playing basketball at the pool


It was a sunny day, the sun was shining bright in the sky, but the fresh breeze made up for the heat. Since it was one of those days were you felt like doing absolutely nothing, you had convinced your boyfriend, Tom, to hang out by the pool this afternoon. You invited Harrison, as well as Zendaya to join you both. You and Zendaya were relaxing comfortably sitting by the pool. Harrison and Tom were playing basketball, but Harrison had gone inside to get some refreshments. While Harrison was still inside Tom had walked over to the two of you, before turning his attention to the pool. “Is the water cold?” He asked while he bent down to slightly dip his fingers into the pool. That’s when you got a mischievous idea. You slowly put down the book, as you got up from the chair, trying not to make any sudden movements or loud sounds to avoid ruining your whole plan. You came up to Tom from behind, very carefully. Once you were directly behind him, in one sort of swift motion, you pushed him into the pool. “Hey!” He tried reaching out to you to drag you in with him but you were too fast and got out of his reach. Once he came out to the surface of the water he looked directly at you and said partially screaming “Bloody hell woman, are you mad?” You were trying so hard not to fall. You were basically crying over your laughter. Zendaya had now sat up and was looking at both of you. She rolled her eyes at you, that was now almost lying completely on the ground, tears down your cheeks . You finally got up, one hand on your stomach, the other wiping the tears from your eyes. Zendaya had lied down as she went back to her thoughts. You looked back at Tom, who was still in the pool, looking at you with a sort of mad yet pensive expression. When he got out, you made sure to be as far from him as you could, knowing he would want revenge. Harrison was making his way through the door, but the second he saw Tom soaking wet, he stopped to ask, “What happened here mate?” Tom looked back at you. You looked downwards, trying to hide the childish smile in you face, and said, “I….I pushed Tom into…..the um….pool”. Clearly holding yourself back from laughing. He looked back at Tom as he started laughing out loud. “Well, Tom, i got you a soda” Harrison said as he held a bottle up to Tom. Tom sighed and took it, but before they could resume their game, he leaned close to you and said, “you’ll pay for this”. Both of them went out to the front and you sat back down next to Zendaya, a scared expression planted across your face. “You don’t think he means it, right?” You said as you shifted position so you were facing Zendaya. “I don’t know Y/N, he seemed pretty serious”. “Well yeah, but maybe he doesn’t mean it. Maybe he’s just saying that to scare me”. “Could be” she said as she shrugged her shoulders and looked at you, “then again, when has Tom not been serious about revenge?” She lied back down, and so did you. All you could think about no was what would Tom do to get his revenge, and more importantly, when. The rest of the afternoon you felt uneasy. Every time Tom came around you would just look sit down, just waiting for him to pick you up unexpectedly and throw you into the pool. But he never did, which made you even more scared.

The sun was now setting. You went inside and took a shower. Zendaya had left, but Harrison was still around. He and Tom were just chilling in the porch, when you had already taken a shower and changed into something comfy. You decided to watch some TV in the living room. After a while, Harrison left to run a last minute errand, and Tom went inside and sat at the kitchen island. You felt him stare at you. You had caught a glimpse of him from the corner of your eye. He just sat there, a grin across his face. He made you feel uncomfortable, and he knew that. In fact, he was doing it on purpose. It’d been a while like this. Each now and then you moved uncomfortably, but through it all he never took his gaze off from you. Finally, he got up from his seat to take a place next to you. He’d been playing basketball, and the heat was too much he’d decided to take off his shirt. And here he was, sitting next to you, shirtless. It was getting harder for you to concentrate on the movie you’d been watching. He was still staring at you, which made this whole thing a lot harder to ignore. He shifted positions, and was now facing you. You noticed your breathing had gotten faster, and your heart was now racing as well. As he got closer you started getting kind of nervous. He brought his hand and put it under your chin, moving it so you were facing him. He looked at you with his gorgeous brown eyes. You felt like if you were going to melt, giving the fact he looked so hot right now. He had that ‘i want you right here, right now’ kind of look. You were so lost in his eyes you didn’t notice he moved you so you were now sitting across his lap. He took your face in his hands and placed a sweet kiss on your lips. You broke off the kiss and looked at him questioning his every move. “What?” he said kissing you again. “Nothing, it’s just that-” you were cut off by him closing the gap between you too again. “You were saying” he said a cheeky smirk on his face. “I was waiting all day, and nothing” “what do you mean?” of course he knew what you were talking about. You were talking about how you’d waited all day for him to get back at you, and nothing. “Well..” you said as you fidgeted with your fingers. “Back at the pool, after i…um…after i pushed you into the pool… you said you’d get back at me….and so far….well, nothing” he let out a chuckle. “Right….right..Forget about that, i was joking”. “It doesn’t seem like you were joking”. Again he laughed. “What?” you said seeing how he’s just reacted. “Well, Y/N, don’t you think that if i wanted to get back at you, i would’ve already done that’”. “I don’t know”. He smiled at you, gosh he thought you were cute. He would have re-thought his whole plan, but he wasn’t giving in. He placed his hand on your cheek. His hand felt warm against your skin, until finally he kissed you again. This kiss just as sweet as the other, except now full of desire. While he kissed you, and making sure not to break the kiss, he picked you up bridal style. You didn’t quite notice until you tried to break the kiss, but he wouldn’t let you, making you fall back into it. You didn’t notice where he was taking you, until you felt the fresh air. Oh no, you thought. He broke off the kiss, but you didn’t had enough time to stop him. Before you knew it you’d already hit the water. “TOM!” you screamed. You couldn’t believe him. As you surfaced you saw him there, not even containing his laugh. “Yes dear?” he said resuming his laughter. You let out a grunt, “I fucking hate you” you said looking at him as mad as you possibly could. “Aww, and I fucking love you”. The water was freezing so without a doubt you got out of there. Tom stopped, he looked at you. He thought you looked so freaking adorable when you were mad, especially if it was at him. Because deep down he knew you weren’t really mad. You walked over to him. You stood in front of him, soaking wet. You were so mad right now, but that feeling was slowly fading away, since he just looked so cute with that cheesy smile plastered on his face. It was then when you came up with a great idea. You moved towards him, until you were close enough. And then you wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him in for a tight hug, making sure to get him soaking wet as well. “Oh, Y/N” he whined. But he didn’t care. He hugged you as tightly as he could, slightly picking you up at the same time. When he finally put you down, he smiled at you like a lovesick puppy. “What?” you asked. “Nothing, you just look so cute, love” You couldn’t help but blush. And in that instant he pulled you in for a kiss. “Awww” you both heard someone say from behind as you stepped away from each other. It was no one else that Harrison, and he was standing there looking at the both of you. Again you blushed, which only made Tom pull you close to him. You quickly hid your face in his chest. “Come on, let’s get you inside before you catch a cold”, Tom said as the three of you made your way back inside.

