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Sorry, if you've answered this before, but do you have any tips on drawing mouths and lips?

Hello anon! :D I’m not the best at making tutorials and giving tips but I’ll do my best to answer your question! ^^

I sure do love drawing lips! It might be in fact my favourite part of the face to draw. 

Let’s see what makes them so irresistible ;)

tip 1: let them shine! that tiny shiny spot does wonders for the lips - it makes them fuller, softer and more three dimensional. It also makes the lips look slightly wet. Sexy!

tip 2: Build the depth with some darker spots. Quirking corners are great for that, and if you make the darkest spot in the middle of the mouth it seems like it’s about to part. And maybe whisper something seductive ;)

tip 3: The very middle of upper lip is my favourite area, it gives the mouth its distinct character. It’s also a great spot to play with shadows, one lighter stroke, one darker stroke and you have a very dramatic shading going on! 

tip 4: When drawing lineart it’s good to keep the line varying in width and pressure. Equally thin, flat line might look good in anime, but even there it’s rarely the case. Making the line thicker in the shadowy part of the mouth adds depth to your drawing. 

General remarks:

I almost never outline the upper lip, it tends to look weird. Just a thin “U” shape in the middle is usually enough.

Upper lip is usually in the shadow, at least half of it. Lower lip tends to catch the light, especially with pouty plump lips. The more shadow you add under it, the fuller the lips look. 

When drawing male characters I usually play around with skin tones instead of pink and red (see the third row of examples). But it’s not a rule. Some boys rock them rosy lips. ;)

Never paint the teeth white, never. Gray, yellowish and pinkish tones are great. 

And the final tip: use reference! Look for pictures of people with beautiful lips, with thin lips and full lips, try to see which line goes where and how it changes the shape and expression. I hardly ever draw without a reference.

Good luck!  👄

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Please, I love when you write for Jack Wilder. Also I just rewatched both of the Now you see me movies and am dying for new stuff

WELL SINCE YOU SAID PLEASE. Basing this off of one of my earlier headcanons!

Imagine Jack just listening to you talk, and before you know it, he’s mastered your voice and he uses it when he’s playing around and mocks you.

Title: Voices.
Pairing: Jack Wilder x Reader.
Words: 1069.
Rating: T.

“I’m just saying,” Jack stated rather proudly with a cocky grin that tilted to the left side. His dimple showed itself momentarily and left a warm feeling flutter in your chest as it always had a way of melting even the coldest of hearts. “Imitating voices are easy. I could teach you, if you wanted.” With a flick of his wrist, he sent the deck of cards resting in his hands into a frenzy before relaxing them once again. His fingers continued to tap against them. Being stuck in one place, in what would be considered ‘intense hiding’ was doing absolutely nothing for his restlessness. Sitting in an armchair, his legs dangling over the side with the occasional kick of his feet in a sporadic rhythm. He held himself with such a casual confidence it left you feeling vaguely jealous and wondering as to how he accomplished such a slacked appearance.

Jack gazed up at you with deep brown eyes. The sun sunk through the window across from where he was sitting, accentuating the curves of his face and lightning his eyes so they appeared a shade or two lighter than they actually were. His eyelashes framed his eyes and seemed to be on fire as the sunlight dripped onto his skin. Jack’s eyes spoke many things at once but the most prominent emotion happened to be on the more mischievous side. He flicked his wrist once again and the rapid movement of the deck of cards brought you back into reality, away from the seemingly inevitable daydream sitting across from you. “Have you really heard my voice enough to imitate me?” You finally inquired moments after being mesmerized by him.

Jack’s face faltered for a moment as he thought about it, that once beautiful smirk dipping into a slight frown before turning into a full on smile. It was a dramatic change of facial expressions which was something he was also good at executing. A soft chuckle left his parted lips and with a gentle clearing of his throat, he began speaking. “Yeah, I’d like to think I listen to you. Even when you don’t know it.”

“What do you mean?” You laughed quietly, fixing your eyes on the cards on his hands. “Even when I don’t know it?”

“Yesterday,” He used as an example, “when you were talking to Danny in the kitchen. You were complaining. I’m glad you were, I wasn’t sure what you would have sounded like when complaining. Even when you complain to me, it sounds different.”

Raising your eyebrows in amusement, you smiled and asked, “What do I sound like when I’m complaining?”

Your request seemed to amuse him as he brought his legs down and propped himself properly on the armchair. His shirt rode up for a few seconds with his movement, catching your eyes. Resting his hands on his thighs, Jack leaned forward and shot a more heated grin at you this time. You caught his eyes this time and kept them locked before Jack opened his mouth. He laughed while you expecting to hear him speak. Biting down on his bottom lip, Jack’s smile twirled into a childish expression. “I can’t do it with you staring at me like that. So much pressure.”

He was playing around, you could tell from the tone of voice he had used. Slightly raised and a bit more frantic. “Please.” You laughed your plea and covered your mouth.

Jack laughed as well, looking to the side before clearing his throat once again. “Please.” The sound that came out of his mouth was one that sounded exactly like you did. As strange as it was as well, Jack had moved his face in a gesture that mimicked your expressions..

“I don’t sound like that, do I?” You gasped, throwing your head back in a chuckle.

“I don’t sound like that, do I?” Jack’s voice dipped back to normal at the end of the sentence. He couldn’t control himself from laughing. “You really do sound like that.”

“How awful.” You grimaced playfully.

“Awful?” Jack’s face scrunched into disbelief. “I think you sound cute. Trust me (Name), I spend my nights sitting in bed trying to talk like you, but for the longest time I couldn’t get it just right.” Jack stood up, resting the deck of cards on the table in the middle of the living room. He took a few steps towards you, his heavy boots pattering against the floor as he did. There was no logical sense in being dressed with when you were in hiding, but still Jack found himself getting up and getting ready. It was a precautionary thing, he told you once, you always have to be ready to run. “There’s just something about your voice that I can’t seem to grasp.”

