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When you cut a sim from the background, do you have a specific selection setting to make sure the background doesn't show up in thin line around the sim? I've used a few different suggestions from a couple of different tutorials but none of them can seem to get rid of the little bit of background left over.

hi :*) i actually don’t use the selection tool to cut out sims - i never liked it and it always made everything look jagged to me or cut too much out :-( i use a combination of the eraser tool and/or polygonal tool to remove the background. though, it takes a lot longer than just using the selection tool but i never, ever have white lines!! plus when using the polygonal tool, i’ll round out sharp edges on the sim and cut those out too.

basically use the polygonal tool > select around the area you wanna delete > press delete button > repeat until background is gone!! (example photo) C: tip: while your in the process of using the polygonal tool, press delete to go back to your previous click if you clicked too much! hopefully that helps some (◔◡◔✿)


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I never, ever, ever thought that Lucretia would end up being my favorite character and I am starting a petition to get her some hot chocolate and a blanket when all this is through

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