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Magickal Glossary

Types of Magickal Energy

Magick is working with these energies to manifest change. There are 3 main sources of energy used in magick, ritual, + spiritual practices:

  • Personal Energy: The energy that resides within you and is emanated from your body.  Psychics see this energy as your aura.
  • Earth Energy: The energy that resides within trees, plants, rocks, etc.  Nature, including the four elements.
  • Divine Energy: Energy from the God-dess; Spirit, Universe, Unknown.

Goddess Archetypes

In the book “The White Goddess”, Robert Graves categorized the Divine Feminine into three aspects: Maiden, Mother, + Crone.  These three aspects, now known as The Triple Goddess, seek to classify Her many faces, aligning Her phases and power with the stages of a woman’s life. (There are, of course, a number of other archetypes and life phases - but for purposes, you will only need to be familiar with these three).

  • The Maiden is the first aspect of the Triple Goddess. In human age, her age is birth to early twenties.  She is the little girl blossoming into womanhood, the image of beauty and love. She is the discovery of femininity, sensuality, and sexuality.  The embodiment of youth, learning, playfulness, and new beginnings, the Maiden is the personification of Spring.
  • The Mother aspect of the Goddess is at the peak of power and life.  She is in control of her circumstances and her sexuality, and is usually mated.  She is the harvest, the representation of abundance and prosperity, and our true Earth Mother. She is the midwife and protector of children, whether or not they are hers. The Mother is strength, resilience, and the knowledge of womanhood.
  • The Crone is the Wise Woman, She of the Kept Blood (menopause).  She is the guide, the counselor, and the infinite teacher.  She brings us to Death in all its terrible fury, then holds and nurtures us as we are reborn.  She is the darkness of Winter, and teaches the power of intuition and how to see what is unseen.

The Elements

The four elements are the basic principles of magickal practice, and the foundation of all that exists.  Earth, Air, Fire and Water (Spirit) are the physical and spiritual components of the Universe and each are a force of energy which contributes to the existence of life.

Each element has a variety of correspondences, as well as emotional and physical manifestations.

  • EARTH – muladhara, kappa, root, grounding, prosperity, abundance, material blessings, money, security, nature, harvest, fertility, growth, silence, calm, rosemary, sandalwood, cedar, ginger, harmony, foot, balance, recovering, shavasana, healing, red jasper, hematite, smoky quartz, peace , plants + herbs, home, morality, protection, motherhood, silence, birth, death, mystery, structures, physical body, winter.
  • AIR – anahata, vata, intellect, wisdom, heart, lungs, arms, shoulders, memory, learning, knowledge, study, mental clarity, happiness, joy, sanguine, cheerfulness, emerald, jade, rose quartz, divination, frankincense, lavender, rosemary, uttanasana, bakasana, self-knowledge, confidence, vitality, energy, elemental air, artistic endeavors, magick, travel, speaking, writing. spring
  • FIRE – manipura,  pitta, passion, desire, transformation, sex, anger, protection, punishment, justice, law, banishing, rosewood, rosemary, frankincense, sandalwood, rose, amber, bergamot, juniper, citrine, tigers eye, myrrh, chamomile, spirits, success, legal matters, prophecy, oracles, independence, liver, pancreas, stomach, lung, adrenal gland, human digestive system, transmutation, healing, the arts, inspiration, authority, creating and destroying, summer
  • WATER – svadhishthana, pelvic, kidney, urinary bladder, genitals, prophecy, bālāsana, natarajasana, oracles, love, emotions, sleep, dreaming, meditation, friendships, relationships, serenity, peace, red raspberry leaf, motherwort, fennel, clary sage, marshmallow, rose, jasmine, calm, advice, counseling, sensuality, divination, intuition, autumn, acceptance, empathy, health and healing

With reverence, 

Rosemary Milk 🌹

Good Girl Ch 20: Claim

Thank you everyone for all the love! You have no idea how much I love to hear your thoughts on everything! Keep them coming!

“I wanted her to sit next to her,” Jiyong pouts from the other side of the large desk. Kris had pulled me on to his lap right when he sat down, denying me any chance of sitting with my new friend on the other side, not that I minded; I kind of enjoy his jealousy.

“Mr. Kwon,” Kris snaps taking the older man’s eyes away from me, “Please tell me what you needed to tell me.  I would like to have time to focus all of my attention on my baby before my next phone call.” His arms around my waist tighten, his thumbs lazily draw circles on my stomach.

“I was giving her plenty of attention out there,” My new friend smirks devilishly.

“Ya!” I glare at him, “None of that remember?”

He sighs and holds up his hands in surrender, “I’m sorry Beautiful, I saw the opportunity and had to take it.”

“No more Oppa or we can’t be friends.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, please don’t be mad.”

“What the hell happened out there? Why are you being so friendly with each other?” Kris grabs me by the chin to get me to focus on him.

I shrug, “We talked.”

“You talked?”

I nod.

“Kris, I really don’t appreciate the constant interruptions,” Jiyong glares.

“I’m just worried about my baby.”

“I see that,” He glares at Kris’s hands on my body. “You must be too busy with that to discuss the future of your group.” He moves to stand but Kris stops him.

“Hyung, I’ll stop, please tell me what you came to say.”

Jiyong smirks, “First, I want Joo-ya over here,” He pats the seat next to him.

“Oppa, stop being mean.”

“But Joo-ya, I want to help you out of your cage.”

I shake my head, “I like my cage.”


“Oppa, if you are going to be like this I will leave.”