“Maybe you didn’t practice enough.” You teased.

“Nah.” He shrugged his slender shoulders and sat next to you on the loveseat. Gesturing with his hands, he rolled his hand from his throat to you and admitted, “Your voice has a quality that I can’t imitate just right. I guess I love you too much, so it makes it hard to imitate that sort of emotion.” This was something you knew but hearing him say it was something that left you feeling weak in the knees. You were thankful you were sitting because you were sure if you were standing you would have fallen completely. Jack seemed a bit more bashful now as he let that be said. His cheeks held a soft pink color and his eyes were staring straight forward.

It was your turn to shrug your shoulders as you fiddled with your fingers, “Why would that matter?”

“Because I like the way your voice sounds when you speak.” He turned his attention to you finally, his dark brown eyes drowning into yours. His body leaned towards you, “I like the way you talk to me. You don’t talk to anyone else they same way.”

Smiling cutely, you brushed two fingers across his right eyebrow before dropping them down his cheek, “That’s because I love you too much.”

Jack nodded and bit his bottom lip while tipping his head towards your fingers, “You can copy my phrases but you still sound nothing like me.”

“I don’t want to sound like you.” You admitted, “I don’t want anyone to sound like you, Jack. I love the way you sound…”

I’M BACK GUYS. Reblogs and likes are appreciated! Hope you liked!

This Is War (Part 2 of Runaway Ballerina)

Pairing: Dean x sister!reader, Sam x sister!reader, Castiel x sister!reader 

Warnings: Fluff, fluff and fluff

Summary: Chaos and war within the bunker between siblings.

Part 1

For those of who wanted a part 2 here you go!!! Hope you guys don’t mind that I tagged you in Part 2.  @sandlee44 @supdarling @queenpammy13 @evyiione @radstudenttravelerblr @straightasdeanwinchester @violinmyhead @xfanqirlinq @cozyjaws @meeshw777 @sassyspn67 @winchesters-favorite-girl @i-is-small-winchester @dauntless-dean @moose-and-sqruille-lover @galifreyanotaku @skeletoresinthebasement @babygoatsaf

Originally posted by green-circles

It’s late at night around 3:15 am and Cas is sitting in the bunker library reading some lure on witches to try and help Y/N get back to normal. He suddenly hears a chair next to him scrape the wood floors. He slowly looks to his right to see a tiny Y/N sitting on her calves with her dark brown hair all over the place with one of Dean t-shirts as pajamas, her eyes red and puffy.

“What’s wrong? Why are you not sleeping?” He ask.

“I has a bad dream. I don’t wanna sleep no more.”

“Why don’t you go to Sam or Dean’s room?”

“I don’t wanna wake them up, I usually went to my daddy’s bed bu-but he’s not here.” She says looking down. Cas face softens hearing this from her. “Castill” she says. Cas chuckles hearing her butcher his name. “Castiel.” He corrects. “Case.. cast…Castie.” She says frowning and Cas sits there smiling. “Can you take me for a drive?” She ask. “A drive?”

“When I can’t sleep my daddy takes me on a ride.”

“Well I don’t have a car.”

“We can take baby.”

“I don’t think Dean would like it if I took his car that he considers as an infant.”

“Well, Dean told me you’re baby in a trench coat and that you have wings like a fairy. So can you fly me someplace?” Cas frowns at this remembering the day at the diner. “I’m don’t think that’s a good idea Y/N.”

“Please Castie!” She begs. “I don’t wanna see anymore monsters in my dreams.” She whimpers. He looks down at her pouty face and sighs. “Only for a few minutes.” He gives in. She gasp reaching up for him. He picks her up and zaps them to a field. Cas sets her on his lap and they both look up at the stars. “How many stars do you think there are?” Cas ask pointing up.

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Kinda wanted to share this

Ok but imagine Draco and Harry + cuddles at the common room(preferably gryffindor’s common room). Of course they’re alone, Draco isn’t one for cuddles - at least not in public. Draco is caressing Harry’s hair while reading a book. And then Harry starts to move until he’s under the covers - his head laying peacefully on Draco’s stomach. Draco smiles.

And the Ron cames in, searching for Harry. He asks Draco, and Draco answers with a smirk on his face, “he’s down there”

And Ron’s face becomes so red and he starts to sputtler, and then he just leaves the common room.

Harry finally emerges from the covers. “You can’t stand the idea of people knowing that you cuddle with your boyfriend, don’t you?”

“What can I say? I have a reputation”

“And people thinking i’m giving you a blowjob is better because…?”

“I don’t know, tell me. Your intelligence is outstanding, after all, Potter” There’s no malice in his tone, of course. He’s just playing around.

Harry rolls his eyes, smiling a little bit. “Git”

And then, they kiss. And keep cuddling, of course.

Colour Porn Tutorial

The sweet @silvernightsky requested a coloring tutorial on this gifset of Jace Herondale and Alec Lightwood in Shadowhunters. There are plenty of ways to achieve this effect, but today we’re trying to keep it simple ✌🏻✨

So today i’m going to show you how to go from this:

to this:

Here’s what you’ll need!
● Photoshop (I’m using Photoshop CS6)
● Basic knowledge on making gifs
● Please like/reblog if this post helped you in any way!
● If anything is unclear, don’t hesitate to ask
● Click ‘read more’ to view this tutorial

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“well that doesn’t look very much like bobdude” you said, astutely. That’s cause it’s only half bobdude cause this is another collab sweetie. This sweetie comes to you courtesy of @lamphoera who draws some seriously cool stylized horses, if you’ve never seen em go check em out.

I really like this one actually, it’s got a sort of grim fairytale vibe to it that I’m really diggin. I’m normally shooting for in your face cute so this was a great way to stretch that bit of creativity. Got to play around with color on some “darker” more desaturated tones that I think fit really well with the overall.

