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Seventeen Reaction to: A Girl Joining The Group

S.Coups: takes u under his wing, fighting off the flirty members if you’re shy, or keeping you all in line if you’re as equally greasy. will always be there for u & if he ever sees one of the guys not including u, whether intentional or not, he’ll give out to them & ensure you’re involved in everything.

if he catches u checking him out tho, he’ll go from dad ➡ daddy real quick; just be aware of that

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Jeonghan: won’t be as motherly as you had expected. instead he’s flirtatious & showers u with compliments, not necessarily in a “I want to date u” way. you’re his band member so he knows that a relationship w u mightn’t turn out well. but he wants u to feel confident, to not be bothered by being the only girl. so that’s why he’ll lowkey flirt 24/7

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Joshua: “hello, welcome to seventeen. if you ever need help or want to hang out, don’t be shy to approach me!” is very polite & kind. freaks out if any of the boys try to “guy talk” around you or curse or burp. he sees u as a lil bird, something that should be protected & sheltered

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Jun: will always tease you about being a “typical girl”; “ah, why do you take so long to get ready? I wake up looking naturally this good. u must be jealous.” but his teasing doesn’t go too far. he would never pull a prank on u or say something about your appearance, unless it was positive. “no wonder it took you so long to get ready, you’re beautiful!” goes heavy on the compliments if he hears you have anti’s or that carats don’t like that you’re a girl

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Hoshi: is very playful & kind to you. makes sure to include you in everything & doesn’t do any overly sexual choreography or say something rude, mindful of a girl being around. will bring u back flowers or sweets (& tampons if you ask), as a kind, brotherly gesture. even asks ur opinion on certain dance moves; “is this okay? it’s not awkward from a girls perspective, is it?”

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Wonwoo: sometimes forgets there’s a girl around & sleeps nude or gets undressed before turning around & spotting you; “oh, uh, sorry. I - I should let myself out”

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Woozi: steers clear of u like you’re the plague. has very little experience w just talking to girls, never mind now having to include one in the music he composes. he writes songs to be sang by guys, not both genders. and will ur voice even mix well w 13 other guys?? he’s focused more on the practical impact of your joining, & of dealing w sharing a shower w a girl. not so much on being your friend. that will come w time, like all friendships w him do. 

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DK: “wow, our new member is so pretty ~” he’ll tease. his flirting never goes too far tho, as he keeps it on a friendly level. catching feelings for a member could be dangerous so he plays it safe, flirting/teasing u the same way he would soonyoung

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Mingyu: tried to welcome u by cooking your fav food. and will always be greasy & compliment you, in a friend way at first but maybe more depending on ur feelings/reactions. if you’re just friends tho, he considers you one of the guys. so get ready to be sneezed on

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The8: tries to welcome you & not make you feel left out. if he ever crosses a line or teases you too much, he’ll use his cuteness to get on your good side again

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Seungkwan: “OH MAI GAHD, sorry, sorry” he screams & runs off, forgetting that you were a girl & he couldn’t just walk in to use the toilet while you were showering, like he could w the guys

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Vernon: pray for him. even tho he’ll try to be cool, he’s not. so having a girl around 24/7 is a nightmare. until he warms up to you, or if you remind him of his sister, then he’s pretty chill to be around. if he finds u cute though then u better hope u don’t get left alone w him. it would be so awkwardly silent u could hear a pin drop

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Dino: awkward & shy but tries not to show it. so he covers this up by showing off, “hey, newbie, look at this! can you do that?” & being over confident like “if you need help finding ur way around, you can always come to me noona.” but if he ever sees your undies lying around he’s gonna die omg

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The Hoodwitch: Weekly Horroscopes 4/12~18/2017
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Witch Tips

Retrogrades can be a boner, but you don’t have to be!

Let’s take a minute to break down Retrogrades: in predictive astrology (aka your horoscope), we’re looking at what the planets moving through the sky are doing. When a planet goes Retrograde, it appears to be moving backwards, and so it Moonwalks over the terrain it just passed through. The math and mechanics aside, what happens during a Rx is that we have the opportunity to review and reassess our attitudes, ideas, and plans. On the 15th Venus finally goes direct, which basically means that it returns to moving forward normally. The good news is that we will no longer get hammered with lessons of what we value, but the bad news is kinda the same. Take a minute at some point over the next few weeks to look back at the themes that were at play in your life between March 4 - April 15th ‘cause mark my words: that stuff matters, and it’ll come back for you (the next one kicks in on October 5th 2018)!

As you probably know, Mercury is Retrograde from April 9th- May3rd. This is a great time for journaling and therapy but not so much for processing your relationship with the bae or for signing contracts. The reason for this is that you’re less likely to understand what the other person is saying or to be properly understood. If you have to do any of that stuff, don’t worry, the world won’t end! Here are three simple Pro Tips to making Mercury Rx work:

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1. Be patient

2. Reiterate what you’ve understood in efforts to make sure it’s right

3. Triple check documents

If your phone or computer breaks down during this period, you’re dealing with some of the inevitable irritations of the transit. Refer to Pro Tip #1, and move along, lover.

This week will start off with a bang as Uranus sits on top of the Sun from the 12th-14th. Expect to feel irritable, inspired, and ready for change. If you’ve been keeping secrets, they may just get a spectacular reveal, so be careful of what you say around these days. Uranus wants you to grow beyond your limitations, and the Sun just wants recognition. You may have to be prepared to do what’s right for you, other people’s judgments be damned. Uranus comes with the potential to help break you free, so don’t hold back! Be prepared, though: this transit paired with the Mercury Rx may have you feeling extra jumpy and anxious. Grab your lavender to calm your nervous system, and whatever grounding stone you vibe with. This week I’m all about the Black Tourmaline (my go-to fav), as it’s an excellent tool for grounding and getting rid of psychic crud. Meditate, listen to death metal, or take extra naps – whatever it takes to clear the mental clutter and get to the good stuff.



March 21-April 19

If you can manage your impulses at the start of the week, you can make some meaningful changes to the stuck parts of your life, Aries. It’s tempting to decide that your life can only be variations of how it’s always been, but luckily it’s not so! If you’re willing to look beyond your fears and assumptions, you’ll find that there are lots of options you haven’t even considered. Explore, innovate, and experiment without making any hard decision.


April 20-May 20

If you feel restless at the start of the week, don’t freak out – it’s your chance to heed the call. You’re not in control, and TBH, you’re not supposed to be. Reflect on the motives that you followed through on, that brought you to this place. You don’t have to follow your fears while you seek to maintain your security, Taurus. Take inspired risks to create the conditions that feed your soul, even if they require a passage into discomfort. Knowing the answers does not absolve you of the process, my love.


May 21-June 21

Its easy to chat with people, but it’s a whole other thing to show up and be real with them. You need help; whether you need a hand, some TLC, or just someone to listen to your craziest ideas, asking people to be there for you when you need it is vulnerable. Take the risk of being let down over the safe route of living in your own head, Twin Star. This week, you’ll get further by sharing yourself with others, and letting them into your world.



June 22-July 22

Sometimes it’s easy to take on other people’s feels without even realizing it, but it’s never a good idea. Be on the lookout for themes of co-dependency this week, Moonchild. The good news is that you’ll have the chance to practice being more embodied and independent, but the bad news is that you have to be, or you’ll feel hecka off. Investigate interpersonal dynamics without obsessing on what others are thinking or feeling. Let your healthy boundaries reveal the true state of your relationships.


July 23-Aug. 22

No matter how itchy you are to get things moving, this week the best action for you is internal. The people around you need a chance to catch up, so even if you feel like you’re moving slowly, take a moment to pause and consider how your actions are impacting those around you. Analysis without heart is just hot air; investment without vision is just spinning your wheels. Get embodied with your desires for yourself, and watch things start to shift around you, Leo.


Aug. 23-Sept. 22

When you give too much attention to a thing it gets harder to see it clearly. It’s like standing too close to a painting; you lose sight of what the whole piece is about because you can only see the brush strokes. Take a step back, Virgo. allow yourself to be uncomfortable with what you don’t know so that you can make connections based on what you do. This week can bring you some long-awaited answers, but you need to be receptive in order to hear them.


Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Stress and fear have their roles to play in life; having good instincts about dangers can keep you safe and wisely direct your actions. That said, there’s only so far that your stresses can take you, Libra. Obsessing on potential consequences can be way worse than actually dealing with them. This week it’s time to make a call: either heed your fears or let them go. You’re ready to make a call, and it doesn’t have to be perfect. Have confidence in your ability to cope with the consequences, whatever they may be.


Oct. 23-Nov. 21

This week is a good time to take a break. If you can carve out some time for yourself to recline into retrospection, you’ll be so much better for it. If your plans have been reactionary, you’re unlikely to be happy with the results of them, even if they’re technically successful. Lay foundations that are inspired by deep truths instead of habit or convenience, Scorpio. You’re on the road to a deeper sense of happiness, but it will only be achieved with caring consideration.


Nov. 22-Dec. 21

FOMOS is no joke; that persistent feeling that you’re missing out can make it really hard to settle on a choice, even when you totally know what you want. This week your what-ifs are colliding with your actual potential, and it can go either way. You can (theoretically) have it all, but you probably can’t have it all, all at once. Align yourself with what’s best for you right now, and don’t worry, it doesn’t have to mean that you’ll never get all the other things that you want, Puppy.


Dec. 22-Jan. 19

Being helpful is kinda your jam, but that doesn’t mean that people always want your particular brand of tough-love assistance. More than that, once you’ve offered a hand, the receiver of it is not obliged to agree with your prescription for betterment, Cappy. Stop trying to support people that aren’t asking for it; if you can accept that everyone is different, it’s much easier to let others grow at their own pace. Once that’s settled, you can stop avoiding your own feelings and tend to your happiness for a while.


