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bitty being nervous about nhl scouts part 2

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The television was black and blank. Only faint static filled the room. But then an ESPN logo animation and a few bars of a nighttime show jingle brought it awake.

Four men behind an odd futuristic desk began talking.

A man spit toothpaste into a sink, opened a door, and stepped into the room, facing the screen with his whole body.

“–and as for our moresurprising prospects leading into the summer, we have some really non-traditional hockey markets, you could say, showing up–”

“Really, there isn’t a nontraditional hockey market anymore–”

“What we’re talking about is–”

“Well look. Look. All I’m saying is,” One of the men piped up, spreading his hands, “Is Eric Bittle worth a look because he played with Jack Zimmermann, the Falconers’ leading scorer, who snagged a nearly-unprecedented A on his sweater in his first NHL season? Do the teams courting him think they’re getting a version of that?”

“I’d say no, Chris. Everything about this kid is different. His play is less polished and less physical. And yes, I know he’s still going to grow into his man body. He has a completely different relationship to the game. What they are probably looking for is a forward who has detail with the puck.”

“Then they’d be better off with Mike Rooney or, heck, Danniel Carson. People who can help a team right now, who have more under their belts. A Frozen Four win is great but–”

“We need to bring up his height. Maybe being under six feet tall in the NCAA works differently. You can’t teach height–”

“As a former short hockey player,” the third man to the left said, “no, you can’t teach height, but you shouldn’t need to. And yes, he might play a less physical game, he might only work in Samwell’s unique system of defensemen and linemates–but he has come this far after a concussion as a freshman. And then there’s the story. He’s from Georgia, if an American team winds up with him–there’s your angle. His dad’s a noted football coach. This kid is on Twitter all hours of the day and night–this is PR a team will love–he has a baking vlog, for Christ’s sake. This is the new NHL, walking and talking, and there are so many fans he can reach. possibly new players who didn’t think there was a place for them in sports even if they are talented.”

“I forgot that–his concussion kept him out of play for a bit.”

“You can’t teach bouncing back from an injury like that, either.”

Bitty turned off the TV and watched the bright bouncing dots vanish. Then he lay flat on his back on the bed. The moment he hit the pillow he was out. It felt like a moment later that he was awake again. Except he wasn’t in a bed, he was in a room, and his mother and father were seated next to him. And everything was bright for a moment, and in a loudspeaker a voice called out words that he couldn’t understand very well–and then he was on a stage, and a red cap and a jersey was given to him–

and the words formed themselves again as he tried again to understand them–

“…ick of the 2017 NHL Draft, the Montreal Canadiens select Eric Bittle.”

Bitty stared at a camera he didn’t own and tried to push the stiff cap down on his head. Tried to make it feel attached and close like his helmet did. Because it felt like it was barely perched there and could fall off at any moment

and be an omen.

Fun Facts about Dylan Larkin

DOB: July 30, 1996, in Pontiac, Michigan.

FIRST HOCKEY MEMORY: “Probably learning how to skate with my brother and cousins at Lakeland Ice Arena.”

HOCKEY HEROES: “Steve Yzerman, Doug Brown, my brother, and I’d probably say Mats Sundin. (Why Doug Brown?) Doug Brown coached me from the time I was 12 until I was 15 or 16. I learned a ton from him and just how much he loves hockey. I played with his son. People always ask when I learned to skate. I was always a pretty good skater, but he kind of made me into an exceptional skater I guess.”

LAST BOOK READ: “‘Unbroken’ it’s a great book. I saw the movie after I read the book. The book is way better.”

CURRENT CAR: “A black 2010 Jeep Cherokee.”

FIRST JOB: “I worked for my dad, making deliveries and working at the house for him. He owns his own business.”

GREATEST SPORTS MOMENT: “Winning the U18 World Championship.”

MOST PAINFUL MOMENT: “Probably losing in the Big Ten championship.”

FAVORITE UNIFORMS: “I love the Michigan football uniform.”

FAVORITE ARENA: “Yost (Arena in Ann Arbor). Just the atmosphere, the windows, and the Jumbotron.”

CLOSEST HOCKEY FRIENDS: “I have a lot. Niko Porikos, Zach Werenski are the biggest ones. I’d say the whole ’96 USNTDP class as well. (Important to be at this year’s draft for Werenski?) Yeah, for sure, it was cool to be on the other side of it and to see how fired up he was.”

