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illustration for L'Officiel Hommes China June 2017 article in celebration of playful fashion
featuring SS17 looks from Thom Browne, Sacai, KTZ, The Soloist, Christopher Shannon, Sibling, J.W. Anderson, Fendi, Bobby Abley, Comme des Garçons, Hood By Air, Walter van Beirendonck and Vivienne Westwood

Haikyuu Band Au

• Kuroo, Kenma, Tsukishima, and Hinata are in a pop punk band together. 

• Hinata is the lead singer, Kuroo is on drums, Kenma on bass guitar, and Kei is lead guitar and backup vocals. 

• Bokuto, Akaashi, Iwaizumi, and Ushijima have a heavy metal band. 

• Bokuto is on drums, Akaashi is the lead singer, Iwaizumi is the bassist, and Ushijima is the lead guitarist. 

• Yamaguchi, Daichi, Nishinoya, and Asahi sometimes collab to make  digital/electronic music used for stoner raves. Mostly remixes, but some original club music. They’re internet famous but they mostly try to keep anonymous.

• Matsukawa and Hanamaki are amateur rappers with a joint YouTube account. 

• Oikawa, Kageyama, and Sugawara are in a boy band. 

• Each has a specific personality type that makes them more appealing to their fans.

• Oikawa is the super ~~charming~~ and flirtatious one. He likes to play around with the fans a lot, especially when performing, like going down to the edge of the stage to grab their hands or take pictures with them or give them kisses on their hands (though he has to generally be pulled back by the other two before he’s mauled; you can hear Kags call him a complete dumbass, even if he moved his mic away some). Sometimes during music breaks, he likes to pose around to give his fans a chance at some choice pics. Sometimes he gets a bit “frisky” with the microphone stand to rile the girls in the front up or strip layers of his sparkly clothes off.

• Kageyama is the “tall, dark, and handsome” one of the group. He’s kinda seen as a bad boy, of sorts. Maybe even a sad, broody type. His voice is gentle and melodic so he mainly sings the love songs. One time, he brought a fan up on stage and sang happy birthday to her. He lost his favorite lip ring that night. She had to be escorted out of the arena and he had to be carried away with a towel over his face.

• Sugawara is the funny, playful, and fashionable one of the three. And quite honestly the most sensible. He knows to play and interact with his fans to keep them interested, but he also knows that they’re like feeding piranhas and to keep his distance. He’s usually the one to answer fan messages on their joined social media sites or posts about upcoming tour dates and changes to schedules. He has the pretty/innocent boy complex about him. He also has the most male fans!

• Kiyoko and Yachi as idols. Kiyoko influenced Yachi to join her, despite her being nervous (Yachi has the sweetest voice ever and can hit some serious high notes) and helped her push past it and made her discover how much she loved performing. The screams from the audience make her feel more confident. 

•Kiyoko is the gorgeous, sexy one and is super social because of how popular she is. She is effortlessly talented, but she doesn’t rely on her natural ability. Yachi admires how hardworking she is and that is one of the main reasons she joined Kiyoko in the first place.

•A lot of fans ship Kiyoyachi ;)

• Kuroo and Bokuto have completely opposite musical visions. Kuroo is into alternative, scene kid, pop punk, “get out of this town” fun music and Bokuto likes classic rock and heavy metal, especially old British bands like Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, and Metallica. Because of their varying artistic visions they clash… a lot. And their fans eat this shit up. They start off with a lowkey rivalry that turns into social media wars (tagging each other in shit posts about the other’s band), then they move to actual verbal arguments, until it escalates even more.

• Kuroo (about Bo’s band): “this shit isn’t even music, he’s just gutturally roaring in a microphone and smashing his head on a table” 

• Bokuto (about Kuroo’s band): “lol look at these fucking pussies. their music is about as real as those clip-on piercings”. 

• Their war escalated to an on-stage fight. It started out with a typical concert. Bokuto was ending a song and taking a quick break to get some water and ask the fans if they want one more song. Then Kuroo struts out with a microphone and says “to the dumbass owl who talked pure shit all last week behind his twitter handle, Bokuto what’s good son?!” They end the entire performance with a fist fight, which involves security separating them and sending everyone home. Right before they get all cleaned up (and stitched, in Kuroo’s case - right above his left eye), they take a picture together and laugh it off. It’s posted on Bokuto’s instagram with the caption “homie for life tho. #Tetsubro” 

• Oikawa’s group gets involved with them too because their label wants them to take on more of a bad boy persona; Oikawa gets distracted by Hajime’s arms though and they’re both annoyed that Ushijima falls for him.

• Sugawara, Yamaguchi, Tsukishima, and Daichi all sit back and watch the chaos unfold. 

• Yamaguchi supplies the drugs and they pass it around. Tadashi and Kei shotgun it.

• Daichi barks out for Tsukishima to cut it out and save that shit for the hotel, to which Kei replies with a middle finger behind Tadashi’s head. 