He sighs, “Fine, I’ll talk about this boring stuff. Just don’t leave.” Looking back to Kris his playfulness disappears, “I learned from an unnamed source that some information was being leaked from someone who was play gangster with our groups. When my source revealed the name of our little bug I quickly found him and captured him. After looking threw his computers I found out nothing about what he knows or where the information he got is being held.”

“What do you need from us?” Kris says back, giving off the same cold professional vibe as Jiyong.

“My brothers and I tried to get the information from him but since that is not something we are very good at, my hyung has a bad habit of going too far and loosing everything all together. So, since getting information is your families specialty, especially that chubby faced hyung of yours, we were thinking of just giving this snitch over to you.”

“This isn’t a conversation I want to have in front of Jooyoung,” Kris states.

“She is already here. She knows. Might as well continue.”

I add in, “I already know most of this from the first night I stayed with you guys.”

“See,” He beams at me, “She’s a brave little girl.”

“Why are you helping them?” I ask him, something that surprised all of us.

“What do you mean?” Jiyong looks a little proud that I’m daring to question him, Kris just looks horrified that I may have offended my new friend.

“You said earlier that you two are the biggest groups in Asia, that means you’re competition. Why would you help them? I mean, even if you weren’t able to get the information out of this man yourself, there must be people you can hire for that, right?” I look to Kris for an answer.

“Baby,” Kris warns, “You shouldn’t think about this stuff.”

The other just continues to beam at me, “She’s so smart.”

“Stop looking at her like that.”

“She’s just so amazing.”

“Why would befriend someone like this?” Kris asks me gesturing to the suddenly glaring man.

I smile at my new friend, “He reminds me of Jihyo.”

Kris grimaces as Jiyong stares at me confused, asking, “Is that a compliment?”

“A very nice one,” Kris answers honestly, pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration, “You should feel very honored.”

“Where is my baby?” Tao yells as he busts threw the doors. I automatically jump out of Kris’s grip to run into the tan man’s arms.

“Taotao!” I yell back gleefully jumping into the tall man’s arms.

“I’m so sorry I was so mean to you this morning,” He kisses the top of my head.

“It’s okay, did you guys get everything figured out?” I question, giving him a once over before going to check the others who are coming in behind him.

“We’re okay baby, thank you for checking,” Kai says giving me a peck on the lips when he sees the man approaching our group. “Mr. Kwon, what are you doing here?” I’m quickly passed around to greet everyone, getting more personal greetings than normal with lots of kisses.

“I came to have a talk with your brother, now I’ll be on my way out,” Jiyong gives them a polite smile.

“That was all you had to say? You came all the way here to say that?” I pause for a second in Chanyeol’s hug to look back at him.

Jiyong nods, “Well that and to see you again.”

“I thought we were going to talk more?”

He smiles, “You seem to be busy now, we will talk again soon. I’ll be coming by a lot more to talk with your oppas about that snitch.”

“I’ll be going back to school next we so I won’t be around.”

“Don’t you worry your pretty little head, I’ll make sure our friendship doesn’t end here,” He comes over to us, Chanyeol’s grip tightens around me when Jiyong pats my head. “I’ll be taking my leave, so all of you can relax. But one last request, I’d like Joo-ya to walk me out.”

All ten men glare at him but Kris answers, “Over our dead bodies.”

I can see the temptation in his eyes to give back some gangster like threat in return but when our eyes lock his mouth closes as he reconsiders his words, not wanting to get on my bad side. How ironic.

“Fine, how about to the elevator?” This time he doesn’t wait for a response, instead he just grabs my hand and pulls me toward the elevator. When my oppas do nothing to stop him I just follow along, letting my mind wander about what all of these things could mean. We stop at the elevator doors, he presses the button before turning back to look at my oppas who had began taking a few steps forward, “You stay.” The boys freeze in the doorway, “Good guard dogs.”

I bow slightly to him, “Sorry about them being so over protective.”

He chuckles ruffling my hair affectionately, “It’s cute.”

“They usually aren’t that physically affectionate in front of others.”

“No worries, they are just marking their territory. Speaking of which you haven’t been claimed, have you?” He scans me.

“Claimed?” I cock my head at him.

“Those dumb boys,” He sighs before pulling off one of his rings and grabbing my hand. “This ring will keep you safe from anyone who would dare try to mess with you.” I let him slide the ring on to my ring finger, I stare at the beautiful dragon ring. It is a golden dragon wrapped around my finger with a small black gem in it’s mouth; I can’t help but find it strangely adorable.

“Does this mean you’re claiming me?”

He hesitates answering for a minute, “Yes and no. You can take it off whenever you want but when you do wear it, people will think you belong to me. I like it on you though,” there’s that smirk again.

“It will make my oppas mad.”

“Tell them, I give them permission to claim you as well. But keep the fact that I’m allowing you to take the ring off, it’ll make things more fun.”

“Allowing me?” I raise a brow at him as I play with the ring.

“It’s something I’m used to saying, sorry.”

“You seem as strict as them.”

He chuckles, “I’m probably worse, I wouldn’t let any man touch you.” He grabs my hand again; staring at the ring he smiles softly.

“Why do they let you touch me?”

Just than, the elevator dings, “I’ll explain it to you next time.”

“When will next time be?” My curiosity gets the better of me.

He steps into the elevator still holding my hand so it won’t close, “Dinner next week? Tuesday?”

“My oppas won’t like that.”

“I’ll deal with that,” He smirks before kissing the ring on my hand and stepping back into the elevator, letting it close. “I’ll see you soon Beautiful.”

“Goodbye Oppa.” Turning around I see my daddies all there staring at me like I had an arm growing out of my forehead. “Is this how my oppas felt the first time they saw us interacting?”