Jan. 20-Feb. 18

The thing about what’s technically true with you, is that you are not a technical being; you’re an emo creature, and emotions have a funny way of slowing things down. It’s time to take a step back, my love. While you can theoretically handle the events of your life just fine, this week your tender heart could use some space to work through your feels. You’re not running out of time, and there’s nowhere you have to be that will be improved by you getting there out of whack.


Feb. 19-March 20

It’s all a matter of perspective really; what you think of now as an ending, you may one day perceive as a beginning. Instead of lamenting what is, look for the positive potential in what you’re being called to do, Pisces. This week you get to let go of something that’s been weighing you down, and this is a very good thing. Don’t waste your energy worrying about what comes next when you can simply create it. Be the change you wish to see in your life.


Understanding Rhysand (and Tamlin): A Post-ACOMAF Reconciliation of Rhys’s Actions Under the Mountain in a Culture of Defeat

In other words, the sequel post to my “Rhysand Defense Post.”

This post is in response to the lovely nonnie who left this message in my inbox. Beware, this is long (but honestly, who is surprised? Not me. And probably not the nonnie haha).

Here was the question: 

Hello, Nonnie!

Aw, yes, this does come up quite a bit, and it can be difficult to reconcile Rhys’s actions in ACOTAR with the version of him in ACOMAF.  I have actually made several posts regarding this if you’d like to check them out (though they were made before ACOMAF came out). The two that immediately come to mind are my “Rhysand Defense Post” and “The Difference between Tamlin and Rhysand: The Man on the Throne and the Man in the Arena - ACOTAR and ACOMAF Excerpt Analysis”

In essence, when examining Rhys’s treatment of Feyre in ACOTAR, I think it’s crucial to remember that Rhys was acting as a trapped leader stuck between a rock and a hard place; he was working within a culture of defeat and was trying to not only survive, but protect both Feyre and his people.  Both Tamlin and Rhys are faced with what to do once Amarantha takes over, and they respond very differently: Tamlin with inaction/paralysis, and Rhys with action. Both of these responses are legitimate and entirely realistic in terms of how war leaders have historically responded to war and defeat. (I actually took an entire course in college that focused on the culture of defeat in times of war, particularly focusing on the Franco-Prussian War, the American Civil War, WWI, and WWII–and trust me, it is amazing how people–and especially leaders–act during these times. It can be ugly, and oftentimes a leader’s choices are very limited in what they can do to help their people.)

Keeping this in mind, we can see that Sarah doesn’t pull her punches in showing the sheer ugliness of war and–even more importantly–what comes after war. What happens when your people are defeated. What happens when a sadistic tyrant rules and displays her torture methods as a way to cow any potential rebels, to sew a culture of fear.

We see the ugliness of a culture of defeat, and how different people react. We see what happens to those who rebel (the High Lords who were killed); we see how conquered people are tormented and treated as animals (the hundreds of fae trapped in the caverns beneath the mountain to hunt each other in the dark); and we see the awful, terrible, horrendous choices that people in power must make.

Because they must make a choice, and there are no good choices.

You either act and hopefully begin a chain of events that could one day lead to your people’s freedom or you do nothing at all. When you do not act in the face of evil, you in turn perpetuate that evil. To not act is to be complicit in evil–and that is part of the reason why Feyre was so upset with Tamlin in ACOMAF when she speaks to the fact that he did not fight for her UtM. Because although he was trying to protect her by being stoic, he wasn’t really protecting her at all. She would have died, and he would have done nothing to stop it. (History doesn’t look kindly upon inaction in these situations–for example, think about how countries who were silent in the face of the Holocaust are viewed though they knew what was happening. Think about the countries who were not only silent, but did nothing as hundreds of thousands of their citizens were forcefully deported to their deaths. Think of the not-directly-affected countries who knew what was happening but did nothing–and yes, there were more that knew early on what was happening than we’d like to acknowledge. Silence–inaction–is truly its own choice, and Sarah is showing in ACOTAR that inaction is its own type of evil, really. We watch as the world goes to hell, thinking that by not acting at all we can at least protect our own people, protect ourselves–but then the wolf comes to your door and it’s too late to act. You have no allies, because everyone else has already been eaten, and in the end your people still die anyway, and all you can do is watch.

That is why Tamlin is so haunted after UtM. He had to watch as Feyre died. He could do nothing because his earlier inaction sealed his doom, and his people’s doom, and Feyre’s doom. This is also why his actions are so extreme in ACOMAF. He is trying to make up for how little he did UtM, but in doing so he smothers Feyre; he takes away her choices, her agency. Granted his power once more, he becomes the extreme protector. Tamlin can’t find a middle ground, but is bouncing between extremes. This is why he has his nightmares; why he is overbearing; why he focuses so much on what he can do to protect Feyre; why he watches in the night in beast form, ready to attack. He is haunted by his choice to not act, but now that he does act in ACOMAF, he goes too far.

Through Tamlin we see that not acting has its own horrors, its own traumas, its own hauntings.

Sarah shows us this: that inaction cannot save Prythian, just as it does not save people in real life. But she takes it one step further: she shows us the horror of what action brings as well.  Because although we would like to say that we should keep the moral high ground in times of war and defeat–that it is more important to do so then than at any other time–sometimes survival and the moral high ground can’t exist hand-in-hand. Leaders in war can have very limited options, and many times they try to choose what they believe is the lesser of two evils. They can’t always consult someone else; it is not always safe to do so. They play a dangerous game, and they try to save as many people as they can.

This is what Sarah shows us through Rhys’s character.

Rhys, whose actions are not savory and are very morally gray. Rhys who is neither the villain nor the hero in ACOTAR, but rather some complex character in between (which, let me tell you, is very realistic. No war commander or leader in history was a saint–they made choices that cost lives and agency and destruction. Such is the ugliness of war and defeat.). Rhys is a realistic war leader, even if the exact situation the fae are trapped in isn’t typical of a true war.

But Rhys is the man in the arena and he knows he is the only one standing between his people and destruction. Half of one of his courts is killed by Amarantha immediately upon her ascension, and time and again he is faced with hard choices that he must make–as he tells Feyre in ACOMAF–very quickly.  He sacrifices the majority of his remaining power to protect Velaris and his people, leaving him very little power to fend off Amarantha.  He sacrifices his body and his mental health by becoming his tormentor’s whore. He is raped and tortured and tormented to the point that the only thing keeping him going is the fact that he is the only one stopping Amarantha from finding his family and his people. He faces public ridicule and hatred; he must pretend that he enjoys his position by wearing the mask of an enemy (which is a tactic that past leaders and heroes have done. E.g., Oskar Schindler, who wore the uniform of a Nazi but saved hundreds of Jewish lives in WWII). But he tries to show mercy when he can (as with the summer fae, Tarquin’s friend who was staging a rebellion). He tries to keep going for 50 years, tries to lure Amarantha into making a fatal decision, tries to lure her into the woods where the Weaver waits. He has tried and tried and tried, and he is about to lose hope.

And then Feyre comes.

This girl, whom he has dreamed of for months, who has given him hope. The girl whom he suspects from their very first meeting is his mate. The girl whom he tries to protect from Amarantha’s claws by trying to scare her away–both by warning her to leave this place (the Spring Court) and by putting on a show that would convince Tamlin to let her go.  But then she shows up UtM anyway, and Rhys is horrified because she is almost certainly doomed. He is going to have to watch as this girl–the girl who might be his mate–will be killed in front of him and he can do nothing to stop it.

But then she proves that she is just as clever as he is, and she strike a bargain with Amarantha. And in that moment–this very important moment–we see the decision that Rhys makes: “I decided, then and there, that I was going to fight. And I would fight dirty, and kill and torture and manipulate, but I was going to fight. If there was a shot of freeing us from Amarantha, you were it.  I thought…I thought the Cauldron had been sending me these dreams to tell me that you would be the one to save us. Save my people.”

Rhys will do whatever it takes to save his people and Feyre, and it is this resolve that culminates in his actions UtM during Feyre’s trials. As I’ve discussed in my Defense Post, Rhys plays a role–he wears a mask–in order to arrange the chess pieces on the board in such a way that he can take out the queen–but he must do all of this without raising suspicion.  

As for his actions concerning Feyre and the dancing, Rhys believed that this was his best option he had in the situation–and in reality, we can see that it killed not only two birds with one stone, but really more like 7 or 8. Not only does this allow him to be near his mate, but it gets him a legitimate reason to both get Feyre out of her cell (where her isolation was wrecking her mind) and to show Amarantha that Feyre is suffering sufficiently to not be given any other torturous variations of her “chores.” The dancing also diverts people from entertaining the possibility that they could be working together against Amarantha. If Rhys is casting Feyre as his harlot, it reaffirms Amarantha’s idea that humans are nothing more than lowly trash–not a possible threat. At the same time, Rhys and Feyre’s relationship appears antagonistic at best. With his actions, Rhys is assuring that no one could possibly guess that they are, in fact, mates. If anyone had found out that bit of information, then everything would have fallen apart.

(On a related note, and as has been discussed on a related post, Rhys also uses this situation to stand up to his abuser. He presents Feyre before Amarantha and her court with a crown on her head, thereby showing his support for her and his belief that she will win. On a more subtle level, it shows his deeper belief that Feyre is his equal: she wears a crown imbued with the symbolism of his court and psychological healing. He does not see Feyre as someone lower than him, even though he pretends he does. To everyone else, the image of Feyre in a crown and the sheer dress is a mockery, but in reality it is a subversion of this exact idea. Feyre is mortal, and is looked down upon–seen as an animal–but just as in the First Trial, Rhys is betting on her. He plays to Amarantha’s tune even as he subverts it.)

