their body b e n d s. Can do the splits with ease. Can also throw knives but that tends to not really come up at parties.
  • Bahorel: Can flip a pile of 18 beer mats and catch them in mid air with one hand.
  • Feuilly: Origami. also not just paper; also napkins and towels. Paper origami he learned from the Japanese lady who ran his first orphanage. The other two he developed through working in hotels and restaurants. Can Also play the spoons and harmonica.
  • +
  • Marius: Can play La Marseillaise on wine glasses filled with water. He had a lonely childhood.
  • Cosette: Really good at body percussion. She and Marius do a very odd but very cool rendition of La Marseillaise together.
  • Eponine: Can bend her thumb back to touch her wrist bc of her weird joints. Can bend her arm at an odd angle bc of an old broken bone that didn't heal right.
  • Musichetta: Can say any word you give her backwards without seeing it written down. They only discovered this bc she would mutter to herself and everyone thought it was Urdu but eventually they realised she was actually saying everything backwards.

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so i am writing an autistic character in a dystopian future setting, who comes from a desert colony who doesn't have any metals or electricity, and hardly and advanced technology, obviously no industry. I'm trying to think what kind of make-do stim toys could they make themselves to stim with.

I really like this question and am happy to tailor my answers more specifically to your scenario if you let me know what senses your character would want to stimulate and what materials are available.

Also, you have said that there is no industry, but I don’t know if all individuals are completely self-sufficient, or if there is some kind of society where there is an exchange of goods and services among the people - would your character be able to trade with someone who had access to tools, or who could give them some materials? Additionally, I don’t know how long your character is willing/able to spend making stim toys - humans are very resourceful and a lack of modern technology would not necessarily stop them from creating complex items. However, making more complex objects is likely to be very labour intensive, especially if knowledge about materials has been lost, and if living conditions are tough there might not be the luxury of dedicating time to making anything complicated.

Anyway, here are some ideas of items that should be relatively easy to make, depending on what resources they have available:

Sand - if it is a sandy desert, there are lots of possible ways of incorporating into the character’s stimming:

  • Running it through their fingers, feeling it drain away and watching it fall
  • Rubbing sand against a hard surface to make a noise and feel the texture
  • Sand in a container - shake the container for the sound and the feel
  • Sand in a container with a hole in it - watch the sand drain away (like an hourglass)

There are lots of ways of making a container - a shell with a beeswax seal stopping the opening, a small bag sewn shut, a hollow stick with the ends stoppered, bone with the marrow removed, a found container left over from before everything went all dystopian.

Similar ideas can be done with small pebbles/shingle instead - maybe they could have a bag of pebbles that can be shaken, or manipulated, or emptied out and sorted.

Musical instruments - there are lots of simple instruments that can be made:

  • Drumming against an object
  • Bone whistle
  • Playing the bones (it’s like playing spoons)
  • Mouth bow
  • Mouth harp/jaw harp (these are a very good stim, you can feel the vibration along your jaw)
  • Rough object, draw stick against it (a bit like a guiro)
  • Shells, seeds, or stones with holes in - thread onto rope/string/vine and shake to rattle - can also be used as a fidget by moving beads up and down along the string
  • Castanets (made from shells maybe?)
  • Dried seed pods that can be shaken like maracas


Note: don’t try these chews yourself! I am thinking of a post-apocalyptic dystopian future and I don’t know how safe these are in reality. If you, the person reading this, think “hmmm, I would like a chewable stim toy”  then please buy one that you know is safe and made for humans, don’t just try to cobble something together yourself!

  • Beeswax chew
  • Rawhide chew
  • Some roots, bark, and branches could be used safely - eg. liquorice root, cinnamon sticks
  • Some plants might be used as chewable drugs and be a cultural norm in the society you’ve created (like paan, khat, coca), which your character might use, or might make their chewing more socially acceptable 

Useful stims

Your character might be able to stim in a way that produces items that they might need or be able to trade.

  • They might be able to hand-spin fibres into yarn. It is pretty easy to make a drop spindle, which would mean that your character could spin yarn and enjoy the twisting motion. Hand spinning can be frustrating at first, but once you get into the rhythm of it, it can be good.
  • A bow drill or pump drill is good to stim with. Again, there can be an initial hurdle with learning to use the pump drill, but it makes a nice rhythmic motion and can make a nice noise as well. Your character might be able to use the drill to make items to sell, or might just choose not to put a stone drill bit in and do it just for the rhythm. This video shows the process of making drills without using modern tools (note: video has no talking, but the subtitles/captions explain what is happening in the video).
  • Sandstone can be used for filing/abrasion, and your character might enjoy the repetitive movement. If they do, they might spend time using their abrasive stone to make objects that they can trade or use.