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27 w Nate

“Try it one more time and I swear..“
I felt a hand on my ass for the tenth time today. “Nate!” I exclaimed.

“I’m sorry, Ma, your ass just looks so fine in that, I can’t help it.” I glare at my boyfriend once again.

“Yeah, sure. Control yourself. At least until we get home anyways,” I smirk at the desperate look he gives me.

We were at a pool party with all the guys, some of their girlfriends, and a couple extra people. Everyone was having fun, and probably didn’t even notice that Nate couldn’t keep his hands off of me, but it didn’t matter. We hadn’t told his fans yet and if any pics of him feeling me up ended up online, there would be a huge uproar.

I was talking to a couple of my friends for a minute, until they decided to head into the pool, and I decided to wait until I finished my drink. While staring at the little makeshift bar, Nate came back up to me, wrapping his arms around me from behind, then slowly sliding his hand up to my boob, at which point I smacked his arm and moved around to escape his grasp.

“Try it one more time and I swear…”

“You swear what, Y/N?” he teased me.

I just huffed and handed him my drink. taking off my cover-up to reveal my bikini and heading into the pool.

He just stared at me and I waved before turning around to join whatever conversation the girls were having. I laughed and played around with them in the pool, and every time I looked back, there Nate was, in a group with some of the guys, but with his eyes on me.  

Eventually he got in the pool to play basketball with Sammy and the Jacks. I kept talking with the girls, until another guy, who I didn’t know, came up to us. For a while, we were all talking together, but eventually the girls spread off in separate directions and it was just us, talking. We bonded over some of the movies we watched and where we both were from, Michigan.

Some time later, I saw Nate coming over, but chose not to acknowledge him because he’d been annoying me earlier. As he came up he immediately wrapped his arms around me from behind, again. By the look on the guy’s face which was horror, I could tell Nate was giving him that same stare down he gave every other guy I talked with.

“I, uh, I gotta go. But I’ll talk to you later, Y/N.” And with that he swam away. Quickly.

I sighed and turned to Nate. “Nate you gotta stop-“

He cut me off by kissing me, his arms wrapped around me tightly.

After a minute I finally pulled myself out of the trance and stopped kissing him. I glared at him as he let me go, then made my way out of the pool, going unnoticed by everyone because luckily they were half-drunk. I dried myself off and went inside the house. Nate quickly followed after me.

“Why are you in such a mood today, Y/N?”

“You’re the one who wanted to keep this under wraps. You cannot just be all over me whenever you want to. One picture on social media is all it’ll take.”

“This is about keeping it secret?” he laughed.

“This isn’t funny Nate.” I crossed my arms.

“You know I love you right?” he said, pulling me closer.

“Yes,” I murmured.

“I know I said we should keep it secret and all, but I don’t like that I can’t show my girl off.” He kissed me on the forehead. “Now lighten up, we’re at a party, we’re supposed to have fun.” I nod, kissing him deeply. He leaned into me, whispering in my ear even though we were alone, “And later, when we get home, we can have a whole different type of fun.”

I laughed and pulled him back outside.


