playing dj today

omg okay hi friends i just saw hugo play again today! a DJ set at a club so i got so close to him anyway we made extended eye contact (99% sure…) while he was playing home and it was this beautiful moment bc we were both singing along *swoooooon*

and ofc he did his cute launchpad thing at the end 

Switching between drawing commissions, patreon rewards and playing games with friends the whole day and sometimes my brain just goes “urgh” and I need to do sth entirely different. This was one of my “brain breakes” xD Sexy Toaster has a small place in my fangirl heart atm haha. The other pictures I did are not really…upload worthy lel. But it was a good drawing day in general~

「 play with me 」

Title → 「 play with me 」

Genre → comedy, fluff

Member → Woozi

Description : A scenario in which reader is in a kpop group (pink stereo), and your group is on the same variety show as seventeen. On the variety show, you pretend to be bad at playing the piano and woozi puts his hands over yours and guides you.


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    It didn’t take long for you to realize the bitter-sweet reality of how the cookie crumbled. Yes, you were aware you were going to debut after being put in various projects as a trainee. After training diligently for many years, obviously debuting was the sweet part. However, you were in a girl group with a chaotic zoo.

    Dj eonnie had enough of her annoying dongsaeng gushing over an alluring idol. “Yah, if I hear you talking about that skinny snowball-looking giraffe one more time, I will claw your big ass eyeballs out and use them as meatballs for my pasta” your fellow girl group member, Dj eonnie, spat. Dj eonnie was just simply a palm tree that did not hesitate to throw shade when she thought it was needed. On the contrary, her dongsaeng was not playing with Dj today, not after she had disrespected a man who she believed was going to marry her. Even though she knew he didn’t have a clue who the heck she was.

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