Although this decision to have Feyre dance and drink is morally gray, Rhys used the wine as a kindness. It helps Feyre forget the ordeal, which I’m sure he didn’t want to put his mate through in the first place. At the same time, Feyre doesn’t have to maintain a front (which she would not be nearly as good at as Rhys in the current state she was in - she could have given them away). The wine sweeps her away, so it’s easier for her to dance and let go (which she comes to welcome). And Rhys, being protective of her, makes sure she stays with him the majority of the night (or within view). She dances with him or sits on his lap, and those swirls of ink both allow him to know that no one has touched her or taken advantage of her and lets her know the next day that she was safe. It also lets her know that Rhys never took advantage of her either.

Of course, there is also the question of why Rhys didn’t simply ask Feyre to take part in this plan; it would have affirmed her agency. Honestly, this is a great question, especially since we saw how much Rhys values Feyre’s agency in ACOMAF–and we see then that she could play the part quite well (see: the scene in the Court of Nightmares when Feyre plays the harlot).

While I think we can all agree that we would have preferred Feyre knowing Rhys’s plan from the beginning, in terms of plot, suspense, and character arcs this decision might have unhinged the story.  

Let’s take a look.

What were some of the main motivations that Rhys would have to keep Feyre out of the loop?

1) She’s human, and thus her mind is as easy to crack as an eggshell. It is very easy to invade a human mind as a daemati–Rhys explains how Feyre’s thoughts were practically screaming to him because of the lack of barriers around her mind. Unfortunately, Rhys is most likely not the only daemati UtM. If Feyre knew Rhys’s plan to overthrow Amarantha–especially in her vulnerable mental state–it would be a very simple matter for one of Amarantha’s spies or lackeys to find out that Amarantha’s whore isn’t quite as obedient as she thought. Take Rhys out of the equation and Feyre wouldn’t stand a chance–it would be game over for everyone. This in turn ties in with reason #2.

2) Rhys must maintain a front and not raise (even more) suspicion.  He has already raised suspicion multiple times: he made a bargain with Feyre, he stopped her chores, he healed her arm, he disobeyed Amarantha’s order to shatter the summer fae’s mind, and he bet on Feyre in the first task. On top of that, Rhys’s family sided with the humans in the war against Hybern.  Rhys has to tread very carefully with this plan, as everyone is watching him. Even Feyre notices how his actions can spur suspicion; she says as much in his room UtM during the lentils scene. So Rhys must make sure he wears his mask at all times. He can’t risk Feyre seeing beneath it, even when he visits her cell, because if she knows, then others can find out from her. Or someone can overhear, or Feyre could give them away through her reactions to him (he can’t know how good of an actor she really is; he barely knows her, so he must play it safe).

This is why Rhys must play the villain, despite the fact that he feels that bond with her, that he is falling in love with her and thinks she may be his mate.  Just as Tamlin chooses inaction to try to save her, Rhys chooses to wear the villain’s mask to protect her as she completes her challenges. He fights with her from the shadows; he is her ally and on a deeper level, she begins to realize that, even though she can only catch glimpses of his true intentions.

3) Rhys must act like a villain to keep suspicion away, but also to motivate Feyre. This is very important. Feyre acknowledges both in ACOTAR and ACOMAF that Rhys understands her psychologically; he knows what will motivate her.  In ACOMAF, he knows that riling her up by thinking about flirting or sex will make her react/get her mind off of her trauma, but in ACOTAR he knew flirting wouldn’t be enough/be the proper motivation (though he does use that tactic occasionally). Instead, he uses her other key motivator: anger. (In ACOMAF, before the Weaver scene, we have this line from Feyre, acknowledging this tactic: “Anger, this…flirtation, annoyance…He knew those were my crutches.”) It would be anger that she could harness–the only thing that could keep her fear and the rising insanity at bay. Her anger toward him empowered her; it focused her; it is what stopped her from shattering. He could not give her hope through a plan, so he gave her the other major emotion that can motivate a human through hard times: hatred. Between that and her love for Tamlin, Feyre is able to keep herself together. Thus, we can see that Rhys’s actions not only serve to divert suspicion and move the chess pieces on the board, but they also serve to focus Feyre during the months she’s sequestered away in the dark cells UtM, where night and day she can hear the screams of the tortured in that deep darkness.

It is only near the end, the night before the Third Task, that Rhys is able to start taking off that mask. He is able to talk to Feyre as himself, and she realizes that the glimpses she’s seen beyond that mask are real: that Rhys is lonely and tormented as well, and that he has been her ally all along.  Rhys acknowledges that Feyre could turn him in–end at all–but he was just raped by Amarantha after that kiss in the hallway and he needed someone to talk to. He’s been alone, dealt with this all alone for so long, and he just wants to be with his mate: to be without his mask with her for a few minutes.

This leads to 4) Rhys didn’t tell Feyre because he has been used to working alone. He could never rely on others to help him because if they were caught, he’d be compromised as well. For 50 years, he has had no one to confide in; he could not see his family or his friends, and the only people UtM were members from his dark court: the Court of Nightmares. (With the seeming exception of Feyre’s handmaidens, Nuala and Cerridwen.) Used to making decisions unilaterally and in secret, it is no wonder that Rhys is slow to reveal his plans to others, even to Feyre. Feyre is a human, a human that hates him and fears him for the most part; it would be suicide to let her know early on in the plan.

Importantly, we see that this learned behavior of his doesn’t go away immediately in ACOMAF. Because Rhys was used to making plans on his own for so long, there are several times in ACOMAF that he does things without talking to Feyre first (e.g. using Feyre as bait to lure in the Attor). Rightfully so, Feyre is furious with him and hands it to him. And afterwards, we see that he realizes he was wrong for doing what he did–that he deserved Feyre’s anger. He apologizes, and you know what? He learns and he stops doing it.  Unlike Tamlin, who apologizes to Feyre for taking away her agency but continues to do so, Rhys recognizes when he overstepped his boundaries and stops doing it.  He respects Feyre as his equal, and while he makes mistakes, he apologizes for them and tries to change his actions.

He apologizes for UtM as well (e.g., during a training scene: “I’m sorry I didn’t find a way to spare you from what happened Under the Mountain. […] From dying. From wanting to die.”), and tries to explain to Feyre why he did what he did. Some of his reasons are good, and some of them are not–though we can understand why those motivations were there. (For example, while some of what he did was to motivate Tamlin’s anger to strike out at Amarantha, Rhys also admits that it was partially to get back at him for killing Rhys’s mother and sister. Likewise, the kiss in the hallway had multiple motivations, including protecting Feyre from Amarantha [who would have had a bloody field day if she’d discovered Feyre’d been with Tamlin] and his jealousy that Tamlin was not only with Rhys’s (potential) mate, but had also not used that one opportunity to get Feyre out.)

As I’ve discussed in my other analyses, all of this culminates in the final battle with Amarantha, where we see that Rhysand is not the enemy, but the friend. (Not Rhysand, but Rhys.) And this is yet another reason why Rhys’s characterization and decisions over the course of ACOTAR are so important: because it sets up this wonderful reveal–the unmasking. This is where the heart of this tale–Beauty and the Beast–truly comes into play.

Because it is not only Tamlin who wears the mask, but also Rhys. We are not only supposed to look beyond the mask of our obvious romantic interest/beast; we are also supposed to apply that lesson to our complex villain/anti-hero figure as well–because he is the true beast.  While Tamlin’s unmasking and character evolution in ACOMAF reveals that the beauty Feyre expects behind the mask hides a corruption/trauma-induced abusive characteristics beneath (which in turn provides a brilliant depiction of how abusive relationships develop: i.e., the person sees the abuser in a romantic light at first, until they slowly realize how much power has been taken from them), Rhys’s unmasking shows the compassionate man beneath the villain’s mask.  Told in Feyre’s 1st person narrative, we see Tamlin and Rhys through her point of view, and as she slowly realizes the truths behind their characters–as she strips away those masks–we do as well. Those realizations are meant to be slow; they are meant to encourage us to truly look at the world around us and to not make those snap judgments, because character motivations may be much more complex than we realize.

If Rhys had revealed his plans to Feyre early on, we would not have had a story that truly played with the idea of masks: masked faces, masked intentions, masked personalities, masked truths. The story would not be about this slow evolution of understanding that Feyre (and we) undergo, but rather a less-complex story about a heroic love interest helping Feyre defeat Amarantha. We would’ve lost several layers of meaning, including the entire dialogue about war leaders operating within a culture of defeat where every option is a bad option. (It’s much like an awful game of “would you rather.”) By keeping Rhys’s intentions hidden for most of the story, by telling it from Feyre’s 1st person pov, and by seeing the terrible choices he must make, we are asked to read this story more maturely and use the themes and lens of Beauty and the Beast to analyze these characters.

Using this lens, we can see that the characters in ACOTAR and ACOMAF are not black and white villains and heroes. They are complex characters–and this includes both Rhysand and Tamlin–with complex motivations that are entirely human, realistic, and–importantly–understandable. Whether it is Rhys’s actions in ACOTAR or Tamlin’s now in ACOMAF, we can see where these characters are coming from, and while we may not approve of those actions, we cannot deny that their characterizations and decisions shed light on the human condition: both during war and afterwards–but especially afterwards.  Whether under the rule of a tyrant or during the aftermath of freedom, facing the trauma of one’s choices and the effects of psychological, physical, emotional, and/or sexual abuse is never easy. We see how these experiences and traumas force/enable characters to grow and change–sometimes for the better, but not always.