FUNNIEST HOCKEY PERSON KNOWN: “Tyler Bertuzzi and Jake Paterson. Tyler’s always got something going on. He’s funny.”

TOUGHEST COMPETITORS FACED: “Probably (defenseman) Johnny MacLeod on my NTDP team. He’s just a tough guy, hits and blocks shots. He’s fast, strong, and as a forward you don’t want to go up against him in practice.”

MOST MEMORABLE GOAL: “Scored to win the International Silver Sticks, game-winning goal in Newmarket (Ontario), probably when I was 10.”

FUNNY HOCKEY MEMORY: “That’s a tough one. You’ll have to give me a minute. … A few times I forgot my jersey and had to wear a goalie jersey.”

FAVORITE PLAYERS TO WATCH: “Patrick Kane, I love watching Pavel Datsyuk. Datsyuk live is probably the best.”

FAVORITE SPORT OUTSIDE HOCKEY: “Soccer. I used to play and just love watching it on TV with all the best players in the world.”


FAVORITE MOVIE: “I’m not going to say ‘Miracle’. Probably ‘Happy Gilmore’.

IF NOT A HOCKEY PLAYER, WHAT: “A soccer player.”

HIDDEN TALENTS: “Maybe soccer.”



NICKNAME: “Larks.”

PREFERRED JERSEY NUMBER: “I wear No. 19 because my brother wore it and he wore it because Steve Yzerman wore it.”

OFF DAYS: “Hanging out, playing a little golf, putt putt.”


FIRST PURCHASE AFTER SIGNING CONTRACT: “I really didn’t buy anything big, I just went to Lululemon.”

GUILTY PLEASURES: “I love Goldfish, the crackers.”

ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO DO/HAVE BEFORE EVERY GAME: “I have to have coffee with cream and sugar.”


IF YOU COULD BE SOMEONE’S TEAMMATE FOR A DAY, WHO: “Sidney Crosby because he’s my idol, and just to get to see how he is.”

GO BACK IN TIME MOMENT: “And everything would be the same? (Yes) Probably, when I was 14, just to relive it all.”

WHAT SCARES YOU: “Getting old, hockey ending.”

MOST EMBARRASSING CHILDHOOD MOMENT: “I was in a wrestling club in elementary school and that was embarrassing now that I look at it. (Were you bad at it?) No, it was like WWE and we would all watch it and try to reenact. (How’d that work out?) I don’t know, we thought we were cool.”


Wouldn't Change a Thing

I thought for sure someone you give me this prompt for Zimbits, but nobody did… so I wrote it anyway! This is a future fic (when he’s about 28) where Bitty bumps into someone from his past. I hope you like fluff! Enjoy!

7. I wouldn’t change a thing… except when you vomited on my shoes.

“Hey… Do I know you from somewhere?”

Bitty was used to people recognizing him from “somewhere” a lot nowadays. He looked up from his phone to find a tall man with dark brown hair standing beside his table. “Oh?” He actually did look familiar. “Um, maybe?”

“You’re a hockey player, right?” The man asked.

Bitty let out a burst of laughter. Nobody had called him a hockey player in years. He had enough trouble convincing people he was even on the team back in college, and now someone was recognizing him as a hockey player? “Sorry. Yeah, it’s been a few years, but…”

“You played for Samwell, right? Um, Aaron? Button? Bittens?”

“Bittle. Eric Bittle,” he said with a smile, and waited for the spark of recognition that usually followed his name nowadays. He was spared the usual ‘I’ve seen you on TV!’ reaction this time around.

“Right! Sorry, I knew it was something like that. I guess it’s been about 10 years or so now? I forgot.”

“Ten years since…?” Bitty asked. “I’m sorry too, you look familiar, but I cannot for the life of me place you. You went to Samwell? Did we share a class?”

“No, we uh– oh god. It’s so embarassing, you probably blocked me out,” the man stumbled through his reply. “I was a year or two ahead of you. We, uh, we got set up for a date once? For Winter Screw?” He whispered the last word, a little embarassed to be overheard saying ‘screw’ in a busy cafe.

“Oh? Oh!” Bitty gasped as the memory flooded back to him. “My shoes!” He laughed and nudged the chair across from him away from the table. “Sit!”

