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A First Encounter

*At the House of Gaunt, Merope attempts to subtly admire her neighbor, Tom Riddle, from afar.*

Marvolo Gaunt: Get back in here you disgusting little squib!

*A few minutes later*

Tom Riddle: There’s one of the Gaunts now. Hello there girl.

Tom Riddle: Come now Cecilia, darling. I’ve had enough of looking at this eyesore of a cottage.

Cecilia: And surely you must’ve had enough of looking at her dreadful form!

Tom: Yes, you’re right. She is a dismal looking creature.

Cecilia: Or should you say… gaunt!


Thyme has no idea how to play group fetch. He just follows 😂

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Ahh, it’s time for my favorite pastime of combining AUs with other AUs. This time I played around with @mist-lightning-snap’s kwami power swap by combining it with my (slightly altered) genderbends. I also incorporated @princessofharte idea of the kwami’s retaining their personalities same as before, with Jabii being overly-confident and therefore lazy because she’s a tiny goddess of good fortune! What could go wrong! and Yuun trying to be super encouraging despite the misfortune he brings.

Some other details for this au..within an au…

  • Jabii’s name comes from the Korean word 자비 which means mercy/charity (just added another “i” to fit Kwami naming conventions)
  • Yuun’s name stems from 厄运 (Èyùn) which is Chinese for “bad luck/doom”
  • I decided to switch Adrienne’s name to Aurélie, which is something I’ve been thinking about doing for awhile…
  • I gave Marin a Chinese name, 海明 (HăiMing) which means “bright/clear sea” to go with Marin meaning “sailor/of the sea”
  • Aurélie has blue/green eyes and Marin’s are now hazel
  • “Arlequin” is just French for harlequin and Aurélie’s is just the feminine equivalent of “minou”.. I was not uh.. feeling too creative in the hero name department today (so it’s subject to change). 
  • I haven’t figured out their powers yet but they will be slightly different from Tikki’s and Plagg’s…
  • Sometimes Marin wears his hair up out-of-suit but not often. Opposite goes for Aurélie wearing her hair down. She usually has it up somehow.
  • Marin and Aurélie only know each other in this AU as heroes! Not as civilians (yet)

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