So no, Rhys’s actions UtM–and Tamlin’s actions more recently in ACOMAF–are not always pretty, nor are they always right.  But to address Nonnie’s initial question more succinctly, I believe that Rhys’s actions in ACOTAR were meant to help as many people as he could. I believe his intentions were good, that his choices were not great, and that if we look closely at his potential options, he chose the best option he could in his circumstances and tried to mitigate the negative effects of those choices.  He took away Clare Beddor’s pain, he gave Feyre wine, and he killed the summer fae rather than shatter his mind; he stopped Feyre’s chores and gave her an alternative that put her less at risk while keeping her with him–which was the safest place she could be; he gave reason for Feyre to hate him: to focus her, to save her (despite the fact that his mate might hate him forever).  He gave her music–hope–when she had nothing else. He fought for her at every turn, before UtM, during it, and afterwards. He never gave up on her, even when she was ready to give up on herself. He gave her choices when he could, and he regrets when he couldn’t.  He was willing to let his mate go, to let her choose another male, because that’s what he believed she wanted. Rhys isn’t selfish. All he wants is for Feyre to be happy; to be able to make her own choices; to be able to be the strongest, happiest version of herself.  So yes, while Rhys isn’t perfect, he tries his best with what he’s given–and he is deeply sorry for the pain he wasn’t able to spare Feyre (or others) UtM.

Such is the cost of action; such is the cost of being a leader.

For Rhys is a leader, which means that no matter his actions, they will affect others. He is the leader that acts; he is the man in the arena, and it is easy to label his actions as not good enough, to label him as an abuser or a villain (which I don’t see him as). It is harder to try to understand him, but that is what Sarah and literature as a whole encourage us to do: to understand the other and see how his or her story relates to ours–and to the human condition more generally. Rhys’s and Feyre’s and Tamlin’s stories (and the other characters’ stories in ACOTAR/ACOMAF, honestly) brilliantly speak to humanity and its variations, and this (in many, many words) is how I feel about Rhys’s depiction and character arc in ACOTAR, especially in relation to the new information we have in ACOMAF.  

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How would the Sakamakis and Mukamis react to their crushes getting kidnapped and held for ransom? (Either they witness it happening or they hear about it through the grapevine).


Shu - Shu probably heard Reiji babbling about it to be honest. He’s really the least possessive of all and you’re more likely to get kidnapped if you’re his s/o due to the fact that you are not always in his line of vision. However if all they want is money he’d gladly give it to them to get you back with no fuss, what does he need it for anyways?

Reiji - He had saw it happening alright, and Reiji is on the case! As soon as the talk of ransom came up the vampire starts to use his awesome negotiation skills (DnD joke should be made) to not only get you back get you back at half the price for what they wanted. Now that is some extreme haggling at a grocery sto- I mean, hostage situation.

Ayato - Your’s Truly is coming to the rescue, how dare someone take his prey after all! Ayato would not care about some stupid ransom, money is nothing when his food is on the line, he’d go and find you on his own. Yes it’s dangerous but when has Ayato ever played anything safe?

Kanato - There is a roar in the background, what is it? It is hell opening! Cities are collapsing, men are dying, children are crying, society as we know it is crumbling at our feet. No seriously, Kanato saw them take you, and Kanato followed them, and Kanato slaughtered them. He does not even think about how you could have possibly been in on the whole thing at that moment all he was doing was killing.

Laito - Laito saw your captors take you, and Laito followed them. He was rather disappointed when all they wanted was money though. Why not something else? Something everybody could enjoy? He’d even join to!

Subaru - Subaru may not have seen you get taken but rest assured he is tearing cities to shreds trying to find you. It takes all of his brothers to calm him down enough to catch his bearings and thing rationally about what to do. He pays your ransom and gets you back rather quickly, and if it not for the fact that the captors were still able to hurt you he would have killed them then and there. After that incident you are never leaving his side.


Ruki - Livestock can be so troublesome sometimes. He swears you’re gonna give him grey hair from all of the nonsense you get into. Is what he thinks until he figures out it was real and the captors are asking for a large amount of money. He does not care about the cost, he won’t be paying to get his own livestock back! He track you down and unleashes Yuma… problem solved.

Kou - Let’s be clear, Kou cannot get caught up in a scandal like that, it would ruin his career. He would pull strings to anonymously send the money but as for you know it was him you are s.o.l. because he enjoys his career thank you very much… You owe him BIG though.

Yuma - Yuma saw, Yuma is there and Yuma is kicking ass. He’s so irritated that you ended up getting kidnapped of all things and thus had to save you. He’ll give you a hard time about it, but at least he didn’t leave you for dead.

Azusa - Azusa would search everywhere for you until his brothers tell him what happened. He’d think real hard about a course of action and pay the ransom. He does not want you hurt, that’s his job thank you very much, and find it the best possible outcome in the circumstance… until the captors go missing a few miles away, their tires were slashed and they lost control of the vehicle killing them.

Keep Me Sane-Part 2

Insanity!Michael Clifford AU

A/N: This contains brief scenes of violence and frequent switches between Michael and his inner demons, but I hope it’s not too confusing! This will be the final part of this series. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy! :)

Part One

You were hurt to say the least. You thought you and Michael had had some sort of connection in the hallway earlier, but when you had come to his defense you were met with bitterness and scorn. What possibly could have happened in the twenty minutes that you had left him for? It was like he was a completely different person than the sweet yet guarded boy you had met. There was a venom in his voice when he spoke to you that was almost inhuman and you just couldn’t understand why. Should you not have tried to come to his rescue? Should you have never even talked to him in the first place? You liked Michael and you liked him a lot that’s for sure, but what had caused him to act so vicious towards you? He said he wanted you to leave him alone, but the way he had looked at you earlier in the hall suggested otherwise. You had always been warned to stay away from people who gave you an off feeling, but it was unlikely you would be staying away. Michael made you curious and you wouldn’t rest until you learned what made him tick.

Meanwhile, in apartment 4B Michael had cracked. He finally had a taste of peace inside his head when you touched him and without you, it made going back to his everyday life even worse. He needed you. He craved you like a recovering alcoholic craves his whiskey but he could never have you. Not when his very existence put your life in danger. But little did he know, you were just as desperate for him as he was for you.

He was frantically trying to stay away from you, but the voices made it so hard. They were nagging him, slowly wearing him down so that he would go to you and carry out their desires. A few times that night he had found himself in front of your apartment door about to let himself in, but then he remembered the way your eyes looked. The way they sparkled with fascination instead of disgust at his antics. He remembered your eyebrows and how they knit together in a desire to know more about him instead of confusion as to why he was acting so strange. He needed someone in his life that wouldn’t desert him at the first sign of odd behavior and you seemed to be perfect. But like all good things in his life, you were taken from him by the evil lurking in his mind. The voices were hissing inside him, taunting him with words like daggers.
“She never would have loved you anyways.” “How could someone like her ever want someone like you? You’re damaged. Broken. You’re insane Michael and no one will ever want you.”
Michael sat in the corner of his dark apartment, repeatedly taking the abuse. The digital clock across from him illuminated the room, reading a horrifying 3:44am. His eyes were bloodshot from lack of sleep and his mind was terrorized. He had to have you. But he couldn’t. But he had to. But he must keep you safe. He was playing a dangerous game and if he wasn’t careful he was going to lose everything. The voices whispered his name menacingly, demanding that he he seek you out. Michael let out a whimper as tears began to fall down his cheeks.
“Please. Please I don’t want to hurt her, don’t make me, please.” He begged. The tears flowed freely now as the voices taunted him still.“No! Michael screamed. He stood up and paced around his apartment. “I won’t do it.” He whispered, resting his head against the door. But the voice boomed with more intensity than he had ever heard before.


