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maybe pastel!ty goin to punk!j's nieces bday party he's sittin on the grass in his kimono while all the little girls put flowers in his hair and gigglin and j is so out of place there but is smilin so big when his relatives comment on how amazing ty is !!!🌸☁️🌸

aw!!! “josh your boyfriend really is amazing, he’s so good with kids! have you ever thought about…y'know…your future?” n j blushes bcause yeah?!! he wants t marry ty n adopt kids w him n have a family n he looks at him n the lil girls playin w his hair n puttin flowers in it n tellin him how pretty his kimono is

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ok but Hairchanging josh looking in the mirror feeling really bad about himself in the morning, hating everything and noticing the blue/black hair he had. Tyler sleepily walks in and lets his arms wrap around josh, and his hair explodes into a firework of pretty pinks bc wow Tyler knows how to make him feel loved

mmm his hair gets bright pink w streaks of light pink n ty smiles lazily “love you jj” n j smiles in th mirror lookin at ty “thank you, babe” n ty kisses his neck playin w his hair “y'know..y'look real pretty with pink hair, honey” makin j blush so hard

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Ty havin an asthma attack durin srar and Brendon is the only one there and is panicking bc he's the only one there but he steps up and becomes mature and helps try until josh comes back

he doesn’t know wht t do he runs around trying t find t’s inhaler (s'just in t’s back pocket) n he holds ty tryin t breathe w him bt bren’s breathing is fast from running and finally j comes n calms ty down holding him n playin w his hair hugging bren n thankin him fr helping