  • Waving fingers in front of eyes
  • Tying knots in rope/string/vine/hair/etc.
  • Using a feather to stroke face
  • Playing with clay - clay will dry out, but the dried out clay dust could be combined with oil so that it acts more like plasticine
  • If there is access to clay, they can also make small objects like buttons or beads and then pit fire them, then use the beads on bracelets or in their hair.


I will leave you with some questions:

- Are there any objects already made within their society? For example, prayer beads are used in various cultures

- Are there any old objects left from the past? Can they salvage objects or materials to use for making things?

- (This last question is me being curious and is not strictly related to the topic at hand) Why is there no metal???

Good luck with your story!

-Mod Snail

Just a small note that, even though you’re probably aware of that, body stims/ stimming with objects which have not been designed as stim toys can be enough and an autistic person doesn’t *need* stim toys usually (unless they fulfil very specific sensory needs which are difficult to fulfil in another way), even though they’re always fun!

-Mod Cat


Imagine an au where everyone survived and wolfstar was cannon

  • like imagine Lilly and James have a wedding to go to and everyone else is busy and Lilly is freaking out because “James we have no one to look after Harry and it’s been three months since I’ve had a night off dammit I’m going to this wedding!”
  • and James being like “well we do have two people we haven’t asked….”
  • and Lilly groaning bc last time they watched Harry, they came home to a sugar high baby with purple hair and the house looked like it had had a party of giants in it but Lilly and James need a break so she reluctantly lets him call them…..
  • not twenty minutes later Sirius and Remus burst in the front door shouting “PARTY AT THE POTTERS”
  • and Lilly just sighing bc she knew this would happen and to try and control the damage she gives Remus (the slightly more responsible one) a detailed list of all the things to do (put Harry to bed no later than 7:30, don’t give him more than 4 sweets please, make sure he brushes his teeth) and not to do (no teaching Harry any bad words, no dance party’s at midnight because damn boys we have neighbours and UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES DO YOU INVITE OVER THE ORDER AND HAVE A PARTY AT THE POTTERS THANK YOU)
  • Sirius and Remus assuring them that all will be fine and practically pushing them out the door
  • then Harry appears at the bottom of the stairs with a devilish smile and asks “party at the potters”
  • and Sirius just picks him up and is like “that’s right Harry, party at the potters”
  • anyway they spend the next few hours teaching harry how to play gobstones and running round the house with pot-shields and wooden spoon swords playing battles
  • and when they’ve all calmed down THE TWO SPOIL HIM ROTTEN
  • like Sirius pulls practically the entire contents of Honeydukes out of his bag and Harry’s eyes just light up
  • and Sirius teaching him little spells as long as he “promises not to tell mummy and daddy because they’ll be very unhappy with uncle Sirius”
  • and Sirius suggesting they bake cookies and Remus is all “Sirius it’s nearly 9 o'clock! It’s already an hour and a half past Harry’s bedtime we can’t bake cookies now!”
  • and Sirius just grins at him and kisses him telling him to “lighten up Mooney, we hardly ever get to babysit!”
  • and Remus smirks like “this is why we never get to babysit” but the three of them bake cookies anyway
  • which actually turns into a food fight with Harry and Remus teaming up to see who can pour the most flour over uncle Sirius
  • and then it’s a full scale war and before they know it its 11:30 and Jesus Christ Lilly and James will be home soon!
  • so they convince Harry to be a good boy and let uncle Remus bath him and put him to bed while Sirius cleans up the massive mess they’ve made
  • and after half an hour Remus runs downstairs because “oh merlin Sirius this boy is too adorable come see!”
  • and Remus taking his hand and them quietly going into Harry’s room and their hearts bursting because their Godson is the most precious thing in the world
  • ten minutes before Lilly and James come home, Remus and Sirius are snuggled up on the couch with a blanked draped over them quietly talking about how much fun they’d had when Sirius just
  • “Remus I want one”
  • “hmm?”
  • “I want a kid. I want us to have a kid”
  • and now they’re excitedly talking about visiting an orphanage soon and arguing over the colours of the baby’s room because “goddamnit Sirius I will not subject my child to having orange walls
  • them falling asleep together, still smiling, and James and Lilly coming home to an unexpectedly tidy house, Harry in bed and no obvious signs of damage
  • however Remus and Sirius are woken up early the next morning by an angry Lilly in her dressing gown and slippers demanding how Harry managed to learn a spell to turn himself blue because “for Merlin’s sake you the the boy is only 6!
  • and Remus and Sirius just giggling because even an angry Lilly Potter couldn’t take away from their happiness right now

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Food Physics please !!