Michael covered his ears with his hands, cowering against the door before once again, his body was no longer his own. As if under a spell, his feet carried him out the door and into the hallway. He took the few steps across the hall to get to your door. Internally, Michael was screaming and fighting against the forces that had him under their control like a helpless marionette doll, but it was no use. It was all Michael could do to watch as his own hand reached up to knock on your door.
Rap rap rap.
Three sharp knocks in the dead of night. He was met with silence so he knocked again. And again. And again.
Finally, he heard a rustling inside your apartment followed by light footsteps padding towards him. The voices were having a frenzy as Michael was dying inside. “Please don’t.” Michael asked in a last ditch effort to protect you.
“Too late Michael.” Inside his mind, they flashed a vision of Michael standing above your lifeless body with your blood on his hands. The vision was truly horrifying, but it did not have the intended effect. It was almost as if seeing you hurt fueled something in Michael that made him able to push back against the voices.
“It’s not too late for her.” He growled to no one, but his conversation was interrupted as you swung the door to your apartment open, rubbing your eyes at the sight in front of you.
“Michael?” You were dressed in plaid pajama bottoms and an old Metallica tee shirt. Michael didn’t think he had ever seen anything so beautiful in his life.
“Y/N.” He was still fighting for control, but seeing you standing in front of him allowed him to just barely stay in the lead, but he the voices were fighting back with malice.
“What are you doing here?” Your voice was soft, seeing as though you had just been shaken awake from what had been a peaceful slumber.
“I came for you.” Those were not Michael’s words.
“What are you talking about?” Michael could feel himself slipping away, but he fought still.
“Can I come in?” He spoke. his voice a little too sweet.
“Uh, yeah sure of course.” You opened the door wider for him, and he pushed inside. With his back facing you, he spoke in a low tone.
“What do you feel about me?” This was the real Michael talking now, having been able to take back control for a fleeting moment again
“Michael, it’s almost four in the morning I…”
“What do you feel about me.” He spoke again, trying to get you to answer before he lost control again.
Thinking about your answer for a few moments, you replied slowly. “I think you push people away because you’re afraid they might see what you really are.” Michael whipped around to face you, taking a step forward.
“And what might that be?”
“You’re afraid. You’re afraid of the real world because you’ve been living in your own for too long. You’re afraid to let people in. But I want you to let me in Michael. And I think you want to let me in too. Something’s stopping you, I just don’t know what it could possibly be.”
Intense green eyes bore into yours for what felt like hours. He was intense, every part of him. But you liked that about him. He was crazy, but you were crazy about him.  
“I want to I-” He stopped himself, though not in time to deter you from what he was about to say.
“You want to let me in?”
“No, I just…”
“No? So you don’t want to get to know me then?” You put your hand on your hips, in a slightly irritated mood because he was being difficult and it was also four in the morning.
“I do,  just lis…”
“Then what is it Michael?! Because you’ve been being pretty shitty to me the last 24 hours and I really don’t appreciate…”
“You just can’t be around me okay! I’m not good for you and I don’t deserve you. You need to stay away from me.”
“So you came all the way over here to tell me to stay away from you? Are you even hearing yourself? That doesn’t make any sense!”
“I don’t have to tell you everything.”
“You also don’t have to barge into my house at four in the goddamn morning and tell me to stay away from you but here you are!”
Michael was stunned to say the least. He had never experienced such a two sided argument before. He was used to arguing with himself, but banter with another person was quite the breath of fresh air.
“You just don’t understand.” He came closer to you.
“Then help me to.” You were an inch away from his face and you could feel the hotness of his breath on your face. He was intense, but you were fierce and you were not backing down. His voice came out in a whisper and what he said surprised you.
“They won’t let me. And I have to protect you.”
“Michael who won’t let you? Protect me from what?
“From me.”
“Michael…” But you still didn’t stand down and didn’t take a step back and that is the only thing that mattered to him. His hand reached up slowly, hovering just over your cheek. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, eyelids fluttering and you could see the gears in his mind turning as he debated what to do next. Like it was instinct, you moved your head so that his hand just barely caressed your cheek. Instantly, he softened like a patient under therapy. You took his arm and pulled him closer to you and he interlocked his fingers with yours.
“I can’t lose someone else Y/N. It’ll put me over the edge and I’m already hanging by a thread.” He whispered, his thoughts jumbled as the night was long.
“You won’t have to Michael. I’m not scared of you. You’re not going to push me away.” It sounded like you were pleading with him.
“NO!” He growled. There it was again the switch. His hand left your face, and it looked like something had punched him in the gut. “Won’t hurt her. In lo-” but he couldn’t finish, because as quickly as he had come, he was out of your apartment and running back to his own.

“You can’t keep running away Michael!” You yelled after him, hustling down the hall behind him. He ducked into his own apartment, slamming the door behind him. Putting your ear to the door, you could hear some confused muttering followed by the sound of various objects hitting the floor. In fact, it sounded like he was trashing the place.“MICHAEL!” You banged on his door but he didn’t open and the crashing noises only continued. Sighing, you decided to try and search for a spare key. Looking under the mat, there was a dull brass key with spare written on the front. Typical. Sticking it into the lock, you mentally prepared yourself from what you were going to see behind this door. Swinging it open, you were met with Michael throwing things around his apartment, hair a complete mess and shirt ripped almost to shreds.
“Michael!” You yelled at him, trying to get him to look at you. “Michael you need to stop!” But he was too far gone right now to allow you to interfere. He hurled another picture frame across the room and pushed a lamp of the nightstand. He let out a scream and you could tell he was fighting. He was fighting to stay in control of himself. You didn’t know what was taking over, but he wasn’t himself that’s for sure. His hands threaded in his hair and he pulled at the roots, trying anything to get back. You ran over to him in a rush to help and grabbed his arm. “Michael!.” It took him a moment to realize there was someone else in the room with him until he felt your touch. He swung around and reached out to you. You thought he was going to embrace you, but you couldn’t be further from the truth. He grabbed both your arms in his hands and gripped you firmly.

“Didn’t I tell you to stay away from me?” His voice was hard, something you had never heard from him before.
“Michael, I just want to help you.” You squeaked out, afraid of what he might do. But this was Michael, and as crazy as it was you think you loved him.
“I told you to stay away!” He slammed you into the wall of his apartment, not hard enough to hurt you, but it was a shock nonetheless. His eyes now bored into yours, the fiercest green that looked like they held a million struggles. He was tired of fighting. But you weren’t going to let him give up.
“You can’t get rid of me that easy Michael.”
“I don’t need you. I-I don’t want you.” His confident aura melted for just a moment as he choked out those words, but it was enough for you to see that this was a facade and he was just a regular boy plagued by a crippling darkness, you could see that now.
“Yes you do Michael. You need me. You love me. I know you do, don’t say that you don’t. You’ve been trying to convince yourself that you don’t but I know you do. I see the way you look at me and I know how I make you feel. You love me Michael.”
“No, I…” His grip on you was loosening as he contemplated what you were saying.
“Let go Michael. This isn’t you. You’re stronger than they are. You are strong. Do you hear me? You are stronger than this!” Your eyes became glassy as you spoke to him. There was a storm brewing in his eyes and lightning was going to strike any moment.
“I’m not, I’m….” His words were jumbled and he began to calm down as he listened to your words.  You grabbed his chin in your hand and made him look you right in the eyes.
“Tell me you love me Michael.”
“Y/N, you know I can’t.” He whispered, his breath on your face.
“Don’t you say that. You love me.”
“I don’t want to hurt you.”
“Then don’t.” You whispered, standing on your tiptoes you ghosted your lips over his, daring him to make the first move.
A split second went by before he slammed his lips onto yours in a heat and passion that had never been felt. He let go of you for a moment only to wrap his arms around your body and pull you in closer. You fit perfectly in his arms like you were crafted for him. And the thing was, is that you were. He knew you were. Because he had never loved someone more, and that’s something he hadn’t felt in a long time. Love.
Suddenly, Michael detached his lips from yours, coming up for air with a gasp. The voices had stopped. He was alone inside his head for the first time. He could feel the empty space there, now occupied only by his own mind and the purest thoughts of you. He smiled and pulled you back to him.
“I love you.” He murmured onto your lips. “I love you.” He trailed his lips down your jawline. “I love you.” He whispered on your skin again and again making his way up and down your neck and back again to your lips. “Baby I love you so much.” He was lost in you. Lost in the peace that you gave him.

“You keep me sane.” He smiled for the first time in a long time.
“And you make me crazy.” You whispered onto his lips.

Michael Clifford was finally free. He was back in control of his own life and of his own mind all because one reckless girl dared to try and love him.



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My abusive LDR ex-boyfriend is stalking me on a website that I have him blocked him on but even then he can still look at my page and posts...I'm so scared, I barely got any sleep last night...

Idk what website it is but I suggest you try to make you page password protected, if you can. If you can’t do that, find some way to make it private. You can also get everyone you’re friends with on the website (if it’s social media) and move to different account where your abuser can’t find you. The last option is to delete this account all together. Either way please play it safe! Ily! If you feel you’re in any kind of danger please don’t keep it to yourself. Tell someone and alert authorities if you have to.

Dear ex, (from the signs)
  • aries: it got too serious too fast but at night my rash decisions come back to taunt me anyways so don't worry about karma
  • taurus: you weren't scared of me but you should have been. thanks for the love, sorry about the bittersweet aftertaste. you know how much i love dark chocolate
  • gemini: i would have been more honest with you if i could have been honest with myself. but how can you be honest to yourself if you don't know who or what that is? i hope you had fun kissing a ghost
  • cancer: you're awful. i think i was in love with your first impression...i clung to it until i realized that it wasn't a person, it was a thing, a terrible thing
  • leo: i always love the underdogs. i know you'll find someone. stop counting lions to put yourself to sleep
  • virgo: i almost wish the worst and i almost wish the best, i just wish i could stop wishing for you
  • libra: sorry i loved your love more than i loved you. your silhouette paired so nicely with me. stiletto, silhouette, i get them confused
  • scorpio: you couldn't handle me and that's fine, but was i really so significant that you had to pour vinegar into our memories to forget the sugar?
  • sagittarius: who am i writing this to? i've fallen more in love with strangers i've shared a seat with
  • capricorn: you were my back-up plan turned another one-that-got-away. i always thought i was playing it safe but then you became a thought that i deemed so dangerous that i couldn't help but keep thinking of you
  • aquarius: you're like a scab i pick at in hopes of it turning into a scar quicker
  • pisces: you were a silly dream and i'm sticking to that story but please don't look in my direction, i feel enough guilt for myself as is

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Mark and jaemin scenarios when you re out on a late night date but noticed that a Dispatch paparazzi is following you :3 sorry if it sounds weird i just love the way you write ! ♡ keep up the great work ♡

Hey there! Thanks, we’re so glad you enjoy reading our work. The request was fun to write hehe, not weird at all. Hope this is what you were looking for! 👼💓

Listen: x


You spotted his familiar silhouette leaning by the grey brick wall with his hands casually in his pocket. He had a black cap, loose black hoodie and a casual pair of sweats on. Despite the dark sky enveloping the city, his radiant face still shone under his cap.


You whispered quietly and bounced to his side.

He glanced up at the sound of your voice and flashed you a goofy grin.