• Kageyama and Hinata figure out that their voices sound angelic together. 

•Kenma convincing Kei to dye his hair with him. Kenma goes with soft pink hair and Tsukishima with punk-blue tips. Suga and Oikawa get matching mint highlights. Nishinoya changes the color of his fringe.

• Tsukishima has lots of piercings. Literally everywhere. Tongue, nipples, lip, hips, ears, and bridge. Hinata has piercings all up one of his ears. Kageyama has a lip ring. Bokuto has an eyebrow ring. Kuroo has a little stud in his nose. Akaashi has a bellybutton piercing, as well as a tongue ring.

• His fans found out about his nipple rings, because Kenma is a literal troll. He loves pranking the others cause they’re so easy. He especially loves messing with Kei and riling him up. He just makes it so easy! He managed to catch a picture of Kei coming out of the shower and zoomed in hella close and posted it to his insta, with the caption “nice nipple rods bro #whysocoldlmao” and RIP Kei.

• Akaashi likes to torture his fans and take pics with Kenma (close friends, sometimes have been known to collab on softer songs together) with his tongue always out to show off the new tongue piercings he buys. 

• Kuroo has a dick piercing. enough said.

– Punk and Pastel

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MAMA MAMA MAMA I HAVE AN IDEA. I would like to request Oikawa who meets male human who's a scientist in Antartica and the human constantly brings scientific little trinkets to Oikawa and he's amazed and yea I'm sorry I just really love Oikawa and I'm super gay for him :')

Despite the frigid wind nipping at your covered skin, nothing seemed to deter you from meeting with Oikawa. As a man of logic, dedicating his life to science, it was safe to say that upon first meeting the male, you were taken aback. Everything that you had been taught had been thrown out the window within seconds, and entirely new meaning being placed into your life.

It was strange really, how the brunette didn’t shy away from your presence alone, even sending a flirtatious wink your way. It was as if he was beckoning you to edge closer, as if luring a sailor to his death. But Oikawa was not a Siren, but a merman. 

The first words that left his mouth were. “Oh how lucky I am for a beautiful human to stumble upon me. I was growing bored of being around those mermaids all the time,” A playful pout tugged at his lips, warm eyes locking your gaze. “What’s your name handsome?” He was quite the handful.

Although he was more than a pretty face and dazzling smile. In fact, he took a keen interest in what had landed you in this frozen plain in the first place. When you had explained that you were a scientist, his eyes lit up with the intensity of the moon itself. The cold didn’t seem to matter as the two of you talked about theories and how science played a part in your world and the one below. 

You could see the fleeting expression of disappointment on Oikawa’s face as you teased him, saying you had to leave unless you wanted to freeze to death. 

“Will you come see me tomorrow?” He truly did want to spend more time with you. He loved listening to the sound of your voice as you conversed with him.

A small smile stretched across your features. “I promise. I’ll even bring a little surprise for you as well.” And then you were gone, walking across the ice in hopes to return the feeling to your fingers soon.

From that day on you kept your promise, returning everyday with a new item from your lab for the merman to observe. Today you had brought a small pipette, eager to see what he would make of it. As you expected, a familiar tuft of brown hair poked above the ice, eager eyes catching sight of your form. Oikawa gave an animated wave, tail swishing in excitement.

“It’s certainly nice to see you. What did you bring for me today?” He was all smiles, laying across the ice in a playful fashion.

“Today, I bring you this thing. It’s called a pipette and it can suck up water.” It may have seemed odd to bring a merman an object that can fill with liquid when one is submerged in it on a daily basis, but what the hell. He liked it anyway.

Cold hands brushed along your fingers as he gently took the syringe from your hand examining it closely before dipping it into the water and giving it a squeeze. “Huh, that’s pretty cool. Can I keep it?” A soft bought of laughter left your lips as you agreed. Honestly, he was like an antsy child. “Next time I’ll try to sneak you something from our labs. It’s nice to be able to find someone from this world that takes an interest in what I like.”

You glanced down at him, heart shuddering at his forlorn expression. “You know, not many humans find science that interesting either. When I try to talk to them about it, they either fall asleep or lose interest. You on the other hand understand me, and I thank you for that,” You sat silently for a moment, nothing except the sound of the wind whipping across the air filling the silence before you spoke. “Maybe one day I can see what it’s like down there for myself?”

Oikawa turned to you with wide eyes, not believing his ears. You’d give up your legs just to be with him? “As in a merman? You want to become one of us?”

You nodded, face fixated in a determined expression. “If it’s possible. Can someone even be powerful enough to do such a thing?”

The merman bit his lips, worrying the flesh between his teeth before turning to face you. “Th-there is, but I will only consider it if this is something you’re serious about. Lana will not help anyone who she deems is not genuine.”

Cocking you head at the foreign name, you tried it on your lips. “Lana?”