Things to do instead of binge eating
  • Call a friend, your sponsor, a support person, anyone who you can talk to who will either get your mind off of food, or someone to talk to about whatever it is that you might be feeling.
  • Go for a walk
  • Drink a cup of tea
  • Meditate or listen to a quit binge eating hypnosis session. 
  • Give yourself a manicure/pedicure– can’t binge with wet nails.
  • Volunteer at the SPCA to walk dogs or pet cats.
  • Go to a movie if the food there is not a trigger.
  • Watch a funny movie at home.
  • Take a shower, do a facemask, give yourself a hot oil treatment, shave your legs, tweeze your brows (have some self-care/ pampering time.)
  • Get organized sort out your bills, create a budget– organize your home, your closet, and your life! Often getting organized can help you feel more in control and enable you to thwart a binge, which can often feel very out of control.
  • Draw, paint or color.
  • Knit or do needlepoint
  • Take a nap
  • Get out of your house and into your car, go to the beach, the lake, and the park… somewhere pretty and relaxing. (And take pic and instagram it! ) 
  • Clean out your closet, donate your old clothes or sell them on eBay.
  • Go window-shopping.
  • Read a good book.
  • Clean your house/room/closet/school/notes/files or whatever it is
  • Put on music and dance it out.
  • Go out dancing with friends
  • Call your friends over and have a dance party.
  • Go to the gym.
  • Stretch, go to a yoga class, do a yoga DVD or an exercise or yoga class on OnDemand cable.
  • Take a relaxing bath with nice bath salts or essential oils.
  • Write in your journal
  • Move! Do jumping jacks, run in place, anything to move a little energy and release some tension.
  • Scream into a pillow.
  • Pray, pray, pray (just keep praying, He’s there, always has been, always will, and he listens to you, all the time) 
  • Go to an OA or EDA meeting, either online, in person, or on the phone.
  • Go to an online support forum with other people dealing with disordered eating issues.
  • Read a (non triggering!!!) magazine
  • Write a blog or start one on Wordpress or Blogger!
  • Twitter (tweet your fave celebrity and/or friends)
  • Read personal journey blogs about others recovering from binge eating. For instance, Eating Journey, Healthy Girl, Recovery Discover, You’d be so pretty If…, Curbing the Crave, or The Binge Diary.
  • Sing… OUT LOUDDDDD! 
  • Get your hair done or do your own hair. Experiment with different styles, curling iron, flat iron, curlers, etc.
  • Make cards for people, catch up on Thank You notes, send out notes to relatives you haven’t spoken to or seen in a long time.
  • Go out and take photos.
  • Scratch things off your “to do” list
  • Play video games.
  • Play scrabble online
  • Chat with friends on Facebook or update your Facebook profile
  • Write and direct a short play with stuffed animals or Barbie dolls or action figures or your pets or sock puppets and videotape it to put on YouTube.
  • Download songs (or torrent them… shhh!!) 
  • Give yourself a foot massage
  • Smell lavender or rose or anything you like
  • Pick flowers or go to a floral shop
  • Garden
  • Create a collage
  • Go bowling/miniature golf
  • Scrapbook
  • Write an angry letter to whomever you are holding anger at. You don’t have to send it, just let it out.  Afterwards, put it somewhere safe. You might let go of some emotions that you’d been stuffing and you might find that you no longer have the urge to binge.
  • Go through old pictures
  • Cuddle with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, daughter, son, cat, dog, teddy bear, etc.
  • Do karaoke, you can either go out to do it, or do it at home with OnDemand Cable if you have it.
  • Water your plants– if you don’t have any, go out and buy some plants!
  • Go through your closet and donate all clothes that are too big, too small, out of date or unworn. Keep the clothes that you feel good about yourself in.
  • Zone out in front of the TV; catch up on your shows– as long as television is not a binge trigger.
  • Play music! If you play an instrument, whip it out and start playing. If not, teach yourself to play one. Beat on some bongos, ping a triangle, strum a guitar, whatever is convenient to you. If nothing, make an instrument out of household objects and play it.
  • Tell the binge that you are stronger than it. You are stronger than the urge to binge. Just because you want to, doesn’t mean you have to.
  • Brush and floss your teeth
  • Catch up on your emails
  • Learn a new language!
  • Make a rubber band ball. Try to beat the guy who made the world’s largest rubber band ball. Or better yet, set a World Record! 
  • Write a letter to your future self, your recovered self about what you’re going through right now. (This will be very interesting, I promise!)
  • Write some notes with positive messages and post them around your home or get out of the house and put them up in dressing rooms, public restroom mirrors, restaurants, — help Operation Beautiful!
  • Make a list of why you rock. Think about what’s great about you. Can’t think of those things? Call someone who loves you and ask them to tell you.
  • Spin around in circles like a *Whirling Dervish. *Whirling Dervish (wurl-ing dur-vish) n. 1. A mystical dancer who stands between the material and cosmic worlds. His dance is part of a sacred ceremony in which the dervish rotates in a precise rhythm. He represents the earth revolving on its axis while orbiting the sun. The purpose of the ritual whirling is for the dervish to empty himself of all distracting thoughts, placing him in trance; released from his body he conquers dizziness.
  • Light candles and incense and relax
  • Explore your neighborhood or town.
  • Call a friend or relative who has been unhappy lately and needing some support. Sometimes giving support can be incredibly heartening and also supports the supporter.
  • Use crayons to color hard! This can release tension.
  • Build a terrarium.
  • Search through your couch and house for change! Put everything you can in a jar and put it aside to start a fund for yourself as a motivator in your recovery. Every time you reach a milestone (ie: no bingeing or restricting for one week) you can buy yourself something fun, like a new pair of shoes, or some jewelry or new CD, or whatever you like within reason.
  • Write a long, heart-wrenching letter and stick it in a bottle and send it offRoll on your back. This is a spinal massage that helps you to feel relaxed and rejuvenated.
  • Drink a glass of water.
  • Play solitaire or other games.
  • Read positive affirmations and believe you can achieve what you truly want in life – to be happy! 
  • Write out your intentions or personal goals for yourself for the week. Write out both long term and short term goals- things that you are striving for and ways to help you get there.
  • Throw a temper tantrum! Go into your bedroom, lie on your stomach in your bed and scream into your pillow while you kick your legs and punch your hands into the bed. Ever see kids do this? They expend all that energy and it moves right through them. As adults, we can’t really do this and lots of anger and pain winds up feeling stuck in the body. We often try to stuff that down with food and for some, get rid of it by purging.
  • Plan a party or get together or weekend trip with your friends.
  • Go bowling, play pool, play golf or miniature golf, play basketball, hit tennis balls, go to a batting cage.
  • Beat up your pillow/bolster.
  • Make jewelry out of household items or beads or coins.Smell aromatherapy oils.
  • Paint your garbage can.
  • Make stuffed animals or throw pillows out of old clothing.Give yourself a facial treatment.
  • Look through old pictures.
  • Pretend that you are a tourist in your old city or town. Look up things to do that tourists would do and do it!
  • Teach yourself to juggle.
  • Go to the museum or the zoo. If it’s not the right time, go to an online museum and learn all about art.
  • You can also take that old clothing, especially those that are significant to your eating disorder days, and cut it up into squares and make a “recovery quilt.”
  • Make a cootie catcher with positive messages inside.
  • Do a home makeover! Rearrange your furniture, get rid of things that you no longer want– sell them on eBay! Put up some curtains; just make things pretty for yourself.
  • Do online crossword puzzles or Sudoku or boggle.
  • Enter sweepstakes.
  • Do volunteer work.
  • Write a novel, short story, or poetry.
  • Fight Procrastination! Do homework, write that paper you’ve been putting off, work on your dissertation (ahem…)
[INTERVIEW / TRANS] 14/10/29 ANAN October issue (part 1)

