playing on my kindle

on this the most strange of days, here please have a list of things that are good:

  • dogs
  • warm blankets
  • apple juice packaged in novelty apple juice shaped bottles
  • talked on the phone with my mum. ‘whatcha up to’ i say. she says ‘i’m laying in bed playing cards on my kindle.’ ‘mmm’ i say. i am laying in bed playing cards on my laptop. ‘are you also laying on top of your left hand?’ i ask, because i am. she is too. i am not sad to be like my mum.  
  • there are presently 50,561 fics in the sherlock/john tag. fifty thousand stories. fifty thousand johnlocks. nice.
  • rain. petrichor. the fact that we have a word for petrichor 
  • smiling
  • there are fourteen wizard of oz books
  • el greco
  • pasta. oh my god. pasta. you can do so much with pasta!! cheesy or creamy or tomatoy or pestoy or buttery or whatever. pasta is beautiful. alternatively: rice. also good. 
  • have you ever stood in an old place. i mean like, old. the oldest place i’ve ever stood was in the ancient greek ruins at the acropolis in athens. there’s a thing about standing in these places, which you know if you’ve ever been to one, there’s a thing about it that’s like…all of history vibrating in the atmosphere, and it just kind of fills you up, and you think about the people who used that space and then all the centuries of people who forgot it and all the centuries of people who have visited it, all those people, all those steps, all those stories. these are the places we are most interconnected throughout history and into the future and to each other. it’s cool af. 
  • music. i actually spent years really disliking music as a general thing but now i have realized that i’m actually just a pretentious tit and what i don’t like is music with words. not really i’m just easily distracted and music is easier without words but i can finally enjoy music and that’s nice. 
  • people are drawn to the water. the moon is in the water. what’s the quote? salt water fixes everything, either through sweat, tears, or the ocean? tru
  • i have learned so much from y’all? ya know once when i was Young™ i set a goal to learn one new thing everyday. shit guys!!! you teach me so much more than that. i’m always learning. just cause y’all have interests. it’s amazing, you know. 
  • the x-files seasons 1-7.
  • the smell of old books
  • when people play with your hair (with permission of course) 
  • even numbers
  • coloring
  • showering. showering in the dark. if you have a tub, sitting on the floor of the tub in the dark while the shower rains down on you. try it. seriously. shower sitting changed my life. i shower sit at least two days a week these days. i did tonight in fact. 
  • black and white pictures
  • and just in case you thought you were going to get out of this list without me bringing it up:
  • the 1911 theft of the mona lisa

i hope this incomplete list of things that are good has got you thinking about what other things there are that are good. there are lots of things. have a good night doveys. 

“In ten years you haven’t changed a bit.”

I’m playing virtual villagers on my kindle and my population was down to 20, so I grabbed this one guy named Chapa, he’s a ginger (because I really want an island full of gingers but the others keep reproducing without permission) age 59, an adept doctor, master researcher, adept builder,  master farmer, and an adept parent. Anyway, I made him get with all the females on the island have children. Now the population is at 35.

He got 11 women pregnant in less than 5 minutes. Three of the women had twins.

Now he’s just standing by the group of nursing women and complaining.

I just ate a whole bag of wintogreen lifesavers while playing the stupidest game on my kindle all because I’m procrastinating. Also watched 3 YouTube videos about wet n wild’s new winter makeup line seriously I need help. I am resisting. I am having an existential crisis. I’m probably just being lazy.

My sister was playing some kind of question game on her Kindle two rooms away and I heard her ask herself in frustration: “Who the heck lives on 221B baker street?! This is impossible!” And I am not exaggerating when I say I slammed my hands into my keyboard and:

She proceeded to yell back: “THANK YOU, NERD!”

Scene: me, setting up my computer, phone, and kindle. I press play at the same time on all three.

The computer plays Beck’s Go It Alone.

The phone plays Whitesnake’s Here I Go Again On My Own.

The kindle plays King’s devastating yet detached theme of despair because I keep losing the Magic Spaceship in Candy Crush.

Simon’s tongue is incontrovertibly warm. All of Simon is warm, really, and always has been. But his mouth is still so new to me and all I can think about when I’m kissing him is the hole that’s no doubt burning through my stomach. He keeps doing things like pulling back slightly before crashing his lips into mine again, over and over, or acting like he’s going to kiss me but just letting his lips hover over mine instead. It’s torture (in a good way, if you can believe that), because I have to lift my head up if I want to kiss him.