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pitifulpercussionist  asked:

If a homosexual swings for the other team and a bisexual swings for both teams, does an asexual just sit back and watch the game?

sure, if you like. but have you also considered:

  • an asexual didn’t go to the game and is frankly confused by these things called ‘first base’ and ‘home run’.
  • an asexual went to the game and got really into it and started yelling from the stands
  • an asexual forgot that baseball existed
  • an asexual doesn’t like baseball. nothing personal. they’re just really not a fan.

hq-imagine-matchup  asked:

Welcome to the fam-jam! :) I would like to ask a scenario for Iwaizumi, Oikawa, Bokuto and Kuroo where they watch their partner's volleyball game for the first time, not realizing how good they were. They can play any position, that's up to you! :)

Forgive me if I messed up any technical terms/positions, because all of my volleyball knowledge comes from HQ…

Iwaizumi: Pinch-Server

It was a bad habit of Iwaizumi’s that he could get incredibly caught up in a volleyball game. Used to watching how the team worked as a whole, and being focused on that development, he sometimes ignored the individual players.  And that’s what happened during this game.  He had gotten so caught up in the game as well, that he forgot, for most of the game now, why he had actually come.  That changed as soon as the pinch server was called out and kept getting point after point.

Surprised, Iwaizumi noticed that it was you.  And then, he couldn’t keep his eyes off.  It was clear you had specialty serve.  Not that it was necessary when you could do perfect copies of all the serves out there. A floating serve one time and then the next was a hard straight, sent right for an unguarded area.  Following that, another floating one.  You goal – which was clearly working – to keep the other team off balance, ended the first set with a six point gap.  

Looking up, you spotted your boyfriend staring down at you with a rather surprised look on his face. You laughed to yourself, before you came up with a great idea.  Smiling up at him, you struck an Oikawa-worthy pose, complete with peace sign and everything.  His shock look disappeared rather quickly as he fought to keep back a smile.  

Good job,” he shouted down, loud enough that you heard, and your pose dropped as you genuinely smiled back.  

It was all for you, babe,” you teased, watching as his face darkened with a blush.  


Oikawa:  Libero

It was with bated breath that Oikawa watched you dart around your half of the court.  It was actually with bated breath that Oikawa had watched the majority of the game – despite your team’s win being pretty much in the bag.  And it was really his fault.  When you had invited him to watch one of your games, he had formed his own expectations about your level of performance.  He hadn’t assumed you were bad or untalented, he simply hadn’t expected you to be this good.

Every time you went out on the court, it was like there was no place the ball could go that you wouldn’t be able to follow up.  And considering how fast a volleyball could fly by, that was pretty impressive.  He also had to give you credit for truly being the backbone of the team.  While you weren’t the captain, it was clear that you were one of the main people your team looked to for moral support – and you always delivered.

Go, Y/n,” Oikawa found himself getting caught up in the final moments of the game.  The ball had been in the air for a good minute now as both sides were determined to not let the other score.  And you were truly shining in this moment.  Following the ball wherever it went, up in seconds after a save, nothing was holding you back.  And Oikawa found himself torn before cheering and trying not to miss anything happening before you.

At the end of the game, a victorious one for you and your team, Oikawa was among the first to congratulate you.  “You were pretty good out there.”  It was simple praise, but you knew from someone of Oikawa’s skill level that it was high indeed.

Now you’ve got to let me try receiving one of your serves,” you told him, grin wide on your face, still high from your win and volleyball the only thing on your mind.  

Bokuto: Setter

“HEY, HEY, HEY!!!  THERE YOU GO, Y/n!!!!”  Even down on the court, it was impossible for you to miss your boyfriend’s cheers and words of encouragement.  And it was impossible to hold back your smile.  Your feint had just gotten your team another point in this mainly neck-and-neck game, and your boyfriend’s enthusiasm was contagious – regardless of how far apart the two of you were…or that you were the one on the court and not him.

Up in the stands, Bokuto knew he was probably attracting a fair amount of attention, but he couldn’t bring himself to care.  Your move right then had been executed flawlessly and your talent was completely obvious.  He had been excited to see you play since you first mentioned you’d play, and now, you were not only living up to his expectations but completely surpassing them.

