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if you take out the kissing and like 20% of the dialogue, magnus and alec act more like close friends than an actual couple lmao :/

ok but…this is like saying if you took out all the cheese and 20% of the butter, all you have left are more like plain noodles than mac and cheese. i mean technically yeah, but you realize why that is, right?

2x07 was done exceptionally poorly and intimacy between lgbt+ couples is important on screen, but that’s not exactly a reason to invalidate their relationship altogether nor erase the parts of their relationship that have been relatable and important to many people. there’s a difference between this and criticizing aspects of their recent portrayal.

Sherlock learning old love songs (like that his parents used to play around the house) on his violin because he thinks John will like them. And John does like the sound, but he’s a little patchy on the lyrics, so he makes up nonsense ones and sings them to himself and to Sherlock. Sherlock mostly likes the John versions of those songs best.


As you might know, I’m playing around with an animal crossing themed save in TS4 right now and I decided to try to slowly replace all the townies with sim versions of villagers and try to build them houses inspired by their ac:nl homes.
Today I made Molly Kamomi and her house.

speaking of gremlin children, there’s no way holly WASN’T, to some extent, a gremlin child

no, she’s not and has never been the type to pick fights with people

but are you really suggesting any child raised by joseph fucking joestar would not be a trickster in some capacity?

she ABSOLUTELY was running around playing pranks on the fam and then sweetly denying that she did a thing

she has a 99% success rate

her technique is flawless

BTS Reaction To You Wanting A Baby

Namjoon: Namjoon would stay silent for a couple of minutes after you told him you wanted a child but then he’d smile thinking about starting a family with you.

Taehyung: This cute ball of sunshine would be so eager to finally have a child with you. I mean come on this boy loves children more than anyone else on this planet.

Hoseok: Hoseok would be shocked at first because he didn’t think you were serious until you finally convinced him that you weren’t playing around. But then he’d be like Tae and be super happy.

Jin: You both would ask the each other the same question at the exact same time. You would smile eagerly as you nodded and he would be smiling wide as well over joyed at the thought of finally starting a family with you.

Jungkook: “Do you actually think we can do it? I mean I’m all up for the process of making a baby,”he said scared at the thought of a child. I don’t think he’d be really ready when you ask about having a baby but when he is ready he’d be the one asking you.

Yoongi: He would nod thinking you were playing around because he thought you weren’t ready for a child plus the hectic schedule he has he didn’t really put much thought into having a child. But when you kept on asking question regarding a child he realized you were dead serious about it and was a little happy that now he didn’t have to look forward to seeing just one person after coming home.

Jimin: He would playfully tell you that he wanted mini Jimins running around the apartment making you think about it seriously. Once you asked him if he really wanted to have a child with you he was a bit skeptical telling you he’d think about it. Once he decided that he did want to have a kid with you he would want to start right away with the process of making the child. “Practice makes perfect right?”he’d say winking at you.

Sorry for not being around much this week I’ve been helping a friend with some stuff and trying to stop the impending burnout

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Hi! I was wondering if its possible for you to do a hc thing where the reader has anxiety? And has told Ethan that listening to him play the ukulele calms them down, so he starts playing it more often (either in videos or for you or something). Sorry if its a little weird. Love you and your blog <3 Have a nice day and thank you.

No request is ever weird!! Please enjoy 😊💕


- You’d always get worked up and music usually helped

- Watching a clip from his previous live streams and listening to him play

- Asking him to play for you the next time you get anxious

- It calms your nervous always

- He’d start to sing with it and it would help you even more

- Him playing more often around the house just to keep you level and not so worked up

- You praising him for his skills and wanting to learn yourself

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Any tickly head cannons for Kuro (Servamp)

Sorry dear for keeping this stored in my inbox since like forevah, but here are some tickly headcanons for Kuro! Look what a sweeetheart<3

LEE Kuro:

» Kuro is very sensitive, especially his oh so often exposed tummy and sides, back, also knees are the regular to-go tickle spots. 

» With exposed and even vulnerable I mean, Kuro is always lazing around, either playing games, watching TV while lying on his stomach and arms under his head, or just lying sprawled on the floor in chill-mode. 

So it is very easy for Mahiru to just tweak his exposed side, poke his tummy or if he really wants to go for it, sit on top of him and tiiiickle him mercilessly<3

» As a reaction to the tickling, Kuroo will mewl and giggle adorably, starting at low and calm chuckles but then soon bursting into sweet laughter and squirming. 

» But guys Kuro is LAZY so he’ll first try his best to not bother moving around or reacting badly to the tickles, the ler in this game will have to be very ruthless and demanding to have him explode and be at their ticklishmercyy.

» Secret of the Kuro-tickles;; pull back his capuchon and flutter your fingers lightly behind his ears and down his neck. He’ll go to squeaking and squealing in an instant:)))

» He’s ticklish in cat form too, but he doesn’t mind it too much when someone scratches his cute tummy. He’ll just be a very thrashy jerky cat, mewling and making soft crying noises and it’s the cutest thing ever.

LER Kuro:

» You don’t want ler Kuro after you, because once this guy lifts his lazy ass and resorts to tickling, things are getting serious. Which means Kuro’s attacks are intense and he will use his Vampire strength/speed and whatnot all together.

» Living alone with him and bothering his Servamp a lot with tickles because the lazy messy bum just deserves it- Eve Mahiru just knows when he has gone to far because Kuro will slowly get up and go for his revenge.