I can feel him playing with the hem of my shirt, and it’s just kindling the fire inside me. He pushes my shirt up, finally, and I gasp a little. He bites my lip when I do, making me gasp again. I feel his fingers splayed out over my belly button. His hand is cold, but not unpleasantly so.

“Woah, Baz, you’re warm,” Simon smirks, clearly proud of himself, as his fingertips dance over my stomach lightly.

“Of course I am,” I scoff, then bring a hand up to one of his flushed cheeks. He leans into my palm, and closes his eyes slowly, like a damn kitten. “You are too.”

“Yeah, but you’re a vampire,” he whispers, opening his eyes just so he can smirk again.

I shake my head slightly, “doesn’t matter. Your kisses could make ice melt, Snow,” I cringe at myself, and wait for the teasing, but Simon decides to ignore both the irony and cheesiness of my statement.

“I’d rather be snogging you than a block of ice,” he giggles softly, before shifting his weight on my lap and placing both hands behind my back, pulling me up so we’re both sitting. I allow him, and place my hands on either side of his hips, which are on either side of mine.

“Wow, thanks,” I mumble, and he brings his hands up from my back to my neck.

“You know what I mean,” he rolls his eyes, then smiles and blinks languidly before locking eyes with me. I don’t say anything for a few moments, and he must get impatient, because he presses his forehead against mine. He closes his eyes. I’m about to ask if he wants to stop and go to sleep, when he speaks again, “I meant that I like making you melt.”

And he does. His kisses and his touch always make my skin burn, but his words never fail to make my heart melt. I decide to tell him now. “My heart’s a puddle, Snow.”

He jerks his head back from its resting position on my forehead, and tilts it sideways, “because of me?”

I sigh, feeling both content and exasperated, as I always do when I’m with Simon, “yes, because of you, you git, who else?” I bury my nose in the crook of his neck and kiss his mole softly.

He strokes my hair, and it makes me sleepy. I close my eyes. We sit like that for a while, and he’s so quiet that I almost miss him mumble my name, “Baz?”


“I like this.”

I lift my head from his shoulder and look up at him, “what is this, exactly?”

He shrugs. “I dunno. This,” he cups both of my cheeks and slowly brings his lips to mine for the zillionth time that night. “This,” he says again, before kissing me. It’s slow and soft, and short, but still amazing (It’s amazing every time; I don’t think it’ll ever stop being amazing). It’s obviously supposed to be different than the other kisses, though. “And this,” he gesticulates lazily to both of us, and I nod.

“…do you like this better than fighting?” I ask tentatively, because I still feel like there’s a chance he’s going to push himself off me and realize what the hell he’s doing.


I can’t hide my ridiculous smile, and I know it’s ridiculous because the corners of my mouth are hurting from it. Crowley, when did I start allowing myself to be so vulnerable around Snow?

He yawns, reminding me of a kitten again.

“Tired?” I ask, and he nods.


“For being tired?”


“You’re ridiculous,” I shake my head, then swat at his side. “Get up.”

He obeys, standing and stretching, then looking around dumbly.

“Well? Couch is yours.” He blushes and looks down, hesitates, then walks over to the couch. I start going to my bed, but stop when he springs up, grabs my hand, and drags me back to the couch. He lays down and pulls me into him, and I am, of course, in no position to object. We fall asleep like that, pressed together on the couch.

Snow kissed me last night until my mouth was sore. He kissed me so much, I was worried I’d Turn him with all my saliva. He held himself up on all fours above me and made me reach up for his mouth—and I did. I would again. I’d cross every line for him.

I’m in love with him.

And he likes this better than fighting.

a/n I really like writing dialogue and snowbaz’s banter is a lot of fun


Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Chuu. You may or may not have heard of this game already. It’s a mobile game for android devices, featuring all-new Higurashi stories, one each for Rena, Mion, Satoko, and Rika (but it looks like you have to play Rika’s route last. Damn them!)

Technically this game came out last year, but I only just started playing it because I didn’t realize it would work on my kindle. I’m planning on writing up detailed summaries for each route, as well as taking lots of screenshots. It might take a while, though, because you can only advance so far in the story in one day. (Unless you want to pay. Don’t you just love mobile games?)

