We’re beginning to suspect that the ultimate cat toy might be time itself. You know, a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff. And what better way to enable your favorite feline Time Lord to play with their ultimate toy, than by building a cat-sized TARDIS! Because this kitty TARDIS was constructed by humans and not Gallifreyans, it’s unlikely to be bigger on the inside, but perhaps it just appears that way to us humans.

This awesome half-scale TARDIS Cat Fort was created by astromark, a member of the TARDIS Builders forum. He designed and built it for his cat Kaylee, who is probably already planning adventures with the Doctor.

Visit the Tardis Builders website to check out complete process photos to see how this geektastic kitty condo was made.

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Tools of the trade

Circular saw…Can kill you

Chop Saw….Can kill you

Jig Saw….Can kill you

Panel Saw….Can kill you


Pneumatic Nail Gun….Can Probably kill you if you’re an idiot

Just a few tools and notes about them
don’t be an idiot when building a set and make sure you are using your tools responsibly.

Your friendly neighborhood stagehand.


When you aren’t sleeping in your Millennium Falcon bedroom, playing your Millennium Falcon guitar, listening to music on your Millennium Falcon turntable, or snacking on Millennium Falcon-shaped cake or chocolates, you can let your imagination run wild as you play inside this stupendous Millennium Falcon Cockpit Playhouse. It’s the work of Instructables contributor and super awesome dad Kyle Gilbert, who built it for his two Star Wars-loving kids.

“My kids love Star Wars, and pretty much every day they end up walking around the house with blasters and lightsabers as they fight off the bad guys. Since I was ready for a new project and because the new Star Wars movie is getting closer every day, I decided it would be fun to build the kids a Millennium Falcon Playhouse.”

Gilbert built this geektastic playhouse over the course of ten days. It’s made of PVC board, MDF, glue, bondo, paint, and a variety of cleverly repurposed odds and ends for the dashboard.

Visit the Millennium Falcon Cockpit Playhouse Instructables page to learn exactly how this little bucket of bolts was made.

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