“I’m guessing so,” Suho comes to me, giving me a complete once over. “He didn’t hurt you right?”

“Oh goodness, daddy,” I smile at the worried man, “You are so cute when you are worried.”

“Baby, we are being serious,” Kris says.

Lay nods in agreement, “He is a very dangerous man.”

I scoff, “You’re kidding right? Don’t you guys dare start giving me a speech about how he is so dangerous, that I should be worried about the situation I’m getting myself into. You guys need to realize that I’m already drowning in a situation I don’t fully understand with you guys. I have nothing to gain or loose from talking to Jiyong oppa. I’m living with twelve men who I call daddy. I risk the chance of pissing one of you off and getting myself raped or murdered everyday.” They all share a similar look of guilt and anger, glancing from one another, another silent conversation.

“He claimed you,” Chanyeol deadpans, glaring down at the ring on my finger.

I sigh staring down at it, “He said it’s okay for you guys to claim me too, whatever that means.”

“What if he likes her too much and takes her away?” Sehun worries, coming over and hugging me tightly.

Kris shakes his head, “From what I saw of them interacting, he cares about how she feels about him. So unless our baby wants to leave he won’t take her.” They all look to me.

“Baby,” Chen calls, “Are you happy with us?”

I sigh but nod without hesitation. Whether or not I’d care to admit it I love their craziness and possessiveness, though sometimes it can be too much.

“What about what Mr. Kwon said earlier, about you being in a cage?” Kris wonders.

“I’m a pretty bird in a cage, at least that what he said. I told him I’m happy to have such an amazing view from my cage,” I look at each of them, earning me a hug from an excited Baekhyun.

“What did you talk about before he got in?” Tao wonders.

“He wants to have dinner on Tuesday.”

“Hell no!” The room rallies.

“That’s what I said, but he seems to think he can change your mind.”

Suho groans, “This just got a lot more difficult. We should get her back to the house before something else happens.”

“Did someone tell the hyungs about this?” Sehun asks nervously.

Everyone in the room shakes their head, “I’m not going to tell Xiumin that our baby was claimed by the black dragon.” Kris shudders.

“Black dragon? Is that his street name or something?’ I ask. Sehun nods making me wonder, “What’s your guys’?”

“Suddenly with all the questions. What do we tell you?” Baekhyun taps on my nose.

“Only big kids need to know.” I pout, “Jiyong oppa would tell me.”

Chen sighs, “Baby, if we answered every question you asked, you would be running away faster than you would have ever thought possible.”

“Is it really that bad?”

“We have done some bad things baby, we will do more, some worse. We want to keep you from such a dark world alright?”

“I’m braver than you think.”

“You are a little girl,” Suho snaps, “you say you are brave, you say you are strong, you say you are a big girl, until all the bad things you said you could handle become too real for you. And suddenly you are curled up in a ball crying when we come towards you, calling us monsters. We don’t want to tell you because we don’t want you to be afraid of us. So please baby, stop with the questions, we want one innocent little thing to not run screaming when we come near. Can you give us that?”

I nod, suddenly feeling guilty for letting for letting my curious show too much when I know better.

“Now lets go home, we have a new problem to deal with.”

“What about Xiumin hyung?” Kris glances at the closed door.

Chen gives him a smug smirk, “You can explain that.”

“Hell no.”

“We just couldn’t tell him for a while,” Chanyeol suggests earning a smack on the back of the head from Baekhyun.

“Don’t you think he will notice the massive ring on her finger?” Baekhyun glares at the younger’s stupidity.

“I can’t believe he gave her his favorite one,” Kyungsoo takes my hand and stares at the ring.

“He kissed it too,” Suho adds. Open my mouth to ask something but snap it close when I remember my scolding a moment ago. But Suho noticed, “What is it baby?”

“I don’t know what questions are okay.”

“Go ahead.”

“Why does it matter that he kissed it?”

Kyungsoo answers, “It’s a show of interest and a promise of loyalty.”


“Take it off right now!” Xiumin oppa demands the moment he see the ring on my finger at dinner. The boys have somehow managed to keep their hyung distracted enough for him not to notice it, but after forcing his way into the spot next to me he sees in on my left hand as I eat.

“Daddy, it’s fine,” I continue to eat as the older man glares at everyone else at the table.

“It’s fine? Did anyone tell her who that bastard is?”

I sigh slamming my metal chopsticks on the table, I stand up, my chair sliding out, earning me every eye in the room. “Daddy Xiumin, I said it’s fine, I had to deal with them the whole way home telling me about how dangerous he is and how worried they are for my safety. None of them told me who he was, he told me himself. I know that he is the leader of a mafia, but so are you. If you want me to question why my alarms didn’t go off with him when I know just from looking at him that they should have, I will have to do the same to all of you. If you all would like the think back to two weeks ago when we met; I was curled up in a ball drunk off my ass in the back alleyway of your club after you guys started a shoot out. Let’s not forget that you killed an innocent man in front of me, after that I got in a car with you. Talking to Jiyong oppa in your lobby is definitely not one the most questionable things I’ve done this month. So please can we leave that alone?” I plop back down in my seat and begin stuffing my face.

“That ring is going in the trash,” Xiumin doesn’t take his eyes off me.

Without looking up I say, “Then you are going to explain to him where it went.” I’m genially surprised when they don’t scold me or get mad they just continue to stare.

“Where is our little girl?” Luhan pouts from my other side.

“She is taking a break, but I wish she would come back,” I groan rubbing my temples, for one wishing that side of me would come out. It’s hard to deal with this shit when I’m big, I don’t have the patience for it.