Anyways, thanks for letting me ruin your sketch lamp! I think I learned a lot from this one.


My SecretSanta-ee was @firefrightfic / @crumpeting who had requested “League of Assassins Jason and Red Robin Tim”. I really hope you like it, I enjoyed playing around with the tone on tone red : 3 Merry Christmas lovely!

Follow @jaykore for the DC goodness :) Reblogs are always appreciated -muah-

BONUS Maskless Tim (becaues his eyes are just too pretty)

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Who Is That On Your Instagram?

Jace looked at the photo one more time, a huge smile making his jaw almost ache. He’d been smiling so much more than usual lately and he knew the reason why. Making sure he copied it before he cropped it carefully, he made a small adjustment to the brightness and posted it to his Instagram with the caption ‘there is no stopping this smile’ adding the wink emoji as a secret message.

He hoped it was vague enough to not rile suspicion, Jace wasn’t ashamed, not in the least, he just wanted to keep this bit of happiness to himself for a little longer. Two minutes later his phone was ringing.

“Iz?”, he answered, “Everything alright?”

“Who is that?, she blurted, her voice full of accusation

“Who is who?”

Jace had no idea what his sister was on about now, but she’d always been the nosy one. His mind hadn’t found the connection to what he’d done to warrant her question, that was until she connected the dots for him.

“Who is that on your Instagram?”.

Oh boy, he thought, so much for keeping it to himself. But how did she notice, he was sure he was being so slick. It must have been that caption, he was so stupid and mentally kicked himself. 

“What are you talking about, Iz? I posted a selfie”, he tried to redirect her playing innocent.

“And the arm around you?”, the accusatory and curious tone back. 

Okay so it wasn’t the caption.

“It’s a friend”.

“And you cropped them out why?”

“To be polite and not post their photo in case they don’t want to be on social media”.

“So considerate”, she patronized, and he knew she had to be rolling her eyes. “Do I know this friend?”

“NO”, Jace spoke a bit loud but it was too late now. 

“Oh really, that’s funny because Clary could have sworn that watch your friend is wearing is the one she bought for Simon last Hanukkah. And I’m pretty sure I got him a checked blue button down for his birthday, I think your friend is wearing a similar shirt. How funny is that?”

“Hilarious”, Jace deadpanned although his stomach felt nervous like it was flipping around in his gut.

“Even funnier is that Simon told Clary he was going on a date last night. When she asked if it was a first date he said no, and told her he really likes the guy a lot. Also pretty hilarious is that you’ve been kinda busy lately, and - um - smiling more”, she sounded so very smug in her assessment. 

Check and mate, Izzy knew it, her tone of voice said as much, he knew it too. Busted, no way out now, perhaps it was time for him to let everyone in on why he was so happy lately. It wasn’t a bad thing, he really cared a lot about Simon, he even let himself think the word ‘love’ once or twice. 

“Okay”, he huffed in resignation. “It’s Simon”

The squeal on the other end of the phone had Jace pulling it far from his ear. 

“I knew you were seeing someone, but Simon? Oh my god this is too cute”.

“Can you calm down please, Iz”, Jace sighed. 

“So it is Simon?”, a third voice came muffled over the phone from Isabelle’s end.

“Let me guess, Clary is with you?”. 

“Of course”, Isabelle answered like he was ridiculous.

“Okay so I’m glad you two figured it out, but can you keep it to yourselves for now. I really like him too, and I just want to enjoy this before everyone starts freaking out over it”.

“Too late”, Clary giggled in the background.

“Too late, what? Iz what did you do?”.

“Your notifications are about to blow up. Alright bye love you see you later”

“Iz? Izzy? Isabelle what do you mean?”.

It was too late she’d ended the call, and then Jace’s phone started buzzing and chiming incessantly. He had a bunch of missed texts from Alec, Magnus and Raphael, but his Instagram was going off. 

Opening the app he checked his last post and saw Izzy’s comment. 

Oh fuck she didn’t.

‘Hi Simon, you two are so cute. Congrats big brother you landed a good one’ To add extra emphasis she plastered two lines of different color hearts and the heart eyes emoji .

The resulting comments were his friends and family in varying states of shock or delight, a bunch were congratulatory, some hilariously rude, and then there was Simon’s comment. It was life buoy in a sea of insanity, and Jace couldn’t help but let the smile take over yet again. 

‘Cats out of the bag, huh Jace? Congrats to me, I landed a gorgeous one’ with the kiss emoji following. 

Jace ignored every other comment and only answered one, the only one that mattered.

‘There is no stopping that smile because you’re so damn cute ’

The annoying ‘awwwwwwwwww’ Clary commented with right after made Jace roll his eyes but he didn’t care because he’d be meeting his boyfriend, Simon for a lunch date in thirty minutes. But before he could leave, Jace decided to make another post, this time he shared the full photo. Simon was looking at him with the sweetest look on his face, and that is what made Jace smile.

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Hey ^^ could you do a hc like where the rfa makes MC cry?? Like maybe during an argument?? Thanks loveee

Here you are loveeee! This made my heart break omg but I really hope you like it.


