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You know you love your sport when you pick up your gear and instantly feel happy; when the smell of sweat on your shirt makes you smile; when you see it on TV and even though you hate watching sport you sit down and watch; when you save up for a new pair of shoes rather than a phone; when your games and practices and lessons and rehearsals are the highlight of your week, and when you miss out you’re down for the rest of the day; when your ball or stick or bat or helmet or ribbon lies in your room rather than in a cupboard; when you find someone else to whom this applies you feel like you could talk all day; you get fit not so you can be skinny or beautiful but so you can run or dance or ride or swim to the best of your capability even though you hate doing it; when you go until you just want to fall down and sleep but keep going anyway because this is waht you love; when you run or play until you’re running on adrenaline and nothing else; when the game is over and you don’t want to leave; when you improve not for anyone else but to prove to yourself that you just can; when there’s nowhere you’d rather be or nothing you’d rather be dong than this.
This is how you know you love your sport.