“Is there anything we can do to help?” He wonders.

“Just let me go take a bath,” I stand up but Suho gives me a questioning look and before he can get the words out I groan, “Daddy Chen, lets go please.” He seems to be the only one not pouting about my small side being gone for the moment. The man nods before taking my hand and leading me out of the room where the other men start talking in hushed voices. He takes me to his room, right into the bathroom that had showered in days before hand in. I sit waiting on the edge of the tub while he fills it up, he grabs me a bath bomb that entertains me when he leaves to grab me some new clothes and towels.

He’s back just in time to turn the water off, the water is swirls of blues, black, and purples, creating my own little galaxy. I let him undress me and climb into the water, enjoying the sweet smell and how smooth it makes my skin feel. Chen sits on the edge of the large tub just watching me with a small smile.

“What?” I ask when he just continues to stare.

He chuckles, “I’m just thinking about how the others talk about how you are so different from when you are your little self. I think you are the same just with a little more kick.”

“You guys don’t like me when I’m big do you?” I stare down at the water.

“Speaking for myself, I love you both ways.” I peek up to find him leaning a little closer with a small smile, “You are my baby, no matter how big you are. As for everyone else, they are just worried that if are big you won’t think you need us and you’ll leave. Not to mention how hot it is when you are so cute and needy for our attention.”

“So you guys don’t hate me when I’m like this?”

“If I’m being completely honest, it’s really hot when you are your badass self. But it makes it hard for us to control ourselves when you are being so tough,” His eyes scan my naked body, that is hidden under the dark water, coming back up to find my lips. I smirk, leaning forward and catching his lips in a kiss. Mindlessly he leans forward, I grab his tie and pull him closer into the water, causing a some of it to splash out.

“Oops,” I squeak when he lands in between my legs.

“Oops won’t cover it baby. You got daddy’s nice suit all wet,” He teases.

“I can’t do much more than help you take it off,” I flirt, catching both of us off guard.

“This is what I mean, this big side to you has such a mouth.” I grin when he leans back in for a kiss, sheading his jacket and vest quickly. Next to go is his tie, followed by his button up leaving him in only his dress pants. We break the kiss, our chests heaving; I bite my lip as I take in his perfect chest and abs. “My eyes are up here baby.”

Ascendant Signs in Childhood
  • Aries: The independent child. Usually a little rebellious, very self-sufficient.
  • Taurus: The stubborn child. Will always dig their heels in and be resistant to change, materialistic and artistic.
  • Gemini: The sociable child. Usually seems older than they are, well read, loves to talk and changes their mind frequently.
  • Cancer: The sensitive child. Gentle, shy at first, very bonded with their family and the past. Loves babies.
  • Leo: The competitive child. Strong-willed and wired for leadership, surrounded by drama, aware of their image.
  • Virgo: The perfectionist child. Often very anxious, with a lot of pressure directed inward. Very gentle and polite.
  • Libra: The likable child. Lovely and thoughtful, but can become very argumentative when they feel injustice.
  • Scorpio: The strong-willed child. Can be territorial and possessive, and enjoys power struggles. Charismatic.
  • Sagittarius: The playful child. Loves to learn and go on adventures, can be opinionated.
  • Capricorn: The responsible child. They are hard-working, sarcastic, and have a desire to fit in.
  • Aquarius: The different child. Loves to be seen as a little weird, can be very rebellious, and has a wide circle of friends.
  • Pisces: The selfless child. Soft-spoken, loves to daydream, doesn't like plans.

ok so tumblr user @laurentshair  brought back this deadly commentary from pacat way back when and its: Damen would have been the perfect lover for a younger Laurent. That shy, hero worshipping boy who trailed around after his older brother. But that Laurent no longer exists. i love laurent as he is now but let me indulge in some more auguste-is-alive headcanons

  • laurent, a shy hero worshipping boy, would have gravitated towards damen. strong, dependable, and charming damen
  • he would have given him shy glances. he would’ve been in awe every time he watched damen and auguste spar
  • his eyes would’ve brightened in wonder after realizing that damen wasn’t just about his looks and strength
  • DAMEN HAD LED ARMIES INTO WAR AT THE AGE OF 19. AND WON THEM. he has a mind for strategy!!! and once laurent realized that, there was nothing stopping him from being so enamored with him
  • auguste and damen would of course, try to get laurent to join in on their plans and at first laurent would be too timid, too shy of this strange akielon prince too good to be true
  • but as the years past with damen visiting as much as his princely duties allowed him, laurent would get used to him and with the help of both his older brother and damen he learns to speak his mind
  • one time laurent had sat under a tree outlining these ridiculous plans about ways to sneak out of the palace with snow (snow being his first ever pony. snow had a coat that was pure white and he was beautiful and laurent loved him dearly) (maybe he could use the pathway leading to the gardens? - no. snow was getting awfully big and-) 
  • he was so engrossed in his thoughts that he didnt see damen approaching nor did he feel damen place himself beside him until he heard ‘whats on your mind laurent?’ just a few inches away from him
  • he would startle at damens voice because he had not expected him to be visiting so soon and flush immediately at being caught off guard and reply 'you wouldn’t find it interesting.' 
  • but damen just gives him this beaming smile and says 'i wonder about that. why dont you try me?’
  • and so he tells him about wanting to visit the town with snow and wanting to just explore 
  • 'but wouldnt your people recognize their prince?’ and then its laurents turn to smile wickedly, although subconsciously 
  • 'disguises of course.’ damen sees the uninhibited smile on laurents face and he knows he has to come along
Magickal Properties of Ghost Type

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Death, fear, grief, trickery, loss, a playfulness/lack of seriousness at times, illusions, strong negative emotions (spite, jealousy, sadness, vengeance), sustaining oneself with the power taken from others, otherworldly magic, curses, grudges, loneliness, mystery, beyond the physical.

