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The Originals 4x05

Hayley, Hayley, Hayley…

So so so much potential. It’s almost as if the writers are hearing us - Hayley has done some serious damage, especially when she was trying to find her family and homage. But it’s almost as if they forgot about that when they were writing season 1 and 2 Hayley Marshall, or the Hayley Marshall that fell in love with Elijah. I have a lot of feelings towards the back-track they’ve delivered in regards to her blood line. 

What I think is super interesting was how they brought it in, Mary’s husband being involved with the killing, the hollow being apart of the reason that they killed her parents and if done really well they can have this come full circle, I love that she is apart of the reason why it’s a threat to Hope. 

Onto my next point I really really fucking hate the shit out of Elijah Mikaelson. I hate him, actually truly so downright fucking hate him and the way he interacts with Marcel Gerard. It honestly makes me sick and I’m so confused about the hatred that he feels towards him. Does he not completely understand that Klaus feels a hell of a lot towards him? Doe’s he not understand that Klaus loves him in one of the most pure ways possible? 

I’m sorry I am actually so angry and mad about this situation because I don’t understand it. Marcel has so many ridiculously great redeeming qualities, the fact that Hope is such an important aspect to Marcel. That is literally his some-what sister. The fact that he saved Hayley once-upon a time is really important… man I am so mad. 

Hayley obviously cares about Marcel and so does Klaus and I want to fucking see that, I want to see Hayley come into play with this vandictive hideous person that Elijah is becoming.

I hate him. 

Onto my next situation - I really really absolutely love the shit out of Freya, perfect character and the budding romance that is possibly happening between Freelin and her… like I am so fucking here for that. 

I’m on that ship. 


Word count: 1216 words
Summary: “You loved the colour red on me, but this isn’t what you meant.”
Suga x Male reader Gang AU

“Yoongi, do I look okay?”

“I told you when you agreed to marry me, you are perfect.” I lightly played with the hem of my dress shirt, anxiety draining out of me from his soft spoken words. I heard the light creak of the bed, and the familiar scent of his cologne filled my senses.  

“But I know you have rules for me, on what I can wear-”

“And right now, red looks perfect on you.”

“You do these things to my heart Min Yoongi, and I don’t know when they will stop.”

“When we die together?”

“Who says I’ll die with you?” I challenge, even if I knew the outcome to this conversation. I was greedy for the responses that make me feel wanted, like my presence is enjoyed. He stepped forward one more time, so I could feel his breath fan across my face. I shivered from the anticipation.

“(Y/N), I suggest you be quiet. Let’s go to the dinner now, shall we?” He spoke coolly, the hairs on my arms stood on end as I nodded, taking his hand in mine. He walks ahead of me ever so slightly, taking the dominant role. His presence is dark, and cold, while mine is soft and warm. We are complete opposites until left alone, when he holds me at night, when he fights all the thoughts that took me captive years before. People stared, and it was obvious that they were talking about us. ‘The only Mafia boss who has a male fiance’. I felt the words of the woman hit me as I held onto Yoongi tighter. With his careful observation, he noticed and carefully wrapped his arms around my small torso. I released the tension in my shoulders at his kind gesture, feeling my cheeks burn slightly. We finally entered the main dining hall, people everywhere.

“Yoongi! I am so glad you decided to come, I have a gift for you!” A lady spoke, lightly shoving me off of him. My eyebrows furrow as she clings to him like a lost puppy, hurt filling my facial features. Yoongi was staring at her with a bored expression, but I let them be anyways, turning around and walking away without bothering them. I could feel Yoongi’s stare, and the woman’s not-so-gentle voice. I sighed, walking over to the bar. The familiar face, Jin, wipes glasses at the counter concentrating on the glass in his long fingers. I sit, careful to not fall off the tall seat. Jin finally notices my presence, surprised. A look of understanding soon reaches his face as his eyes land on the female hanging off him, and him not trying to get away from her.

“Seems that not everything is perfect right now in Yoongi town, huh?” Jin asks, already placing a cocktail in front of me.

“It was perfect until we entered the room.” I mumble, playing with the lime on the glass, and the broad shouldered man gives silent empathy, cleaning the counter. I sip at my drink, and after a few minutes I feel slightly dizzy,  the drink slowly taking it’s toll on me. The calming music makes me follow it’s melody as I bob my head to it, the instruments ringing through my ears. The music was suddenly stopped as the woman from before goes on stage, her heels clicking noisily with each step.