  • This kid is so addicted to LOLOL that when he plays he literally forgets about or tones out every other stimulus around him
  • And MC, being an understanding and kind individual, hasn’t really said anything about it. She can at least partially understand his position
  • But the longer they date and the more she has to practically yell in order for him to even pay attention to her, the more annoyed and saddened she becomes by it… it’s as though the game is more like a girlfriend to Yoosung than she is
  • So one day she decides to call him out, gently but firmly. She tells him all about how she feels a little neglected whenever he plays the game and that if he tried to pay a little more attention to her she’d really appreciate it
  • But instead of listening to her point of view, Yoosung immediately starts arguing about how he’s not doing that, and that he spends tons of time with her away from the game, and he’s just not hearing where she’s coming from just like how he doesn’t hear her when he plays
  • And she just gets so frustrated and upset that she starts to cry
  • Yoosung instantly regrets what he said and feels like he just kicked a puppy… He promises to make it up to MC and starts teaching himself to be more aware when he’s playing and to play for shorter spurts of time


  • Our superstar has had a lot of work lately
  • His solution to relieve the stress, however, hasn’t been exactly healthy. To MC’s dismay, he’s started to drink more, smoke more, and go out for dangerous rides on his motorcycle rather than talking to her or asking her to help
  • After a particularly scary incident where Zen almost crashes his bike, MC decides it’s time to confront him
  • She tells him that she doesn’t like how he’s handling the stress and that if he would just talk to her, it would be a lot healthier and it would make her feel so much better and more comfortable so she doesn’t have to constantly worry about him
  • Zen, who’s been drinking, does noooottt take kindly to this…
  • He snaps at her without really meaning to, and MC starts crying almost on the spot, she just doesn’t know what to do and is so worried
  • The sight of her crying makes him feel horrible. After all, she’s just trying to think of what’s best for him because she loves him! That sharp feeling of guilt sobers him up right away and he comforts MC, drying her tears and promising to talk to her more when he’s feeling stressed


  • Jaehee came home that night looking absolutely dead on her feet. She had a really difficult day at work and so MC decided to make her favorite dinner while she was finishing up some last-minute work in their bedroom
  • MC’s cheerful and humming and thinking about how appreciative Jaehee will be when she calls her in and she walks into the kitchen to find her favorite food
  • She wants it to be a surprise, so when she’s finished cooking she calls out in a singsong voice, “Jaeheeeee, come in hereeee~!”
  • Jaehee, who’s been called all day long back and forth through the office by various people but especially Jumin Han, gets a little triggered and practically snarls, “I’M COMING!” without even realizing it was her girlfriend who called
  • A few seconds of absolute silence passes and then Jaehee hears the tiniest sniffle
  • She races into the kitchen only to find MC with this absolutely beautiful dinner set on the table and crying silently
  • She apologizes over and over again, begging on her knees for MC to forgive her, and explains what happened. MC is relieved and understands completely, hoping that Jaehee will feel better once she’s had her favorite food and of course it cheers Jaehee up right away


  • MC notices that lately… Jumin has been commenting on every single thing she does lately. And she’s starting to get irritated
  • It’s like he has to find something wrong with every single thing that she’s doing. Either she’s not eating enough or she’s not home at a certain time or blahblahblahblah
  • And he’s started to pick fights. Literally looking for things to argue about even when they’re having a perfectly normal conversation. So finally MC’s had enough
  • After a particularly annoying argument about something so petty and irrelevant she just snaps and says “Why do you have a problem with everything I do lately?”
  • Jumin stops DEAD and looks absolutely murderous, and with his response his voice keeps getting louder and louder as if he’s about to start yelling
  • Raised voices really scare MC, so the louder he gets the more teary-eyed she becomes until it all just explodes out of her and she starts sobbing
  • Jumin feels so terrible, he knew that raised voices scared her, he knew and he just did it anyway. He realizes he has been really hard on her lately and he apologizes so genuinely, brushing her tears away and kissing her cheeks with heartbreaking sweetness that she calms down enough for them to discuss the issue without arguing


  • MC notices that more and more frequently, Saeyoung has started to blow her off
  • There are times when she really wants to go on a date and do couple-y things and just be cute together and have fun but whenever she asks him it’s like he just wants to stay at home, work, and do nothing
  • After a while she feels extremely affection-deprived and neglected, to the point where she starts to get a little depressed about it and thinks that he doesn’t love her anymore
  • There’s one day she’s feeling particularly lonely while Saeyoung is working, so she heads over to his desk and shyly, quietly asks for a hug
  • The response shatters MC: “Later, ok?”
  • Right there, no pause, she bursts into tears. She didn’t even think to expect that he would brush her off so nonchalantly and absentmindedly and it hurts
  • Saeyoung dies a little on the inside, having not noticed how much his own girlfriend was hurting and how much he was neglecting her needs. He comforts and hugs and kisses MC and promises to take the whole week off just to have fun with her and pamper her like he should have been doing
Cutting The Tension-Jax Teller x Reader One Shot

Summary: Requested by anonymous: ‘Can I request something for Jax and reader? You can make it whatever you want I just need some good Jax sexual tension in my life!💛’

Characters: Jax Teller x Reader

Meanings: (Y/N)= Your name

Warnings: Some swearing, sort of sexual references?


Sighing as I flicked through the filing cabinet, I quickly glanced at the clock, suddenly becoming happy when I saw that there was only fifteen minutes left of the day. It was great working at the TM, I loved everyone there, but we all felt the same at the end of the week; tired, fed up and ready to relax. Only we wouldn’t be relaxing for long, the usual SAMCRO party was tonight and I was definitely going.

These people were my onot friends and family out here. After moving to America with big dreams, I turned out broke, desperate for a job. Someone must have been looking out for me during those hard times, because I stumbled upon Gemma Teller. Though intimidating at first, we somehow fell into conversation, leading to me mentioning about being jobless; she offered the chance to work at the TM and I immediately took it. I didn’t care what it was, I would do it for the money. It was either that or become a Cara Cara girl.

Although I was only in the office working on the books, I knew I was in a risky business. Yes there was the mechanic shop to cover up the club’s crazy life, but it didn’t hide the dangers. The amount of times Hale had visited, trying to get me to eat on the boys was starting to get annoying. Though I was not involved myself, I feared that one day I would be, I was becoming closer to the guys each day.

That didn’t stop me. It as as if they had been hidden away from me my whole life. My family back home had never been great, I never really felt a part of it. So to be accepted here felt amazing. Not to mention a certain member would not stop shamelessly flirting with me. Jax Teller, SAMCRO king, probably the most beautiful man I had ever seen, loved to watch me stutter and blush under his eye. And I couldn’t deny I enjoyed the attention.