Chapter 25

I expected Christmas to be strained, but surprisingly it went well.

The guys all turned up bright and early, I think Chris must have had words with Curtis in the car. I refuse to call him dad or even father, bastard was all but dead to me. He didn’t try to force his way in, instead when I opened the door, the three of them stood, all scrubbed and dressed up with presents in hand. Roman looking super adorable, hair all slicked back in pressed pants and a long sleeve shirt. He had grinned up at me and asked if Lau was around, smiling at him I bent down to get a hug and told him he was in the kitchen.

He dashed off, he called everyday since first coming to talk to him. Sometimes twice. Lau had problems understanding him, his accent coupled with a slight speech impediment meant Chris spent a lot of time translating. Chris was super cool, I wanted to hate him, he was proof that my dad cheated on my mum, but he was a real cool guy. Super chill and a wicked sense of humour, I reckon I could hook him and Jackie up when she got here. He was just her type. I only had issues with Deral, I think he was in the same mind about me as I had been about him. I had gotten over it pretty quick. But he was holing on to the sour feelings, I had dragged Laurent out for some last minute shopping to try and get them all presents. I just hoped they did something to help.

We all sat round the table food piled high and more then ready to eat. But mum wanted to say grace, I rolled my eyes as she made us all hold hands and bow our heads. Me and mum haven’t seen the inside of a church since I was christened, which was 16 years ago. But she always wanna act fancy at Christmas and try bless the food, personally I reckoned blessings did more good in the kitchen when food was actually being prepared, but I got a hard look the one time I voiced the opinion. So I kept it to myself. Not that mum needed any help in the kitchen, when she wanted to she could throw down! I smirked at the hungry faces of my brothers and my boo as we brought out plate after plate. Mac and cheese, jerk chicken, salt fish, rice and peas, jerk pork, fried chicken. For some reason, mum decided coconut rice was needed too, she would never hear me complain, cos it was tasty as fuck. Grace out of the way, we dug in. Roman was sitting between Laurent and I, talking a mile a minute as I made a plate for him. I set it in front of him and he paused long enough to say thank you, “welcome baby.” I concentrated on piling my own plate high when he tapped my arm, “Yes honey?” He grinned and me and shocked me by climbing into my lap and hugging me, eyes wide I hugged him back with my free hand, gravy dripping of the serving spoon I held in my other hand, “I like you Mya, you’re a good big sister.” With that he slid away again and began to eat. My eyes stung with tears, I hadn’t expected that. Across the table Chris grinned at me and winked, “He’s right, you an alright sister Mya. And Sandra you cool too. Not gone try call you step mom though.” I grinned back at him and Laurent leant across Roman to kiss my cheek. “Saps!” My mum shouted, slamming her hand down on the table, “Serve girl! I worked hard on this I wanna eat it.” I laughed and quickly finished getting my food and passed the spoon to my mum. I looked up to see Deral watching me, his normal scowl smoothed out with curiosity.

We crowed into the kitchen after dinner to open presents, mum needed to wash the last of the dishes, and she wanted company. This was the last thing before Curtis came to pick the boys up. Laurent helped me carry all of gifts into the room, making sure to feel up his present as we went. “Stop that!” I smacked his hand down, then had to scramble to stop my sack of presents falling, “What you get me?”
“You’ll find out in a second.” He was real hard to buy for, expensive taste. But I think I got him something he would like.

Roman was the first to fall on his present, ripping it open with a childish abandon that I hadn’t seen in a long time. “Oh!” He jumped up and came to hug my legs, “Thank you Mya!” I smiled down at him bending down to pick him up, he clutched his huge pack of cookies to his chest while I hugged him round them. He wriggled to get free and went back to his present, we decided to just get him cookies, but also stocked him up on pop tarts and I got him an adorable little bow tie as well. “Open mine!” He was all over the place, running to Chris and yanking at his pants to get him to pick him up. Chris rolled his eyes and hoisted him up, letting him grab an envelope with my name on it. “Aw thank you honey.” I opened it and pulled out a hand drawn card, I giggled at the picture of roman and I, both our hair wild and free around our smiling faces. What was really funny was the picture of Laurent. His head cut off by the top of the card since he was so tall. Laurent leaned over my shoulder to look and laughed quietly, he pulled me back to lean into him resting his chin on my head. “Let me see?” I showed mum the card and she threw back her head to laugh, “Looks about right. Don’t know why you intent on having such a tall man anyway.”