Okay, this may not be exactly that ‘Food Physics’ that you are looking for but here is something that I stumbled upon very recently while cooking Ramen that is definitely interesting.

(Pardon me for the picture quality)

Wing Tip Vortices in Ramen 

One can use the flavoring that comes along with the Ramen to visualize the particle motion.

If you add in the flavoring to the pan of water and run a spoon across it, then you will be able to see something very close to what you see near the wing tip. 


In the wingtip, the air from a higher pressure wants to move to the region of lower pressure. 

And as a result, this forms vortices ( fancy name for the swirling motion of air ) known as Wingtip Vortex. ( because its formed in the wing tips!!! )

In the case of the Ramen, the spoon plays the role of the airplane wing producing a vortex that is similar to the one that you observe on the wing tips of airplanes.

Definitely something that anyone can try out.

Have fun and thanks for asking!

** Also check out : Crazy pool vortex by PhysicsGirl

Christian Yu As Your Boyfriend~



- waking up to him in the morning is a blessing 

- he’s adorable as fuck with messy bed hair

- he’s the big spoon 

- plays with your hair 

- raspy morning voice 

- loves when you trace his tattoos

- hickeys 

- all over your neck and collarbones 

- also your thighs 

- i bet he’s an ass guy 

- backhugs 

- deep conversations late at night 

- loves skinship 

- biting 

- K I N K Y ?? 

- pouts when you make fun of his korean 

- “Damn baby, look at you. Looking all fine." 

- lots of compliments 

- occasionally takes you on set with him 

- sexy australian accent 

- he takes you out for dinner a lot 

- he’s an amazing boyfriend pls love him

hearts in my eye, can’t help but smile! 💕

what do you guys expect me to do after this? 😖
how did I even survive!?!

boyfriend jinki, everyone! 💙

Is He Here? // Conor Maynard

Word Count- 2402


Hey there! Hope you’re having a great day! Could I place a request for a Couple nor imagine please? The plot could maybe be where he comes back from tour a week early and the reader doesn’t know about and he asks the rest of the buttercreams to help him surprise you. If not then it’s no problem. Thanks x


Four months, 15 days, and 10 hours. You had been counting. Conor left exactly Four months, 15 days, and 10 hours ago. And you missed him more and more with every passing second. He had gone on the North American leg of his worldwide tour. His second album was #1 on all the charts and most of his concerts were sold out. You couldn’t be happier for him; but the emptiness in your heart was undeniable.

It’s not that Conor ignored you. No, it was rather the opposite. He’d make sure to text you non-stop throughout the day and sometimes, if you were lucky, you’d get a random snap from the tour bus or dressing room. Every Sunday night, he’d Skype you and you two would talk until you fell asleep.

Yesterday he was in New York, tonight he’d be playing in Ohio, and tomorrow he’d be in Indiana. You kept up with his shows, watching the Instagram and twitter posts and the overflowing snaps stories; but mainly Jack’s.

The younger Maynard had decided to help George with the DJ’ing part of Conor’s tour. So most of your nights were filled with you sitting on your couch re-watching Jacks story over and over again just to get a glimpse of your boyfriend.

Tonight would’ve been like every other one, but you chose to dive into a new TV show. You needed something to take your mind off of Conor, just for a little bit. As you clicked onto the next episode of Shameless, you’re phone buzzed.

From Oli:

Don’t make plans on Friday, Caspar and I want to take you out to lunch.

You giggled as you typed a response.

From Y/n:

I have a boyfriend.

A few minutes later he replied.

From Oli:

Haha very funny. But seriously, we miss you.

This made you smile. You hadn’t seen either of them since Joe’s house party a few weeks back.

From Y/n:


From Oli:

Caspar and I

From Y/n:

Miss you guys too :) pick me up at noon?

The rest of the night was spent curled up in your half empty bed, trying to focus on the lives of the Gallagher’s rather than your own.


