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Determined to win a dare by his brother Dean, Sam is forced to stay inside a haunted castle for forty-seven hours and survive with only two sandwiches and a bottle of water. It’s cold and dark, and once the doors of the eerie castle close behind his back, the clock starts ticking and Sam hikes from room to room to become acquainted with his surroundings. But never did he know that he would make any odd discoveries, such as talking instruments and a weeping angel behind a mirror.

Slightly frightened but impressed, Sam listens to the story told by the instruments about the man trapped behind the mirror, who was once an angel that fell from home for defying one of the essential laws of Heaven. The punishment that eventually came with his fall was a curse from God that turned the angel into a statue positioned in the castle’s labyrinth for an eternity, and could only be broken by letting the instruments play to the right song.

When Sam decides to help out of good heart, the instruments encourage him to find the three missing sheet music so he can break the curse and free Lucifer as soon as possible.

The first one is hidden in the castle’s library, between one of the pages out of a million books.

The second one is locked inside a box, secured by a snake at the the end of the garden’s labyrinth inhabited by three very sly monsters.

The third one is kept safe inside a good man’s heart.

Sam makes it his mission to rescue Lucifer, spends the first few hours looking for any clues that could bring him to the right book and finds the first sheet music to the song that could break the fallen angel’s curse.

Satisfied with what he’s found, he makes his way to the garden’s labyrinth next and successfully defeats the three monsters that reside there. At the exit stands the cursed fallen angel as a statue with a box at its feet protected by chains and a silver snake that politely asks for the key that one of the monsters dropped.

With the location of the last sheet music still remaining a mystery, Sam returns to the main room of the castle and celebrates with his friends that he’s acquired the first two parts of the song. Though as dusk falls, Sam ponders on the last hint for a good few hours. The instruments are unfortunately clueless about the hint that leads to the last piece of the song. Nothing comes to Sam or Lucifer’s minds either.

When the clock ticks midnight, the curse hits the mirror and the instruments, turning them back into motionless objects until six in the morning. Sam takes his notebook out when he’s decided that he can’t fall asleep without at least a bit of company. He lights a candle, grabs a pen and starts writing the last part of the song himself instead to have the instruments serenade Lucifer the next morning, hoping that it will make him stop crying and smile somehow.

When he finishes, it’s four in the morning, and he’s already fast asleep only to be woken up two hours later by birds peeping through the broken glass of the castle and chirping around the room. The instruments greet Sam with a morning song, but find themselves shocked when he explains that he would love for them to play the last part of the song that he’s written all night for the beautiful angel trapped behind the mirror as an apology for not being of any more help.

When the instruments follow the sheets accordingly, Lucifer weeps mournfully as the sun rises. Though as soon as the song comes to an end, Sam stands surprised when golden particles appear out of nowhere and focus on sparkling around the mirror, the sound of Lucifer weeping becoming louder and echoing throughout the halls of the castle.

Sam manages to block his eyes from a sharp bright light blinding the room, and practically trips backwards. It’s then that he finally realizes that the hint indicated that Sam putting his heart and soul inside the last part of the song was the key to break the curse and free Lucifer.

Everything seems a bit blurry when he uncovers his eyes, but Sam isn’t even a little bit bewildered by the fact that he’s standing at the foot of the weeping statue at the exit of the labyrinth again without having moved an inch. But he watches in awe how a burst of particles slowly starts to give it colors, turning the statue into something alive. It’s slightly moving, making such soft, almost inaudible sounds…

Sam reaches out and carefully touches the fallen angel’s shoulder, making it flinch and stop whimpering.

“You’re free, now.”

For the first time in a century, Lucifer is finally able to feel someone’s warm touch again and stop his tears from falling.

[the song]

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A few characters of your choice teaching their s/o to play an instrument they've always wanted to learn to play but never had the opportunity to, or vice versa.

How about Lucio, Symmetra, and Soldier 76


- Probably plays 15 different instruments and can pick another one up easily

- If you know an instrument he doesn’t, he’d love for you to show him how to play it. Or if you want to learn, he’s more than happy to teach you

- Is patient as both teacher and student, and lessons are going to be fun and filled with laughter


- Never learned to play an instrument, despite wanting to as a child (at first it was because her family was to poor and later it was because she was too busy working at Viskar)

- She doesn’t have much interest in a lot of instruments; if she learns she’ll want to learn something classic, like a piano or a harp

- Once she starts learning she will practice for at least 2 hours a day until she reaches an acceptable level of skill (and her definition of ‘acceptable’ is pretty close to perfect)

Soldier 76

- He actually knows how to play the violin, his mother wanted him to learn

- He also put that knowledge to use to play the fiddle, since that fit more with the country lifestyle he grew up with

- It’s been a couple decades since he’s played, so he’ll have to relearn before he can help you, but the basics come back quickly

- He’ll enjoy it more than he’ll readily admit, but he missed playing and is glad you encouraged him to pick it back up

Saint Cecilia (c.1610). Archivo Grammatica (Italian, 1570-1626). Oil on canvas. Museo del Prado.

The Roman saint Cecilia was martyred for her faith. As the patron saint of music she is normally depicted playing an instrument, crowned with flowers and accompanied by the angel who defended her purity. The pronounced contrasts of light in this scene reveal the influence of Caravaggio that was evident in Grammatica’s work from 1605 onwards.