And so the game continued, each play that you were a part of, you could hear your boyfriend’s cheers on the court – every point the other team managed to get was responded to by words of encouragement from the player up in the stands.  It was with amusement that you noticed that no one actually seemed irritated by him.  Even the other team had smiles as Bokuto shouted loud enough that the entire building should have no problem hearing him.

Kuroo: Middle Blocker

Just seeing you practice, Kuroo knew that he was going to be in for a treat watching you play. And he wasn’t wrong.  So far, he had spent the entire first half sitting half way up on his seat, leaning forward, trying to make sure he didn’t miss anything.  Watching you play, he was incredibly impressed, and was actually playing close attention to your techniques, planning ways he could copy or integrate them with some of his own moves.  He was now a little disappointed with himself that he hadn’t pegged you for a better player from the start.

Cheering for you with your team’s other fans up in the stands, Kuroo found that he was feeling exactly like he was playing the game through you.  It helped that you threw in a couple of the moves he had once shown you – at the time, he had been showing off a little, not knowing of your own skill when it came to the game.

By the end, he was more than impressed with your natural talent that was obvious to anyone. Waiting for you by the door of the court, he watched as you laughed and joked with your teammates, an easy comradeship that spoke of the respect and trust that had been clear to any spectator.  “So what’d you think, big shot?”  You bumped his shoulder as the two of you headed outside. “Was I any good?”

“Hmmm…you’re pretty decent, I guess,” Kuroo replied, side-eyeing you, ready to take off if you decided to physically get back at him for the dig.

Oh really?”  You laughed in the face of his lie.  “Okay, what about you, me and a volleyball, tomorrow at the park.  We’ll see whose better then.”

If he could only pick one thing that was positively brilliant and attractive about you, then your readiness for anything and competitiveness were definitely in the running.  “Alright, loser pays for the next date.”

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TFW X Reader

Request: Can you please write an imagine where the reader has extremely bad asthma and the boys don’t know about it until they find out in the worst possible way. (No death please) thank you!! ;D

Request: One where the reader has started playing volley ball again and hasn’t told the boys (she thinks they knew) and cas asks her what’s wrong with her arms because her inner forearms are purple from capillaries bursting when they’re hit and she explains and he freaks out the guys by saying something like “y/n has internal bleeding” or something like that even though he knows it’s harmless?

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anonymous asked:

Harry Potter AU; any skater over 25 is a prefect, and one or two skaters below 25 is an Animagus. /coughs/

So I wasn’t sure about the whole “human patronus” thing cause that sounded more soul eater to me…. so uh everyone is a student

- Viktor is the Gryffindor prefect you can fight me that boy is brave and unpredictable
- Yuuri is the Hufflepuff prefect just because he’s so cute but also vv responsible
- Chistophe is the alluring Slytherin Prefect
- He lurks around in the dungeon looking for the booty
- Yuuri will not go down there without Viktor bless
- Slytherin boy: “stop being so dramatic Chris”
- *chris draping himself over a dark leather sofa*: “I have no idea what you are talking about”
- Yuko is the Ravenclaw prefect come the fuck at me
- She’s dating a Slytherin guy named Takeshi
- But despite that she still likes to fangirl over Quiditch players
- Viktor is the keeper and Captain of the Gryffindor Quiditch team
- Yuuri is a seeker and often has to go up against Yuri Plisetsky who’s the Slytherin seeker
- Leo is a Gryffindor chaser and has a crush on the cute Hufflepuff boy named Guang Hong
- Guang Hong is on the Quiditch team but he doesn’t get to play often
- He is a Ravenclaw Beater and everyone loves him
- All the above mentioned people meet in the great hall all the time and play wizards chess
- Guang Hong and Yuuri are the best two
- Once they faced off and the game took so long the professors had to smash the board to get them to go to class
- The group also visits hogsmeade a lot and Minami and friends are there
- They all go to the candy shop and cause chaos
- What a team

Feel free to send me prompts to my inbox ^^

i just think it’s funny how teenage boys and fully grown men can live and breathe football/rugby, can know all the players names/their position/how good they are/what’s best for the team and spend hundreds of pounds on tickets to see them and are called passionate but the moment a teenage girl knows all the names of members of a band and what their strengths are/what instruments they play and begins to analyse their musical talent the same way you analyse a football game they’re ‘obsessive’ and ‘crazy’ and it’s 'just a band’ like ?????