“Yes, she’s a Sea Witch who possess incredible powers. As far as I know, she’s the only one who can change a human into a mermaid,” He paused momentarily. “Are you sure about this?” 


Oikawa’s face broke out into a string of elation at your sudden answer. “Then I have some arrangements to make. I’ll be back soon, wait for me okay?”

“I will.” And you hoped that whoever this “Lana” was would grant him the power to be with Oikawa because if you were being honest, you were falling for him.

Things That Remind Me of the Signs/Things I Associate With Them

Aries: red aesthetics, Avril lavigne (not sure why), angsty 90’s teen bands, friendship bracelets

Taurus: the beach, dark chocolate, purses, lazy days, nirvana

Gemini: talking about whatever, whenever, marina and the diamonds, blueberries, swimming 24/7 during summer

Cancer: being alone just thinking, Paris, teen wolf, winter, playgrounds

Leo: fashion, vacationing, playful games, the color gold, debating, Lana del rey, making up after arguing

Virgo: knit sweaters, being knowledgeable, food you get at fairs, expensive outlet stores, parfaits, the color beige

Libra: cashmere, wine, fall out boy, elegance, poetic beauty, finally understanding something, skirts

Scorpio: midnight swims, black cats, Supernatural, Jared padalecki, Alex Turner, abandoned places

Sagittarius: parties, watching the ball drop on new years eve, pretty flowers, cats, the sun, sundresses

Capricorn: pretty hands, veins, american horror story, busy cities, bright lights, giving in, eyeliner

Aquarius: anime, aloofness, bad jokes, Netflix, paramore, cotton candy, lollipops, messy yet pretty bedrooms

Pisces: CDs, procrastinating, Melanie Martinez, baseball caps, art, fountains, watercolors, grapes, walking in a forest, vera Bradley

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YAS mwahaha what a perfect opportunity to get some SONAMY out of my favorite writer:)))) 9 or 15, you pick!

Kissing Meme #9 Jawline Kiss


Okay so, this is a great opportunity to tell you about this fanfic of mine~ I wrote this SonAmy Boom fic ages ago & it takes place after the episode where we meet Swifty. However, this fic never got finished. So I made the effort to finish it hehehe~

But yeaah, I hope you like this! :D This is really long so I’ve inserted a “read more” thingy half way down. ^-^ 

“That new guy. What’s his name again?” Knuckles asked scratching the bottom of his chin.

“Swifty.” Replied Amy. 

The five of them were at her house, stomachs full and feeling satisfied with their meal at Meh Burger. However, neither of them could stop thinking about a particular stranger who, unexpectedly, crashed into town. 

She remembered wind passing underneath her quills as a blur of green soared past them, riding on a hover board. As if already famous, he caused heads to turn, attracting the attention of hundreds before boldly introducing himself.

For some reason he acted like Sonic’s twin, except with green fur and wasn’t apart of the hedgehog species. Swifty possessed something that Sonic didn’t have, and Amy couldn’t quite put a finger on what that was, but she knew that his good looks was one of them. Not realizing it at the time, their gazes met and that was when she dropped her burger.

The events that followed after that were somewhat interesting, Swifty decided that instead of handing her food back, he’d feed it to her. Which was rather weird.

“Swifty. You were flirting with him.” The echidna said.

“I was not! I dropped my burger and he caught it.”   

Beside her, Sticks nudged her arm. “Do you want to date him?”

“No!” She exclaimed, turning her head slightly to glare at Sonic. His eyes were fixed on the big screen television, his expression unfazed and choosing not to participate in this conversation.

“How can you read so much into that? Swifty doesn’t even like me in that way.”

“Actually,” said Sticks, sitting between Amy and Sonic, “he does.”

The pink hedgehog narrowed her eyes, voice dripping with sarcasm. “How do you know? Did he pass you a note or something?”

Sticks rolled her eyes. “No. But I could smell it, the way he looked at you and the way he said stuff. He already had a bad smell when he arrived, but that intensified when he noticed you.”

“You don’t have a bad smell?” Amy asked.

“That’s beside my point,” she said, flustered by the comment. “Everyone has a smell, and I can smell all sorts of fragrances on people. But Swifty’s scent didn’t smell natural. When he spoke to you, he began sweating due to nerves–which, I could smell. So he likes you.”

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let’s talk about tenga/chidori

I’ve seen some say that Tenga/Chidori (and Katsu/Riko, but that’s a topic for another post) feels "forced", but I actually think the subtle hints that lead to their last interaction this episode are the best thing about it. Plus, they’ve got great chemistry!

In fact, I’ve enjoyed them so much that I wanted to take a look back at all the little hints I noticed. The post’s going to be image heavy!

I think the first big hints come in Episode 2, because it sets up a lot of things that end up becoming a part of their dynamic.

Like their banter,

Or Chidori instinctively going to Tenga and how touchy feely they are,

Or Tenga (subtly) being shown reacting to things involving Chidori’s emotional state and her denial over her feelings for Katsuhira.

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