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The Prompto DLC

Episode Prompto is coming in June. And from the 3 very distinct, very emOTIONAL gifs we have from it, I’m putting out a theory, right now.

Ardyn is going to bring Prom to the Niffs, and the first thing Prompto is going to think is that he’s in for it. That they’re going to torture him and kill him because he hasn’t been following their orders. But then the gates of the Magitek infantry he’s standing in front of open and none other than Verstael steps out, welcoming Prom with open arms. He’s confused, very understandably confused. And then when Verstael reveals to him that he knows where Prompto came from he plays into the naivety that IS Prompto. Verstael takes the opportunity and uses Prompto’s vulnerability against him. He’ll say things like “I know who you really are, don’t you want to find out where you came from?” And Prompto has to make tough choices, he has to relive terrifying events, he then has to make an ultimate decision.

Things escalate as it all begins to add up ((Prompto’s no dummy after all)) and at the end of the episode Prompto pulls a gun on Verstael. It’s here that the Magitek commander reveals once and for all, that Prom is inches away from killing his own father.

That’s where the Gifs come in, he’s obviously torn between wanting to know more and wanting it to end.

And you know what? I REALLY hope I’m wrong.

Not Dead Yet (Part 34)

*Well I had a feeling this was what was going to go down when I asked for suggestions. When in doubt do the nasty!*

Pairing: Reader x Peter Pan

Warning: language, smut

“You know, I thought this was going in another direction when you said you were ready.”

“Yeah, ready for breakfast.” I sat down at one of the tables. “Is it a problem that I’m hungry?”

“No, I am too but my appetite is for something other than a poorly made inn breakfast.”

“Let me guess, it’s sitting right across from you?”

“Stop guessing what I’m going to say.”

“Only when you stop being predictable.” I looked around but the inn was a ghost town. Last night it had been packed, where had everyone gone? It wasn’t even noon yet. “Where did everyone go?”

“I figured this might happen.” Peter reached behind the abandoned bar and pulled a loaf of bread and wheel of cheese that was hiding under on one of the lower shelves. “People are so easily frightened.”

“What did you do?”

“Snapped someone’s neck. Not important why.”


“Don’t give me that look. I had a perfectly acceptable reason.” he broke off some bread and tossed me the loaf, “At least we know no one will disturb us.”

“Codfish.” I caught the bread and bit into it. “Anything to drink?”

“Well there’s some mead back here.” he grinned picking up a bottle.

“Ha ha, something else please. Anything else.” Peter pulled a pitcher of water out and two glasses. “Thanks.”

We ate in silence, the din of the town outside bustling from the open windows. A couple people came in unaware of any danger. Others saw Peter and turned right back out the doors. “What exactly did happen last night?” I asked, “I know you killed someone and I have the feeling I was a bit of an easy target but that’s not all, is it?”

“It doesn’t matter what happened.” He picked at some dirt under his nails, “Now if we could retire back to our room. I believe I have a favor to fulfill.” He pulled me up off my chair and started heading back upstairs.

“Peter,” I followed shortly behind, “Why won’t you tell me?”

“Because this is one of those instances where ignorance truly is bliss. Can you accept that?”

“I believe so.”

“Then for once in your miserable little life, listen to me. The details of what went on last night that you can no longer remember are no concern of yours. Even if they were, those details are now dead.” he held the door open for me, “May we?”

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to this day one of my favourite luffy moments is when he plays up his naivety in front of z, to make the man more open to answering his questions. like just the contrast between his determined/mischievous face when hearing z has woken up against his ‘excitement’ about the weapon and wow what could you’ve been doing????? especially with chopper and his enthusiasm which would have really helped z play into luffy’s hands - its almost a shame z was so quick to call him out

im not saying that luffy wasn’t genuinely curious about the weapon, but the rapid fire manner in which he basically interrogates z always felt so interesting (especially since we don’t really see his face at that time), and although z catches on the fact luffy tried this at all is incredible

anonymous asked:

still, louis is in this mess too. he is holding her hand. putting all the blame on danielle is questioning as we dont know if she is forced into it by her manegment too for other reasons.

In 2010 Louis Tomlinson was an 18 year-old kid who sent money home from what he was making on the X-Factor to his single mother who was raising four other children. When One Direction “lost” the X-Factor their mentor and pal Simon Cowell was under no legal obligation to give them a record deal thus when they were offered one it would have been presented as if it was a huge opportunity and risk to take a losing act from the show and give them a chance. Anyone who watched the X-Factor in 2010 could see that there was something about this band and there was downright shock that they lost. With the attention and popularity they gained over the course of the show, they were not a risk and Simon Cowell knew that but played to the naivety of five boys and their families who were far from affluent. 

What does that have to do with what we’re seeing today? Pretty much everything. These boys signed a contract which I think everyone can agree was in no one’s favour but Simon Cowell’s. That man only cares about two things - himself and his money. Louis would have been sat down and told in no uncertain terms that being gay would be bad for business and that he would be required to act heterosexual as part of his job.

Every fake relationship and fake girlfriend that Louis has endured are physical representations of the fact that someone told him that being gay is something that he had to hide. The brand of One Direction is worth more than the careers of every single girl they’ve dragged into this combined. Louis is doing this because he has been emotionally manipulated for five years and told that people would like him better if he’s someone that he’s not. It is not only his career and image that is affected by what he does, but the entire One Direction brand. 

Danielle has neither the career nor the relevance to be considered anything but opportunistic in her involvement. You are right, I do not know what her management tells her, but I also do not care. Whoever is managing her clearly cares more about getting her name in the Daily Fail than having her do fan service for her actual job. The fact is that she is using the misfortune and oppression of someone else to make money. Just like Simon Cowell, but on a much lesser scale.

I do not agree with bearding and find the fact that someone would be complicit in such a homophobic action very unsettling. It also sets a terrible example of how women achieve fame by using a man. I don’t care if it’s common practice, it’s a terrible fucking practice and she should be ashamed of herself for helping to perpetuate the idea that being gay makes you lesser somehow. 

Louis has a contract with one of the most corrupt and evil men in the music industry because in 2010 that was his only choice. Whatever arrangement was made last year was not Danielle’s only choice. She’s also not the one with a closeted, self-hating psychopath for a boss. She is an adult and she agreed to this because she wanted to cut corners on the road to fame, neglecting her actual career in favour of exploiting a terrible situation. 

Who knows…maybe Louis can show her his schedule from the past five years and show her what an actual entertainer’s work ethic looks like. If not I’m sure he can help her to set up a career as a professional WAG at his charity football match.