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Being A Hufflepuff Would Include...

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  • Feeling refreshed every time you woke up because the common room is so fresh and earthly
  • “Why do you look so good at this time in the morning?”
  • Being friends with people from each house
  • Being great at geography because of the globes and maps that are dotted around the common room
  • Loving Professor Sprout so much
  • P. Sprout always coming into the common room to play board games and karaoke
  • Dance parties 
  • Everyone being surprised every time you get sassy
  • Being really over protective of all of your friends and not being afraid to get mad at people who hurt them
  • Sneaking into the kitchens at midnight for snacks
  • Not even caring about house points because you’d rather have fun then play by rules to get points
  • muggle Polaroid cameras dotted around the common room with self refilling polaroids 
  • loud music in the common room on saturday nights
  • Creating tight friendships with the other puffs in your year and staying up late talking about everything
  • ultimate squad goals
  • Giving the best presents 
  • Other houses always confused as to how you get into your common room
  • “What do you mean you don’t have a password?”
  • Always helping people who drop their books or anything even if it means being left behind 
  • smol badass cinnamon buns 
  • Hufflepuff PRIDE

Listen up. Got some bad news. There is a patrol set for tonight – so far, Speirs wants McClung–

a doodle page for captainhanni in anticipation for their new zine coming out! check out the previews for it, it looks SO GREAT!! AHHH I CAN’T WAIT!! i hope y'alls day is going okay B)

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what are some holy grail larrie moments? because any i've ever seen is a) them acting like normal teenage boys b) something they also do w/ the other guys c) playing around for cameras/the can you go from that to them being in a committed relationship? with that, we could say any of the boys are in relationships together?

are you…… really serious

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Heyyyyyy any lalafell selfie tips?

With the new gpose it’s pretty easy! Just do something like /point then /smile or whatever face emote, then /gpose and lock it with the arm extended. Then just a matter of getting the right angle and having your char face camera. Play around a bunch and you’ll get it!


really digging the velma vibes i feel when i wear this orange turtleneck. just playing around with my camera tonight!  

The guys living in the large tent structure behind Doreen and T have been at this spot for as long as I’ve been showing up on Towne Avenue. At first, as we were playing around they were angry about the camera and, after this photo, we had to stop photographing in this spot. Doreen left to attend to her needs a half block away on 5th street, which left me and T to our own devices for a period of about twenty minutes. As we stood, I witnessed something that I found to be one of the most absurdly beautiful, haunting, bizarre, tragic and incomprehensible scenes I’ve witnessed in my life. I can’t explain the reasons for its occurrence, or my reaction, so I’ll just relate the event.
Along Towne Avenue, pictured in some of the photos in this series behind Doreen as she smokes out of her pipe and eats strawberries, is a tent that doesn’t quite hug the wall it sits in front of. Visible between the tent and the wall was a woman of color, very dark skinned, the sun shining on her in the slanting late afternoon light, creating a glow and shine on her back. She sat on the pavement, partially concealed by her tent, slumped over, seemingly passed out and didn’t move or change position for the entire time I hung out with Doreen and friends.
After Doreen walked off for a few, T and I stood, enjoying the beautiful late afternoon vibe and the presence of peace on the block in these moments. Further toward 6th, more crowded and volatile on this day, nearer to 5th, our spot, another world.
As we stood, two white males appeared, looking a bit unusual but not alarming….one looked like a guy in his mid to late thirties, artistic, a bowler hat and open shirt, attractively trimmed dark beard….Silver Lake style….and the other, an older guy, nondescript, that I could imagine shopping in a Ralph’s Supermarket with his wife or walking through Skid Row looking for trouble….a modern paradox.
Both guys walked over to the woman who still sat, slumped in a complete stupor. The bearded guy hunkered down next to her, talking conversationally with the other guy.
He withdrew a syringe and another substance, and began the process of preparing the drug to load into the syringe. T stood with his back to the scene and I tried to ignore what was going on, feigning disinterest. T kept his back turned, although he was aware.
I assumed he would inject himself, but he didn’t. He loaded the syringe and instead, pushed the needle into the back of the slumped woman’s neck and began to very slowly push the drug through the syringe. It was obvious that he was very experienced and I saw his pale hands against the woman’s glowing, dark skin, pushing slowly and carefully, needle sticking in her neck, both guys smiling and talking about nothing in particular. This image has remained with me….I didn’t photograph it for obvious reasons…besides potential safety issues, it was one of the most intensely personal, intimate, and possibly illegal activities I’ve ever witnessed. I can’t say for sure what was loaded into the barrel of the syringe, but I am entitled to take a guess. Antibiotics? Heroin?Methadone? The woman never moved, and, after about ten minutes, they walked off. The woman stayed, never moving once or speaking. She stayed in the same position for the hour or so that I remained.
T turned at one point, saw what was going on with the two white guys, the syringe, and the woman, and turned quickly away, without visibly reacting or mentioning the occurrence. When I returned a few days later, the woman’s tent was gone and the large tent pictured in the background was completely burned out. Instead of the white wall pictured, it is now stained black and gray from the intense fire that must’ve burned at some time in the few days I wasn’t in the area, leaving a massive blackened plume imprinted on the wall. All that remains are black and gray ashes, ground into the pavement where the tent once stood.