Deral’s present was a big hit. After talking to Chris I managed to find out he was a bit of tech head, and he loved anime, so with Laurent’s help I picked out a few DVDs and I got him a build it yourself remote control helicopter. He had given me a smile when he opened it, but he didn’t stretch to a hug like his brothers and sat quietly at the kitchen counter building it. Chris claimed that he and Deral had clubbed together to get my gift, but an eye roll of the latter let me know that was a lie. He didn’t get me anything, but I wasn’t that bothered, I did however love my gift. A wicked letterman jacket, customised with my name on the back, pink leather sleeves, while the body of it was black. It was sick, I dragged it on straight away and refused to take it off.

The rest of the night passed peacefully, Deral tinkering away with his helicopter, roman curled up in my lap, eyes drooping and was nodding. Mum sitting next to me, reading her kindle and Chris and Laurent chatting and playing on my severely neglected PS3. I could feel my own eyes slowly closing, itis was hitting me super hard. Not only had I stuffed myself on hard food, but roman insisted I share his pop tarts. We both got sugar highs and now we were crashing. The phone rang jerking me out of my doze, mum reached over me to grab it, then left the room to take the call. I played absently with Romans hair, frowning at the tangles in his soft hair, “Do none of you do his hair?” Chris shrugged eyes not leaving the screen as he battered away at the controller, Laurent was beating his ass. “He screams blue murder when we try to do anything more then pull it back.” Deral’s voice sounded from the corner of the room, when we moved to the living room, he had silently gathered the pieces of his present and moved to sit on the floor with his back to the wall, slightly away from the rest of us. I looked over at him, “Really?” I fingered the knots again, “You ever try washing it first?” He shrugged, and dropped his head away from my gaze. “Wanna help me?” He looked back, an emotion running across his face so fast I couldn’t place it, “Do you want me to?”
“Wouldn’t ask if I didn’t.” He stood and I took that as his answer. Gently waking Roman, I asked if he wanted his hair washed, still half asleep he gave a shrug. I rolled my eyes and stood holding him.

Upstairs I debated if I should use my bathroom. Finally I shrugged mentally and led Deral there, walking quickly through to my bathroom. Roman was a bit more alert now, scanning the room with interest, I turned to see his brother doing that same. “You rich?” His question was rude considering he never spoke to me, but I gathered that he was just blunt like that, “Nope, mummy got it as part of her contract.” He grunted eyes still roaming over my room. I let roman down, “Still want to wash your hair baby?” He nodded and ran his hand over his hair, “Dirty.”
“Is it now?” He nodded and grinned at me like having dirty hair was something to be proud of. “We gone have to fix that ain’t we.”
“Yes Mya.” I rubbed his head, “Good boy.”

Roman took his hair washing well, better then I expected based on what I had been told. Instead he was an angel, standing on my step with his head bent over my sink as I shampooed and conditioned his hair then rinsed it out. His top got a bit wet, but I whisked it off him and set in on my radiator while I combed out his hair and blow dried it. He sat between my legs happily, chattering away to me and his brother, who I might add didn’t nothing to help. Finally his hair was dry and hung around his face like an inky curtain. “Want me to braid it?” His face puckered with thought, “No, just bun.” I nodded and held up the hair band he came here with, “Consider it done.” Using my brush I swept his hair back, making sure it was smooth and tied it low on his head.

The second I was done he spun and hugged me round my neck, “Thank you Mya!” I received a kiss for my trouble then he scrambled off the bed and was off and running. “Chris! Lau! Look how Mya do my hair!” I smiled and started to get up to follow him, not wanting his to go ass over head on the stairs. Deral grabbed my wrist however and I stopped. “Did your mum really not know about mine?” I raised an eyebrow, “Nope, and neither did I.” I eased my hand free, “In fact, I find Chris being older then me real funny, cause you father was taken away from London because my mum was pregnant.” He frowned, his forehead wrinkling with it, “But.” He stopped and huffed out a breath, “Dad. He always said that you were the product of an affair. That’s why I.” He stopped again, and I filled in the blank, “Why you were such a prick?” He ducked his head, “Yea.”
“As far as my mother knew, she was the love of your fathers life. They were gonna get married, and raise me together. And then he was gone, and his parents told my mum he had gone back to Trinidad. I doubt my mum would lie to me about that, she’s real open with me about shit.” I lifted a shoulder and went to leave. “Wait. Mya, I’m sorry.” I stopped in my doorway, “Sorry for what exactly? Your perception of me was based on what you had been told your whole life. That’s not your fault. It’s the fault of the person who started the lie.” I paused and turned to look at him, he was standing next to my bed, hands shoved deep in the pockets of his dark jeans, head pulled down into his chest, he looked like a boy being told off. “I don’t have any hard feelings man. Hell I felt the same way you did when I found out about you lot. But I got over it. I have 2 pretty cool brothers.” I took a step towards him, “I wanna find out if the third is just as cool.” His head lifted and for the first time he really smiled at me.