Four months, 16 days, and 4 hours.

His American leg was supposed to be six months, then he’d come back to London for two weeks. Then he’d be heading on to the South American leg of his tour for another 5-6 months.

It was less than two months until you would see him again, but it felt like a lifetime. You just had to wait a little bit longer.

You were currently cleaning the flat; not that it needed it though. Then your phone rang.

“Hey.” You said as you organized the movies on the shelf.

“Hey, Y/n.” Joe’s voice rang through the phone.

“What’s up Joe?” you were only half focused on the conversation.

“I was just wondering if you were busy on Friday,” he said.

“Actually yeah, I am.” you said, but then realized how rude that sounded.

“Oh…” you could tell he was feeling awkward.

“I am so sorry! That sounded so rude,” you laughed to try and lighten the mood. “But I’m going out to lunch with Oli and Caspar. You’re more than welcome to join us.”

“Oh no, that’s okay.”

“Joe,” you said sternly.


“You’re going to lunch with us. Just come over to the flat at 11:30. Oli will pick us up at noon.”

“No, Y/n. I don’t want to intrude.”

“Joe, you’re part of the group. It’s not intruding.”

“Fine,” he sighed. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Great!” you cheered and then ended the call.


Four months, 17 days 2 hours.

You woke up rather late on Friday. It was a complete accident though. You had stayed up on Thursday watching Conor’s old videos. It was very emotional and you just couldn’t fall asleep. So then you headed over to his Instagram and just scrolled, reminiscing all the old moments. Before you knew it, it was 3 o’clock in the morning.

So as you slowly made your way to the kitchen, you were in no rush to get ready.

Then there was a knock at that door. You stared at it for a solid 30 seconds before reluctantly dragging yourself to the door.

“Morning love!” Mikey smiled brightly at you.

“Mikey, what the bloody hell are doing at my flat at 10 in the morning?” you let him in nonetheless.

“Am I not allowed to hang out with my favorite person?” he laughed, grabbing a bowl from the cabinet.

“I guess you’re right.” You laughed, following his suit. “But I have plans today.”

Panic flashed across his face and he started stuttering, “I- what- you- I mean… you have plans? What plans? With who?”

You laughed, “Calm down mom.”

“I’m not your mom.”

“I could’ve sworn you were,” you said in a serious tone, but your face showed you were being sarcastic.

“But seriously, what are your plans?”

You grabbed the milk from the fridge, “Going out to lunch with Oli, Caspar and Joe.”


“Yeah, do you want to come?” you handed him his preferred cereal and waited for a reply.

“No, I um… I already had plans too,” he played with the spoon in his hand.

“Then why’d you come over?” you gave him a small smile.

“I uh, I wanted to see you duhh.”

“Mikey, you can come with us. They won’t mind.”

“Okay,” he flashed his classic smile which made you smile.

You two finished your breakfast and Mikey happily waited in the living room as you got ready. While you continued to do your hair, you heard a knock at the door.

“Hey, Mikey? Could you get the door?” you yelled from the bathroom.

“Sure,” he replied and a few seconds later another pair of feet were padding around your living room.

“I’ll be done in five minutes, I promise!”

“Don’t rush love, I’m early.” Joe called from the living room.


“Hey,” you said opening the doors. “I invited Joe and Mikey as well. Hope you don’t mind.”

Oli gave you a hug, “Of course not.”

“The more the merrier, right?” Caspar smiled, pulling you in for a hug.

Oli and Caspar arrived at your flat around 11:50 and since none of your cars were big enough to fit all 5 of you, you had to wait for an Uber.

You five finally made it to Central London by 12:30 and had lunch at a small little sandwich place. Lunch went by smoothly. Caspar, Oli and Joe vlogging part of it and all four of you helping Mikey talk to a girl on Tinder.

“Would you mind if we stopped by a few shops before we head back?” you ask the boys as you leave.

“I don’t see why not,” Oli looked at the other boys for assurance.

“As long as we stop by TopShop,” Joe said.

“Yay!” you squealed, wrapping your arms around Mikey and Caspar’s neck.


The boys hadn’t complained once since you started shopping, which was very unusual.

“So why aren’t you begging me to go home yet?” you asked as you walked to another shop.

“Huh?” Mikey asked.

“What do you mean?” Oli questioned.

“You guys hate shopping. So why are you guys not complaining?”

“We don’t mind it,” Joe smiled.

