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sakurabun203  asked:

Can I just get a Cheerleader!Stan and a Captain!Bill fic please?

Thanks @sakurabun203 for being a patient angel haha. I realized pretty quickly that writing a fic on my phone while waiting in line in a busy tattoo shop was not gonna be the best so I got started writing when I got home - I hope you enjoy it, dear! This is part 1 of at least 2 or 3.

Also I know literally nothing about cheerleading or football so I did a tiny bit of research while outlining but sorry if it sounds awkward/is obvious that I don’t know what I’m talking about lmao. For reference, Stan is a spotter in this, Eddie is the flyer obviousy because he’s a smol bean, and Bev is a base. ANYWAY…

Part One

Stan had never planned on becoming a cheerleader. He had been a gymnast since he was a kid and by the time he got to high school, the gymnastics team had been cut from Derry High School. Cheer Squad had been a last resort. But it wasn’t so bad really - he actually really enjoyed it, and he was good at it. The whole team was, really. Every year they placed at Regionals (usually winning the gold and moving on to Nationals, but every once in awhile taking home Silver), and in his Sophomore year, he and Beverly had been able to convince Eddie to join them.

Not being the only guy on the team had made a vast improvement in Stan’s life. Sure, he was still bullied mercilessly for being a male cheerleader, but now he had Eddie alongside him, and Eddie might be small, but he was fierce. Where Stan tended to walk away, Eddie had no problem telling off the football players (who were usually at least twice his size) for picking on the only team at Derry High who actually won anything.

While Derry High School may have the best cheer squad in New England, they also had the most spectacularly terrible football team.

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