Ghost types. They’re scary, they’re sometimes mean, and at times they’re downright dangerous. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t Ghost types out there who we can form meaningful relationships with, or that the type itself has nothing positive to offer. It just means be careful! The anime mentions a mysterious ghost world, beyond the regular Pokémon world, where Ghost types thrive and lost souls wander. I don’t think there’s a trainer out there who completely understands the nature of the Ghost type and what it’s capable of. That makes it powerful, but it also means unpredictable.

Ghosts are linked with the supernatural, unexplained, and mysterious. They represent an obscuring of information/clarity/understanding. They can slip into the shadows, turning invisible. Many can cause illusions as well. The power of obscuring is very useful when you want to hide a secret… or hide just yourself! Spells to keep information hidden or to figuratively turn invisible to avoid being noticed can be achieved with Ghost help!

Ghost type (and, granted, Psychic type, but that’s more linked to the mind, and Fairy type, but that’s more recent) is often associated with magic. Mismagius is a great example. A pure Ghost type, and based off of traditional witch iconography, this Pokémon is a powerful magic user. Their magic covers a broad range too, it’s not all scary and dangerous! Mismagius can cause headaches and frightening illusions, but can just as easily cast love spells and happiness spells. (Check its dex entries!) A Mismagius companion can be a powerful boost to your magick!

Many Ghost types can turn other’s negative energy into fuel or power. While on the surface it seems like a good idea to let a Ghost Pokémon companion leech off your negative emotions as per some sort of symbiotic agreement, let me just say, this is dangerous if not handled correctly. Some Pokémon sap life energy in addition to negative emotions. Some do it without meaning to even with trainers they have strong bonds with. You can utilize your negative emotions for powerful magic. Ghost Pokémon can help you with it. You can help Ghost Pokémon in turn. But some serious boundaries of safety need to be set. Strong negative emotions make for powerful yet dangerous magic. Be careful!

Curses. Everyone has an opinion on them. I won’t say too much but, Ghost type is ideal for cursing, if you do that. I don’t really curse myself. But there’s literally a Ghost type move called Curse. (Granted, it was previously ??? type, but it was still always associated with Ghosts.) And even if this isn’t strictly a curse, if you hate someone, and you feel stronger when they feel bad, you’re literally doing what Ghost types do. Sometimes there’s bad people in the world, and sometimes we just gotta Ghost ‘em.

Ghosts can help you get in touch with aspects of yourself beyond your psychical body, and this physical world. Ghost types usually don’t have a solid body. There’s a lot we can learn about ourselves from how they experience the world.

Ghost types can help you process death. An actual death in your life, or a metaphorical death of sorts. They can work with you and can help you.

Let me end this on a positive note. A lot of Ghost types love to have fun. They are playful, and love to laugh and joke and play games. The anime episode “The Tower Of Terror” shows that the Gastly line in particular can be very fun loving and playful, even if they do cause damage inadvertently. There are a lot of Ghost types that can be wonderful at cheering you up and making you laugh. When things are too serious (life, death, our worries and fears) these playful Pokémon help us learn to laugh it off a little more often.

The Ghost type can be dangerous. Any of the types can be dangerous, but Ghost types are dangerous in their mystery and the fact we can’t always account for what will happen when working with it. But every Pokémon is an individual with their own motivations and there are Ghost types out there who will respect you and your safety, and have lots to offer.

Laughing at the Rain ~ Hakuouki Vignettes ~

by ImpracticalOni
4th Entry in Hakuouki Vignettes

Words ~ 1700 | AO3 Link | Fanfiction Link

Author’s Note:

For @thesweateristoobig ~ Happy Birthday! ~ I hope you enjoy this!

Prompt: “can you give me a little Heichi fluff… based around this song: Fireflies by Ron Pope”

Quote (verse 1 & chorus):


When the street lights come on and the fireflies flicker
I am walking her home
Making plans

With her shoes in her hands I am watching her dance
As the hem of her dress gently kisses the grass

It suddenly rains on us
She is laughing and turns up her hands

Like autumn turns leaves
Winter will breathe cold on our necks
Snow in our paths
Wherever she goes
All that I know about us is that beautiful things never last
That’s why fireflies flash

Laughing at the Rain

It had been a strange afternoon. Shinpachi had come to see them, and at first Heisuke hadn’t been sure quite how to behave or what to say. After all, he was still a fury—more or less, although it seemed to be rather less than more these days—and Shinpat had been against the furies, even against Heisuke’s taking the ochimizu to save his life. But without the ochimizu, Heisuke could not have defeated Sannan-san. He couldn’t have sat in a sun-dappled garden with his friend drinking sake almost a year after the war had ended. He wouldn’t have Chizuru.

Chizuru had put things right, as she so often did. She had cried when Shinpachi had arrived, looking curiously about him as though unsure that he had arrived in the right place. When the two men had greeted each other awkwardly and traded cautious smiles she had laughed at them and scolded them and dropped everything to make Nagakura-san (“please, just Shinpachi is fine!”) comfortable so that he could talk with Heisuke. She had cried again, of course, when Shinpachi had told them that Saitō was alive. They had heard the news of Hijikata-san’s death, but not the news that Hajime-kun had somehow, miraculously, survived the slaughterhouse of Aizu. Heisuke had wanted to cry as well—it was such an indescribable relief to know that they weren't all dead.