(The situation) Now exists because we went through the hardship of staying in a dorm together.

─Right now Hyunseung and Dongwoon are staying with their families while the other 4 are living independently; comparing now to the times when you were dorming together, what are the pros (to living on your own)?

Hyunseung: I am able to rest at my own pace. I sleep well.
Junhyung: I am able to change the interior to my liking and I have freedom to create a space that’s mine alone. But now, thinking back of the time when us six were squashed shoulder to shoulder in one room, it was enjoyable.
Yoseob: During our trainee days, in one room there were three bunk beds so it was extremely small. Whenever we ordered jjajangmyun, we would eat it on the bed…
Junhyung: Everyone lied down in the same direction but only Kikwangie would be in the opposite direction. Every morning when I wake up, his legs would be in front of my eyes.
Kikwang: It’s because I wanted to kiss Junhyungie’s feet (laughs).
Junhyung: A nice smell comes out of my feet and you can sleep well cause of it right?
Kikwang: Yeah, a nice smell (laughs). To be honest, if everyone was lying down in the same direction, we wouldn’t have been able to sleep.
Yoseob: Dongwoonie’s sleep talking is severe.
Junhyung: Dongwoonie would start sleep talking when he’s asleep so everyone knows when he falls asleep. But he jerks/moves his body and that’s scary (laughs).
Yoseob: He kicks the wall in his sleep (laughs).
Junhyung: Dongwoonie, when you were rooming with Yoseobie, you were complaining about this and that right?
Dongwoon: Hold up! No! I really liked it!!
Yoseob: Looking at it, it feels like there was a wall I couldn’t see in that room, a feeling like there was another room within that room (laughs).
Dongwoon: However, when I used the computer at night, Yoseobie hyung…
Doojoon: (imitates Yoseob)”Go to bed quickly!”
Yoseob: The gaming screen is blinding. But I have no idea where he found it, but he had a huge box and blocked the light from escaping.
Hyunseung: Dongwoonie pounds across the hallway at night too but he’s the best magnae.
Doojoon: Although we had difficult times while dorming, isn’t it because of those times that we are able to be how we are now? Us altogether nosily talking about it could be something trivial but I’m happy.
Hyunseung: Yup, it’s definitely that way.
Junhyung: Although it wouldn’t work out if we went back to that again (laughs).