“Bullshit,” you stopped walking. “What’s going on? Why are you guys being so weird?”

“We’re not being weird,” Caspar laughed. “We just want you to have a good day.”

“That’s all, love.” Mikey added.

“But why?”

“Because we know you miss him,” Oli said simply.

“Oh,” you looked at the ground. “Thanks.”

“Of course, love.” Joe smiled.

“Ready to go home?” you headed towards a bench.

“Uh,” Oli said, grabbing his phone.

“What’s wrong?” you furrowed your eyebrows.

“Just gotta… call the Uber!” he said and rushed off.

“Since when do you call Uber’s?”

“It’s Oli, he’ll realize soon enough.” Caspar laughed causing the three of you to join in.


After another 30 minutes, the Uber finally arrived. The ride was very awkward; you used your phone as an escape from the silence filled car. Meanwhile, all the boys were exchanging worried looks as the car arrived closer to its destination.

You finally dragged your eyes away from the illuminating screen. But you weren’t where you were supposed to be. The Uber stopped.

“Why are we at Jack’s?” you glared at the boys.

“I forgot something here a few days ago,” Joe gave you a sheepish smile.

“Okay,” you said, unlocking your phone again.

“Hey Casp, wanna help me look for it?” Joe asked as he opened the door. The blonde nodded and followed the older man into the building.

“Where the hell are they??” you whined. It had been a solid five minutes.

“Let me go check,” Mikey slipped out of the Uber and ran into the building Joe and Caspar had walked into a few minutes earlier.

You gave Oli a look and he just awkwardly looked out the window.

“I’m sorry, but I really need to go get some other people.” The Uber driver gives you an apologetic look through the rearview mirror.

You sighed and grabbed your bags, “It’s okay, and have a great day!”

“Sorry,” Oli says, scratching his neck as you two stood out in the cold.

“Might as well go help the others look,” you walked into the building.

Oli followed you and pulled out his vlogging camera. He began speaking to the camera, making sure not to bother you. When the elevator doors opened, he switched the camera onto you.

“What are you doing?” you looked past the camera and continue towards Jack’s door.

“Just vlogging,” he shrugged.

You turned back, “Mikey? Why aren’t you in there?”

“Uh…” he stammered, holding a camera as well. “Just go in.”

You gave both boys a weird look but opened the door nonetheless.

“Joe? Caspar? What are looking for?” you ask as you walk in, keeping your eyes on Oli.

“Oh uh, hi.” Josh said. “You weren’t supposed to be here yet.”

“Josh? What are you doing here?!?!” you questioned.

“What? Who’s here?” Joe appeared from the hallway, Caspar right behind. “What are you doing up here?”

“Waiting for you! The Uber left. What’s going on here?”

“Nothing,” they all say in unison.

“Tell me what’s going on.” You demanded. “Now.”

“Hey Joe, is Y/n still in the Uber?” a familiar voice says, it’s respective body emerging from the hallway.

“Jack?” you whisper.

“Uh, hi?” he says.

“You’re supposed to be on tour…” you continued to whisper, more to yourself than to him.

“About that…” he trailed off.

Tears began to well in your eyes, “Is he here?”

No one answered.

You looked at each boy, all of them looking at each other for help.

“Is he here?” you repeated, voice weak.

Jack nodded, and stepped out of the way of the hallway. You sprinted from where you previously were to the door of Jack’s room. Your hand slowly went to the doorknob, but you quickly remove it. You were anxious.

It had been exactly four months, 17 days, 8 hours, 48 minutes, and 36 seconds since you had last seen him in person.

39 seconds.

43 seconds.

You just stood there. You were scared. What if he had changed? What if you had changed? What if you two weren’t meant for each other anymore?

Who cares? You love him.

You knew you were right. So you grabbed the handle and turned it, slowly opening the door.

He was looking in the mirror, checking his hair and outfit.

He had changed. He was buffer. His biceps were a lot more defined than when he left. He was also tanner. His completion looking extra good in his grey t shirt.

He hadn’t noticed you yet. He grabbed the flowers on the bed and turned to face you; a huge smile spreading across his face when he saw you.

“Ello, love.” He chuckled.

“What are you doing here?” you said quietly.

“I got a week off, and I had to see you.” He smiled.

You stood there for a few more seconds until you lunged yourself into his arms. He instantly dropped the roses and pulled you closer to him.

“I missed you so much baby,” he breathed into your neck. “So. Fucking. Much.”

