playing bubbles

(Jee illustriously illustrated by the incredibly talented @blesstale)

cute things your otp can do
  • buy each other flowers
  • have a cream tea
  • sing (badly) to old songs to try and cheer the other up
  • breakfast at tiffany’s in new york
  • baby animal hugging
  • have a discussion about something one of them is passionate about
  • eat macaroons in montemart
  • dance in the middle of the street 
  • put post-it notes around the house with compliments to remind each other how beautiful they are
  • buy each other food(!!)
  • dance in the rain
  • did anyone say impulsive road trip?
  • art museums and comparing each other to masterpieces
  • jewellery shopping (+ one asking the other if they could imagine it as their engagement ring)
  • playing with bubble machines 
  • old school hopscotch
  • painting each other (+ failing)
  • “if i get on that motor-bike i’m 500% sure i’ll die”
  • eating gob-stoppers (+ choking and completely necessary mouth-to-mouth)
  • giggling at each other
  • puppies (no action needed)
  • explore old historic sites
  • watch old movies
  • recite old movie romance lines to one another
  • compliment each other in their native language
  • teach each other instruments
  • throwing one another into swimming pools
  • karoke
  • couple co-ordinated halloween costumes(!!)
  • serenading each other
  • passive aggressive post-it note argument
  • dressing up as a bunny rabbit for easter
  • stealing each others bubble gum
  • selling things just to try and get enough money to see each other
  • failed magic tricks
  • las vegas and drunken giggles
  • “no, don’t eat more sugar.”
  • balloon animals
  • cosplaying
  • bonding over puppies
  • “i’m going to pretend to be smart to impress you”
  • bonding over music
  • old record player (+ bad dancing)
  • “why are you so tall, stop!”
  • tandem cycling 
  • golf carts
  • star-gazing
  • “if you die, i’ll kill you”

So I was reading this post about the temple fusion possibly being the thing that took down Pink Diamond and I–

“Who cares about her shield? Her huge sword is what I remember.”

(meanwhile, three seasons ago)

I don’t know about you, but THAT’S the kind of sword I’d use to shatter a diamond.


#JustLittleThings 🍼💖

-Blowing through a straw in a drink to make bubbles
-Playing with wet soap because it’s slippery and hard to hold
-Bouncing on furniture because it’s squishy
-Cuddling stuffies or other things super tight because you love them so much
-Random bursts of energy and squeals
-Randomly going nonverbal
-“I love you daddy/mommy” a bajillion times a day because you can’t seem to say it enough

You’re the One (Daveed x Reader)

Summary: Based on an ask I saw about reader/Daveed being roommates. The reader teases him about his appearance on Sesame Street. Fluff.

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

A/N: This was a good idea. Good job anon.

“D!” You yelled as soon as you heard the apartment door open.

“What?” Daveed went into the kitchen, rifling around in the fridge for something to eat.

“You didn’t tell me you were going to be on Sesame Street!”

“I guess I forgot? I don’t know, I’ve been busy.” He plopped down next to you and handed you a beer, sighing. He looked tired.

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i’ll never stop being bitter over how kristen was called a bad actress for her role as bella in twilight like NO BITCH if you’d gone as hard for twilight as my 12-year-old ass did you’d damn well know that bella had virtually no emotions and if kristen had played her as bubbly and lively then she wouldn’t have been playing that character she got bella down PAT and i don’t wanna hear this “kristen stewart is a bad actress” nonsense or i WILL get out my nunchucks and fight you

Orange Tulips (M)

Originally posted by kookiefly

=> Jeon Jungkook. Soulmate!AU. Reincarnation!AU 

Summary: You’d remember Jungkook with every life you lived. Only he’d never remember you, never recall how your fates were written in the stars since the beginning of time.

Genre: Angst. Fluff. Light Smut

Words: 10,294

a/n: This is a roller coaster of emotions, but it has a happy endng because I’m a sap and didn’t want to make myself cry.

He came to you like a breath of fresh air, cleansing your body and bringing life to your bones. He was the type of art that only existed on grainy canvases of white, beautiful colors blending together to form a perfection to your eyes. He was the smell of fresh rain on a summers afternoon, peculiar and satisfying mixed into nothing other than complete and utter fondness on your part.

He was your other half.

He just didn’t know it.

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Have some silly boys swishing their tails and playing with bubbles :3 Yes, Derek has a regal tang tail (’cause he and dory are pals). Stiles got a mosaic guppy one because freckles and also oversized.

I might turn this into another month long project… who knows!

(prints and stuff at the usual place. If you want to purchase the originals shoot me a dm/email/homingpigeon :PETA: they both found a new reef where to frolic :3 )