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For the writing prompts: DJWifi, "Okay. I'm gonna need you to run that by me again. When you say, 'The dragons are sieging Fort Flufferton,' what exactly do you mean?"

“Okay. I’m going to need you to run that by me again. When you say, ‘the dragons are sieging Fort Flufferton’, what exactly do you mean?” Alya’s brow pinched together as she regarded the fanciful image of a desperate 'Princess Nino’ in the video call. “And where did the little monsters pull that from?”

She could guess the phrase was code for something along the lines of 'please save me from your unruly siblings’. At least until a very definite snarl tore through her phones speaker and more faintly through her home as well. Nino had been watching Ella and Etta while she made them lunch, something that should have been a no brainer. They’d run this scenario dozens of times, Nino playing captured princess with his two dragon guards and Alya the brave Knight, showing up with food to distract the hungry dragons, would rescue the princess. But he’d never called with such desperation before.

Her eyes widened and she looked up to the ceiling. “Oh no.”

“I could really use a hand from my Lady Knight right about now.” Stress lined his words as he tucked down further against his phone, the ‘play’ costume looking far more real up close, his eyes darting to the side as the building absolutely shook from a sudden impact. “Pray, the tower isn’t gonna hold back the beasts for long, dude.”


“I’m on my way.” She clutched the phone, looking around the kitchen desperately for anything that might help. But it was just a kitchen. Cutlery and pans and utensils and not a lot more. But it was what she had to work with.

Grabbing a large frying pan and a broom, cause like hell was she going to take a knife upstairs with her if what she thought was happening was actually happening,  she hoofed it to the stairs, ascending cautiously with Nino tucked safely in her pocket.

Half way up she was pretty sure she’d hit the nail on the head.

The familiar staircase stretched up in front of her near the bottom but as it climbed the walls were spiraled with exposed brick and stone work and morphed into something positively medieval.

Another impact above shook the building and tossed Alya against the wall, gripping the disappearing banister as the 'castle’ above continued to crawl it’s way down the staircase and melting the apartment out of existence. The mix of apprehension and excitement that swirled in her chest just screamed Akuma. Any other day she’d be running outside with phone in hand to catch footage of whatever havoc the villain of the week brought, but right now, as broom shifted into Lance and pan into shield, she had a princess to save.


So I’m totally on board writing more for this because fuck yeah DJWifi. I’ve actually got a decent bit planned but this has been sitting in my prompt box for way too long! So consider this a teaser for more to come >w>

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I just thought of a butterfly bog AU where bog is a really crappy supervillain who just steals stuff and Marriane is a anti-hero who's famous for being ruthless. And then they meet.

“Please come to the party!”

Marianne’s father had pleaded with her the day before the charity event. She had already resolved not to be swayed by her father’s begging, but she could already feel herself weakening when she saw the entreaty in his eyes. A twinge of guilt pinched Marianne’s heart. He just wanted things to be the way they were before. When she was happy. When they were all happy.

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