Lace Up Your Skates {S.M}

requested// imagine where you and Shawn go on an ice skating date and you aren’t very good but Shawn makes everything okay

author’s note// wow I like this imagine whoop im literally doing nothing right now please leave nice things in my inbox because I like nice things sigh hope ya’ll feel better than I do enjoy the imagine


“Shawn I really don’t like this.” You whine. Shawn had taken you to Icelandamaniac, the closest ice skating rink around, and the stupidest place you could think of. Even the name made you feel sick. Like seriously, was it named by a two year old? And the ice skates always smelled like seventeen million people had worn them. I mean, you knew that they had been worn before, but had they ever heard of scented disinfectant spray? The food tasted like literal death. Seriously, you felt like you were eating the souls of the undead when you ate one of their hotdogs. The ice was bumpy, the air was humid and disgusting outside of the rink and inside it was painfully cold. 

All in all, the place was like hell on Earth, and to top it off, you couldn’t ice skate even if your life depended on it. You were uncoordinated, and you could barely even walk without falling. Shawn thought it would be a cute date idea, seeing as to he used to play hockey and he was really good at ice skating. So he, sometimes being absolutely clueless as to what is romantic and what is not, decided to take you to a God dang ice skating rink for your ten month anniversary. 

“Y/n I promise you will! It was my turn to pick the month anniversary date, and i choose this, so please, go and be happy!” He pleaded, putting his hand on your thigh keeping the other on the steering wheel of his oh-so-beloved truck. 

“No, it is your turn to PLAN the month anniversary date.” You huffed, crossing your arms, but allowing his hand to stay in place firmly on your thigh. 

“Same thing.” He shrugged, keeping his eyes glued to the road. 

“No, not same thing! You plan it for me, and I plan it for you! When it’s our month to plan, you are supposed to make it to where it is for me and I am supposed to make it to where I plan for you, not this selfish I’m planning for myself load o-” He cut you off, giving you a warning when he squeezed your thigh. 

“Darling, please just trust me. I think you WILL enjoy it, and if you don’t we can go to the arcade.” He promised and you looked at him, your face lighting up. 

“If I don’t love it in thirty minutes we are going to the arcade.” You insisted. 

“Okay fine, but you have to try and enjoy yourself.” You didn’t respond. You loved the arcade. It was probably your favorite place. You and Shawn didn’t go there often, in fact, you think you had only gone there once. It was a forty five minute drive, and it wasn’t the most economical of places. But it was still your favorite place, plus it was the place he choose for you for your very first date. You just sat in silence, but not a comfortable silence, because you were very unhappy. But it wasn’t for long because within seven minutes you pulled into Icelandamaniac. The large letters plastered across the top of the building with fake painted on snow across the tops of the letters made you feel nauseous. 

“I hate you.” You sighed as you clicked the button of your seat belt, earning a nervous chuckle from Shawn. 

“You love me, and you cannot deny that.” He insisted, leaning over to kiss your cheek before he got out of his car. You closed your eyes, and took a deep, deep breath. 

It’s only thirty minutes. It’s only thirty minutes. It’s onl-

“You coming?” Shawn’s voice boomed from outside the car as you let out a breath you forgot you were holding. You quickly hopped out of the car to a smiling Shawn, who was obviously trying his hardest to make this enjoyable. When you were walking side by side, he reached out for your hand, but before he could you crossed your arms. 

“Y/n, please.” He whined. You shook your head. 

“I’m not happy with you.” You responded. 

“Well, I’ll need someone to hold my hand while ice skating.” You glanced at him with a perplexed look. He was one of the best players on the hockey team back when he used to play. “Sometimes I get scared.” He shrugged, knowing exactly what you were asking. 

“Okay.” You croaked. You could feel his smile, because the air seemed to brighten. But every step you took closer to the stupid ice skating rink made you angrier and angrier, and you were like, a centimeter of a step from absolutely fuming. You took one deep breath to deflate, and then you walked in. 

It was absolutely terrible. The floor was sticky, it smelled like death, and it was so humid you were already sweating. 

“I’m denying that I love you.” You scoffed, re-crossing your arms. Shawn wrapped his arm around your waist and as you tried to pull away he kept his grip firm on your waist and kissed you on the cheek. 

“I love you.” He whispered in your ear, which was met with a scoff. He sighed and pulled away, waling to the front desk to buy the forty five minute skating time and the ice skate rental. You both walked over to the ice skate stand where a teenager with acne and bushy hair was playing on a DS, not noticing you two at all. 

