playground proposal

au were little kindergartener arthur (who has trouble finding friends to begin with) is constantly hovered over by his three older brothers.. and when he tries to approach little kindergartener alfred on the playground and propose that they be friends, alfred gets so scared of arthur’s brothers hovering from arthur’s back and at him that he bursts into tears and almost pees himself.

(in the end big bros would apologise and end up taking alfred under their hen wings, too. then years later realizing that they maybe have to give him the “you hurt my baby brother and i’ll have to rearrange ur face” talk.)

Dirty Politics -- Rumbelle Secret Santa for crankynerdgirl

Ho, ho, ho, @crankynerdgirl​! I hope you enjoy your gift! I had so much fun writing this, it just attacked me and demanded that this exact thing needed to happen.

Please note: This fic includes an angry sex scene that includes some hair pulling and a slap to the face.


Nonmagic, Frenemies, Jealousy, Forgiveness, Love


Belle French liked to keep busy. She was the only librarian at the Storybrooke public library, and as such she managed a team of volunteers and all the programs, like the book drives and storytime. She loved her job, though, even if it didn’t leave a lot of downtime. For one thing, she liked getting to see so many people every day and keep up on their lives. She was among the first to know when a baby was coming (watch for copies of What to Expect When You’re Expecting and baby name books) or if a vacation was planned (travel guides and language tapes) – or even when someone got a bad diagnosis from the local hospital (books on dealing with mortality and specific illnesses).

However, being so involved in the personal minutiae of the individual people meant that she sometimes missed out on the larger news of small town life – like, for example, local election news. So it came as a bit of a shock when she was cornered by Mary Margaret Nolan and a few other people right after she opened one day and told about a town council seat coming up for reelection.

“There’s always a town council seat up for reelection,” Belle said as she sorted through the daily returns. “Nobody ever runs.”

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