His eyes lit up as he pulled on your right cheek affectionately.

Since the two of you were out in public, as much as you wanted to pull him into a tight hug and take in his scent, you behaved yourself and kept physical contact to a minimum.

That is, unless he initiated it.

Although the two of you were in an alley in Dongdaemun, the late night shopping district, you still kept your voice down.

You pointed to his mouth area.

“You didn’t wear a mask? What if they find out about us?”

He smiled and patted his pocket twice.

“I brought one with me but why would I ask you to come out on a date if you can’t even see my face?”

He held one of your hands lightly and swung it back and forth.

You bit your lip lightly from smiling too wide and flicked his forehead.

“You know, when I first met you I had no clue you would be this cheesy…”

He winced and rubbed his forehead before flashing you a grin again and led you out onto the brightly lit streets of Dongdaemun.

It was about 1:00 AM at night already but lights and music were still loudly present in the district. Luckily not that many people were out on a Tuesday night though, just a few couples and groups of friends every here and there.

Mark and you didn’t hold hands but kept a close distance to one another.

When you wanted to go into a certain store you would glance at him expectantly with wide eyes and he would smile and nod, following you into the store.

Although the two of you hardly spoke, exchanging glances and being able to see each other was a luxury in itself.

Currently you were browsing in a small jewelry shop with glass windows. The shop owner was going through her day’s sales at the back of the shop when you noticed Mark pause and glance outside before moving to the back of the store and fishing out his black mask from his pocket. He proceeded to put it on before glancing at you with his sharp eyes.

You covertly looked outside and saw two figures in all black. They would have blended right in to the fence behind them if it wasn’t for the DSLR with the gigantic camera lens they were carrying.

Mark had only debuted a couple months ago but was quite popular due to his talent and young age. Unlike his trainee days, it was difficult for him to go around the city freely.

You gave him a nod and realized that this was probably the end of your date already although it had only been 20 minutes since you met up with him.

He glanced at you apologetically before adjusting the black cap on his head and exiting the small shop without turning back.

Although you continued to browse the shop with a slight smile on your face, your mood was far from happy. However, you knew that this was to be expected and instead you should be excited that Mark’s dream finally came true.

Less than a minute after, you heard the familiar jingle of your LINE notification and looked to see that “heart emoji” had sent you a message. You didn’t even dare to write his name down, afraid that somehow his fans would be able to find out about the two of you.

“I’m really sorry…I promise I’ll make it up to you.“

You read his message twice before sending him an “ok emoji”. You didn’t want to put pressure on him.

After a couple more minutes passed, you decided you would head back home since it was late for a girl to be out on her own.

But just as you stepped outside the store, you saw his familiar figure dressed in black run towards you. You locked eyes with his bright ones as he held your hand and started to run down the street.

You were surprised at his boldness but remained silent as you ran, a wide smile evident on your face. You felt the breeze lift the hem of your skirt up slightly and thanked yourself for choosing your white runners instead of heels.

Soon he pulled you into a dimly lit shop that sold casual clothing. The shop owner seemed to be absent in the mean time as Mark walked quickly until he reached the last changeroom at the end of the store and turned in, swiftly pulling the curtain behind the two of you. The changeroom was quite small and you and Mark stood close together, facing one another. He had his left arm wrapped loosely around your waist as his right hand rested on the curtain; pulling it to the side and peeking out every now and then to make sure that he wasn’t being followed.

Only after five minutes did he finally relax and lean his head against the back of the change room.

“Looks like we’re safe.”

He muttered from underneath his mask as you laughed quietly.

“For now.”

He nodded in agreement, “For now”.

You leaned closer to him and whispered in his ear.

“Why’d you come back for me? It’s so risky…”

His eyes locked with yours. Although he had a tired expression on, you saw the corner of his eyes lift up slightly and knew he was smiling as he whispered back to you in his low voice.

“It didn’t feel right leaving you behind…”

You smiled shyly at him, your dimples more evident than usual due to the spotlight that shone on the two of you in the dimly lit change room.

You knew how much Mark’s dream meant to him. Although he was now a rapper and frequently wore ‘cool hip hop clothing’, deep down he was an intelligent good boy who liked to play things safe. For him to run back to you despite the dangers of getting caught showed how valuable you were to him.

You glanced up at him and realized that he had grew a lot taller than the last time you saw him. His bone structure was also a lot more chiselled than it was before. He had matured a lot and you realized that you too should become braver and bolder.

Contrary to your usual shy behaviour, you tip-toed and placed your index finger on the top edge of his mask, pulling it down slightly as you closed your eyes and planted a deep kiss on his lips.

Although the two of you have been together for over a year, it wasn’t common to initiate skinship with one another. Of course you’ve kissed before, but it’s never really been anything more than a peck.

He’s always been a gentleman and you a bit too shy.

When you pulled back you saw his shocked expression as his cheeks turned a bright red.

The thought of you being stuck in a dark changeroom with him while being the first to initiate a deep kiss had never run through your head before.

Even though you already put the mask back on Mark you saw how nervous he was when you heard him gulp loudly.

You curled a strand of your long dark brown hair behind your ear and a nervous giggle escaped your lips as you and Mark exchanged shy glances.

Before either of you spoke you heard the shop door open and a rough voice call for the shop owner.

You put your finger to your lips to signal Mark to be quiet and he nodded obediently.

There was some shuffling and movement before you heard a deep voice question the shop owner.

“Did you see this guy come into this shop? He was wearing all black I believe and had a mask on his face.”

You held your breath.

“No, I don’t think so.”

You heard the owner of the deep voice click his tongue before grunting and heading back out of the shop.

You turned back to Mark who closed his eyes and sighed in relief.

You giggled and reached up to pat his head…what an adventure the two of you had at this late hour.

You leaned in to whisper to his ear before stepping out of the changeroom.

“We’ll stop here for tonight…thanks for coming back for me!”

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You were watching re-runs of your favourite drama on TV sprawled out on your bed when you heard the familiar “ding” sound come from your phone, a new message had come in.

You reached for your phone, eyes still fully focused on your TV screen, tearing your gaze away only when your phone was in front of you.

However, when you saw the message was from Jaemin, you sat up right away and excitedly held your phone with two hands.

“I’m playing b-ball at the court nearby right now…I know it’s pretty late but if you’re free, you want to meet up?”

You glanced at the clock on your wall and saw it was nearing midnight but decided to jump out of bed anyway, quickly texting a short reply while running to your wardrobe.

You were already in a v-neck and light grey hoodie paired with some black shorts. You re-did your ponytail, albeit a bit messy, you thought it was cute with your rather sporty outfit. You swiftly pulled open the top drawer pulling out the single lip tint that sat on the right.

You were never really into beauty or makeup but the day Jaemin and you got together a month ago, you bought a pink lip tint, not a bright pink, but a natural rosy tone just to enhance your own lip colour.

You dabbed it on quickly and smiled at your reflection in the mirror. 

While you grabbed the remote off the bed to turn off your TV, you saw that there was a chance of rain tonight and grabbed the small white umbrella that hung by your bedroom door.

You turned off your bedroom light and snuck into the hallway quietly. While slowly making your way down the stairs, you made sure your footsteps were soft and no sounds were heard.

When you finally made it to the door you swiftly opened and closed it, making sure you locked the door behind you.

Your parents were a bit strict and would ask too many questions about you going out this late at night. Also, they didn’t know you were seeing someone. If they really did know, they would request to meet him, ask how he’s like, what he’s going to do and most probably scare Jaemin off.

As you skipped down the sidewalk, you could hear your traditional parents’ saying, “Girls are not supposed to be too eager”, but you couldn’t help but feel all giddy knowing Jaemin was just around the corner.

It was rare of you to be able to see Jaemin. Even though you got together a month ago, this is the first time you’ve seen him in weeks. The two of you texted often but he mentioned that he didn’t live in the neighbourhood and often had dance practice after school. You and Jaemin met a couple months back when you were shooting baskets on your own. He was walking back and forth and looked like he wanted to play so you invited him over to the court. His bright and friendly smile is still clear in your mind today. After that day you would head to the basketball court more often, hoping to bump into him. Only a few weeks later did you see him again. This time you made sure to ask for his phone number and the two of you had been keeping in touch since.

You weren’t the type of girl who liked playing hard to get. If Jaemin called you, you would pick up on the first ring. Today he asked to meet you, you were out the door in less than ten minutes.

Maybe because you were new to this relationship thing but you wanted to present your feelings as they are.

Despite the neighbourhood being quiet at this late hour, you saw some fast food chains and convenience stores still opened. You enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere and turned the corner to hear the familiar dribbling of a basketball.

You spotted Jaemin on the court with four other guys his age. You didn’t think you saw them before but according to Jaemin, they were all in the same dance club.

You stood by the side for a while, taking in his handsome appearance. His dark hair and eyebrows complimented his complexion. Although he was only in a white tee, black shorts and a pair of black runners, he looked great.

You saw him swiftly dribble to the left and shoot a three pointer before the others could block him.

You cheered for him as he smiled widely and waved to you excitedly, signalling for you to join them on court.

You clutched the umbrella you were holding a bit tighter as he introduced you to Jeno, Jisung, Donghyuck and Mark.

They all seemed friendly but what you found odd was that Donghyuck and Mark had masks covering their mouth and nose area.

“Are the two of you okay? How come you have masks on?”

You saw a slight smile on Jeno’s face as Jisung tried hard not to burst out laughing.

Jaemin looked a bit nervous as he bit his lip.

The friend named Donghyuck spoke up.

“We’re a bit sick but still wanted to play basketball so we’re wearing our masks.”

