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Best Friends pt2- Josh Dun

Pairing: Josh Dun/Reader
Rating: Mature
Words: 700+
Warnings: Smut, Daddy kink, rough sex.
Request: how about JoshXreader are best friends and they meet at Josh’s house to watch some movies and stuff, after a while it gets pretty late so josh asks “Reader” if she wants to stay the night because he don’t want her to go home in the dark, so they both lay in bed starting to cuddle and spooning a little bit while josh feels readers butt in his crotch so he gets horny und starts to move his hand in her pants while his boner is against her butt. Reader is a bit unsure at first but then agrees? :)

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Part 1

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I was thinking about a game that I made for a school project my senior year of high school and I got to thinking…… If there was a villainous dating sim each of the characters would be different difficulty levels….

5.0.5 would be like the tutorial. You can’t romance him but he’s the easiest to befriend and there’s not really much you could do to lower friendship points

The next one is Flug, he takes a little longer to befriend than 5.0.5 but after that he’s the easiest to romance

Demencia would be harder bc you’d have to take her attention away from Black Hat first, and THEN build up points. Maybe even a thing that if you don’t pay enough attention to her, she gets bored and you have to start over

Black Hat….. is like the final boss, not sure if he’s even romanceable at first bc there’s no visual indicator of friendship points or if he likes any gifts or anything. It’s a guessing game. There are hardly any changes in dialogue to suggest you’re making any progress. Eventually he makes a vague suggestion that he hates you slightly less than before. Then he’s a tsundere and mildly irritating. For advanced players only

Villainous headcanons

-“Flug Slys” is a stage name used to help protect Flug’s true identity from villains, should he ever be rescued.

-if Flug were to be rescued by a hero, he would refuse to leave without 5.0.5. joining them.

-Flug is a hostage Black Hat took when Flug’s plane crashed into his manor.

-the company was founded in the last year or two. as a result, Black Hat has very limited knowledge of how mortal humans work. Even altered ones like Demencia.

-his overworking of Flug is normal hours to Black Hat. He is simply not aware humans typically need 8 hours of sleep / how much food / relaxation times they need.

-Demencia sees Black Hat as her idol, not just boyfriend material. That worship would remain even if the crush ends.

-505 loves when it rains, he begs to go out & play when it does.

-505 & Dr. Flug are equally terrified of thunderstorms. They help each other cope by cuddling / having bonding time to get through them.

-Black Hat engages in “prank wars” with Demencia. It’s the one time they get along great.

-Flug & 505 hate whenever the prank wars break out. They are usually the victims.

Everything You’ve Come To Expect

An era came to an end the night of the 26th of August, 2016 and the early morning hours of the 27th. However, this is not just the time to mourn, but to look back in retrospect and recall the best parts of that era. So, sit back and enjoy the ride.

  1. The Beginning Of A New Era:

Now we’re going back, about 9 months ago, when it all officially started. You know what I’m talking about: the TLSP2 video, which came out on the 3rd of December, 2015. That’s when we knew something good was coming.

Without being quite able to wrap our heads around what had happened, about a month later (on the 10th of January, 2016) the first new single was released, it was the all time favourite ‘‘Bad Habits’‘.

Exactly three months later, on the 10th of March, 2016, the single ‘‘Everything You’ve Come To Expect’‘ was out. It’s video confused us, not only with it’s nine different versions, but also with the story behind it. A woman, most likely a bride, was dancing on a coast around Alex and Miles, who were buried in the sand at the time of the tide. That said, only six days later (on the 16th of March,2016), the third single, -the all too familiar and reminder of the first album- ‘’Aviation’’, was out. The video that accompanies the song, is a prequel to the ‘‘EYCTE’‘ one and elaborates the story further.

The last, but not least single to be released was ‘‘Miracle Aligner’‘. This time, the pattern was broken, as the song was introduced during an interview for Beats1 (on the 28th of March, 2016) and didn’t come with a video. Nevertheless, two months later, the video came out, on the 17th of May, 2016. Shot in ‘‘Cafe Royal’‘ in London, the video shows a very tanned Alex Turner, showing off his ”dance moves” along with Miles Kane.

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adatakespictures: 5️⃣0️⃣5️⃣ || they played 505 and Alex couldn’t remember any words (Rockwave, June 5, 2016)

TLSP live@ Rockwave, Athens a summary...
  • -The last few minutes before they got on stage were insufferable and seemed like hours
  • -They began the show with their cover of 'I Want You'
  • -We witnessed a few milex moments and something close to a kiss (we all went nuts)
  • - They were dressed very nicely and Alex's hair was on point (he did some hair flips as well)
  • -Alex got 3 cheeseburgers and 2 bras thrown at him. No comment on the burgers though it was very rude, thank God Alex turned it into a joke
  • -They sang 'Bourne Identity'
  • -Alex started singing 'Happy Birthday' to Caroline, a lady in the orchestra and then we all joined in (I'll upload that video soon)
  • -They played the damn '505'!!! I still can't get over this one!
  • -Alex did his traditional 'stage crawling' and then played with the burgers...
  • -Miles did his guitar thing throughout the show, he was amazing
  • -Alex did a presentation of all the musicians on stage (you can imagine what happened when he introduced Miles) while they both played something extremely awesome on their guitars!
  • -Alex kept trying to speak greek and it was very funny. At one point he sang melodically 'Athena',then later he said 'efcharisto'(ευχαριστω) which in greek means 'thank you' and some other time he said summat like 'eimaste kala Athena?'(ειμαστε καλα Αθηνα;), which means 'how are you Athens?' but he wasn't speaking clearly and I couldn't quite understand him
  • -They stayed 15 minutes longer than it was scheduled
  • -After they left the stage there were sorta fireworks and comfeti (I have photos)

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I love recently started getting into Arctic Monkeys and I'm living them so much. What's stuff I should know about the band like members (past or present), basic history like when they were started, when Alex went from awkward cute to super hot, or what the best songs are? Srry if I'm asking a lot. I just think learning about bands through other people is better because they can add little side notes and opinions and whatnot.

nice!! wow i feel like this is gonna be both ridiculously long and never long enough but let’s do it 

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watch this please it only has 50 views…. Alex with his tank top on playing 505… video is such good quality and right in front of Alex zoomed in please……

oohhhh my god the gig from tonight seems so good like all the videos are so nice and they played 505 and people say they kissed and there’s videos of them literally singing into each other’s mouths bye