Floating playhouse for kids, Lago de Todos los Santos, Chile

Submitted by Paz Carrillo / @pazcarrillof:

This lake has turquoise waters, surrounded with a beautiful antique forest and is one of the biggest lakes in our country. It lays within Vicente Perez Rosales National Park in the X region. My husband used to go to this lake every summer when he was little because his step mom has a house in there. It is a big BIG house, very comfortable that could easily accommodate more than 30 people, it has a big window in the living room of one of the most peaceful and magical views that you could found near the lake … but the most impressive feature is by far the Lake Doll House that was made for the kids that go to the lake: it floats, it has 3 bedrooms and 4 beds, 1 bathroom, a kitchen and a living room and everything works as if it was a real grown up house. The only difference is that you have to be a 9 year old to go through the door or use the bathroom or beds because everything is very small! Last summer we went with my husband who’s now 33 and he almost could’t get in! Also, this is the typical construction style in the area, wooden roof tiles: warm and cute for the hard winters. I took this pic from the beach.


Wonky House by John Murray


When we were looking for a place to be our new home here in Texas, we actually looked online at these two abandoned homes in Big Sandy.    They sit right beside each other, and they’re both up for sale.   Either of them would probably be very impressive with the liberal application of TLC, elbow grease, and money.  

The Victorian playhouse is probably the neatest one I’ve ever seen!