Back downstairs, Deral packed away his present and sat with us. The atmosphere was easy and light, I fiddled with my new silver chain, a gift from Laurent. I laughed when he snapped open the box, asking him if he had finally collared me. He smiled and tapped his finger on the box, drawing attention to the ring I had got him, a heavy silver band with a flat top. Nothing special, but I knew he would love it and he had. I pulled the chain up over my chin and rested it in my mouth. “Where’s mummy?” I wasn’t asking anyone in particular, just the room at large. I was greeted with a series of grunts and noises, rolling my eyes I slid out from Roman to find her.

She was sitting in the kitchen, her chin in her hand, staring off into the distance. “Mummy?” Her eyes seemed to clear and she smiled at me, “Hey sweetie.” I moved to sit next to her. “You alright?” She scrubbed at her face, “Yea.” She sighed and then smiled, “Had a good day. You look nice by the way.” I smoothed down the red fitted long sleeve dress I was wearing, the first present I opened. “Well, my mother has great taste.” I nudged her with my shoulder and she smiled wider, “And I passed it on.” She covered my hand with her own, “I’m proud of you honey. I don’t think I would have been able to be so good if I was in your position.”
“Can’t blame the sons for the faults of the father.”
“Well look at you being all deep!” I laughed, “You really ok mummy?” Her lip wobbled for a second, “No. But I’ll get over it. Chocolate, shopping and day dreams of his death keep me going.”
“Well, whatever works for you.” We were interrupted by the door bell, she rolled her eyes so hard for a second all I saw was white. “Come on, you have to come with me to make sure I don’t beat him to death.” We stood and I followed her out, “I can’t promise anything. Could I film it?”

Laurent had beaten us to the door, he held a sleeping Roman and was blocking the doorway. He heard us coming and his face when he turned made me pause. I’ve never seen him so pissed. Moving quickly I went to him and pulled him away from the door, “Babe. What’s wrong?” His jaw was clenched and a muscle was twitching, again, weirdly sexy. As mad as he was he still held Roman gently, making sure not to wake him. “He rude.”
“Curtis! What did you say to that boy?!” My mothers voice seemed to echo round the entrance, “I asked him why he was holding my son.” He stepped inside puffing up his chest and looking down at my mum, “Do not raise your voice to me Sandra.” Chris and Deral had come out of the living room, both stood with arms folded watching the scene. “Curtis. All things considered be happy all I’m doing is raising my voice. Why are you in my house.”
“I came to collect my children. I didn’t expect to find one of them with that thug!”
“He’s not a thug.” He didn’t even look at me when I spoke just pointed his finger in my direction. “I have nothing to say to you young lady.” I stiffened and was about ready to go to war with this fool, but Laurent touched my arm gently. Shaking his head, he shifted Roman and gave him to me. Why did I feel like shit was about to get so real?

“Sir. I don’t get your problem with me. But you need to get over it.” Curtis sneered as Laurent walked over to him, he had to look up at him, but he still tried to talk down to him. “I don’t need to do nothing you tell me boy. You ain’t shit to me.” Deral had come up beside me and slipped Roman out of my arms, he was starting to wake up. “Kick ass.” Deral whispered to me, and I intended to do just that, “Uh excuse you?” I strode over and shoved him back, “To be honest the only guy in here that ain’t shit is you. Coming up in here like you own the place! Who the fuck you think you is?!” I was gone catch hell for swearing, but the moment called for it. “After the lies you told me, my mum and your sons, you wanna stand here and judge a man that treats me like I’m made of gold?” I looked him up and down, so tempted to spit in his face, “Seems to me, Curtis, that you could take lessons from him.”

