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Undertale AU headcanons if you know what Undertale is. If not, then a simple AU where Jeff ends up being the head of the house instead of Slender

/\ heeeelellll yeah /\

Toriel : Jane
Sans : Tim
Papyrus : Eugene
Undyne : Kate
Alphys : Ann
Asgore : Natalie
Chara : Silver
Frisk : Ben
Flowey/Asriel : Toby

/\ *Ruins my ships* Worth it /\
/\ Tell me if there’s any other characters you want in here /\

💕 Pacifist Route 💕

Imagine Jane and Natalie taking care of Silver and Toby. Adopted brothers.

Imagine Tim and Eugene playing in the snow and making puzzles.

Imagine when Toby comes back to his senses and sees his adopted parents again.

Or when Silver comes back.

Think of Natalie and Jane getting back together spitting out ‘I’m sorry’ over and over.

Maybe when Ann confesses to Kate and they kiss.

🖤 Genocide Route 🖤

When Ben kills Jane, and she realizes that he was a bad kid.

Imagine Tim seeing his brother die right in front of him, his last words being to his murderer that ‘I still belive in you’.

Then Kate gets killed and Ann is shattered.

When Ben is in for a Bad Time, but ends up killing Tim anyway. Pictures of the good timelines flood out of his pockets when he goes limp.

Finally its Natalie and Toby’s turn. After going through all of this, Silver thinks murder is the answer. He kills Ben when he has a form.

Everything Is Fine.

Playing around with sprite placement/expressions for Six Days of Snow, my free VN that should have been released last Christmas but now for various reasons will be released this Christmas! :>

These expressions will probably not be used in the actual story XD;

Character sprites by Nuei.
Background art by Taylor Payton.

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Ok but when they go out and play in the snow Dolokhov won't wear a thick coat or gloves but Anatole wears so much he can hardly move, and They'll build snowmen and make snow angels and when they go in Dolokhov is vvvvv cold and so they lay together on the couch with hot cocoa and watch movies and fall asleep next to the fire (that took them an hour to make cause neither of them are very good at that)

yes yes yes? eys

exo: yes we are boys from exoplanet.. we have powers and we’re slick as fuck using them… we are alien royalty. 

exo: ok we go to school now… and we’re wolves. lol we don’t know either we’re just doing it for the a(nime)esthetic. our powers are gone but shhhh don’t mind that. 

exo: right, now suddenly we’re in a maze and we’re fucked… none of us can leave… we’ll just sit on our asses here i guess. it’s cold. and there’s a lot of sand.

exo: update: we got out of the maze and our powers are back… but they’re fucked up and we’re all scattered around the world causing shit. we miss each other… like we can’t even talk because our phones are glitching like some dumb bitches.

exo: we’re back but now it seems we live in a wonderland… or something. we don’t know either. it’s a vaporwave-ish universe and minseok is making drugs… sehun won’t sleep until the sun is down… twat. 

exo: now we’re jedis and- wait nevermind we’re emos who fight and play basketball in the snow and hang out with space whales. 

exo: suddenly we’re monsters who go hard as fuck… we’re some real bad boys. baekhyun has a lip ring, are you shook? hell yeah you are. 

exo: update: we joined the mafia. 

exo: another update: we’re no longer in the mafia. now it’s christmas and we’re sad about an ugly bracelet. 

exo: ok and here we are and we’re hillbilly weasley pastel tropical kings… you heard right. we kokobop on any block… please love us even though we literally said we hate you and have been keeping you awake for an entire week.

Fire Emblem Echoes Support Ideas:

  • Genny sharing cookies with Valbar and them developing something of a father-daughter bond, which helps him with the trauma of losing his family
  • Valbar offering to pay Kamui for going with him to fight the pirates but Kamui’s like ‘hell no I like money and all but I don’t charge my friends’
  • Faye talking with literally anyone about anything as long as the subject isn’t Alm, because she deserves to have a personality outside of her unrequited crush on him
  • Python and Leon. I have no idea what they’d talk about, but I want them to talk
  • Clive and Clair because what the hell, they’re siblings, why don’t they have support conversations in the base game
  • Kliff and Python being increasingly snarky to each other but in a good-natured manner and bonding over it before Python practically adopts Kliff as his honorary little brother
  • Kamui and Boey talking about how scared they are of terrors/necrodragons

Edit: I’ve decided that I want the gay archers to talk about their boyfriends, aka Forsyth and Valbar.

Leon: Valbar is so perfect and kind and wonderful I love him so much

Python: Yeah Forsyth can be a pest sometimes, but he’s my pest, and someone’s gotta take care of him