You nodded understandingly pointing to your throat.

“Oh yeah, I can hear it in your voice, a bit nasally. Your nose must be a bit clogged up right?”

The boys started to laugh uncontrollably as Donghyuck glared in their direction.

You didn’t get what was going on but gave him a pat on the shoulder.

“Hope you feel better.”

He nodded but took a couple steps away from you.

You didn’t think he liked you too much.

Jisung clapped his hands together excitedly.

“We have six people now so can we play three-on-three?”

Jaemin glanced at you.

“Do you want to play?”

You saw the others stare at you expectantly, a bit overwhelmed by their gazes.


Jeno and Jisung cheered as they high fived one another.

Jaemin smiled shyly at you before putting his arm around your shoulder casually.

“We’re on one team, who wants to join?”

Jeno and Jisung quickly linked arms and bounced over to Mark.

Donghyuck grumbled realizing he was the last one left.

“Aww man, I don’t want to be stuck with the two lovebirds.”

A pink tint appeared on your cheeks as you turned to Jaemin.

“Ehh Donghyuck consider yourself lucky. She’s really good at basketball. We’ll beat them for sure.”

Donghyuck scoffed but walked over to Jaemin’s side anyway.

The game had been going on for twenty minutes so far.

Your team was leading and you never saw Donghyuck so excited, unlike the him a couple minutes ago, he was cheering and high-fiving you and Jaemin repeatedly.

Whenever Jaemin scored he would head over and run his hands through his hair before pointing at you.

The other boys grumbled at his cheesiness and you would hear the other team complain about how Mark was supposed to be good at basketball but sucked today.

You smiled brightly under the evening sky, you were happy that you could see Jaemin and his friends seemed to like you too.

The game proceeded and Mark had the ball, determined to shoot. However, before he could, he held the basketball and called the others in a loud voice.


The others seemed to know what he meant and gathered around him quickly.

The atmosphere became tense as they all started speaking together.

“Okay we’ll run off in pairs just make sure to be careful and don’t get caught on camera. They’re probably just making rounds though, I see their car but they haven’t stopped by us yet. But be careful, this is Dispatch we’re talking about.”

Mark lead the conversation as Jisung took a deep breath.

“Dispatch? Why would they be here? Are you sure?”

Donghyuck knocked his head lightly.

“Cause of Mark and I obviously. We debuted you know.”

Debuted? Dispatch? You were really confused but didn’t have time to ask questions.

Mark glanced at Jaemin.

“You have to be especially careful. Make sure you don’t get caught. ”

Jaemin looked serious as he gave Mark a firm nod.

Suddenly rain started pouring down.

“Just great, we’ll meet up at the dorm! Let’s go.”

Mark and Donghyuck ran off after waving to you as Jeno said a quick “Nice meeting you!” before running off with Jisung.

You turned to Jaemin, confusion plastered all over your face. He had his eyebrows furrowed but pulled your hood over your head and was about to run before you shouted, “Umbrella!”

He quickly ran over to the side of the court to grab it before running back to you and grabbing your hand, running towards the direction of your house.

The rain was blurring your vision as you ran with Jaemin hand in hand. You didn’t know why you were running though and stopped in your tracks.

The rain drenched the two of you but you didn’t care. You wanted answers. You were honest with him so what was he hiding from you?

“What are we doing?! Why are we running?!”

“I promise I’ll let you know why, we have to-”


He wiped the rain off his face before holding onto both your shoulders firmly.

“Just trust me.”

He gazed at you earnestly and although you wanted answers, you gave in and nodded.

He smiled at you but before he could reach for your hand he stared at the blue van with tinted black windows that drove down the road slowly.

“Damn it.”

He whispered under his breath. 

He opened the white umbrella in his hand and opened it before pulling you close to him. 

“Just act natural.”

He whispered to you as the two of you walked down the sidewalk at a steady pace.

He tilted the umbrella up by the corners slowly, glancing at the car that drove in your direction.

When it passed by you, he faced forward and put the umbrella down. 

Only after it turned down another road did he breathe a sigh of relief.

He glanced down at you wiping the water droplets off your cheeks before speaking softly.

“Where’s your house?”

The walk home was silent but as soon as you reached your porch you turned to him with your arms crossed.


Jaemin knew exactly what you were asking.

He sighed and told you the entire story about how he got scouted while volunteering and how he was a trainee who would be in a boy group soon. The dance practice he was talking about was training and the other friends you met tonight were a part of that too. Mark and Donghyuck apparently debuted already so they had to cover up. Oh, and Donghyuck wasn’t sick, his original voice is a tad bit nasally. 

He took a deep breath after he was done. 

“That’s the story.”

You were shocked but you weren’t too surprised at the reveal. They all were truly handsome and you really haven’t kept up with idols much. 

You smiled at him.

“That’s something to celebrate about…why didn’t you tell me?”

He glanced at you with wide eyes.

“Well I was going to tell you but just didn’t have the chance yet… are you mad?”

You shook your head.

“Just don’t hide things from me again.”

Jaemin nodded brightly and reached over to hold your hand.

“I won’t.”

Even though it was nearing 2:00 AM now and the rain had stopped, the two of you stood on your porch, not wanting to leave. You didn’t know when the next time you would see Jaemin face to face would be. But you were glad you at least knew the reason why.

Chasing after idols were never really your thing but now that Jaemin was debuting you would be sure to keep an eye out for them. However you did know about EXO, they were your best friend’s favourite group. 

“It’s getting late, you should start heading back.”

Jaemin pouted but knew you were right.


He swung your hand back and forth reluctantly.

“Oh but Jaemin before you go can you do me a favour?”

He excitedly nodded his head up and down, happy to be with you for another minute or so.

“Could you get me a signed poster of Sehun and Kai from EXO? My friends would love it.”

He glared at you and playfully swung the hand he was holding away.

“You mean signed posters for you?”

He crossed his arms childishly as you laughed.

“No, for my friends seriously!”

He faced you again.

“If EXO and I were both performing at a concert who would you cheer for?”

You answered without a second thought.

“You obviously!”

He stuck out his tongue. 

“I don’t believe you. Next you’ll be asking me to meet my sunbaes.”

You giggled and shook your head.

“Alright if you say so. Good night!”

You turned around and started to unlock the door to your house when you felt his arms wrap behind your back as he planted a quick kiss on your right cheek before letting go and running off.

“I’ll bring those posters to you next time but don’t let me see it hanging in your room! You’re mine!”

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can you please do a captain swan fanfiction where they're playing truth or dare and it's really cutesy and then they start making out and Mary Margaret and David walk in and it just gets really funny but still fluffy?? I loved your other one loads-thank youu :) xxx

Darling Anon, I am so sorry it took me so long to write this, and that it ended up being so short. Usually these things get out of hand for me. XD Here’s a little shot of fluff for anyone who needs it!

Truth or Dare? (Rated T for connotations)

It’s probably not a good choice of game to play whilst waiting for friends to show up for dinner, but it’s the only thing they seem to settle on. It’s also probably not the right voice of game for two people about to enter their thirties, one of which rents the small-but-respectable house where dinner is being hosted for the evening.

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Cold Steel, Cold Looks (closed rp with juryokkus)

@juryokkus (continued from x )

Iwao had finished taking pictures of whatever it was that had caught his interest in the canals. Most likely the calm, serene blue waters that were very unlike his own world. He was almost completely relaxed, his guard practically completely down, when he felt the hand on his shoulder and cold steel of the knife being placed on his neck.

The name the other spoke only served to confuse the young brunette, his brows visibly scrunching in confusion. “Mackerel?? I don’t know anyone by that name.” He says in a soft voice, that was most definitely not Dazai’s.. A man who looked like Dazai. This was completely peculiar, was it not?

Shifting his hazel orbs back to meet the other’s look, he lets go of his camera and simply relaxes in his arms, attempting to show the smaller, albeit older mafioso that he was no threat, despite the eerily glowing weapon at his side. Even though this was a brand new version of his own world to him, Iwao knew how to play it safe, even if he didn’t believe he was in any real danger.

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Sakura vs Hinata and Gaara vs Sasuke I hope you don't mind I asked 2 fights >.<

Sasusaku wins.


Current Sasuke would win of course.

EMS Sasuke has amaterasu and the blaze release allowing him to control the flames. He also has an imperfect susanoo, a snake and a hawk summoning.

It would be tough for Gaara to defend against the summonings, sasuke’s fire, lightning, his amaterasu flames, his amaterasu flames combined with a susanoo arrow or sword, his susanoo’s assaults all the while trying to avoid a genjutsu from sasuke.


This is a controversial match up and many people think that Hinata would win. I disagree. Just because Hinata can block chakra and Sakura uses chakra doesn’t mean that she would win. Also people act like if Sakura is the only ninja that uses chakra lol! THEY ALL DO. 

Sakura is smarter than Hinata, she is also faster with the ability to use chakra to create bursts of speed. Not to mention Sakura is skilled in evasion and reading attack patterns. Sakura knows how a hyuuga fights and she has even seen hinata and neji fight before. She is extremely smart and even if she weren’t she wouldn’t take on a hyuuga at a close range and she wouldn’t give them that chance to block her chakra.

Sakura’s strength:

Sakura just needs to summon katsuyu and punch the ground. Look at the juubi clones in red.

Now look at Hinata’s size compared to one of those clones

She would be caught in that explosion and tossed up in the air and it is debateable if her air palm can pierce through that. Sakura doesn’t even need to be near her. Also Hinata needs proper footing which sakura would destroy. Sakura can easily increase the distance while shaking the ground and hinata. Hinata would only win if she blocks her chakra points early on. 