“I missed you too,” you hugged him tighter, which he returned.

You two finally let go, but Conor kept his arms wrapped around your waist; and yours around his neck.

“You’re only here for a week?” you pouted.

“Yeah, but I had a question,” he started.

“Well ask away.”

“Come with me.”


“On tour.”

You stepped back, “Are you serious? Because I swear to God if this is a prank, I’m going to kill you,” you turned around, looking for cameras.

He chuckled and laced your hands with his, “It’s not a prank, I promise.”

“Yes, of course I’ll go on tour with you,” you laughed, hugging him again.

“I have been waiting four months to hold you again,” he smiled, pulling you closer.

“And I’ve waited four months to kiss you again,” you giggled.

“Is that right?” he asked sarcastically, causing you to giggle again.

“Yes, so are you gonna make my wish come true?”

“Well, since mine did. I guess, I could help yours a little,” he exaggerated. He brought his lips to your neck and then to you jaw and then your cheek.

“There you go, wish come true.” He said, pulling away.

“Asshole,” you laughed.

“Did you expect something else?” he asked seriously, but his toothy smile showed you otherwise.

“A little,” you shrugged. “But you’re a bad kisser anyways.”

“Don’t lie,” he smirked. “You know my kisses are the best.”

“Prove it,” you smirked back.

Conor cupped your face in his hands, leaning closer to you.

“God, you are so beautiful,” he whispered, putting his forehead against yours. “I love you, Y/n.”

“I love you too,” you whispered back.

He captured your lips in a kiss; it was all over the place. You two went from a heavy make-out session to little pecks all over each other’s bodies and then finally to what you guys have lacked the most in the past 4 months. And Conor definitely made sure to let you know how much he missed you that night.

XY MLM ask meme
  1. Dog mlm or cat mlm?
  2. Movie theater mlm or home streaming mlm?
  3. Phone call mlm or text mlm?
  4. Bath mlm or shower mlm?
  5. Console mlm or pc mlm?
  6. Pancakes mlm or waffles mlm?
  7. Morning mlm or evening mlm?
  8. Fries mlm or chips mlm?
  9. Dyed hair mlm or natural hair color mlm?
  10. Flip flops mlm or sneakers mlm?
  11. Making music mlm or listening to music mlm?
  12. Long car rides mlm or plane ride mlm?
  13. Sunshine mlm or rain mlm?
  14. Winter mlm, summer mlm, autumn mlm, or spring mlm?
  15. Fan mlm or air conditioner mlm>
  16. Candles mlm or wax melters mlm?
  17. Electric light mlm or natural light mlm?
  18. Warm colors mlm or cool colors mlm?
  19. Pasta mlm or rice mlm?
  20. Sour candy mlm or sweet candy mlm?
  21. Chocolate mlm or vanilla mlm?
  22. Swimming pool mlm, lake mlm or ocean mlm?
  23. Brush mlm or comb mlm?
  24. Romance film mlm or horror film mlm?
  25. Anime mlm or cartoons mlm?
  26. Star Wars mlm or Star Trek mlm?
  27. Grammys mlm, Oscars mlm or Tonys mlm?
  28. Blanket mlm or comforter mlm?
  29. As many pillows and I can fit mlm or 2 pillows max mlm?
  30. Lotion mlm or hand sanitizer mlm?
  31. Laptop mlm or desktop mlm?
  32. Computer mlm or phone mlm?
  33. Firefox mlm, safari mlm, chrome mlm or internet explorer mlm?
  34. Pen mlm or pencil mlm?
  35. Colors pencils mlm, markers mlm, or crayons mlm?
  36. Shower in the morning mlm or shower at night mlm?
  37. Introvert mlm or extrovert mlm?
  38. Passive mlm or aggressive mlm?
  39. Pulp mlm or no pulp mlm?
  40. Bike mlm, scooter mlm or motorcycle mlm?
  41. Car mlm or public transportation mlm?
  42. Long nails or short nails mlm?
  43. Town mlm, city mlm or country mlm?
  44. Skype mlm or kik mlm?
  45. Salt mlm or pepper mlm?
  46. Skateboard mlm or rollerblades mlm?
  47. M&M’s mlm or Skittles mlm?
  48. Books mlm or graphic novel mlm?
  49. Musical mlm or play mlm?
  50. Big spoon mlm or little spoon mlm?
Flight of the Albatross - Don’t Threaten Me with a Good Time [Part 1]

From the “Find your dialogue prompt” the title was inspired by the Panic! At the Disco song of the same name.
A) “Can I help you?”
18) “Please, tell me more.”