» Same goes with his brothers, they know they’ve done it when Kuro goes after them, slow step after slow step and a dark look on his face, hands held out and no matter how fast or where they’ll run, Kuro will get them and tickle them. to. deat.

» This sneaky Servamp has a tickle accuracy like no one else with quick fingers, nasty little feint attacks and the best techniques to overpower his lee with wreeecking tickles. 

» He likes to use both hands on one spot, like scribble all ten fingers against that particular spot on Mahiru’s tummy, or use both hands on one side sometimes rather than tickle both sides at the same time. 

» He doesn’t even think when he tickles because that would be too troublesome, he just has a good feel for it. Kuro’s a natural ler:))

» Mostly he is in for the rough tickling in his non-lazy times, but his S/O (in my headcanons Mahiru cuz I ship them to death) will have to introduce him to the soft, gentle cuddly tickles and ohhhh he actually likes receiving those, so he can be very experimenting in giving them. 

Wanting to just get out a few silent giggles and give some pleasant tickly feels, he can often be to rough accidentally so it gets too ticklish and intense and the lee bursts out in hysterical laughter like ooops. 

[That’s it for this one, hope they’re not too boring- but thanks for aaaasking<3]

Awesome stuff about the last 24 hours:

1. the survey has gotten 364 notes? This is like *double* the most notes anything I’ve posted before has ever gotten.

2. …and 252 responses!! Holy crap!

3. This has, unexpectedly, reflected back on me? I’ve gained 40 new followers??

4. I’ve made a couple new friends, which is always very nice!

5. But the best part? Yesterday, while the potato toddled around and played on the floor I was, intermittently throughout the day, able to do a lot of work at my computer. This is fantastic news. If I can work on the computer when I’m not at work, I can get a *lot* more writing done. Honestly I am beyond stoked at this possibility. It’s heavily interrupted by baby needing things, yes, but it’s less interrupted then when I write at work…

Also I don’t know if I’ve mentioned but my work schedule has also changed in a way that will give me more writing time. The person who usually worked Sundays no called no showed last weekend and will no longer be working Sunday…or at all…they got fired…and so despite the reasons I didn’t want to work Sunday’s, with ramblingandpie’s current health challenges, I jumped on the Sunday’s. (I gain hours by doing this). So that’ll help too.

(for all my new followers…the potato is my 11 month old son. @ramblingandpie is my wife.)

Excerpt from Genesis, a story I wrote after the season 1 finale that played around with Fitz having amnesia (I know, okay just bear with me):

Jemma tried to calm herself down, but it was too late. Her eyes had already filled with tears. She couldn’t help it. She needed him to listen to her. “Look, Fitz,” she snapped. “Just because you don’t remember doesn’t mean that I’ve forgotten.”

He fell silent at her words, apparently picking up on her shift in tone. Or maybe he’d noticed that she’d started crying. His face turned red, and there was something in his expression that she couldn’t quite read. “I-I’m sorry,” he stammered. “I didn’t mean-”

“No,” she interrupted firmly, her vision blurring. “Okay? I had to watch you almost die out in the field, Fitz. So yes,” she scoffed bitterly. “I do know. And do you want to know why?”

“Simmons,” he tried to stop her, but she wasn’t having it.

“It’s because every minute of every day, I have been right there with you,” she said, her tears finally escaping down her cheeks. “At the Academy, at SciOps, the Playground, this bloody airplane. Even in that godforsaken box at the bottom of the sea. I was there.”

He was speechless now, staring at her in silence, and all of a sudden she knew she had to get out of there. Because the next words out of his mouth wouldn’t be the ones that were seared into her memory, the words he’d spoken when they’d had almost the exact same argument before. She didn’t look in his eyes, not wanting to see the emptiness again, and instead quickly walked out of the lab doors.

It was only when the doors had closed behind her that she heard him. It was quiet, and his voice sounded strained. But his words were as clear as day.

“You’ve been beside me the whole damn time.”

He knew he shouldn’t have said it. He knew once the words had slipped out that it was a mistake. But there was something she’d said, some little micro-expression in her face when she’d yelled at him, that had thrown him off-balance. And he could feel bits and pieces coming through the cracks of his mind, but it wasn’t enough. It wasn’t all there.

That phrase, that last phrase she’d said. That’s what had done it. It was like she’d taken a sledgehammer to a wall in his brain, leaving a hole for the images to seep through. But he still didn’t understand them. Why couldn’t he understand them?

He was so close, so close he could almost taste it. And he saw her face, her face from another time, another time when she’d been behind the glass. They joined the other images he had of her now, images of her beside him in a lab, images of studying on a wide lawn, images that had first come fleetingly but which now he understood was a part of his past. Of their past. And somehow he knew right then that she was the only one who could connect the images, who could help him understand.

But she’d walked away, and he’d felt the images start to fade away again. So he’d said the first thing that had popped into his head to get her to stay, even though he hadn’t understood.

She froze outside of the closed lab doors, and he knew she’d heard him despite the fact that she didn’t turn around. She was probably bracing herself for the disappointment again, knowing that the chances of him spontaneously recovering were zilch at this point. Or maybe she’d just decided not to care anymore.

But he willed her to turn around. He needed her to turn around. Because something told him this was it. If she walked away now, the wall she’d cracked would close up again. And Fitz wasn’t sure he could handle going back to forgetting.

It was a painfully long time before she moved. The glare from the lights reflected off of the glass, so he couldn’t quite see her face when she slowly spun around. But as she stepped forward, the doors whooshing open to admit her, he could’ve sworn his heart stopped.

Because when she met his eyes, the wall in his mind completely disintegrated.

And he remembered.