They had invited Shinpachi to stay the night, but he had declined.

“I have other business in the area,” he’d told them, although it was unlikely to be true. “I’ll come back another time, though.”

Chizuru had believed the last part; Heisuke wasn’t so sure. He’d walked quite a ways down the path toward the road with Shinpachi when he’d left. Away from Chizuru, they were less at ease, but they could drop the pretence. They could discuss the fact that Shinpachi had been a fugitive for over a year, although he was likely to be pardoned shortly, along with Hajime-kun. And Shinpachi could ask him directly how he was finding life as a fury. The question had been hovering between them all afternoon, really.

“Not so bad, I guess,” Heisuke had told him, shrugging. “I don’t mind the sun now, which is great, but I get tired pretty easily during the day still, which kind of sucks. Also… I’m not sure how long I’ll be around, you know? So I worry about Chizuru.”

“Do you want me to keep an eye on her?” Shinpachi had asked, accepting the truth of Heisuke’s situation without wasting time on exclamations. His tone had been sympathetic, and as genuine as Heisuke had ever heard it.

For a moment, Heisuke had wrestled with unexpected jealousy—he didn’t want anyone to look after Chizuru but him. But he’d overcome it quickly.

“Yeah… I’d appreciate that. She’ll probably be okay though. And who knows? We may still have a lot of years ahead of us. You know me—I like to venture into the unknown kind of thing.”

“Still Master Forerunner?”

“Yeah, kind of. We have a good life, though. Don’t really need to chase stuff much these days.”

“Yeah, I don’t know how you’ve stayed so scrawny, really, with Chizuru-chan feeding you up like that and nothing to do but loaf around!”

The rest of the conversation had deteriorated into inconsequentialities. Important inconsequentialities though, if there were such a thing. It was still a little weird. Those last two years had changed everything—their lives, their livelihoods, their goals… Japan itself. Only after Heisuke had said his final goodbyes and turned to go back to Chizuru had Shinpachi stopped him and told him, haltingly, that at some point in the future he thought he’d like to at least dedicate proper monuments to Kondō-san and Hijikata-san.

“We didn’t always agree,” Shinpachi had muttered, as though dedicating monuments was somehow shameful, “but they were damn good warriors. They… they deserve to be honored like the samurai they wanted to be, you know? It’s too bad that they—Kondō-san mostly, I guess, but Hijikata-san was his man through and through—well, it’s too bad that they kind of got to be a little bit too much like the old samurai if you know what I mean.”

Heisuke had just nodded. His own time with the Shinsengumi hadn’t exactly been without its difficulties and differences of opinion. But he had grieved over Kondō-san’s merciless beheading and Hijikata-san’s death in the far north on the isle of Ezo. They had been titans, and they had also been men that Heisuke had known personally, had obeyed loyally and had admired deeply.

He returned to find Chizuru waiting for him, her face calm, but her eyes a little worried. He’d wound his arms around her and they’d stood like that for several minutes, enjoying the very last rays of sunlight and the touch of a cool evening breeze.

“Let’s walk, Heisuke.”

“Yes.” He leaned his forehead against hers. “How do you feel?”

Chizuru smiled at him and pushed a stray piece of hair behind one ear, a futile gesture, as she well knew. He was happy that she cared; so very happy that she wanted to be with him. He straightened and pretended to frown, which only made her laugh.

“I’m fine, just fine. I even managed a short rest once you and Nagakura—I mean Shinpachi-san—got to talking in earnest.”

“I’m glad,” Heisuke murmured, trying not to feel guilty that they’d ignored Chizuru for long stretches of time over the afternoon. Not that she would have minded; if anything, she was probably pleased that they’d managed to relax together for a while—he and Shinpat-san, that is. However… “I can’t help but worry.”

“I know. But I feel perfectly well, and quite rested, and I want to see the fireflies down by the river.” Seeing that he still looked a little uncertain, she tucked her hand into his. “I expect the baby would like to see the fireflies too…”

That made him laugh, even though the idea of Chizuru being pregnant still scared him whenever he thought about it too closely. Especially since if anything went wrong—and things did go wrong, sometimes—it would be his fault. Well, his fault that she was pregnant in the first place. Involuntarily, he glanced sideways at the girl beside him. Even now, she looked too young and too innocent to be living with him like this and especially too young to be a mother.

Chizuru tugged at his hand. “I know what you’re thinking. But you know, Shinpachi-san didn’t call you a ‘kid’ once this afternoon. That’s pretty amazing, really.”

“Well I'm not a kid!” Heisuke replied reflexively. He grinned ruefully. “Yeah, I get it. Even old Shinpachi-san could tell that we’ve grown up a bit. Alright, let’s walk. But it’s not a river. A creek at most!”

It was a long-standing and entirely amiable argument. They held hands the whole time, picking their way along the now-familiar path to the river-creek that provided Heisuke with the water that seemed to have partially reversed at least some of the effects of the ochimizu. When they got to the water, they walked along the bank, greeting their favourite trees, admiring the way that the flowers grew especially well in one particular place, pointing out the birds heading home to their nests for the night. Fish leapt into the air from time to time, feeding on softly buzzing clouds of insects.

Eventually, they saw the fireflies, dancing around one particularly gnarled white willow. With a quiet hum of delight—as though she hadn’t seen them many times before!—Chizuru started to hurry forward. Heisuke caught her up short and put his arms around her waist, pulling her close.