Someone knocked on the office door, making me look up. Lyla walked in, waving her car keys in my face.“You ready to go?”

“Yeah, just let me put these away.” I smiled, placing the files in a drawer.

As I grabbed my bag, she continued talking.“Excited for tonight? I know you love to torture yourself by not doing anything about your feelings for Jax.”

I shushed her.“Someone might hear you!”

“You’re actually starting to piss me off with all of this. And I’m not the only one, Gemma told me so.”

I rolled my eyes. She had been on about it too.“I really don’t need this from you guys. Nothing is ever going to happen with him either.”

“What’s not going to happen with who?” Jax suddenly appeared behind us, slinging his arms around us.

We jumped, startled. Lyla playfully hit him.“Could you not do that? You know how jumpy I am.”

“What are you two lovely ladies gossiping about?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know.” I smirked as we got out of his arms.

“You coming to the party tonight?” he asked as I leaned against Lyla’s car.

“Yes, we are.” Lyla answered, emphasing on the 'we’.

I smiled at her statement.“Gonna get me a drink, Teller?”

He laughed.“You need a ride tonight?”

Lyla went to speak before I interrupted her.“Actually, she does-”

“Yes I do. Pick me up at seven?”

“See you then darlin’.” he winked as he walked away.

A deep sigh left me as I watched him, unable to believe that I just flirted like that. Whenever we were around each other, I was like a different person. Finally tearing my eyes away from the Greek God before me, I got into the passenger seat of Lyla’s car, receiving a smirk from her.

I tried not to laugh.“Just get me home please. I’ve got to get ready.”

After eating what was left in my cupboard (which turned out to be instant noodles), I began to get ready for the evening, giving myself four hours; yeah, that would be enough time. After showering and drying my hair, I began my makeup. Jax had commented many times on how he thought my red lipstick was a 'sexy’ look on me. Of course I was going to wear it. Checking myself over in the mirror, I was surprised when I heard the sound of a motorbike pulling up. I rushed to the door, opening it as Jax was about to knock.

His eyebrows raised as he saw my attire.“You planning to come dressed in that?”

I looked down at my silk dressing down, suddenly feeling vulnerable.“If you want me to.”

I caught his eyes glancing up and down at me, and I swore I could have squealed in delight. God the things this man did to me.

“I’m literally getting changed. Wearing your favourite jeans and all.” I called out as I made my way back to my room.

“Need help in there?”

“Think I’ll manage.”

With my heart beating out of my chest, I quickly got changed, bending over to pull up my jeans. For some reason, I felt someone watching me. Looking over my shoulder, I saw movement in the crack of the door. I giggled. Pervert.

Strutting into the living room, I placed a hand on my hip, waiting for Jax to move from the sofa.

“Ready to go?” I asked.

“I was thinking we could stay here.”

I ignored him as I opened the door, gesturing for him to follow. Reluctantly he got off the sofa, not hiding the way he looked over my outfit again. I locked up the house as he got on his Harley.

He held out a helmet to me. I groaned.“Jax, I don’t want helmet hair.”

“And I don’t want you to get hurt.”

There were the butterflies again. It didn’t have to he suggestive comments to make me go crazy. Climbing on behind him, my hands went around his waist, living the feeling of them being there. This was really as close as we had gotten physically. I didn’t hesitate to grip on tightly either. All of this with the rumbling of a motorbike under me wasn’t good for a woman.

We made it to the clubhouse in record time, the music blaring out and people surrounding the place. Jax and I walked in side by side, heading to the bar straight away. I greeted some of my friends as well as other members of the club. Jax handed me a beer as I was having a conversation with a new prospect, ending it quickly. I loved when he did that. Sometimes I felt like a croweater, just here for his enjoyment; but when a bit of jealousy showed through, I knew that we were something more.

“You shouldn’t be so rude, President.” I mocked as the prospect scurried away in fear.

“Actually, he interrupted our conversation. He was the one being rude.”

“We weren’t having a conversation.”

He leaned in closer.“We are now.”

I craned my neck upwards, reaching my face up as our lips were almost touching. I looked at them before going back to his captivating eyes, winking as he had done earlier before walking away.

It was my turn to torture him. We were always stuck inside the same cycle. We would turn up together, flirt for a little bit, he would go off to either the guys or another girl but either way, I would be the one to end up hot and flustered. A part of me would beg to find another man, get rid of the womanizer that was Jax Teller; but then another part of me really wanted to stay by him, cling on in fact. It wasn’t fair on m and I had to try to do something to get back.

Luckily, I bumped into the same prospect from before, convincing him to stay with me for a while. He was tense at first, only relaxing when I assured him that I wasn’t with Jax (unfortunately). I felt a little bad that I was using him, not paying attention or even remembering his name. But this was for my own good. Spotting Jax across the room, we made eye contact, and for some reason, I didn’t want to play this game anymore. It was stupid. Why were we doing this? Excusing myself, I got up, hurrying outside.

“(Y/N)!” Jax shouted.

I leaned against a wall where no one else was standing.

He finally caught up to me.“Where are you going?”

“Home. Just…not feeling right.”

“What do you mean?”

“You know exactly what I mean.”

He sighed.“Yeah, I do.”

“What are we doing Jax? We’re not two teenagers messing around! We’re adults who shouldn’t be playing this stupid game.”

His tone of voice suddenly changed.“Why not? I thought you enjoyed it?”

His body was pratically on top of mine now and I was trapped.“Only when you play by the rules.”

“Aren’t rules meant to be broken?”

“Stop asking questions.”

“I know you like this as much as I do.”

“I’m not denying that. But I don’t want this to go on forever.”

His hands had made their way to my hips now.

“Do you understand what I’m saying? Yes, this whole thing turns me on, quite a lot actually. But I couldn’t do this forever. The way you hold me, little touches here and there, how you look at me, it’s just too much for me to handle.”

“What do you want?”

