playing around on photoshop~

Been playing around with the pen tool, illustrator and photoshop. Life is a little hectic and I think I needed to spend some time reminding myself that things will work out, which ever way that is.(Side note: the font isn’t mine, it’s called Bromello, I am currently in LOVE with this font). Have a good day <3  


Mikaela and Enzo


Ariana Petrakis + Hypothetical Season 6 (for my bae @fraysquake)

Remember, remember remember…


aaron and eric in a modern au.

      in which aaron posts random day-to-day photos on his insta and eric is all about that aesthetic a.k.a they’re happy and all is as it should be.

Small fry`s room: Upgrade

Hi, guys!! :D It`s been a while, right? I have something cute for you today! The sims 4 community (including me) are extremely happy right now (for the most part) and I wanted to share the joy with all of you!! You`ll get an armchair, an adorable shelf (don`t delete recolors of it in game, choose what you prefer beforehand), a rug, wall deco (I played around in Photoshop and made several extra recolors for my fav - “Dream Eater” sticker).

Here are some “swatches”:

Hope, this bundle will make you happier or smilier, whatever happens! :D))

Credit goes to EA, Maxis, Sims 4 Studio