“Ladies and Gentleman, today we have a special guest, mafia boss Min Yoongi here today!” Quiet cheers could be heard as Yoongi stood awkwardly, my eyes boring into the side of his face. “For his presence today, we have a special gift for him!” She squealed, pointing to a door backstage, multiple women in lingerie walked onto the small, carpeted stage.  I clench my teeth as I continue to listen and watch. “You have the decision to have one,” You could see some women push their chests out, “or have them all!” At the ending of her speech, I lost it and slammed my cup down, getting up and walking towards the exit. I could feel gazes from every single person in the room, except for one. The one who I cared for most, leaving me to my misery by myself. Tears fell down my face as I went into the washroom, locking the door. I felt my breath quicken as fear filled my body, how Yoongi could choose one woman to spend his night in the bedroom with, or all of them. I sobbed into my hand, my throat feeling restricted as I sat down. In the distance, quick footsteps followed by panicked knocks at the door were heard, also followed with a voice.

“(Y/N)? It’s me, Jin, I came to check on you, can you open the door please?” Jin pleaded, his voice sounding vulnerable. I got up, wobbling to the door.  As I opened it, I felt my knees grow weak as Jin caught me, sweat dripped off my forehead as I heard Jin call out my name. My ears rang for a few seconds, before I could hear again. “(Y/N)? Can you hear me?” Jin asked softly, and I replied in a nod, I winced at how I realized my throat was sore.

“Let go of him, Jin.” A harsh voice snapped, making me flinch. I close my eyes as my vision circles in a frenzy.

“Yoongi, why should I let you take care of him? When you couldn’t even look at him as he left?”

“Jin! Don’t test my patience!” He yelled. I could feel Jin shudder in fear as he put me down in front of Yoongi, his cold hard eyes shooting bullets into my body as he helped me up. “I’m sorry (Y/N), you won’t have to worry about her again.” He explains, and I give into his apology, nodding. He picks me up so I can see behind him, and as he starts walking away I see Jin slowly raising his arm, and I then notice the weapon in his hand. My eyes widen as I force myself out of Yoongi’s arms, blocking him from the bullet as it pierces through me. I let of a pained gasp, holding my chest. Jin’s eyes widened, realizing I got in the way. I fall to my knees as Yoongi reacts, shooting Jin, his body falling to the floor. I looked down at myself, my red dress shirt being covered with a darker, scarier red.

Blood gushes from the wound, and also comes out of my throat, spilling out of my mouth. Yoongi gets on the floor, it’s easy to see how red his eyes are as he tries not to cry.

“(Y/N), can you hear me?” He panics, holding my shoulders, making me cry out in pain. Tears start draining off his face as he holds me, our last moment together. “Fuck (Y/N), this can’t be fixed, idiot!” He yells, holding me closer. I feel my breath getting shallower as the pain intensifies.

“Y-Yoongi..” I cough out. “You’ll still get me a fireplace right?” I ask, trying to lighten the situation, but it makes him cry harder, his cries muffled by my shoulder. He looked up at me, as I try to get the last words out.

“Does red s-still look good on me?”

Reaction: VIXX To You With Children

I hope you like it Anon! - Admin O

N: You were babysitting your nephew when he decided to come over for a visit. “Sorry Hakyeon, I didn’t know you would be coming over.” He chuckled. “It’s fine, just go on with what you were doing.” He sat on the couch, worried if it would be okay for him to join you and his nephew. It didn’t seem like you needed him though. You played freely with your nephew, causing him to laugh and jump around in happiness. You looked exhausted, but you never gave up with your nephew wanted to play another game. Finally N jumped in to give you a break. “Y/N, rest a little, I’ll help with the rascal.” You kissed his cheek. “Thank you,” He smiled to himself, no thank you for assuring me that you would be a perfect mother.

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Leo: You grabbed his hand and led him to the front of the orphanage. “Come on, it will be fun.” He sighed. “I don’t want to today.” You gave him some aegyo and he shrugged. “Please TAekwoon, I promised I would bring you along.” He nodded. “Fine, but don’t ever do something like that again.” You skipped, pulling him along. “But I thought you like children.” “I do, but not this many in one place.” You pursed your lips. “I see, you’ll just have to deal with it.” You dragged him into the orphanage and began immediately playing with the children. You had forgotten that Leo was even there until a little girl asked why the older man kept staring at you. You looked over to Leo who hid a smile as he went back to playing with the children. “He’s a special boy,” You said going back to playing with the children. He glanced at you again, his heart beating faster. You were incredible with them, and it made him understand just how caring and nurturing you were. He picked a perfect girlfriend.