I wasn’t sure what he was referring to; now or the future. I went with the present.“Right now…I just want you to take me.”

Oh god.

Had I really just said that?

Had I really just asked Jax Teller to fuck me?

He had a look of confusion on his face, a very bad sign. Saving myself the embarrassment, I tried to walk away, already planning on how I was going to tell Gemma why I was quitting. 'Sorry Gemma, I’m going to have to resign. Why? Oh, cause I want to have hot, passionate sex with your son.’. Yeah, that wouldn’t go down well.

To my surprise, his grip tightened, pushing me back against the wall. I gasped as his hands went to my arse, gripping that too. Instinctively, I put my hands on his shoulders, scared that if I let go, I would become a wobbly, horny mess on the ground.

“Do you know how much that turns me on?” He breathed.


“Thank fuck one of us finally said something.”

Nope, our was still in too much shock to speak.

“Listen, I understand what you’re saying about the future. But for tonight, I’ve got other plans.”

Oh, the confidence was back.“They better involve me.”

“Darlin’, they’re all about you.”

“Then why are we still stood outside?”

WIP for a new Jaybird piece! This is the version where Jay wears a black leather jacket over a white shirt and a red mask. Not sure from which series of the comic. Haven’t really read all of them. 

Idk if it’s just me or that this particular version of Jason as I mentioned above has got this odd James Dean vibe going on. That’s what made me play around with sepia tones. Let’s just wait and see how everything will turn out!

PS: if you wish to re - upload my works instead of reblogging it from it’s original source, please do tell me. Not that I’m mad or anything. As long you’re not secretly profiting from it then we’re cool.
Conquer You - Chapter 1

I managed to finish the first chapter. I have a feeling it’s only the first of many to come. Only if you guys like it of course.


Thyra still couldn’t believe that she was back here. It had been almost ten years, but now she was home again, although this town was now barely recognizable as her home. It had grown so much and obviously become much richer as well. She wandered across the crowded market, amazed by how big it was. Merchants from all over the country had gathered here, offering food, textiles, jewelry and so much more. As a child she had often played between the booths and stolen sweets on a dare. She didn’t know how to feel about being back in Kattegat. This place brought back so many distant memories and feelings. She shook her head, trying to clear her thoughts as two riders caught her attention. They had almost reached the town but they were still riding fast. Maybe it meant nothing but she was still alarmed.

“Who are they?” She asked an old man who was selling furs and gestured into the direction of the two riders.

The man squinted against the sunlight. “It’s the princes.”

Without another word, Thyra took off running. Ubbe and Sigurd coming back surely meant trouble. She reached the great hall and slipped through a back door. She made her way to the throne and Lagertha raised an eyebrow at her obvious hurry. But before Thyra could open her mouth to explain, the door flew open and the two princes strode in. She eyed them curiously. She had wanted to catch a glimpse on them while they were in Hedeby, but Lagertha had given her the task to make sure that the warriors were ready to march to Kattegat before dawn.  She had known them as children but they were undoubtably men now.

“Where is out mother?” One of them demanded to know. Thyra supposed it was the older one, Ubbe.

“She is dead, Ubbe. I killed her.” Lagertha said, staying completely calm.

Although they must have expected something like that, Thyra could see the shock on their faces and couldn’t help but feel bad for them. She knew how it felt to lose a parent.

“Why?” Ubbe asked, his voice shaking just the tiniest bit.

The queen answered something but although she was standing right next to the throne Thyra felt as if the words were coming from far away. Memories had stared to flash before her eyes, memories of her own mother. She tried to blink them away but it didn’t work.

Her mother’s face was pale and covered with sweat. Thyra felt incredibly scared and helpless while she held her hand, but there was nothing else she could do. The door was opened and Lagertha entered to room, crouching down next to her. She gave Thyra a smile but her eyes were clouded with worry. “Promise me to care of my daughter.” Mother whispered and weakly reached for the other woman’s hand. “Promise me, Lagertha.” Lagertha nodded sadly and placed her other hand on Thyra’s shoulder. “I promise.” Her mother tried to smile but only looked like a painful grimace. Then she closed her eyes and her features softened.

Thyra angrily shook her head. This was not the time to become overwhelmed by her feelings. She came back to reality just in time to see Ubbe pull his axe from his belt and push his brother away from him. He turned and moved towards the queen. One of her guards stepped between them immediately. Ubbe let him come close, then turned to the side and in the same fluid motion buried the axe in the man’s hip. It wasn’t a deadly wound but the guard went to the ground. The next one followed him just seconds later. Thyra curiously watched what was happening in front of her. She could see that the prince was a skilled warrior, his movements were forceful and precise and the warrior inside her was eager to test her skills against him. Her hand went to the handle of her sword, but Lagertha stopped her with a gesture.

“That won’t be necessary.”

Thyra grit her teeth but obeyed.

Ubbe was now stopped by several guards forming a shieldwall. Although he fought bravely and had already sent many warriors to the ground, it seemed to Thyra as if he was holding back, as if he did not want to actually kill anyone. Now that he had to face half a dozen opponents at once, it didn’t take long until they had him pinned to the ground and disarmed. He growled at Lagertha as she ordered the guards to bring him and his brother into a guarded hut. Thyra knew that they would be enemies but she couldn’t help but admire his courage.

Everyone was quiet at the dinner table. Although she hadn’t said anything about it and probably never would, Thyra knew that Lagertha was still shaken by Ubbe’s reaction. She had seen it in her eyes when the guards had lead the princes away. Thyra knew that Lagertha had done what she thought she had to and she would never doubt her queen’s decisions but she wondered if it had been the right move, not for Kattegat but for Lagertha. It surely wasn’t easy for her to be hated by the sons of Ragnar. They were after all the sons of the man she had loved, or still loved as some said.

“I don’t think Sigurd will cause us any trouble.” Astrid finally broke the silence.

“How do you know?” Thyra asked.

