playing games with my family

I have a DA album on my Facebook page. Most of the time no one looks at it, but today, a person from my past, I guess she have seen it, told that Im acting like a child, that I should be ashamed for playing video games in my age and that I give my daughters a bad example, that I play video games and not paying attention to my family.
LOL! Maybe she’s jealous or something 😂

My parents HATE overwatch because it takes up our entire wifi whenever my brother goes online and when I bought myself the new Zelda my mom was like “can I watch Netflix? or are you playing” and I was like no, no don’t worry it doesn’t take up internet. and she was so relieved and started walking towards the TV in her room and I was like “you want to watch it out here? I can switch to the handheld mode” and she was so impressed that she could watch Master Chef next to me while I played my game. Nintendo is truly the family system.

every year around christmas me and my grandma play this fun family game called “maybe you want to put jesus in your room instead, sweetie? :)”. now, it’s important to note that the jesus referred to in our game is not actually the real jesus christ, but instead a wooden figure i made in 2011 that has an uncanny resemblance to the lord and savior himself

so what happens is that i place jesus in our living room, and my grandma smiles and asks me if i don’t want to decorate my room with him instead. i ask her in return if she thinks my jesus figure is ugly (which he is), but she reassures me that this is not the case. however, a couple of days later jesus mysteriously disappears from our living room, and appear in my room instead

now, the real jesus christ might have been able to perform a miracle like this, but please remember that the jesus in our story is only a figure made out of wood. he can not move on his own, so i think we can safely say that my grandma is the prime suspect here

the first year i would often confront my grandma about this, but she would always make up an excuse and never straight up tell me she moved him because he’s so ugly it’s an embarrassment to the family

eventually i grew tired of her lies, so now we only move jesus around in silence. one second he’s in the living room, the next he’s back in my room. in a way i think this adds an extra element of excitement to the holiday season, because you never know for sure when jesus is going to be moved again

  • Me: I don't mean to brag, but I'm a pretty hardcore gamer
  • Me: *pulls out 18 Nancy Drew game disks*

And as promised, more RBACC spammery! Say hello to my favorite new thing in the entire hood: Old Town

Nested on the cliffs just above what will soon become the beachfront city centre, this fascinating fortress was made in the likeness of similar fortified towns that can be found all across the Mediterranean. I loved the idea of giving my hood a bit of ‘history’, and in addition, having an ‘old town’ gives me the perfect excuse to mess around with castle lots without actually having to play a strictly medieval game. My wizard and elven families have all been moved here, as have the vampires; I also plan on adding some touristy community lots, like a museum and a clock tower, but all in good time. For now though, this is what I have. Pics are captioned.

I found out about SpecialEffect through my friend, Short. You’ve heard about her quite a bit by now, and some of you have probably even met her when her internet cooperates enough to allow for stream hangouts! She’s a lovely lady, a great friend, and the best guild leader around! We wanted to share her story about how she encountered the wonderful people at this organization, and why we believe so strongly in what they do.

“ I love video games. I play with my friends, my family, and new people I meet every day. Sometimes it is something competitive like Overwatch and sometimes it’s a MMO like World of Warcraft. Personally, I think it is a great hobby to share with people you love. Unfortunately about a year ago something threatened this hobby.

 I am a gamer with a disability. I have Spinal Muscular Atrophy which is a disease that will progressively get worse. A little over a year ago I had a progressive growth spurt of sorts. In about two weeks time I went from right clicking my mouse with ease, to struggling to press it, then finally I couldn’t at all. 

This was terrifying. I was already a mouse only gamer but now I was down to one button. Do you know how much you even need to right click for? I didn’t realize until I couldn’t. No more easily running through World of Warcraft. No more making jumps in Rocket League. Heck, I couldn’t even right click to save goofy pictures on the Internet! It was awful. I knew it was time to start looking into accessibility equipment like switches but I had no idea what I needed, where to get it, or how to make it work. Lucky for me I had met some pretty amazing people on Twitter that were experts. One of the staff from Special Effect, Barry Ellis, came to the rescue and walked me through everything via email. I got a switch working and I was happily playing again. 

This got me thinking, what else can I do? I always had one game that was my nemesis. Minecraft. Then one day on the Special Effect twitter feed I saw something that might help me play. I tweeted for more information and Special Effect went above and beyond to get me in touch with people who could help. Any time I have been confused or had questions, someone has always answered. They serve the United Kingdom, yet here they were with information anytime I asked for information here in America. 

This is Special Effect. They help gamers with disabilities keep playing. They understand the importance of people playing games. They know that sometimes it’s not just a game, sometimes it’s so much more. It’s playing with your friends. It’s going on a grand adventure. It’s conquering enemies. It’s about having fun. For many gamers with a disability these things can be a challenge. For some of us it’s an ever changing challenge. 

Special Effect helps gamers get the tools they need to keep playing the games they love. They help find solutions with hardware or software and get each gamer a personalized setup to play.  Gamers can come to them to try different equipment but more importantly they will go to a gamer with a disabilities house who is unable to travel. This is all for one purpose…  inclusion. After losing the ability to right click and seeing how much I was going to have to give up I know firsthand how important being able to game is. The thought of missing my World of Warcraft guild’s raids was just, well, sad. Raiding was 2 nights a week where I was with some of my best friends and the only thing I was worried about was if we could kill a boss before it killed us. Learning more about how to make controls more accessible gave me hope for games I thought were no longer possible. All this was thanks to some amazing tutors (thanks, Barry) and the amazing organization Special Effect”. 

these are the kinds of games my very young family members play!! so i drew a call of duty man napping with an angry bird and a creeper pasta kinda like a toy story thing ;w; i was tearing up earlier thinking about how much i loved the games i grew up with as a kid and how these are special to kids now!

Okay, can I just say that as much fun as BotW is, I can’t wait to play Snipperclips with my friends and family because it looks like a really cute and fun game.

Probably gonna stream tomorrow

I’ll try and make out the time to stream some art cause I have that one not so secret project & gaming planned for the weekend,, and since Friday we ain’t going to school cause of Велигден you better be sure i’ll try and draw as much as i can–

Something actually happening in my own country made everything get too close, and I just want to hide away because I don’t want to hear about it.

People at uni always look at me weird bc I NEED to write every single word said in class or otherwise I won’t be able to remmeber and I’m always making lists and shit because words don’t seem to have order in my head XD I always need all the written support I need and it’s very frustrating when people tell me I need to pay more attention

I play EVERY GAME with subs and everyone in my family makes fun of me for it? Like what the fuck fam I have no idea of what these characters are saying when they speak with that weird ass english accent like they were holding a whole potato in their fucking mouths is that so hard to get??? 

I think the thing is that people have like make sure I internalized the idea of my shitty hearing as a bad thing that I should be punished for or something