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Ken: You picked up the crying child. “It’s fine, we’ll find your mommy.” You brushed the child’s cheeks, looking to Ken for help. He gave you a reassuring smile. “Let’s take him to security, I’m sure they can find his mother.” You nodded, following Ken’s lead. The security guards insisted on keeping the boy, but you didn’t want to leave his side not knowing that his mother had returned. So you asked Ken to stay with you while you kept the boy company. Ken agreed, warmed by your actions. You knelt down in front of the crying boy, again brushing the tears from his face. “Should we get a snack?” You asked, and the boy stopped crying. “Mhm,” You picked the boy up again, and took him to the food court. “What do you want?” “That,” You bought him everything he wanted, even if you knew he wouldn’t eat it. Ken laughed, watching you and the child. “You are going to spoil our children aren’t you?” Ken hadn’t meant to say it out loud, but when he caught you eye, he couldn’t help it. You blushed. “So you’re thinking about our children?” He sighed. “Well, it’s hard not to when you seem to be a perfect mother.”

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Ravi: You pat the child’s head, saying goodbye. You were still only a tutor, but you hoped one day to be a teacher. Ravi waited for you by the car, you waved to him, but stopped when something heavy caught your leg. You looked down to see the little girl you were tutoring. She smiled up at you, and you knelt down so you could look her in the face. “What is it?” You smiled, tucking her hair behind her ear. The little girl handed you a card. “Happy Birthday Miss Y/N!” The little girl hugged you, and you couldn’t help but smile, hugging her back. “Thank You, when did you have time to make this?” You poked her nose. “You’re just too sweet you know that.” You looked down at the card. “And very artistic, this card is beautiful, it’s the best birthday present ever!” Ravi laughed, watching you interact with the small girl. When you walked over he tucked your hair behind your ear. “I hope we have a girl.” You hadn’t caught the full sentence, so you asked Ravi to repeat it. He simply shrugged. “I don’t know, let’s go.”

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Hongbin: He sat on the bench, waiting for you to return. You said you were only going to the restroom, but time kept ticking and he was getting nervous. He started to look for you and found you standing in front of a tossing game. Hongbin tapped your shoulder, and you jumped. “Hongbin, I’m sorry.” He smiled. “What happened here?” He looked down at the two little girls who were standing next to you. “They wanted to win a doll, but they couldn’t, so I wanted to help.” You sighed. “But I’m not too good either.” He was suddenly very proud of you and happy to see you interacting with children so sweetly. “Let me help.”

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Hyuk: You shrugged off the idea, not wanting anything to do with his cousins. You didn’t like children, and you could only put up with them for so long, and Hyuk knew it. “Please Y/N, I don’t want to baby sit alone.” You gave in when he started performing aegyo and giving you cute kisses. When you arrived at his sister’s house, you suddenly became nervous. “I don’t want to Hyuk.” He dragged you from the car and into the house. Once introductions were done and settled, it was just you, him, and his nephew. Hyuk did his best to keep his nephew occupied so that you didn’t have to do much, but even Hyuk got tired. He went to the restroom and left you alone with the little boy. “Do you want to play with me?” He held out a video game controller, and you figured it couldn’t hurt. The two of you began playing, and you immediately knew you were better than the boy, but you didn’t want to make him feel bad, so you lost on purpose. The boy became really happy, and you realized that it wasn’t such a hard thing to take care of children. This went on for a while, and you lost track of time. Hyuk came up behind the two of you and told his nephew it was time for bed. His nephew threw a fit and said “I don’’t want to go to bed without Y/N.” You were surprised, but Hyuk simply laughed. “Fine, she will tuck you in and read you a bedtime story.” “Hyuk!” “Go get ready for bed quickly, we will be up in a moment.” The boy ran up the stairs with glee. You sighed, cursing Hyuk beneath your breath. “Why,” He laughed. “I want to confirm something,” That you really are amazing with children.

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Friendship and Camaderie

Part two of my Chosen character introspective, this time I’m talking about Yamato Ishida! Yamato’s character arc is the one in Adventure that tended to frustrate me more often than not before I really started to go it over. He needs to learn the same lesson more than once and his personal crisis takes up time during the Dark Masters Arc. Now, regardless of my feelings on how much time we actually needed for Yamato’s character development, his development is more multi-faceted than I first gave it credit for. Yamato’s problem is not just “loner needs to learn to play nice with others”, and a single epiphany on the true meaning of friendship isn’t enough to fix him for good. It all goes further than that.

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Harry Shum Jr is a wonderful man and an amazing artist.
We couldn’t ask for a better Magnus. Harry cares so much about his character and he puts his heart into portraying the perfect Magnus for us! He’s theatrical, he’s funny but he also shows us his vulnerability and his facial expressions are always on point, he puts so much emotion into Magnus.
Harry is so passionate and he loves Magnus so much, he understand the character so well and he has been doing a fantastic job since the episode one.
Not everybody can play Magnus and Harry is a joy to watch!