“I thought it would be helpful to find out a little more about them, so I talked to the slave girl who brings them their food.”

“You use her to spy on them?”

“If we want to keep control over the town, we have to do more than to play around with swords and axes, Thyra.” Astrid said in an important tone.

“You think that’s want I do all day? Play around?” Thyra hissed, feeling a rush of anger.

“Enough.” Lagertha interrupted, her voice sharp. “I’m tired of you two constantly being at each other’s throat.”

Thyra’s relationship with Astrid had always been a difficult one. The other woman was a couple of years older than her and even though she shared the bed with Lagertha, the queen had made Thyra her second in command, to much of Astrid’s dislike.

“We have to be careful with this information until we know if that slave girl is trustworthy.” Lagertha continued. “Did she tell you anything else?”

Astrid nodded. “Ubbe is still angry but Sigurd is calming him down. It looks like Sigurd’s relationship with his mother has not been the best one. I don’t think these two are a big thread right now, but Sigurd seems to be sure that Ivar will try to kill you. If he ever comes back that is.”

“Ivar?” Thrya was surprised. She had known the youngest son of Ragnar as a child. He had always been angry and cruel and she had even witnessed him killing another child once but she had never thought of the crippled prince as a real threat for them.

Astrid shrugged. “That’s what his brothers seem to believe, but I think we don’t have worry much about a cripple.”

“We should not underestimate him.” Lagertha decided. “From what I hear he knows how to use a weapon and is feared by many.”

Thyra was surprised by the queen’s words. She remembered Ivar as a selfish little brat who had always been under his mother’s wing. But it also made her curious to see what had become of him when he was now feared for his fighting skills.

A couple of days later everyone had gathered in the great hall. Thyra proudly stood next to the throne while Lagertha talked about her plans to build fortifications around the town. As the queen had ended her speech, everyone in the room stared to cheer, almost everyone. Ubbe and Sigurd were standing in the front row, arms crossed and staring up angrily at Lagertha. They still hadn’t accepted that she was their ruler now. Thyra wondered if it had been wise to allow them to move around the town freely. She had made sure that they were always followed by at least two shieldmaiden but now she wasn’t sure if that was enough. She got distracted from her thoughts when all of a sudden the crowd parted. She waited curiously and wondered what was about to happen.  Before she could see him, she heard him. It could only be Ivar. He dragged himself towards the throne, using small pikes to pull himself forward.

Thyra had heard that he had come back from England but she hadn’t met him yet. She had to admit that she was impressed with what she saw. Although he had to drag himself cross the floor, his movements were powerful and had a certain grace to them. His face was a mask of hate and his whole body seemed to be radiating a dark and threating atmosphere. And then there was his choice of weapons. These small pikes were different from a sword or an axe. With them you had to get real close to your opponent. They were made for killing on the shortest possible distance. All that combined made the prince a formidable sight. The spoiled little brat had grown into a handsome man, Thyra had to give him that.

“Welcome Ivar.” Lagertha greeted him as soon as he had pulled himself up on a stool.

“I’ve come here for justice.” He exclaimed boldly. “Everyone knows that you’ve killed my mother for no reason, except ambition. Therefore I demand justice.”

Ubbe stepped forward and placed a hand on his brother’s shoulder to calm him down. But Ivar just shook it off. “Don’t touch me, coward.” He hissed.

Ubbe stepped away from him and the look of defeat on his face almost caused Thyra to smile. As Ivar turned back to Lagertha, she rose from her throne and went to stand in front of him.

“He’s not a coward.” She said. Her voice was sympathetic as she placed her hand on the young man’s shoulder in a motherly gesture. “But maybe he understands some things that you don’t.”

Thyra could see Ivar’s eyes darken with even more fury than before. “I understand everything perfectly. You murdered my mother in cold blood. I want revenge!” The queen pulled back her hand as if she had burnt it. “I challenge you to single combat!” Ivar continued, his voice clear and confident.

A murmur went through the crowd. Thyra’s fascination for the prince grew with every second. His impudence seemed to know no limits. How did he think this would work? Did he want to fight her sitting on a stool? Thyra knew well enough that fast movement was of great importance in sword fighting. Ivar would not even be able to take a step back when needed and Lagertha’s combat skills were almost legendary. And still there he was, confidence written all over his face. Was he really as good as he thought or just stupid?

“I refuse.” She heard Lagertha say.

For a second Thyra saw the surprise in Ivar’s eyes but then he fixated the queen with a dark glare. “You can’t refuse.”

“I refuse to fight you.” Lagertha repeated, raising her voice for everyone to hear.

“Why? Hmm?” Ivar wanted to know.

“I don’t want to kill you.”

An amused, yet evil grin spread on Ivar’s face. “Who says you would kill me?”

“I do.” The queen stated.

His smile did not fade as he nodded slowly. “Alright. Don’t fight me then. I don’t care just as long as you know that one day I will kill you, Lagertha. Your fate is fixed.”

A shiver went down Thyra’s spine at his words. She had no doubt he had meant every word he’d said and that he intended to act on them.

Ivar shot Lagertha one last threatening glare and turned to leave as his eyes met Thyra’s. He froze in mid-movement and they stared at each other. Thyra felt these incredible blue eyes bore into her and couldn’t help but stare back, completely caught. Beneath the anger that was still shining in his eyes there was something else now. Was it curiosity? Before she was able to define it any further, Ivar broke the contact and left the room without looking back.