He slapped me so hard I didn’t even feel it at first. I heard my mum yelp, my face went numb, a strange tingling spreading across my cheek. My hand flew up and grabbed my face, as I stared at him with wide eyes. The instant reaction was to start swinging, but Laurent beat me to it. He grabbed him by the collar and gave him a right hook that made his jaw shake. I watched as his eyes glazed over and he went down like a rock. “Don’t touch her.” Laurent’s words fell on deaf ears, Curtis was out like a light. Heavy silence fell, broken by Roman. “Why Lau hit daddy?”

Your phone can't play Pokemon Go but you have something that COULD, it just doesn't get internet without Wi-Fi?

Does your phone suck? So does mine! But I can still play pokemon go on my kindle by using my phone’s data! Here’s how:

1.It won’t show up in the Google play store, so download the APK for pokemon Go from on your device. You might have to go to security and enable the “downloads from a third party” setting.

2. Turn your phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot in wireless settings, you’ll now use your data to send out a portable Wi-Fi signal.

3. Your other device can then connect to your phone’s Wi-Fi, and use it to get internet / GPS while you’re walking around your town!! :)

So this is what I’ve been doing, tethering/HotSpot is included in my phone plan, I hope it works for you guys too!!

To be or not to be by Ryan North

This books is fantastic! I haven’t played out every character to it’s completion, which really frustrates me, but there are so many options that would take forever. I have played it through several times and it kept me occupied on may occasions while I was traveling.

It is so clever and funny. It is respectful and knowledgeable for the original story but plays with it adding just what you want to know about, for example what really went down on he pirate ship and what did Hamlet’s dad get up to when he had all that free time as a ghost. Ophelia is a strong female scientist. The book keeps persuading you to make sensible decisions but of cause you do the stupid thing, it them makes fun of you.

The illustrations at each death or ending are great. The language is modern and fun, but also included the iconic passages from the play as well as translating it into rap form at times! 

This is brilliant on kindle as you don’t have to fiddle with page numbers, you simple click the decision you want to make. If you want to go back you click the back button and it simply takes you back to the last decisions you made so that you can go another way.

I look forward to playing it many more times. just wish my kindle showed colour as that would really make the images amazing.

(Books read in 2014 #31)

Coming Tomorrow...

I hold myself up on my hands and knees for the time being, not wanting to wake him or put too much pressure on my ever growing tummy. And, smiling wider, I lean my face close to his, letting a soft murmur travel through the silent air.

“Hey, baby.”

No response.

At first.

I’m about to lean in and whisper to him more, when I catch his eyelids squinting a bit tighter, a soft moan  escaping his throat. He’s definitely awake and aware, but I won’t be satisfied until I see those handsome hazel eyes.


The utterance of his name is just enough to do the trick. His eyes flicker slowly into view, and he blinks a few times before the recognition registers on his face.

“Oh-“ he seems to take notice of the position we’re in, and how close my head is to his, a hoarse chuckle sounding in turn, “Oh! You were talking to me?”

I furrow my eyebrows in disbelief, and lean backwards to sit back on his pelvis, my hands traveling to anchor on his chest.

“Um, yeah?” I laugh incredulously, “Who else would have been addressing?”

I’m not sure whether I imagine it or not, but it almost seems like Josh’s breath catches, his eyes flickering quickly down to where I’m resting upon him and then back to mine. He doesn’t give me time to ponder the thought however, but the image lingers in the depths of my mind and plays with kindling.

“I don’t know, your baby? Excuse me for having trouble differentiating between the terms.”

“Whatever,” I say with a roll of my eyes, “I meant you.”

He grins at me then, the playful crookedness sending warmth pooling within me.

“I see the affectionate terms are multiplying then,” he says, a bit of teasing flitting through his tone.

“Shut up. I told you they would slip out often. Besides, it’s not like they’re taboo anymore.”

He snickers, and brings his hands up to rest upon my lower back, silently ushering me closer.

“Definitely not. They’re welcomed with gratitude.”

I lean back in, hovering my face above his. But as our gazes meet in a perfect melody of blues and browns, and as I take the time to savor the feeling of his tender hands caressing my back, something unusual triggers within me.

(Look for chapter fourteen tomorrow evening!)