Facts of living alone. Marrying late!?

─Please tell us about your room (or house).
Hyunseung: The room that I have in the home I live in with my family is a comfortable one. It’s ordinary. In my room, I surf the web and I play games.
Dongwoon: I stay with my family too and my room is grey toned. In it, my pastel toned photo frames and Bearbricks are the point (of the room).  At the veranda, I put things like cactus, giving it a botanical garden feel.
Doojoon: You call that a botanical garden!? You only have 2~3 pots.
Dongwoon: The fans gave me presents so putting them together it looks like a garden.
Junhyung: The red sofa is the point in my house. At first it was a beige sofa but spilled things on it would leave marks so I went with a darker color. Going with a darker color, if I chose black it would feel heavy. It is a house I live in alone so I treated myself to a red sofa.
Yoseob: That sofa is comfortable.
Junhyung: But actually, my mom scolded me asking why I chose a red one. To my mom, a sofa that isn’t beige won’t do, she’s the type of person who thinks that if the sofa isn’t beige, it isn’t considered a sofa (laughs).
Doojoon: I have 5 computers at home for gaming and there’s a sandbag too for exercising.
Junhyung: There’s a tape on it since the sandbag is torn (laughs).
Yoseob: My pet Yanggaengie is the focus of my house so I’m not really sure who is the owner of the house…

─Junhyung raises a puppy too right. In Japan, if someone who lives alone raises a pet, he/she will marry late.
Junhyung: I don’t know if it’s that way in Korea too but when you raise a pet, you definitely get less lonely. You could probably feel that there is no need to get married. You clear its litter, you give it food, wash/shower it. Looking at how much attention is given to it, there’s probably lesser time to have a relationship with a woman.
Yoseob: There’s nothing that can be done when you miss out on the suitable age to get married. Since marriage isn’t something that turns out just as what you expect it to be.
Junhyung: That is right.

─The messiest room?

Yoseob: Mine! I’ve been busy so things are slowly piling up. I should spring cleaning sometime.
Doojoon: Kikwangie’s has nothing, it’s like a model house/showroom.
Yoseob: You room is fairly clean too but it’s because you’re just like Kikwangie – with very little things (laughs).
Doojoon: I clean up diligently!
Yoseob: Really? (laughs) The person who decorates his room best is probably Junhyung. If Kikwangie clears and arranges his stuff, it’ll look good too.
Kikwang: Right after I moved, I got hurt so my things have been like that. I’ll start putting my room together now!

What song will you let BEAUTY listen to in your room!

─If you invited BEAUTY to your room, which BEAST song would you let her/him listen to?
Junhyung: History, that Kikwang wrote thinking about the atmosphere of lovers spending time together in a room. I can’t really understand the lyrics, I would like to try it so I can understand the feeling.
Kikwang: Then for me too, ‘Histery’!
Hyunseung: You got the title wrong (laughs). It’s your own song.
Kikwang: It is ‘History’ mixed with ‘Mystery’…
Doojoon: For me, a song that hasn’t been released. A song that Junhyungie has completed, a demo song that only the members know of. Isn’t that refreshing?
Junhyung: That is a leak (laughs).
Doojoon: It’s fine listening from my phone isn’t it.
Yoseob: For me, Junhyung’s solo song ‘Slow’. I think it’s a song you listen to in a composed atmosphere.
Dongwoon: I don’t like people in my roo… I don’t like anyone entering my room so I lock it.
Hyunseung: Aren’t you all forgetting a song that you’d like BEAUTY to listen to?
All: Huh!?
Hyunseung: ‘What About You?’. You should introduce our song to the Japanese BEAUTY.
All: Oh~!! We definitely want you to listen to it.

─In the future. what kind of house/room would you like to live in?

Hyunseung: I want to live in a house by the sea, like the one that came out in the ‘Full House’ drama.
Doojoon: Right now I’m living in my dream house so I’m satisfied with this!
Yoseob: I would like a house with a garden at the front and at the back where Yanggaengie can play around. Right now, more than myself, it would be nice if Yanggaengie had a house. Ah, will I be marrying late because I’m having these thoughts (laughs).
Dongwoon: I hear that in Florida you can get a house with a swimming pool for USD1200 a month. If that’s true, I want to move around many places like that.
Kikwang: The place I want to live in would have a swimming pool, I could play soccer, basketball and tennis in it, I could see the sea or the river, it would be bright and well-ventilated and I could get into the tub while watching a huge TV…
Dongwoon: You could achieve that dream with USD1200 in Florida (laughs).
Junhyung: I would like to live in the house Kikwangie described but the house needs to have value. Buy it cheap but sell it at an expensive price! Like that.
Doojoon: Is it an investment (laughs).
Kikwang: If I live with the person I love, I don’t want to live in the city; I want to live a laid-back life in the quiet suburbs.
Junhyung: I’m definitely like that too when I think of being married. Till that happens, right now is enjoyable!