The tavern appeared for all intents and purposes to be innocuous, dimly lit and–over all–well-loved by the numerous patrons that entered it’s walls. Pirates and local sailors filled the dining hall with a cacophonous din, their voices roaring as they chattered, swapping stories and just in general having a pleasant time. Cigar smoke gave the room a perpetual haze, the scent of spilled booze from harried waitstaff mixing with its cloying odor.

Law hated it.

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blue--winter  asked:

Can you write klance where something goes wrong during team bonding, or during battle, or something and they can hear each other's thoughts?? Romance, obviously. And fluff and angst? *bonus points if Lance and Keith make stupid excuses to the team bc they don't tell them about their sudden telepathy (but Allura and Coran figure it out and just don't say anything)

OKAY THIS BECAME WAY LONGER THAN EXPECTED (but I don’t think that’s bad). I had so much fun writing this. I really hope you like this!

Thank you Avery for editing/beta-ing! 


Title in Masterlist: Klance Mind Link

Word Count: 2, 880 words

Character Point of View: Mostly Keith

Warnings: Spoilers for the ending of season two!

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The big spoon

Pairing: Thor x Reader.

Warnings: Angsty-ish, swearing, mentions of smut, overall fluff.

Summary: You’re in Asgard for a long season, and this means that Thor gets to go out on missions of his own. To your eyes, Thor has never been the weak one. God forbid him to be, but once the god of thunder has had enough of battles, it is in your hands, and in yours only, to make him regain the confidence that has always characterized him.

Originally posted by buckybarrnes

“Thor Odinson.” You let the satin bed sheet reveal your naked torso. The exasperating feeling was too big to even worry about your nakedness. You were too accustomed to sleep with no clothes on, and nothing would change that. You folded your arms over your chest and cocked a menacing eyebrow at the Asgardian. “Calm the fuck down and tell me what is wrong with you.”

Out of a sudden, he stops and looks at you in a way he has never done before. He looks like a lost puppy under the rain, and as much as you tried to remember a time where you had seen him like this, you can’t recall it. True, Thor never lets his guard down, not for a minute, let alone around you. And that’s when it hit you. Thor has never seemed weak up to now.

He walked with heavy steps to the edge of the bed and sat down on the mattress. With a sigh, he covered his face with his enormous hands and you could’ve sworn you heard him crying. You crawled out of the bed and wrapped your arms around his torso, pressing your chest to his naked back.

You don’t know what to say, or if you should say something. The only thing you are able to do is to try to hold his breaking heart together, because if the unbreakable Thor is under you, crumbling down like a tower of cards, then you were sure as hell you’d break down right there because you were an easy crier.

“I just…” he mumbled in a broken voice, “I should’ve done so much more to save them…”

“Save who?” You whispered. “Love, save who?”


You gasped quietly and held on to the wall of muscles that Thor was even tighter. You placed soft kisses on the crook of his neck as you tenderly caressed his pecs. He placed a hand over yours and intertwined it. You knew this was not enough of a breakdown for him, and you’d never be calmed until you got more information from him.

You let go of him enough to find your makeshift pajama and slid the garment down your torso. You stood from the bed and pulled his hand to make him stand up and walk together towards the bathroom. You let the water run on the jacuzzi and poured some bubble liquid too. The foam started to show up and the soft steam from the water was letting you know that it had the perfect temperature.

Your hands slowly roamed up his strong arms, and your eyes met Thor’s troubled ones. You weren’t sure what was going on, but you knew very well the terrible consequences of any battle. You still had Sokovia engraved on your skin. It hurt a lot, and some days it hurt more than the others, but were trying to keep your head up, but Thor had fought for a lifetime, and his life was hundreds, and maybe thousands of years longer than yours. So in simple words, you still had no idea what was going on in that mind of his.

You cupped his face, not breaking the eye-contact; it was your silent way of telling him that you were still there with him, not matter what happened. You slid up the linen shirt and his bottoms and walked him nearer into the tub. The water had stopped a while ago, and once he sat comfortably, you heard him sighing heavily, as if the warm waters carried away his fears and worries. You took a piece of cloth and scrubbed gently the soapy water and bubbles on his skin.

“(Y/N)… I—” he stuttered—

“Don’t.” You shushed. “Just relax and don’t talk, not now.”

