players come and go but the game stays the same

So i put two player game through google translate

Michael (classic)
The Book of Revelation!
Grade 9!
Hall Cafe!
They find me in a bad “push”.
Then go to your friends.
And they are at the same time games of war,
You know, you get a lot of grip, my brother’s skin.
And stay in the running and track running.
If they want to give, you must use force.
If you are weak;
Since the double game. Hey, Effed the cause of the world!
Cool vintage friends and more.
But no one, not something I think others like me.
You think this is high school
But it’s not the fact that you’re smart.
We like the game I tattoo Pacman, hard graphic to go back.
The understanding is that we do not want to be one.
Cool kids are the reason we’re at college, big school, I know, yes.
People like us to call the brothers, hear the university rules in college.
High school is not good the sea to sail hell, however.
Otherwise, the core of the case, the player if you are a half!
Both (a):
Jeremy (voice) Create a character page for:
Users have to fight together for years.
Nintendo today has too little general zombie!
Now we are caught up in what I want to go.
Wait two years;
You can see that our university is not running cold and the universities.
Hey, I know you can be changed according to your needs:
People like us call universities;
But we are not in college;
It does not matter. High school geek, but you will come back. You must do;
We have two players.
(Papa Jeremy) Yes?
(Papa Jeremy) children?
And the nails?
(Dad Jeremy) Jeremy!

Jeremy (voice) Create a character page for:
I love you for the person you know is not extraordinary, but I can not.
Really ~ pewson true’m favowite
Yes, we do not suffer!
Hell, I have to overcome.
If it exists, or simply because,
We have two players!
They find me in a bad “push”.
Then go to your friends.
And they are at the same time games of war,
You know, you get a lot of grip, my brother’s skin.
And stay in the running and track running.
If they want to give, you have to use force.
If you are weak;
Since the game for two players, Effed the cause of the world!
Two-player games! Two-player games! -ey Hay-away!


For Kristoff Weekend 2017

I dusted off all of the hockey knowledge tucked away in my brain to write this, so please excuse any glaring errors.

Words: 723

Rated: G

It’s early, so early it’s still dark outside and quiet, no cars in the street and no birds in the trees yet. He yawns as he laces his skates, as quickly and precisely as he can at five years old. His foster father watches, nods in approval, hands Kristoff his stick as he heads out onto the ice.

Everything changes when he hits the surface, when his blade strikes the ice and shards explode around it. He builds up speed as he pumps his legs, the wind whistling around his helmet, the trees moving by in a blur. He can’t practice at a rink yet, so the pond on their property got to be transformed into a makeshift rink for him, mainly for his foster father who wants his son to follow in his skates.

All of that falls away when he’s on the ice, the surface gleaming in the faint light of early morning. His throat stings as he breathes in the cold air, his lungs heave from exertion, but it energizes him. He practices drills, his father passing pucks to him, the slap of his stick on the ice echoing in the still air.

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Time: 13:52. Half time at the Argentina vs Iran match in Belo Horizonte, June 21st, 2014, as it can be read on countless of cups of soda and beer that thousands of supporters hold in their hands, by the stairs in area 334, sector E. In the 6th row of the central stands, three seats away of the glass wall that divides the sector in the middle of 57, 698 people, their relaxed and hopeful faces can be seen, Her and Him, the most important spectators in the World Cup, who arrived just 9 hours earlier, at dawn, to Minas Gerais capital city.

Hello! - we introduce ourselves to Her, Antonella Roccuzzo (26) while Him, Thiago Messi (1), turned his little head to see who was talking to his mother.

Hello! - she smiles when she hears we’re from Gente magazine.

You came!

Sure! For this game and every game that comes after. We were so eager to be here with Leo!!… right, son? - she introduces Thiago to us.

We put together a special cover to celebrate Leo’s 27th birthday so you could give it to him.

Oh my, it’s so pretty! - she looks at every detail - Wow!

It looks like you liked it.

Sure… Look, son! - she shows it to Thiago - It’s your Daddy when he was little, like you!! And the three of us are here - she says. Thank you so much. I will see Leo today and I’ll give it to him. He’s going to love it.

Can we take a picture of you two with the cover?

Ummm, please don’t ask us to pose for pictures. The star here is Lionel, not us. I’m sorry. I know you understand that.

