playin' pool

But what if the characters of Overwatch were all one big family and they got together for a big barbecue
Soldier: 76 would be wearing a “#1 Dad” apron standing next to the grill with Reinhardt and Torbjorn having a beer,
Mercy would be out sunbathing and chatting it up with the guests,
Mei, Tracer, and D.Va would be playin around in the pool
Winston would be reading in the big tire swing
Reaper and Widowmaker would be sitting under a big umbrella judging everyone
Etc. Etc.

76 would walk up to Mercy and be like:
“Hey darlin, we’re out of hot dog buns. Wilhelm and I are gonna run to the store real quick. Torb said he’ll watch the grill, just keep an eye on the kids, would ya?”

Just imagining the cashier having to ring up hot dog buns and try to strike up conversation with this colossus and the man wearing a mask and a “#1 Dad” apron