“Hi…” Shawn laughed, trying to get this boy’s attention. He looked up from his DS and let out a disgruntled groan. 

“Oh. God it’s Shawn Mendes.” He said in a teenage girl voice. 

“Very funny, Lewis just give us the skates.11 in men and seven in girls.” He chuckled, and Lewis gave him a smile. You tugged on Shawn’s arm. 

“You know him?” You whispered, making sure Lewis didn’t hear. 

“Yeah, he was the skate boy when I played hockey here.” He whispered back just before Lewis came back with two pairs of skates, a rather large pair for Shawn and a small pair for you. He swiftly took them both in his hands and you walked over to the little benches that were used for lacing up skates. You sat down parallel to Shawn and started to unlace your black converse and slip on your gross navy blue and red ice skates that looked like they had been taked on out a 1970′s romcom. 

“Here, let me lace those up for you.” Shawn instructed as he hooked his hand behind your knee and lifted your right leg onto his lap as he laced it up and did the same thing to the other skate. Afterwards he shot you a smile, and to his surprise you smiled back. 

“Thanks.” You muttered as he laced up his skates and stood up. 

“Will you hold my hand now?” He blushed. You nodded as you stood up and you took his hand and laced your fingers through his. 

“You ready?” He asked with a big, goofy smile. You shrugged and you both took large, giant steps on the rubber ground all the way to the rink. You were already scared. You were gonna fall. You hated this. You could only roller skate, and that stuff hurt like heck. But ice? That stuff was ten times worse and it was cold. You didn’t want to get on the sloshed gray looking ice and fall. 

“Shawn, I don’t wanna fall.” You whimpered, sounding a whole lot weaker than you ever intended to. He gave you a warm smile. 

“You won’t fall as long as I’m here, okay?” He smiled, his white teeth giving you some reassurance. You nodded and took his hand and stepped out onto the ice. You already were slipping, but Shawn kept his promise and kept his rip firm on your hand. “We’re gonna move now, okay?” He asked and you didn’t respond, but he started to skate anyways. You squealed, which earned you strange looks from all five people that were skating around. 

“Shawn I don’t like this.” You whined, and you didn’t care that you sounded like a whiny girlfriend and neither did he. 

“Just try and move your feet, it’ll get better!” And it kind of did. 

Within ten minutes, you were moving around and mainly supporting yourself. Shawn held on tight, because he had promised. You were laughing and talking and it really was fun. You hadn’t fallen thanks to Shawn. He wasn’t going too fast, but your favorite was when he wold hold onto both of your hands and go backwards, dragging you along with him. And even though the ice was wet, and you couldn’t feel your toes, you were having a nice time. 

“Wanna try on your own?” He questioned, his cheeks pink from smiling and the cold. 

“Sure.” You fretted, not knowing how this would turn out. He smiled again, letting go of your hand and skating to another corner, while you were clutching the wall for dear life. 

“Okay, now skate to me.” He hollered. You nodded. 

“Shawn..” You whimpered again. 

“You can do it darling, I believe in you!” He exclaimed. You took a deep breath and moved your feet. And the second you did, you fell face first into a big mush of skated on and crushed up ice. You heard a couple gasps and giggles from the five other people in the rink as well as the sound of Shawn’s skates sliding on the ice to you. He crouched down and put his hand on your shoulder. 

“Arcade?” He gulped. You looked up at him with a whole lot of anger. 


author’s note// wow i really liked that one i hope you guys did too i’m trying to write faster ahahahahahahahahaha i made a gifset au it’ll be posted soon have a good day guys 

I don’t understand how cules can just compare the 4-0 victory to the 2-1. The team you played a few months ago and the team you played yesterday are not the same. We were a disaster under benitez, the team had no harmony. The players suddenly forgot how to play with each other, it was a mess. What you saw yesterday however, is a completely different team. A team that zizou built from the ground up with hard work and dedication. A team worthy of being called Real Madrid.

You beat us when we were at our worst

We beat you when you were at your best 

“ I played for the first time since that evil update. I forgot how little the game and player base care about Medic & healing. I had to battle medic just to stay alive long enough to build uber, because dying is “the end”. Not all Medics can defend themselves like a battle medic. Plus battle meds who heal and fight are rare, you won’t always get a healing one. So, PROTECT YOUR MEDIC! Encourage Medics! Nurture them! Watch their backs! Or risk creating a battle medic and lose heals.”