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i can imagine dan more as a musician. i can see where ure coming from with phil and dan the supportive boyfriend, but thinking realistically dan has more rhyme, and can probably pick up new instruments easily. also phil would be the best supportive bf ever he'll listen to dan sing or play/learn a new instrument always be at every concert, gig, whatever make sure dan knows hes great in times of doubt, protect him, i support supportive bf phil!

i’m so conflicteddddddddd

ugh i really want to write this au now but i just can’t choose who to put in what role

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Name: Daniela Yahaira 🌻
Ancestry: Mexican 🇲🇽
Zodiac: Virgo ♍️
Where do you live: Southern Cali 🌴
What’s your favorite song right now: I’m really into 80s love rock atm 🎸
Play any Instruments: Played the violin for 8 years🎻
What’s your signature drink: Squirt and peach margaritas 🍑🍹
What’s your signature scent: Cucumber melon body spray 🥒🍈
Favorite Color: Black 🖤
A sound you love: birds singing 🐦🎼
A sound you hate: Annoying loud ass bass when people blast music in their cars 😤👎🏽

I tag: @n969 @self-actualized-xicano @rooster213 @flacomexicano @purojekutoamaterasu @jaileneeem

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so i'm 13, started violin last year and started taking lessons a few months ago. my first concert is going to be next February, and my instructor is putting together a group class so i can start to play with other people. thing is, i have social anxiety. i'm kinda excited, but at the same time, i know i'll probably be terrified as the time draws closer. any tips for socializing with some new people, playing in front of an audience for the first time, or just any reassurance?

Think about your very favorite musician. They can play any instrument and be in any genre that you like. Are you thinking of someone?

That person that you’re thinking of had to play in front of a group for the first time once. They were scared of it too. There is not a musician out there who hasn’t felt stage fright or social nerves or something like that. That’s completely normal.

As for socializing with new people, most of them probably want to make friends too! Just be friendly and answer questions with more than one or two words - super-short answers are a good way to kill off conversation. If you’re playing with them regularly, you’ll get more comfortable with them naturally.

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Hey hey, do you know maybe if the Nations play any musical instruments? (I mean other than Austria's piano and Prussia's flute.) Or what are their favourite music genres? Does this even exist in canon? Have a nice day. :)

I will make a post on this

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18, 28, 48

18. You’re forced to listen to only one album for the rest of your life, what album is it

Sixpence None the Richer’s self titled album.

28. Can you play any instruments, if so, which

The flute

48. A song that demands lip syncing and a makeshift microphone


Questions Stuff

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Name: Austin
Ancestry: Literally just all the western Europe. Like the only prominent one is a lil bit of Swiss
Zodiac: Crybaby Cancer
Where do you live: West Virginny
How are you doing today: I’m alright. Tired
What’s your favorite song right now: I’ve been listening to a lot of Richard and Linda Thompson’s Shoot Out The Lights album
Play any instruments: I played tuba in high school and can bs my way through that, and I can kinda sing
What’s your signature drink: Just a big ol’ cup of coffee, or a big ol’ bottle of water, or Dr Pepper
What’s your signature scent: Mitchum deodorant and laundry soap
Favorite color: I love pastels in general, and seafoam in specific
A sound you love: Thunder
A sound you hate: People being loud

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pal i fucking love everything you do it's all so good where did you learn to play all these instruments?

Thank you so much hahaha each instrument has its own backstory

When I was young I always wanted to play guitar in a band I always thought that shit was rad as fuck. But my parents never got me a guitar or anything. I took band in 6th grade where I started trumpet.

In 8th grade I bought a bass because I knew that everyone played guitar but nobody played bass so starting a band would be easier if I just played bass

I also started piano lessons in 8th grade, but had to stop because of marching season in 9th grade.

In 9th grade I joined orchestra on double bass because I wanted to learn how to read bass music, which is where most of my technique on electric bass comes from.

Half way into my freshman year, my band director told me I should play euphonium because of my embochure, and I asked to play trombone becsuse I wanted to start a ska band lmao (we Marched baritones and no trombones so I played that during marching season.

Junior year, I switched to viola in orchestra because I felt more interested by it Vs double bass. I also got a mandolin from my friend and learned that. I used to also grab tuba’s a football games and play stand tunes with them.

Senior year I formed a ska band where I played bass but wrote the music. I started learning how to write guitar tabs out, which eventually led to me learning how to play guitar. I also picked up ukulele some time around this time

Senior year, I also joined my friends band on saxophone (which I learned to play for it) but as an April fools joke and ok April fools day I quit and it was great lmao.

Recently I’ve just gained lots of interest in drums over the last year or so jamming with great drummers, I started getting behind sets more and more jamming out and I can now hold beats and know basic percussion techniques and stuff.

I think that covers all the instruments I know how to play!


we were like gods at the dawning of the world

I play bassoon in our intermediate band and double bass in the senior band. The last time our school bands did a concert, there were I kid you not at least 4 White Moms™ that came up to me and yelled at me for playing “instruments not fitting for a young woman” and “setting a bad example” for their daughters. One of them didn’t even know what a bassoon was (she called it a clarinet the entire time) nor what a double bass was (she called it a “big violin”), apparently it was just bc the instruments were relatively larger…like ok chill I like bass instruments what’s wrong with that I’ll hit you over the head with my double bass


Up next on weird instruments I found at NAMM: piccolo French horn, “wave” flute, Bass trumpet, and a trombone with a slide AND keys

i want to be in a band so bad it’s actually killing me. like just the thought of being in a van with my best friends, traveling across the country and making music that has the potential to inspire people to do the same thing could actually send me to the grave