playing games with my family

My parents HATE overwatch because it takes up our entire wifi whenever my brother goes online and when I bought myself the new Zelda my mom was like “can I watch Netflix? or are you playing” and I was like no, no don’t worry it doesn’t take up internet. and she was so relieved and started walking towards the TV in her room and I was like “you want to watch it out here? I can switch to the handheld mode” and she was so impressed that she could watch Master Chef next to me while I played my game. Nintendo is truly the family system.

every year around christmas me and my grandma play this fun family game called “maybe you want to put jesus in your room instead, sweetie? :)”. now, it’s important to note that the jesus referred to in our game is not actually the real jesus christ, but instead a wooden figure i made in 2011 that has an uncanny resemblance to the lord and savior himself

so what happens is that i place jesus in our living room, and my grandma smiles and asks me if i don’t want to decorate my room with him instead. i ask her in return if she thinks my jesus figure is ugly (which he is), but she reassures me that this is not the case. however, a couple of days later jesus mysteriously disappears from our living room, and appear in my room instead

now, the real jesus christ might have been able to perform a miracle like this, but please remember that the jesus in our story is only a figure made out of wood. he can not move on his own, so i think we can safely say that my grandma is the prime suspect here

the first year i would often confront my grandma about this, but she would always make up an excuse and never straight up tell me she moved him because he’s so ugly it’s an embarrassment to the family

eventually i grew tired of her lies, so now we only move jesus around in silence. one second he’s in the living room, the next he’s back in my room. in a way i think this adds an extra element of excitement to the holiday season, because you never know for sure when jesus is going to be moved again

  • Me: I don't mean to brag, but I'm a pretty hardcore gamer
  • Me: *pulls out 18 Nancy Drew game disks*
Sam’s Adventure

I went to California and took Sam on an adventure. We made it to the Salt Flats first.

He liked Nevada too. Especially the random Arctic Circle in Elko, and the Nugget tower in Wendover. (My family played the game “How many Jacksepticeye references can you find in one place” and we got hung up on Nugget from the Kindergarten game) But he really liked California.

We had fun in Old Sacramento on the Sacramento River (we don’t know what that pyramid building is for). We had fun in the pool, splashing in the water, and at Donner Lake just enjoying the mountain air and scenery.

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okay but talk to be about Harry's praise kink pls

It’s not that he needs constant reassurance that he’s pleasing you, it’s more like nothing gets him harder than having his ego stroked; it even rivals the feeling of you stroking his hard cock in preparation for a long night.

And he loves to pull it out of you, you know? Like flicking his tongue just right over your clit to make you shiver and ask for it again. Or when rolls your nipple between his teeth and all you can muster is a breathy, “oh you’re *so* good, Haz, feel *amazing*.”

And it gets to a point where he’s almost begging you to praise him. Like when he’s got you bent over the counter and is fucking into you with such a force you’ve hardly got a voice to give him what he needs.

“Is this good for you, baby? Am I fillin’ yeh just right? Tell me love, how good does my cock feel for yeh?”

“So….Good…So perfect, fuck, H, gonna make me come.”

“Yeah, yeh gonna come all over my cock? Gonna come hard?”

“So hard. Fuck, no one can do it like you, baby.”

And the admission is enough to send him over the edge with you.

choosing to side with hoshido must have hurt her too

sorry it’s messy but here’s anders with a cat because the poor dear needs all the cats

I really need an episode of Family Feud where it's the Saviors led by Jeffrey Dean Morgan going against Alexandria led by Andrew Lincoln, both playing for a charity of their choice

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Ace of Hearts

Summary: Jon tries to get sweet revenge on Sansa for winning their latest card game…but she has an ace up her sleeve.

(A/K/A the result of my inability to resist writing a 2 A.M. crack-fic.)

“One, two, three – flip!”

Both voices’ owners turned over the top cards on their respective piles.  A stray brown curl fell out of the loose bun at the back of the man’s head as he put down a nine of hearts.  His companion giggled as she beheld her own offering, a nine of spades.

“Tie four!” she announced and looked upward, grinning.  “What’s our record, Jon – tie five at this game?”

Jon could not help but smile back.  His wife had had a tough day at work and said very little after getting home, which meant the house had been almost entirely silent.  After all, he and Sansa had always teased each other about being such a perfect match because he was quiet and broody enough for two people, while she talked enough for three.  But every time Jon had tried to make conversation that evening, Sansa had blinked and asked him to repeat himself as though lost in thought, and only given the barest of answers.  It was out of sheer desperation that he had suggested play one or two card games.  Both he and Sansa had had a weakness for them ever since Jon had met Robb in the third grade and Robb and Sansa had taught him to play Crazy Eights in the Starks’ basement.  Over the ensuing years, Crazy Eights with Robb and Sansa had turned into Spoons with Robb and both of his sisters, and then gin rummy with the entire family except for baby Bran, and, by the time Robb and Jon were in high school, rousing poker tournaments with every friend the Starks could cram into the game room.

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I redid my Goth family instead of playing my game. Featuring Alexander as soft and precious. Clothes and skin overlays only no body/facial change though I did change Bella & Cassandra’s skin because I wanted them to be a bit darker.