Source: @makky_B2ST_tw, JPN-KR: @KongKongXD
Please note that translations may contain inaccuracies.
When taking out, please credit to @yongjunna, @KongKongXD and @makky_B2ST_tw

You shouldn't have to be jealous. (N.M Imagine)

Anon Request; can I maybe get one where Nate feels jealous because Sammy is flirting with me. Please and Thank you.

“Babe!” I heard my boyfriend yell from downstairs, I was upstairs cleaning mine and his shared room along with the bathroom and guest bedroom and bathroom.

“Yeah?” I yelled back

“Sammy wants us to go over today and just hang out with him the jacks mike and swift!”

“What was that I couldn’t hear you from upstairs” I said

“Sammy wants us to go over today and just hang out with him the jacks mike and swift, like swim/barbecue type thing” he added

“Okay, yeah, sounds fun, well let me finish cleaning our room, and we’ll get ready and go”

“Sounds good lil mama, I’ll be down here playing xbox” he said giving me a kiss

I went back up stairs, finished cleaning, then we both got ready, and we left.

Arriving to Sammy’s I was a little nervous because one of the boys always tries to flirt with me knowing I’m Nate’s, and plus I was always the only girl.

We walked in and of course I’m still the only girl, but we were greeting of course Sammy going a little to far with my hello

“Ayyyy baby girl, you look beautiful in that bathing suit of yours” he said hugging me the giving me a wink when we pulled way. per usual I rolled my eyes and said my hellos to everyone else.

Sammy and I were kinda close I mean we grew up next door to each other, he’s the one who introduced me to Nate.

When everyone finally got comfortable, we all took off our clothes that were covering out swim clothes me headed to the pool, I was the last one out because I had to take off more than the guys. When I stepped out I got looks from all the guys, I’m not gonna lie and say I don’t know why because I do, I had big boobs and kinda thick thighs with a medium sized butt, but still that shouldn’t give them a reason to stare.

We all got into the pool, i sat on the ledge cause I wasn’t ready to get fully in yet, Nate came over to me and sat in between my legs while I played with his hair and we all talked.

Then mike suggested they play basketball inside the pool, so Nate left from in between my legs and they all played, mid through the game Sammy came and sat beside me.

“Having fun Y/N?” Sammy asked

“Yeah a lot thanks for inviting us.” I said smiling

“My pleasure” he said poking my sides to tickle me

Nate looked over at us and his face went red, I knew he was mad, but I didn’t have a clue as to why. He threw the ball to Swift and got out of the pool. Of course I followed.

“Nate!” I yelled walking behind him “Babe!” I yelled again this time grabbing his arm

“What y/n?! Go with Sammy, obviously you enjoy his company more than mine!”

“What are you talking about? Wait are you jealous? Why? Do you hear me getting mad and bitching to you when you’re with all these girls at parties and shit but you can be jealous over a friendship?”

“It’s different y/n, those girls can’t take me away from you, no matter how hard they try, but I have his gut feeling that Sammy can do it at any moment.”

“Nate, I’m yours, and only yours, no one or nothing can take that away from you, and that’s a promise” I said pulling him into a hug

“Now can we go out back so I can show Sammy that you’re mine?”

We walked back outside and the boys all looked at us and Swift said “Aw look, the happy couple fixed their problems”

“Yeah we did but there’s one little thing I want you guys to know” Nate said to the boys

“Jump” he whispered with a smirk

I jumped wrapped my legs around him and we kissed, “now I hope you guys know, she’s mine.” He said

“Message received” Johnson Joked

Hope you enjoyed!! 💖💖 Keep requesting 😋💖

Oblivion (Sam)

OH MY GOD! your Sammy Wilk Imagine thing was amazing. Do more, please! ;) A smutty one, maybe!? x

(based on the song Oblivion by Bastille) you’re best friends Sam and it’s your last summer together before you go to different schools and he tells you that he’s in love with you. Then you know the heated stuff 😎😏

                                        Listen Here!


You and Sam had been best friends since freshman year. You two were inseparable almost. Most people thought you were dating, but you both were just really close and flirty. After you guys graduated, reality set in. You were going to college at the University of Michigan and he was going to the University of Nebraska off of a basketball scholarship. You always had feelings for Sam and you just kept them to yourself, because you didn’t want to ruin the friendship you guys had. 

“Babe, come sit by me.” Sam called. 

You guys were at a small get together. It was only a small group of close friends hanging out. You guys had spent the afternoon swimming in the pool and playing basketball. 

You walk over and sit on the couch next to Sam. He smiles over at you and you smile back at him. Sam pulls you in his lap and you giggle. 

“Let’s get out of here.” Sam whispers in your ear. 

You nod your head and he takes your hand, lacing your finger together. 

“We’re gonna head out.” Sam says to everyone. 

You say your goodbyes and head out to Sam’s car. 

“Do you want to come over for a little while?” Sam asks.

