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Archie: And who am I?
Henry: You’re a conscience. You help people see right from wrong.

Archie Hopper in Once Upon a Time, 1.05 “That Still Small Voice”

anonymous asked:

What are some of the things you really really want to see in ME:A?

Ooo god where to begin

  • I want a powerful story. Something that feels like a grand adventure.
  • I want a player character that isn’t dull. I was incredibly, incredibly disappointed in the Inquisitor, and I seriously hope that Bioware doesn’t go this route with the protagonist. I don’t want to have to play 100 hours in order to give even the tiniest of shits about them. I just thought that was lazy writing on their part.
  • A Shepard VI on your ship.
  • Melee combat that is more than just smacking things. Give me real hand to hand combat and badass maneuvers.
  • Really trashy western tropes.
  • Kickass biotic powers.
  • An asexual romance option - perhaps a Quarian? It could be very interesting to explore a relationship where sex wasn’t the most important thing, especially if the LI could actually die from having sex. Tbh maybe I’m just too asexual for it but no sex seems worth dying over.
  • I want weird cameos from the original voice cast. Like strange ironic shit like Brandon Keener playing a technologically inept NPC who keeps breaking his electronics. Raphael Sbarge playing someone complaining about steak.
  • To cry at least 100 times