Lagertha sat back on her throne, clearly shaken despite of her confident words and Thyra knew she had been mistaken. Ivar was dangerous, dangerous in a way his brothers never would be.

faesbeforebaes  asked:

How do you paint hair and skin? Because I love the way you paint ❤

Aww thank you! ❤ This is a big question to try and answer briefly tbh but I love, love, love talking about painting so…

  • I use lots of references.There’s so many variations of skin/haircolor, texture, styles and lighting out there! (I horde stuff to Pinterest. lol)
  • I reference the masters as well.These guys already figured this stuff out and we just gotta take what we want from them. My favorites include Howard Pyle, J. C. Leyendecker (prob the most obvious), Tom Lovell, and John Singer Sargent.
  • For hair, I think about the overall shapes and chunks rather than strands. You can always get more and more detailed as you go. Simplifying something you’ve overwrought is a pain in the buns and a waste of time.
    • I have a video on my IG here that’s just me doodling some hair fwiw.
    • James Gurney has a couple of good blog posts here and here.
  • For skin…
    • Skin will pick up color from its surroundings. It’s also not just a “skin tone” with lighter and darker variations. There can be so many unexpected colors in there! This goes for pretty much everything in a painting too though so… XD
    • I often have to select all the skin and lessen the contrast and/or saturation a bit to get it to look right. Selecting it and playing around with colors and tones can be super helpful. (I love digital art.)
    • Color zones! People have different underlying colors all over their body. I did a post several years ago on the color zones of the face here. Also here’s a post where you can see it on a hand study.
    • As far as technique, I don’t blend a whole bunch in general and when I do it’s just here and there because I will go overboard and make a mess. I’m personally not a fan of “airbrushing” skin on with super soft brushes but some people are and that’s cool! That’s a style/workflow choice.

Color and Light is my #1 recommended book. It has helped me so, so much. I can’t praise it highly enough.

(I’d love to do more tutorials. It’s just a matter of a)finding the time and b)feeling like it’s worth doing when there’s soooo many amazing tuts out there already! I certainly don’t know it all but I enjoy trying to teach people what I feel I do kinda know. lol)

Teach Me

Requested by @Dirca2002: The reader enters the house grumpy and out of nowhere when Anti (or Dark) goes to lend it, she attacks them and ask them to teach them to teach her how to fight because she’s sick of idiots walking on her and Anti makes fun of her and the reader punch them.

A/N: Sorry it took awhile to make this one! Im a preschool teacher and school is starting back up so I’m getting busy! But don’t worry I’ll still be uploading your requests!

You sat in your car, face planted to the steering wheel, groaning.

“Fuck this car.” You growled trying to start the car for the third time. But of course, with your luck, the car wouldn’t start. You sighed and took your keys out of the engine. Opening your car door you walk out and look at your surroundings. Luckily, you were only a block away from your apartment.

“You need some help, sweet cheeks?” You look to see an older man standing behind you, he wasn’t close but you could already smell the alcohol on him.

“No, I’m fine. But thanks for the offer.” You say trying to sound polite, you smile and shut your car door. With a click the car was locked and you put your keys into your purse. Looking up you notice the man has gotten closer.

“Then let me walk you home.” His voice was slurred and his movement was slowed done. You rolled your eyes and started to walk away toward your apartment complex. “Now wait a minute darling, I wasn’t done talking to you.”

“No but I was.”

With that you walked faster, holding the strap to your purse tighter. Once you made it home you noticed the man was indeed still following behind you. You weren’t sure on what you could possibly do, if you went inside the man would know where you lived but if you stayed out you were sure something worse would happen. You risked it and ran into your complex and straight into your house.

“You look more annoyed than usual.” Dark said from his spot on the couch. You look to see him and Anti sitting on your couch watching what looked like a documentary on WW2, you chose not to ask.

“Teach me to fight.” Dark raised an eyebrow and Anti let out his signature laugh. You huffed and stalked towards Anti. “What’s so funny?”

“It’s just so funny! You! Fighting!” With every word he laughed louder and the more he laughed the hotter your face got. He noticed and took a few breaths to stop his laughing. “You don’t need to fight, you got us Darling.” With one swift movement you raised you hand into a fist and swung it towards Anti. Your fist made contact with his cheek, with in seconds Anti was glitching in and out of existents.

“Amazing.” Dark was filled with glee, you could just see the excitement on his face. “How’d that feel? I’ve always wanted to punch that glitch bitch for so long!” You rolled your eyes at him.

“Shut up Dark.” Dark knew by your tone that you weren’t playing around, with a sigh he fixed his tie and reached out and grabbed Anti by the arm. Anti stopped glitching and had anger in his eyes.

“Why the fuck did you punch me?” He growled, annoyed.

“You weren’t taking me seriously!” You crossed your arms and frowned at your boyfriend. “I had a drunk guy follow me home from my goddam broken old ass car! All I asked was for one of you teach me how to defend myself, you’re not always going to be around me!”

“What did the fucker look like?!” Anti growled forgetting about you punching him. “I swear when I get to him he’s gunna wish he was never born!”

“What are you going to do? Give his computer a virus? Let me handle this one.” Dark raised his fingers and with a snap he was gone. You looked to Anti and let out a sigh.

“I’m not a child, I can handle this myself if you just taught me some type of defense attack!” You whined, but Anti just shook his head and wrapped his arms around you. Pulling you close he whispered into you ear,

“If you hit someone like the way you hit me, I’m certain you’ll be fine.” You smirked and gave him a kiss. You knew that no matter what, you always had two demons more than willing to kill for you. And though it’s a weird thing to live with, you were thankful.

A/N: I really enjoyed making this one! I’d like to think Dark and Anti both have a love hate friendship where they both would never admit to hanging out together willingly but we all know they do. Anyway I hope you all enjoyed! If you have a request for me just send a message!

Juice boxes and All Might onesies

AU: Kids / Single Parent / Daycare 

Bakugou and Todoroki are kids; 
Kirishima and Midoriya are parents; 
Kaminari and Momo are daycare teachers(?)

  • Baku is Kirishima’s son 
  • Todo is Deku’s son (legally speaking)
  • Kirishima has a crush on Deku, Shouto has a crush on Baku 
  • Baku thinks Deku is stealing his dad away so doesn’t like him as much. 

I regret nothing (probs will when I wake up, it’s 

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