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[on meeting co-star Henry Cavill for the first time] I was overwhelmed by his good looks, his chiseled body, his muscles, pretty much everything. There was the whole package there - Armie Hammer

[Cavill on working with Hammer] I’ll be honest, it was really hard keeping us apart on set, I mean, it was like velcro. You know, just, once we were together the chemistry was there - Henry Cavill

HAMMER: We’ve done everything together. We’ve been on speedboats together, I’ve been on the back of his Vespa riding around Rome. We’ve got to do a lot of fun stuff. It was really nice, yeah. We had a nice bottle of Chianti.

CAVILL: Speaking of chemistry.

HAMMER: We didn’t have chemistry before Rome, I’ll tell you that.

CAVILL: We’ll always have Rome.

These two love giving each other a hard time and being cheeky with each other. Hammer mercilessly flirts and Cavill acts aloof and plays hard to get but loves it.

The Ways to Kill Monsters

If you have time Can you one were the reader is the brothers sister she’s like 5 and her brothers are just like playing with her just a lot of fluff btw love your writing:)))

A/N: Thank you! I hope you enjoy!

The Winchester brothers are one again on babysitting duty while their father, John Winchester is gone on a hunt. He doesn’t mind leaving you three alone, he would do it when Dean was a child, now he is twenty and Sam sixteen. They are able to watch a five years old.

You play with your army man Dean had given you, just like that because he had found it in his bag. Since, you received them, you look obsessed with them, the boys are happy about, they can do their thing. Sam has a lot of exams he wants to study for, and Dean has a hunt he has to do some research on.

Dean looks up to make sure you are okay, because silence is the only thing he can hear. When his eyes meets you, he sees how non-enthusiasm you look of playing. Your lips in a pour form, your eyes staring at nothing and your playing is only putting the army man up and down.

Dean hits Sam on his shoulder, not too hard, just so he can get his attention.

“What?” Sam asked him.

Dean points at you, and understand, starting to worry too.

Sam and Dean gets up and go sit with you on the ground next to the sofa.

“Hey, kid” Dean smiles at you “what are you playing at?”

You only shrug and show them your army man and continue to ‘play’.

“You want us to play with you?” Sam asked.

You look up at him, your eyes widening at his suggestion. You smile a little and nod happily handing them each an army man. Because of this, the brothers understand that you are just feeling lonely and want to play with them.

“Okay” you start “we are hunting a ghost and… and… and… oh! Yeah! It’s mix up with a werewolf and a vampire!”

Sam laughs while Dean thinks how hard it would be to kill that combination.

“So!” You exclaimed happily “how do we kill him?”

Usually, when a five years old asks this, people would get some help from professional, but they are not normal. They are hunters and you are a future hunter, John already thinking about your training.

“For a ghost” Sam said “for the ghost, you have to throw him some magic powder and a potion so he can go and see his love ones”.

“For the vamp” Dean continued “you have to be a magician with the magic box”.

“Yeah! Like what I saw on TV! The trick the man did”.

“And you remember the werewolf?” Sam asked you.

“Uh-uh” you nodded “you have to use cupid’s arrow and shoot him in the heart and… and so he can find his love”.

Dean laughs at how stupid it sounded, Sam had created this way to kill monsters so you didn’t have to learn it now.

“That’s right, so, you wanna start?”

So Pewds is playing Corpse Party. I really am curious to what his reaction to the whole messed up situation was so I’m watching it but still I had to go through Seiko’s death again (which I’ve gone through three times already, now four: one, me playing the game; two, Cryaotic playing the game; three, the anime and; four, Pewdiepie’s)… THE PAIN OF THE OTHER HALF OF MY SHIP DYING IS TOO PAINFUL. Seikoooooooooooo, Naomi loves yooooooouuuuuuu.

Srsly though, the look on Pewd’s face when he found Seiko was… ugh… so painful like, he was pissed, annoyed, sad, angry and simply feeling, all at the same time.

You go, Pewdiepie! Thanks for the feels.