playing mas

Dressing in a costume and dancing the day away is what we call PLAYING MAS, and it occurs everywhere from Toronto to Trinidad to New York to many other cities throughout North America and the Caribbean. This weekend alone, over 60,000 men and women donned costumes to parade down the road in Toronto, a tradition that’s been performed by my sister, aunts, cousins, and damn near every girlfriend I’ve ever had. If you don’t think it’s appropriate, you’re entitled to believe that, but don’t you dare judge our celebrations by your standards.

Americans have a funny way of over-sexualizing everything with their puritanical European influence and then getting upset because the rest of the world doesn’t live up to their moral code. They over-sexualize all aspects of the body, but that doesn’t mean that the rest of us do. Well, we don’t care about honoring our traditions in a way that makes them comfortable, especially when they show no interest in learning about our history at all.

Hell, if they did, then they would have taken the effort to at least Google our traditions and the significance of Rihanna playing mas and dancing in the streets. So I ask Americans to please do us all a favor and spare us your contempt, outrage, shock, and whatever other bullshit feelings they have because how West Indians celebrate doesn’t have a DAMN thing to do with them – until they open up their minds to learning our culture.

P.S. West Indians don’t TWERK at carnival – we WHINE and WUKK UP.

I just read something that said “Rihanna gets drunk and twerks half naked in the middle of the street” It’s embarrassing as an American that other Americans can be too ignorant to familiarize themselves with cultures outside of their own. It’s especially offensive since American culture is so eclectic. First of all she’s not “Twerking”, It’s called Playing Mas. Instead of ignorantly making statements like this, I need for you get some culture about yourself before you disrespect a tradition that has been around for centuries. Thanks


Carnival Time!

Just wanted to share my past weeks in Carnival Boston/New York.

This was my first time in Masquerading Costumes. I was always too body conscious to wear ANYTHING revealing my arms, legs,back fat, well just about everything.

But this year I got the courage to to BARE ALL!

If you every want to play mas, please let me know!

In “The Sexual Politics of Playing Mas in Brooklyn” Anthonine examines her experience of “playing mas” in Brooklyn’s West Indian Day Parade, and how it forced her to reckon with the various ways that a culture of ‪#‎StreetHarassment‬ affects the freedom-celebrating practice. ‪#‎NoDisrespect

“In the carnival atmosphere, I was in control; I owned my body, my sexuality, and whatever I wanted to do with either. To be entirely honest, male aggression was present—but it was generally policed by bystanders, and men backed off if a boundary was crossed. The environment was far from perfect, but I felt like my will and desires were respected… But when I got off the parade route, all that power to safely reject male advances vaporized. Off de road, there was a different reality: I was an object for sexual consumption." 

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Carnival Nationz costumes!!!

Although I have no interest in playing mas with them, what I can say is that I loveee that their costumes actually relate to their theme Empires. Their costumes are very nicely detailed, but you know I’m still waiting for Saldenah this weekend and they bess not disappoint!!

Check out for all the latest on anything Caribana 2012!!!!


The people of Trinidad and Tobago are mainly of African or East Indian descent. Virtually all speak English. Small percentages also speak Hindi, French patois, and several other dialects. Trinidad has two major folk traditions: Creole and East Indian. Creole is a mixture of African elements with Spanish, French, and English colonial culture. Trinidad’s East Indian culture came to the island beginning May 30, 1845 with the arrival of indentured servants brought to fill a labor shortage created by the emancipation of the African slaves in 1838. Most remained on the land, and they still dominate the agricultural sector, but many have become prominent in business and the professions. East Indians have retained much of their own way of life, including Hindu and Muslim religious festivals and practices.

Sheala: Geralt, użyj znaku! Złap go w Yrden!
Geralt: [nakurwiając w Kejrana] Sama złap go w Yrden.

Now, fair warning, I’ve got no idea how to even play this thing, but it was my mom’s, and you’re supposed to honor the dead, yeah? So, I’ma play it. Does anyone have any requests?

If you’re not really celebrating Mother’s Day because your mother has passed away and you just want to remember her privately instead of posting a photo of her, feel free to instead post this seriously asskicking photo of the actress who played Ma on Little House on the Prairie wearing an Equal Rights Amendment T-shirt. Especially if your mom once took you to an ERA rally.