“A kiss for good luck first.” He’d gotten better at telling her what he wanted, and it had worked out well for them. An unexpected flicker of desire made him blush when she tilted her face up towards him without hesitation.

Soft lips, soft skin… the scent of the day’s warmth in silky dark hair. The mood shifted as his kiss became more passionate and less playful. They’d learned each other’s needs and wants over the past two years, and Chizuru obviously sensed his unsettled state. Her fingers stroked his neck and wound themselves in his brown hair. After several minutes, they broke apart slightly.

“Ah… the fireflies will be here another night,” Heisuke suggested tentatively.

“Impatient?” Her teasing was always very gentle, and he loved the fact that he was the only person that she teased.

“A little.” He was about to say more, when the breeze suddenly carried the scent of rain to him and he noticed that the fireflies had disappeared. “I think we’d better hurry—because of the rain, of course.”

Chizuru looked puzzled for a moment and then she blinked as a drop hit her cheek. “Oh!” With a laughing glance back at her lover she darted away toward the house. He caught up to her with ease, thanks to her rather confining kimono, and swung her up into his arms.

“Now then. Home!”

Chizuru laughed up at him. She was so much more open with her smiles now that it was just the two of them. He loved it. He loved her. He wished that they could be together forever and then set that thought ruthlessly aside. Right now he had everything he wanted. Why waste time demanding more?


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so that episode was a bit the beast below, a bit cold blood, a bit in the forest of the night
and much better than at least two of those episodes
much like itfotn, it was overflowing with poetic and philosophical ideas
but it didn’t feel stuffed with ideas that were forced into it… it felt like it had its own space to breathe and expand and toy around
and at the heart of it - the doctor and bill, having this new experience together, having this playful yet meaningful banter, learning, studying the universe and studying each other
there was this classic sci fi novel feeling to it that the presence of emojis and smartphones couldn’t cover up
there wasn’t a lot of action or bangs or booms or flare
there was this very thoughtful quiet pace to it
and it was fantastic
it was a worthy second episode - the first proper adventure
and i loved it

ssa-aaronhotchner  asked:

For the drabble thing, 64 or 68 with ya boi Rafe x reader? Please and thank you :D

Rafe really wasn’t the playful type. You had learned that early on when you two started dating. It was definitely something you had to get used to since you loved being playful and spontaneous.

One time you had tried tickling him and if looks could kill, well…

You walked into his office quietly where he was sitting at his desk, rubbing his temples. “Are you coming to bed?”

“Yeah in a minute,” he answered without looking at you. You walked over to stand behind his chair and began rubbing his shoulders.

“Come on. Save the rest for tomorrow.” You’re the only one that can get him to stop working. He stands and follows you to the bedroom. “You look really stressed,” you say and he only shrugs. “You know what’s good for relieving stress?”

He perks up and looks at you, eyebrows raised. “What?” He walks closer to you slowly.

“PILLOW FIGHT!” You swing a pillow at him but he ducks out of the way then tackles you onto the bed. He straddles you and takes the pillow, not looking very amused. “Sorry.”

“Really? A pillow fight will relieve stress?” He looks down at you waiting for an answer.

“I-I guess…”

He is silent for a long time and you’re expecting him to say that he just wants to go to bed, but he grabs another pillow and hands it to you. “Well, we better get started.” He climbs off of you and onto the floor.

You stand slowly looking at him then at the pillow in his hand. “You can’t beat me.”

A rare smile appears on his face, “We’ll see about that.”

You had never heard Rafe laugh as much as he did that night. When you two finally got ready to go to sleep, you cuddled up to him. He pulled you closer and his breath tickled the back of your neck. “Did I win?” he asks sleepily.

“Yeah, you won.” You knew there was a smile on his face.

The Signs as Social Media

The Cat Death.

Facebook: Taurus, Cancer
Hello guys. I am sad to say that Mr. Fuzzkins is gone. He was the best cat I’ve ever had. Our long walks as we endlessly discovered ourselves in new light, our playful times learning eachtother’s quirks and our relaxing, chill times all will be missed. I love my cat with all my heart and I hope he has fun in Cat Heaven. Rest In Peace.

Twitter: Scorpio, Capricorn
Guys my cat died 😭😭😭 he will be missed.

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Mr. Fuzzkins is no longer with us. I loved him so much.

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my cat died wtf so sad

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“One minute Memorial Video”

The first time Harry Styles steps on stage to sing, he’s 19 years old, a little bit tipsy, and he thinks he might actually heave from all the nerves.

He’s always enjoyed singing, always enjoying putting on a show, but it’s usually in front of friends or family. He’s never really had the desire to get up on a platform under an array of hot lights, push the mass of sweaty curls off his forehead, and grip the microphone stand like a lifeline, just like he’s doing now. He knows that the crowd - no more than 100 people, give or take - is hardly paying attention to him, giving him less of a reason to be so nervous, and to be blunt, why would they be focusing on him? He’s an inexperienced college sophomore in southwestern Michigan, he most definitely has zero stage presence, and the amount of times he’s already said, “Um, so, yeah,” into the microphone is humiliating. Honestly, he wouldn’t pay attention if he was any of them, either.

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When I become a mother one day, I hope to...

Trust my husband as much as Trisha Elric,
Have as open a home as Pinako Rockbell,
Be as alert to danger as Riza Hawkeye
And as resourceful as Rebecca Catalina.
May I be bold in new territory as Maria Ross,
Loyal as Martel,
Strong in the face of adversity, come what may, as Gracia Hughes;
And as disciplined as Izumi Curtis.
I will be a provider, like Madame Christmas,
And when it comes to protecting my family?
I will be as ruthless as Olivier Mira Armstrong.