“Sure.” You say.

Once you arrive at Sam’s house, he pulls into the driveway and runs out to open the door for you. You climb out and Sam shifts nervously, playing with his keys in his pocket.

“Sam, what’s going on?” You ask leaning up against his car.

“I’ve just been thinking. I’ve been thinking about the fact we’re going to be over 700 miles apart. I can’t let you go.” Sam says, tears forming in his eyes.

“Sammy, we both knew it was going to happen. We have the Summer together and we’re both coming back home in the Summer’s. This isn’t goodbye.” You say. 

“(Y/N), I can’t let you go and not let you know how I really feel.” Sam walks closer to you and places one of his hands on your hip and the other on your cheek.

“You’re perfect. I remember what you were wearing one the first day of freshman year. You walked into Algebra and you were terrified and you took a seat next to me and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of you. I had to get to know you. Now it’s at the point that if you go, I don’t think I’ll ever love someone the way I love you." 

"Sam,” You start saying.

“I will do whatever it takes for us to be together.”

You stand up on your tipy toes and press a kiss to his lips. Sam doesn’t kiss back at first, he’s in shock. He finally starts kissing back and he lifts you up and sets you on the hood of his car. 

“Let me show you how much I love you.” Sam whispers against your lips.

You nod your head.

Sam knew you were a virgin and you knew he was very experienced. Every ounce of your being yearned for Sam’s touch.

Sam carries you into the house and up to his room, you leaving love bites up and down his neck. He places you on the bed and hovers over you. 

“We don’t have to do this.” Sam says.

“I want to.” You say, meaning it.

“Tell me to stop and I will." 

Sam lifts his shirt up over his head and starts unbuttoning your shirt and kisses up your stomach as he unbuttons it. Your breath hitches in the back of you throat as Sam reaches your boobs. He kisses the top of them then pulls your shirt off your shoulders. He then slides down your shorts. He kisses the inside of your thighs. He slides down your panties. He kisses the top inside of your thighs.

"Sam.” You moan.

He moves up and finally kisses your sex then licking your slit. His tongue then slides in and out of you, leaving you moaning, a mix of curse words and Sam’s name. You feel a pit in your stomach and you release yourself. It was an unreal feeling something you’ve never experienced before. Sam licks you clean before attaching his lips back to yours. You arch your back and Sam unclasps your bra, leaving you there naked and vulnerable in front of him. Sam unbuckles his belt and takes his pants off, not looking away from you.

“God, you’re beautiful.” He says, kissing you again. 

You find a source of confidence and slide down Sam’s boxers. He lowers down even more, his tip teasing your entrance.

“If I hurt you, tell me to stop.” Sam says.

You nod your head as Sam slides himself into you.

You cry out in pain and you dig your nails into the back of Sam’s shoulders. Tears fall from your eyes and Sam kisses them as they fall down your cheeks.

Once you’ve adjusted a bit your pain turns into pleasure and all you can think about is how in love you are with Sam. How you started falling for the scrawny little kid in Algebra class and how you’ve gotten to where you are today. 

Sam rocks his hips, slowly thrusting in and out of you. You moan against Sam’s lips as he kisses you with so much passion. You feel the pit in your stomach return and you release yourself again, Sam shortly following. his thrusts become sloppy and he pulls out of you then lays next to you. He pulls you into his chest and kisses your forehead. He wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you closer, so there isn’t any space between you.

“Will you forget about me when you’re away?” Sam mumbles.

“I’ll never forget about you. You’re my one and only." 



This Is Who I Am - Ross Lynch

You have to let the love of music drive you. When you love it, and you’re playing it, and you finally get it…that’s where, like, the soul comes from. You’re feeling it. [x]

3rd G of Replace V Translation

I’ve realised that I am probably getting more worked up over this whole translation thing than it needs to be. So I’ve decided to stop overthinking it. Work has been kind of stressful recently and translating Replace V has been a great way to destress. So that’s what I’ll do. Worse comes to worst, there’s more than one translation in the fandom; not exactly the end of the world.

My plans after this are: 1st G, 5th G, then 2nd G because Haizaki’s one is super depressing and I kind of want to leave it for last orz I was originally going to do the Seirin chapter first but thinking about translating Izuki’s puns makes me want to cry. So.

Anyway, please enjoy the Ogiwara and Kuroko chapter. In which Ogiwara cooks and Kuroko is a grandma’s boy (like a momma’s boy but with a bigger age gap).