It’s true. She’s never posed for a magazine. And until now, she had never given an interview before. She chose a low profile. She only uses the social network Instagram to make her statements (even without words). She arrived and left Brazil with Thiago and her best friend, Florencia Calcagno, in a charter plane property of AFA and stayed at hotel Ouro Minas, with all the other families of the NT players. Always holding Thiago in her arms, Antonella Roccuzzo behaved the same way her partner does, with humility. When we end our conversation, she does it again.

Will you support Leo and the National Team anywhere they go?

Yes, we’ll be with them wherever they go. We’re going back to Buenos Aires tomorrow but we’ll try to come back to Brazil for every single game. 

With hope, with anxiety, with fear?

We’re anxious and nervous. However, Leo and the NT gives us lots of hope, we have faith in them.

Last one, because the second half is starting. What do you think will be the final result?

I hope we win!!

With Leo scoring the winning goal?

Hahahaha yeah, I hope we win!

And in the 91st minute, an incredible goal from her husband made us lose our minds, in Belo Horizonte and in Argentina.

My Analysis

I’ve spent 3 days going through videos and interviews Benedict had given in these past six months. I don’t want to drown you in quotes, we all know the articles, we all know these interviews more or less. My motivation doing this was to show the difference of his behaviour from before the showmance to now. I don’t want to convice people, I don’t want to change opinions, all I want you to do is to take a step back from the nonsense and have an open mind and maybe it makes a difference. I noticed that since the “wedding” people losing faith in what he does, even going so far to believe that this is all he wanted and he finally got it. That’s not true. I just want you to give one quote, I think that stands out. It’s taken from the OUT- interview.

Ben said and I qoute: “I’ve spent a lot of time to get where I’ve gotten observing human behaviour, so I’m sensitive to it anyway!”

Why I picked that quote I will explain later. 

There are a lot of players in this showmance, way more than needed, because we all know the more players in the game, the bigger the mess. There’s Weinstein, there’s Ben’s Hollywood agent, there’s Karon and the skunk’s PR if you will with Jambojaja as leader and part of her friends as minions. Adding to that the fans, nannies on one side, sceptics on the other. There’s the skunk, Ben and friends of Ben. 

It all started as we know with Weinstein buying the movie. Why Weinstein thought a gf was needed is anybody’s guess. We have our theories, but I don’t think we will ever know the reason. I think that Ben’s Hollywood agent was in on it from the start. He tried to change Ben since he signed the contract without considering, as many already noticed, that he isn’t the typical guy who fits in a mold other than being himself. To get Ben play along, they had to use his enthusiasm and emotional bonding with the character, promising him that a campaign would get the movie to a broader audience, bringing awareness to A. Turing and what he had done, making him a legend. That’s my opinion. Why they thought the skunk was appropriate to play the gf, might have to do with he fact that they already worked, together, similar background, and most importantly being an escort no emotional mess and attachment, just professionalism. Big mistake! As soon as the skunk got the contract the fluffing of her CV started. 

Between January and August nothing changed in Ben’s behaviour. He was funny, dorky, engaging as usual. The shift started in September. We all know why, and even if there are still people who think that this relationship is somewhat real and there’s no way ever that blackmail was involved, it is the only explanation. I don’t think it was about a pregnancy. What I think is what I already pointed out yesterday, threatening of a huge scandal during the campaign for the movie. 

I don’t want to go into details, because this is about PR, but Ben refused to be seen with her openly even at LFF although she was already revealed as his gf by the papers. My guess is that he wanted to get rid of her, because of the blackmailing but because she was already in the papers and time was of essence and no other “gf” in sight he had to get along. I think even PR underestimated her and when she (or jambolala) put the engagement ad in the paper they knew shit gets real and pissybatch showed up. They were all caught off guard and had to put a narrative together. 

Ben was always someone who valued his privacy. We never heard personal details of his private life and surly not about former relationships. The little details he offered were thouroughly put together and told over and over again. Now he was confronted with private details in the papers. I’m pretty sure that if Ben would have been in a real relationship and got engaged we would have heard nothing about it.

Now he was forced to spill details in interviews printed and on video and he knew he had to go along, go against his principles, his integrity. To show that this is all not real, not his doing, not even his decision, he used distant language about her.In every single interview. Although people claim that body language can’t be used to proof something it actually does. Body language is still used by employers and the police because it is unconcsious interaction with others. 