(And if I ever have daughters, may they be…
As well-read as Sheska,
As passionate as Winry Rockbell,
Respectful like Lan Fan,
Inquisitive as Elicia Hughes
Adventurous as May Chang
Playful as Nina Tucker,
Learn from their mistakes like Paninya
And seek truth, even if their faith is shaken, like Rose Thomas.)

Honestly part of the reason I love Wolflet so much is that it took a very cliche concept of small town girl falls for the supernatural bad boy, and completely subverted it. Scarlet’s first reaction to Wolf trying to get close to her? Sorry dude I’m too busy for that. She doesn’t even speak to him until she thinks he kidnapped her grandmother, at which time she THREATENS TO SHOOT HIM. Seeing him being violent doesn’t give her a warm “he’ll always protect me” feeling, it terrifies her. And his response to her horror is to try to fight over ten years of all out psychological brainwashing. What I really, truly love is seeing a literally alpha male character meeting a stubborn, independent and utterly driven woman and having absolutely no idea what to do with her. He jumps between being a shy outsider and an arrogant fighter, but eventually melds them into a quietly strong BETA character, playing second fiddle to a young woman he views as both very flawed and a genuinely intriguing, lovable person. Scarlet, thankfully, realizes that a relationship during a war is a ridiculous idea, especially after losing her entire family. So she steps back into an almost playful friendship, trying to learn how to differentiate between a sweet, abused former child soldier and an actually terrifying six-foot killer. Her fear is justifiable, and understandable, but she was raised to accept others. So that’s what she works to do.
I apologize for the super long meta about a relationship in a YA series about sci fi retellings of fairy tales, but also I’m not.

Being a mum is…

Waking up at all hours of the night and early morning to cuddle your child to sleep.

Seeing your child in pain and wanting to take it all away and feel it for them instead.

Worrying 24 hours a day because you want your child to feel safe, protected and pain free. 

Putting everyone before yourself because you’re finally not the most central person in your life anymore.

Skipping meals because of lack of time.

Learning to live with mess and learning to live with it happily. 

Learning to make sacrifices.

Filling your days with playfulness, cuddles and new learning experiences. 

Being pooped on and not even blinking twice.

Never getting frustrated because your changing the fifth nappy in a row. The little one just won’t stop pooping. 

When one little smile can turn everything back around again.

When one little laugh can make your day complete.

Wiping away little tears.

Little yawns melting your heart.

When every day is filling your hearts with joy, happiness and memory after memory.

Being a mum is…

the most important, 



best damn thing I have ever done and will ever do.


“I go through periods or almost chapters where I’ll just be interested in a certain thing and one film won’t have scratched that itch. "Laggies” is kind of very much coupled with “Begin Again,” in that vibe of looking for something that felt for me like a breath of fresh air and being very positive and optimistic as opposed to being the very neurotic, very dark pieces that had been previously very interesting to me. And also the style of work in both of these films has been very different because I’ve gone from very stylized dialogue where you literally have to–if it’s a comma, you have to work out why it’s a comma–which is really fun, but to go into something where there’s quite a bit of improvisation, where you can be quite loose and playful, that’s been the learning curve and really interesting.“ [x]

The Blatant Proof Was Your Lips Touching Mine in the Photobooth

Title: The Blatant Proof Was Your Lips Touching Mine in the Photobooth

Pairing: Freewood (Gavin/Ryan)

Word Count: 831

Summary: Gavin just wants to take some selfies, but Ryan is unimpressed until he isn’t anymore.

Gavin and Ryan are out to lunch, and Gavin’s in one of his playful moods. This could really mean anything, Ryan’s learned, because playful Gavin is also creative and spontaneous Gavin, but today it just means that he’s been taking pictures with his phone all day.

It’s mostly been of other people, snapping silly candids or prompting ridiculous faces from the other lads, but by the time they’re in the car, he’s stuck on selfies, and by the time they get to the sandwich place nearby, he’s started including Ryan in them.

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Here, have some kanera fluff!

What should we call this? It’s saved on my computer as “Five Things That Are Not Sex” (although one of them really is). You could also call it “Playing With Every Cliche to Avoid Actual Writing.” 

This is mildly NSFW


1)  Massage

The first time he sees her roll her head around to stretch her neck, he has been aboard the Ghost for three weeks. She’s been flying through a junk field for the last four hours of that time. 

“You know, I could help with that,” he offers. “I give a mean massage.” 

She shoots him a look out of the corner of one eye, the viewport and sensors commanding most of her attention. “I don’t think so.” 

“Come on. I won’t try anything. That way you could keep both hands on the sticks.” 

Another shake of her head. “I don’t like massages. They just bruise the muscles. I’ll be fine after I sleep.” 

And that’s the end of it. He learns quickly that Hera will banter to his heart’s content. If he says too much and oversteps the line, she simply gives him that look, the one that means “No, dear,” where “dear” is more patronizing than affectionate. But any unnecessary touching will not be regarded as playful. He learns so quickly that she never has to shut him down. Kanan is a self-styled flirt. Fast with the body, slow with the heart. But he flirts for fun, and making Hera angry or defensive is not fun. (More and more, he aims for a smile.)

So he doesn’t offer to help with stiff muscles again for months, and when he does he’s not seeking an opportunity to touch her. In that interim he has sat next to her, watching her squirm in her seat, and he can’t stand seeing it any longer. “Hera. You keep flying, I’m going to try to fix your back. Think of it as repair to one of the Ghost’s vital systems.” 

She shakes her head, tone warning. “It’s not going to help.” 

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