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“Maybe you’ve heard about Canada’s residential schools,” Brienne explains. “They were boarding schools on or near reservation land. They were run by nuns and priests of the Catholic Church, with the goal of ‘beating the Indian out of the child’ by erasing their language and culture. I’ve heard stories all my life about these places from my mom and teachers, most of whom were survivors of residential schools, the last of which closed down in 1996.”

“Survivors” is really the right word here, seeing as anywhere between 4,000 and 6,000 Native American children died at residential schools from malnutrition, disease, and … “science experiments”?

No, not due to poor lab safety conditions and out-of-control baking soda volcanoes. We’re talking children being experimented on – like a YA dystopian novel, but without all the playful fashion.

“My dad and his family managed to avoid residential schools by hiding in the woods whenever officials came around,” Brienne continues. “I’m not sure if he even has an official birth certificate because of that … I’ve also met older teens who went to residential schools, and it blows my mind that people who grew up in the era of Pogs and Furbies had the dubious honor of experiencing state-instituted cultural genocide.”

3 Insane Realities Of Life On A Modern Indian Reservation


#업텐션 의 ’#응답하라1988’ 복고 패션! 분위기 장난 아닌 사복 패션에 추위도 잊게 만드는 표정과 포즈가 빠질 수 없죠! 업텐션의 #응팔 패션이 마음에 든다면~  #여기여기붙어라!

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#BestYearEver: Take Style Risks

10 ways to step up your style game in 2015

Set a new tone for the new year and step outside your fashion comfort zone. Wearing the the same old boring pieces can become drab. This year, set new intentions and take some style risks! With our bold trends listed below, learn how to amp up you style today!  

10 Ways to Take Style Risks in 2015

1. Don’t be afraid of color. When it’s cold outside, you’re most likely drawn to dark hues. Be different and stand out this year, with bold and bright colors.

Suede Bucket Bag With Tassel

2. Wear funky prints. Mix and match vibrant prints, from paisley and floral to arty and geometric. 

PETITE Paisley Print Top

3. Try the sneaker trend. Offset your dressy or daytime outfits with casual footwear for an ultra stylish look.

Leather slip-on sneakers

4. Wear one earring. Forget about two statement earrings, just show off one! A trend noted a Louis Vuitton and Céline, wearing one earring is bottom-line chic.

ASOS Mismatch Open Diamond Shape Earrings

5. Rock a crop. From crop tops to cropped jackets, shorter hemlines are are perfect match to anything high-waisted. 

Nasty Gal Moto Zip Crop Jacket

6. Belt your outerwear. In a season full of coat wearing, there’s no excuse to hide your body. Show off your waist by adding a belt on the outside of your coat.

Collection French tweed coat

7. Carry a feminine lock bag. Put aside your structured totes and crossbody satchels and trade them in for something a bit more dainty and lady-like.

Eartha Soft Double Handle Mini Satchel

8. Go head-to-toe monochrome. Pick a color and stick with it! From your dress to you shoes, wear all one color (cherry red suggested). 

Free People Midi Dress in Lace

9.Wear the pants. Don’t be afraid to go a bit androgynous sometimes and wear trousers. Stick with the basics in black and navy, or try something more playful and fancy.

Printed Trousers With Side Detail

10. Slip on a mule. Go easy on your feet and step into the comfiest style shoe for 2015. From platform heels to flat sandals, there’s a version for every type of girl.

3.1 PHILLIP LIM ‘Martini’ mule