Takin’ It to the Beats Auditions - Dara

The competition is fierce! In a scary way…

See if Dara becomes a Beat.

The Playground Theater Chicago
8pm Saturday
November 5th-December 17th

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Time Out Chicago's: The year in comedy

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Lots of awesome shout outs in this thing.

Props to KC Redheart and The Playgrounds “Out of Character” for their respective mentions!

Of the many indie improv shows I caught this year, my favorite was the spirited debut performance of a new form called Process by Playground member team K.C. Redheart. Process lampooned community theater by taking an audience suggestion and turning it into three separate long-form scenes including the table read of a new play, its dress rehearsal and the final scene of opening night. By poking gentle fun at the self-important egomaniacs who populate that world, they killed hard. Also off to a great start is Out of Character, another Playground form in which improvisers spin a single narrative around an initial solo sketch scene.

Want a Laugh at My Expense?

The Playground Theater has a show called #TweetLife where each week they select one follower of @the_playground to be the source of their improv show where improvisers create live theater based on their tweets.

Well this week they picked yours truly!

I’m excited. Nothing better than laughing at yourself while others make fun of you.


Tickets are just $10 (or $5 w/ a valid student ID) and their theater is always BYOB.

p.s. You can also follow along on their Tweet Life blog for more information on upcoming guests and their tweet lives!

Want to be a potential source for art, improv and live theater? It’s easy. Simply follow @the_playground and send a message saying: “I want in on the #TweetLife.“

Saturday Night | 8pm | BYOB | Comedy | Tweets = Perfection