I don’t tell something new here, but he told us his story all the time. When he talks in interviews about his work, he lights up. He’s animated, funny, laughs, talks a lot with his hands, gets intense, brings his pov across, is perceptive and waffles until his mouth bleeds. He feels comfortable, jokes, is real and burns with passion. You don’t see tiredness, he’s in his element. When he talks about the skunk, relationship and now baby, he’s withdrawn, nervous, closed off, he doesn’t laugh or smile much and if he does it is pained or embarrassed. His body goes still, he uses his hands not for talking, but comforting himself, his voice is monotone, quiet, he can’t look at the interviewer, he either looks down or unfocused. He shows exhaustion, stress, he’s tense on the verge to run, he’s often close to tears. He uses always distant language as if talking of someone else’s life. Tries to change the subject to work again, gets uncomfortable, sad, sarcastic and sometimes angry. He’s annoyed, impatient, snaps. When he talks about his family, friends or colleagues, he lights up again. His voice is warm and affectionate, he compliments, he shows his love, is unguarded.

I don’t need to tell you why. I don’t need to point out the obvious. 

A lot of people are upset about him because of his pov for his fans. I don’t know why and btw. whoever created the term “Cumberbitches” needs a serious smack on the head. The point is, not he brings his fans up in interviews, the interviewer does. Over and over and over again. Why? Because his fans are embarrassing. Don’t get me wrong here I’m not talking about the distant fans, the fans who just admire his work. They are not visible. What they get to see and hear ARE the obsessed, the rabid ones, the ones with no boundaries, the stalkers, the screaming girls, the hysteria, the  attention seekers, the ones who want in his bed, the ones who interact with the media and with his friends. That’s what they see. A behaviour not suited for an actor but a boyband. And Ben gets tired of it, to always answer questions about it, to comment. I’m pretty sure he’s embarrassed. When his star began to rise his PR failed to set boundaries, to be distant, professional, unavailable. He loves his fans undoubtly, but he can’t control them. And he is right he can’t control the ebbing and the flow. He can’t spend his life worrying about it. Fans will come and go. Interests change, they get older, they found another one, etc. As a celeb you get used to it. It doesn’t mean that they want to lash out at fans, it just means that they accept that nothing stays the same and that caring about it would drive them insane. 

Putting all players in this game together, we see one thing clear. We are all at war here. We see the skunk trying to ruin him with her pr games. She makes fun of his privacy and integrity  by selling everything to the papers to let him look foolish and famewhoring. This is an attempt to discredit him. We see his pr trying damage control by forcing him to sell the happy hausband now. We see the nannies lapping uo everything and support the skunk’s games. We see what’s wrong and they try to shut us up by putting us in the lunatic corner. Weinstein is mostly concerned about money and winning Oscar’s. And Ben’s friends try to protect him and the lie by playing along and sell the narrative of a happy wedding. All this influences dicisions and narrative. The only one who has to carry the burden of all of it is Ben. He has to react accordingly to everything that comes up. He has to sell what Weinstein wants, he has to sell every damage control his pr is trying, he has to play along with the schemes of the skunk because he can’t risk any scandal at all at the moment. He has to deal with the fans and he has to make sure when everything is over that he still has a career and that the damage is minor. He is the one picking up the pieces in the end building up his reputation again.

And now you know why I picked out the qoute. Now you know why he looks gaunt, exhausted and lost a lot of weight, why even make-up can’t cover up the stress. Why his eyes are dead, why he’s only a shadow of himself, why he can’t fake happiness, why he’s sad and disappointed. He worked hard for his success, and now a famehworing goldigger with her bf tries to ruin him, damages his career, reputation, integrity, and his interaction with his fans. And he can’t act accordingly because a scandal would ruin the hard work of his colleagues, friends and every member working on the movie. 

I’m sorry of the length, I’m sorry if something is unclear and waffly, i did this for the first time in my life and I’m really tired now. My first draft included many quotes, but in the end I didn’t use them because this is already long enough.

One thing is for sure. Everything printed in the press since the wedding is jambolalas doing. Nothing that was printed there is real, it’s just to distract and to paint Ben in a bad light. It’s intent is to turn away his fans, to believe that he’s a liar, that he’s not the man we used to see, and that he doesn’t care. Don’t take the bait. Only two days more and everything will be over. He will get rid of the skunk that’s for sure and he has help. He didn’t want this and he`s on the verge of a breakdown. And he can’t risk that, too many projects are waiting for him.