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Shawn Mendes Imagine for Anon

Your best friends were coming over today; the Magcon boys. You were super close with all of them, especially Matt. You two have been close since kindergarten. You recently have been dating Shawn for three months now. You were getting chips and soda ready for outside. You placed them on the table as you collected towels for the pool. The door then rung, you sprinted throughout your house to open it. “Hey Y/N!” Matt says as he immediately hugs you. Since he was familiar with your house, he started running over to your dog; Gracy. All of the boys came behind Matt as they hug you one at a time. You let the Jacks, Nash, Cameron, Carter, Aaron, and Taylor in to meet with Matt. You noticed Shawn was the last one to greet you. “Hey, Y/N.” He says as he wraps his hands around your waist giving you a sweet passionate kiss. “Hi Shawn.” You giggle as you hug him tightly. You both intertwine fingers as you walk out to your patio/pool. You see and hear all of the boys scream and make comments as you walk out. Matt then comes to your side and puts your arm around you playfully. “How’s ma homie.” He laughs. “I’m great, Matthew.” You poke his side making him jump. He then takes a squirt gun and sprays you and Shawn with the help of the other boys. “I hate you guys.” Shawn says. You and Shawn keep holding hands walking over to the tables for towels. “Here.” You hand him one watching him pat down his face. You turn on your stereo to full volume as you watch the boys dance to the beats. They all started jumping into the pool, splashing you with water. You cover your face. “Who was that!” you say. All of the boys look at you and point over to Matthew; of course. “I’m gonna get you.” You point to him. He clenches his teeth together as he swims away. “Y/N, get in!” Cameron throws a plush ball at you. “You too, hot shot.” He says throwing another ball at Shawn.

You watch Shawn as he quickly takes his shirt off, showing off his muscles. “Damn.” You laugh. You feel water splashing on you once again. Turning around, noticing Taylor smirk at you two. “Dayum, Shawn!” he shrieked making your ears bleed. Shawn laughed motioning you to take your shirt off. You did so revealing your black bikini. Shawn’s eyes grew wide. “Damn.”

“DAYUMMM.” You hear the boys behind you shrieking again. You walk into the pool with Shawn holding your waist. You get a chill feeling once you step inside. “It’s cold” you complain. You suddenly hear footsteps running after you. You were pushed in. Your body was getting used to the cold water.

You finally swim back up to the surface wiping your eyes. You were going to murder whoever did that. You had a feeling it was one of the boys, and by one of the boys, you mean Matt. You open your eyes as you scan all the boys nervously looking at you until you get to Matt. He had his stupid little puma face on. “Matt!” you scream as you quickly swim after him. You knew Matt was a slow swimmer, so you swim underwater to confuse him. You look at him stop and turn to see where you were. You pop up and splash water in his face as he shrieks like a little girl. You laugh and swim back to the boys who were throwing balls into your pool basketball hoop. “Let’s play chicken!” Jack J suggested. Everyone agreed and got into groups. You were in Cameron’s team, with Nash, Jack j, and Taylor.

A couple games went by until you were up. “Who am I fighting against?” you ask Cam. He pointed to Jack G. You bite your lip hoping he doesn’t break you. Nash goes under your legs and picks you up by his shoulders. “Nash, you better hold me.” You say to him. “Don’t worry, Y/N, I got you.” You meet faces with Jack G as he playfully throws punches at you. You wince a bit but put your game face on. “Let’s go, Gilinsky.” You say. “1…2…3…GO.” Taylor shrieked. Jack immediately goes for your waist, he knew how ticklish you were. He started to tug on your arm as you went to defend yourself. You smack away his hand and start wrestling him. You put your arms over his shoulder leaning him over to the right. “Jack, how much do you weigh!” Matt barked below you two. Jack started to laugh which gave you an advantage of knocking him down to the water surface. You yelled in victory with all of the boys on your team, then suddenly you feel Nash about to trip. You go down with him, but then fall into someone’s arms. It was Shawn. You smile as you high five him and go over to the edge were you can stand. You notice your dog on the ledge as well watching everyone. You share a kiss with Shawn as he holds your waist tightly. “Love you, y/n.” he says.


As you may have noticed I haven’t been posting pages for like!! Months.  Cause I’m the worst.  SO HERE’S WHAT’S UP.

Before it was about soccer, FIGHT! started as a comic about fighting, because, wow, am I creative.  It’s been shrouded in dark heavy themes, like growing up and figuring out how to be a person and a lot of great stuff that I’m working on in my own life.  But here’s the deal, I’m not really cut out to tell those kinds of stories.  When my own life is draining, I want to draw stuff that makes me laugh and enjoy what I’m doing.  The way Fight exists right now, I’m not happy.

“Does that mean Fight! is over?? Is this the end, only six pages in?” You might be asking.  Don’t worry, friend, this is not the end.  If you’ve been following my work for a while you already know that I tend to rebrand stuff two or three times before getting it right.  The past two months I’ve been working through production stuff and trying to feel out what I need to do to make this comic something I can enjoy and be proud of.

So here’s what’s gonna happen.  Fight! will be returning in TWO WEEKS as a fun, light-hearted episodic soccer romcom.  I love all of these characters and I realized I was just drowning in the deep end of a story that was on the other end of the pool playing with those big foam noodles and playing dumb water basketball.  Imagine, cute soccer players having fun with pool toys.  I feel sweaty. dO YOU FEEL SWEATY—- I feel like my weird analogy fell apart here

I’ll see you in TWO WEEKS with a lot of soccer fun.