You were kneeling on the edge of the tub, but he turned around and skilfully took you in his arms to put you in the water too. It wasn’t part of the plan, but you could enjoy yourself if you were already there, all wet. You slid up your shirt and threw it aside. Just when Thor was coming up to you, you placed a hand on his chest and stopped him.

“Sit still, or I’ll have to strap you. And the first and last time we tried, it didn’t work.” You kindly scolded him, folding your arms over your chest. He pouted, but you were stronger. “I mean it. Sit still.” He sighed, but reluctantly accepted.

You carried on with your cleaning task trying hard not to fall into the trap of his muscles, because you were damn sure you’d never be able to leave that without coming undone at least twice. You could feel that he was feeling a bit better because his muscles were not tensed and his breathing was soft and barely audible, unlike when he’s worried about something, which apparently is always because more than once you recommended him to get those breathe better straps, but no. All he needed was something relaxing. Then you remembered that the other times when his breathing was calmed was when you slept after having sex.

He placed a hand on your waist, just when you were getting ready to straddle his hips. It was kill or be killed right now, and you weren’t sure if you were the one who’d make it alive. Your breath got caught in your throat at the sudden touch, but he just smiled at you and your unexpected nervousness. He leaned in to capture your lips in his, in a tender kiss that was his own way of saying thank you.

You were the one to break the kiss, and after that, you leaned in again to rest your head on the crook of his neck. You needed to let him know that you were there for him no matter what. He wrapped his arms around you and cradled you, cherishing the skin-to-skin contact

The water was starting to get colder, and you decided it was time to get out and go to bed. It had been a long night of getting him relaxed. You came out first, grabbing a robe that hung behind the door, and grabbed his too, you pulled the Asgardian out of the soapy water. Before you could cover him, he grabbed you and lifted you bridal style and walked to the bed.

Before he could put his body over yours, you rolled onto the other side of the bed. His brows furrowed in an annoyed and confused expression, but the night of pampering was not over yet. You slid under the covers and invited him to do the same, but before he wrapped his arms around you to spoon you, you stopped him. You were going to play the big spoon.

“What?” He asked, in the peak of his confusion.

“Thor, what is the one thing you always do when I’m not feeling well?” You ask him. He didn’t answer. “You take care of me. And this includes cleaning my wounds, and you even join me for a movie marathon of awfully sad movies. You give me your silent company and you comfort me even if I tell you that I don’t deserve it. I don’t know for sure what you’re going through because you’re not telling me and it’s probably not the same as what we all go through back on earth, but you have to know that if I see my boyfriend that’s on the verge of a mental breakdown or about to cry I will try to take good care of him. Because that’s what partners do. I am not a girlfriend to cuddle only. I will care about you the same as you care for me, Thor.”

“Don’t worry about me—I’m fine—”

“Really?” You argued. “Thor, I believe I know you better than you think. The only moment you’re breathing so softly is when we finished having sex, and yes it is very often, but the remaining time you’re breathing and snoring like your life depended on it. So don’t bullshit me with all the “I’m fine” crap, because I’ve said that enough times in this relationship. It takes one to know one, or so they say.” The two of you stayed in a terrible silence for what it seemed like forever. You deeply exhaled and patted the empty spot on the bed. “Come to bed and let me take care of you,” you pleaded, “because I know you’re not fine, and that even if you won’t tell me what the fuck is going on, I want those fears to let go of you at least for tonight.”

He sat on the bed, making the mattress sink with his weight. He was giving you his back, but when he turned around, you saw he was about to cry. His eyes shone brightly, and a soft hand went to cup your face. He was shaking and he didn’t know what to say, but it was fine, you didn’t really want him to say anything at all. You sighed and covered his hand with yours, turning your head a just a little so kiss his palm. He smiled and accepted your earlier invitation to slid under the covers that were so eager to accept him.

He found his position to sleep and you wrapped yourself around him.

“I know I say this enough times to make you sick and tired of hearing this, but I love you, (Y/N), my princess.” He said in a barely audible whisper. “I am so lucky to have you by my side.”

“Get some rest, my love.” You soothed him, pressing your cheek to his back and tightening the embrace. “Tomorrow will be a new day, and hopefully a better one.”

“I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“Probably a mess, but come on, let’s close our eyes and sleep.” You kissed the back of his neck and took a deep breath before feeling yourself completely exhausted and ready to get some well-deserved sleep.