playing casting director

I’m super sad. It’s weird. I haven’t actually thought about that … That’s probably going to be the hardest thing. Because I do really love playing all of these parts. I would never otherwise get to play Rachel. A casting director wouldn’t see me as these characters, so it’s been a real joy.
—  Tatiana Maslany on how she feels about saying goodbye to the clones next season (x)

fantasyiand  asked:

Do you need to be able to belt to 'make it' on west end?

It depends what parts you want to go for! There are roles that require belting (Eponine/Elphaba/Fantine/Nala) but others require different parts of the voice. Soprano’s don’t tend to belt (Cosette/Christine)! It all just depends on what parts you’d like to play and what the casting directors/directors need! :)


casting director: so harry we hear you’re interested in acting

harry: yeah definitely

casting director: have you got any prior work you can show us

harry: [plays the icarly episode]

casting director:

so i appreciate i’m fairly new to the world of american revolutionary history appreciation and i can’t be the first to think it but why isn’t there a movie prominently featuring baron von steuben and why the fuck isn’t he being played by christoph waltz because that just makes sense to me

Introducing my friend Weasel to Always Sunny tonight, me, him and G sat watching “Charlie Rules The World” - after G pointing out that Charlie’s relationship with Techpocalypse is basically mine with tumblr, the two lads decided that Charlie Day needs to play a psychopath/mad genius character and came up with this fucking gem of an idea:

Charlie Day as The Riddler.