Sakura also knows that hinata is best at close range and is a hyuga so she would not even want to get close to her and would try to clear a significant distance and stop hinata from the start. She isn’t even going near hinata. 

Unless hinata is close, which sakura would not allow, she can’t do much. Granted an air palm is her only long distance attack, it is linear in nature and with sakura’s evasive skills and knowledge of reading a person’s moves she can dodge that. Not to mention the explosion created from the punch that would block out an air palm or force hinata to save herself rather than attack. Being an hyuuga and taijutsu expert isn’t helping her stop sakura’s explosion, her slug and it isn’t allowing her to actually reach her.


Katsuyu is overkill and is connected to the seal. So even if hinata blocks sakura’s chakra, if sakura summons katsuyu first she would just have to sit there and wait for hinata to run out of chakra and energy while dodging the acid. Given sakura’s reserves in that seal Hinata would be dealing with that slug, that can split into thousands, for a while. Even a byakugan cannot counter thousands of human sized slugs with acid spraying capabilities coming from all directions.

Katsuyu can even divide into thousands of slugs and attack hinata. Acid, their weight and even messing up ‘healing’ hinata can make Katsuyu deadly.

Instead of carefully using enough chakra, sakura and the slug can overload hinata and send her into a coma with their medical chakra and remote healing. 


Based on portrayal Sakura would be considered stronger. Sakura is using sannin and kage level techniques flawlessly and she is one of the strongest medical ninja and kunoichi in the world. Hinata is great but her reputation and skills aren’t as impressive. She is catching up to neji while sakura is surpassing tsunade.

Other skills:

As i said before Sakura is smarter and faster than hinata. She also knows how hinata fights while hinata doesn’t know everything about sakura.

In a real serious fight, based on sakura’s intelligence and skills she should logically stop hinata from coming close and she should win the battle. If i were sakura i would play it safe with the dangerous chakra blocking hyuuga summon the slug and punch the ground as soon as possible.  Sakura knows how to counter and avoid a hyuuga but Hinata doesn’t know how to counter these.

There are many ways Sakura can beat Hinata in a fight with Hinata beating sakura only if they are close, there’s no slug, she blocks sakura’s chakra before she does anything. Sakura need only stop or punch the ground. 

I like Hinata I just don’t think she can beat current sakura.

excerpt from a book that i have been writing. sorry if it is slightly controversial and if the grammar is bad at the moment. just an informal collection of ideas right now.

“i am sick and tired of watching people put all of their stock in angels that they hope will come later. so many of us are impatiently waiting for angels to come when we die and for them to carry us peacefully into eternal light. i’m all for that idea.. but i believe that more often than not.. it blinds us of the angels that exist in the NOW. sure.. i am guilty of throwing pennies in wells in case i need friends in hell.. but why do so many people place so many nets under each and every cliff in life? they want to experience the view but don’t want to be prepared to feel the fall. isn’t the possibility of the fall what makes it grand? isn’t the inevitability of death what drives us to feel alive? playing it safe is truly the most dangerous way to live. crazy how little of the population sees that the evils in life can be the best church. that your sins can be a sermon.. and the lack of sanity itself can be the very cathedral they have been waiting for but are ironically already standing in. and angels? people pray to them and god as if they only exist in the latter pages. or as if they can only be found when the book is finished being read. can’t they see that there are angels here and now? they are all around us. are the halos not bright enough for them? do they feel as if they have not yet been saved? the greatest angels aren’t perfect and the highest heaven isn’t pure. my angels have chips in their halos… my angels have tears in their wings.. scraped knees and holes in their jeans. my angels are broken like me.. sad like me.. but also fighters like me. perfection isn’t what determines if light exists. all is created by light in some way. after all.. light creates shadows. darkness is the absence of light. if you leave this life looking pretty… you didn’t do it right. scars are the souvenirs and unlike most theme parks.. the exit is not found through the gift shop. you can’t buy them at the end of the ride. why don’t more believe in that religion? the religion of here and now? the religion of seeing god in the eyes and heartbeat of a fellow broken, yet beautiful being? the religion of finding nirvana in a place here on earth that captures both our breath and imagination? we spend so much time pleading for angels that we don’t take the time to ask ourselves what angels truly are. we fail to see that both the gowns of white and the horns of night can be found in the very mirrors we vainly live by. demons? yes.. them too. i’m not running from them. they can come along for the ride. because i see myself in those as well. angels are just demons that got second chances… and demons are just angels who weren’t ready to say goodbye. we are all saints by day and sinners by night. it’s what makes us human. that’s what makes it right. why can’t the world we live in be good enough? why do we have to count on places outside of our reach? if you want heaven and hell so badly i say love like heaven and live like hell. THAT is a religion. THAT is something that i am willing to put my time and faith in. religion is not somebody else’s book.. it is not somebody else’s story… it is your own. if you want a bible… write it. believe in belief, have faith in faith itself, and learn to feel love towards love. i live by this and most importantly live FOR this. hell.. believe in whatever movement, god, or idea that you wish to.. but never believe in anything more than you believe in yourself.”


John chose Mary? Yeah. He actually did. But Sherlock chose Moriarty over and over again in TRF for the same reason - and i mean the SAME reason. Cases/working/solving crimes is to Sherlock what dating a string of women is to John. They do what they know (what they’re good at) because somewhere down the line they were met with “pain, heartbreak, loss, death”. Now they’re playing it safe, even if danger is what truly excites them. Sherlock left John out of his ENTIRE plan in TRF. He had many opportunities to let John in. Instead, Sherlock went the “I’m a psychopath, too, see?” route and chose to be with Moriarty and play by his rules.

John chooses to be with Mary on more than one occasion because she meets his “what i want in a romantic partner” standard. Sherlock, who so far has chosen to abstain from sex, chooses Moriarty (his game) on more than one occasion because he meets his “what i want from an intellectual partner” standard. Keep in mind, John is actually attracted to Mary, and Sherlock is actually attracted to Moriarty - yes, i do mean in that way. Moriarty is dangerous, sinful, confident, intelligent, clever, handsome, and powerful - can you blame him?

“Is that a British army Browning L9A1 in your pocket of are you just pleased to see me?”

Sherlock meant both. This isn’t a joke. He gets off on solving cases - is Sherlock being aroused by Moriarty really that difficult to grasp? Maybe Sherlock dreaming about Moriarty in his bed, on his knees, sliding his fingers in his mouth…. maybe that is enough to show just how much of a distraction Moriarty has been. But falling with Moriarty is a losing battle (TAB), because no one would be there to catch him. Sherlock needs to choose John, to let himself fall for John, to love John.

It’s remarkable. John gets all our outrage for choosing Mary, when really, Sherlock just chose John within the last ten minutes of The Abominable Bride.

Trust me, John will make the switch. There was no way it would’ve happened before Sherlock was ready to do the same.

I love these two so much??? Did this during a multistream with @theeccentricstreasury. He’s pretty much one of my best MonHun buds (been playing with him for the past month or so), and often we come up with fun/silly stuff between Kyo (right, mine) and Faunus (his, left) being hunters together.

Kyo’s a bit overconfident in his hunting skills, but at least he’s a good leader and he’ll actually make sure to keep Faunus out of any real danger. Faunus though, plays it safe by comparison and he often worries his partner may potentially get them killed…

Also, Kyo’s wearing Gore Magala armor and wielding a Brachydios Insect Glaive, while Faunus is wearing Zinogre armor and wielding a Brachydios Charge Blade.


(( okay, in light of recent events, I switched my emails and passcodes for this blog and for my main. I would advise others to do the same if at all possible, and/or keep an eye on your blog.

As you know, the numbers on hxppy-bxddy’s blog became binary code at the end, and they had quite the strange message. I translated backwards, from the last binary coded post to the first one that could be translated.

A basic summary of what is occurring is as follows-there is some group of people using tumblr blogs as hosts, like a parasite. They’re trying to configure some strange software, which will post random numbers on your blog.

They say they have some sort of plan with this ‘software’ they created… What said plan is was not disclosed. All I know is that it can’t be good. I also don’t know if it can leech through likes/reblogs from afflicted blogs. If that’s the case, I’d probably be next, since I reblogged all the binary posts to show translations.

Either way, I want you all to stay safe. We could be playing a very dangerous game trying to figure this out, so we should see what happens next, and what coding may be posted on whomever may fall victim next- though, admittedly, I really don’t want anyone else to have to deal with this.

I kinda rambled here, sorry. I’ll probably update this as we get more information on the software, its purpose, who the creators are, so on and so forth. But please, PLEASE spread this around. People need to tread carefully; or as carefully as possible. ))

No food, beverage, or explosives are permitted in the galleries.

Anonymous submitted: 

We are the local history museum and we host a monthly “Consult a Curator” event for the public as a way to appease the Antiques Roadshow contingent who try to show up at all hours with the junk they think is valuable. 

A local called for an appointment and said he had inherited some WWI-era artifacts from a relative and wanted to get a sense of their value. We said sure, bring it in, and we made him an appointment.

He showed up with a box of medals, a compass, newspaper clippings, a canteen, a hand grenade, and…

External image

Yes, he brought a hand grenade with him. An old one that had been kept in who-the-hell-knows conditions and we had no way to evaluate its stability.

It had not occurred to him that it was a bad idea to bring in possible live ordnance to a museum without mentioning it first. It had not occurred to us to clarify that possible live ordnance was something you should leave at home. 

We had to call the bomb squad to safely remove it. It was a dud but we had to play it safe. And we now have a new policy about hazardous and dangerous materials included in the appointment confirmation email we send out.