Back At One | ONE SHOT ft. Jackson |

globby0414 asked: Can I request a scenario where you and jackson were best friends in freshman but he became “cool” and joined the cool group and started ignoring you. So it’s senior year and a mysterious romeo asked you to prom in note and it turns out to be jackson

“It’s undeniaaaaable that weeee should be togeeeeether!”

You tried everything to get your best friend to shut up, but knowing Jackson; he’d be seeing throughout the whole of lunch break. The two of you were sitting by the basketball courts as you guys always did, sharing your iPod and earphones.

“This is -my- song!” You pleaded, tugging on the earphone cord, “Can we at least enjoy it?”

“OOONE, you’re like a dream come truuue” Jackson turned to face you this time, still belting out the lyrics, “TWO, just wanna be with-”


A basketball had hit you on your shoulder, just missing your head; then again, where the two of you were seated, you were bound to get hit.

"Hey, are you alright?!” Your best friend immediately returned back to reality , tending to you shoulder even though it didn’t really work, “Let me get that ball”

Rising up from the concrete, Jackson picked up the basketball, passing it back to the guys on the court who were playing,

“Thanks man” One guy you noticed was Jinyoung; a classmate of yours, approached the two of you, “You got a killer pass”

“Yeah?” Jackson was flattered, not sure if he should play it cool or not, “I do play some ball”

“You should hang out with us guys some time” Another player, Jaebum added to the conversation, “Youngjae’s caught up with the choir, so we could use another man on the court”

Senior year had come quicker than Jackson had befriended the elite and popular basketball team. Constantly surrounded by the cheerleaders and the guys, it was hard to keep in contact and soon enough; it seemed like he had completely forgot about you. 

Turning the code into your locker, you remembered the freshman days when the two of you had your lockers side by side after Jackson persuaded  the hall monitor to let you do so. But after he had become one of the “cool” guys, he moved further down the hall. 

As you opened the metal door, a small, pink, square sheet of paper slipped out from within; landing on your hand as you caught it in time.

“What in the world?” You mumbled to yourself, examining its back and front,

“Girl, it’s plain to see that you’re the only one for me" 

You read out the note scribbled onto the paper with black marker, 

"So come with me to prom… I’ll be your Romeo and I’ll be waiting for you…”

Prom? It was the last thing on your mind. You had packed your schedule with study plans and extra curricular activities that you hadn’t even bought a dress. 

But ‘Romeo’? You thought it was horribly cheesy, but by the looks of it; this guy was trying, and it was only fair to give him a shot, right?

“Who else would ask me anyway?”

You mumbled to yourself again, shoving your books back into your locker, not realising that just down the school hallway, someone was watching to make sure that you had got that note.

“Romeo, romeo, wherefore are thou Romeo?”

'Romeo’ was late and had left you standing alone by the front door of the school gym. It seemed like such a waste to buy such a lovely dress, now that it seemed that your mysterious date had stood you up.

Scanning the front entrance, everyone had already entered besides a lone car where a familiar figure, his identity hidden with a mask ran up and approached you.

“I’m so sorry that I’m late!” He addressed you, already knowing that you were his 'Juliette’, “I forgot my iPod at home”

“Your iPod?” You couldn’t believe this guy, there was already a DJ organised for prom, why would he need his own music?

“It sounds crazy but I really need it” He explained, sounding vaguely familiar, “Just trust me”

Trust him? It seemed like a mistake to trust 'Romeo’ as he left you by the arch of balloon as he ran off into the crowd inside the gym, telling you that he had something important to you.

You questioned yourself for ever agreeing to go Prom with this more than mysterious stranger, but as the music started to fade into a song that brought you back into fonder memories; you had a feeling that you knew who your Romeo was.

The masses of Prom-goers began to move towards each side of the dance floor, revealing an un-masked Jackson holding a single rose as he made his way towards you.

This is your song” He gave his same cheeky smile, just like the days when he would sing to every song on your iPod, “Remember?”

“You’re not going to sing, right?” You teased, as if all this time away from each other didn’t make any difference to your friendship,

“Not because I’m cool now or popular or whatever” Jackson confessed in the cocky way that he used to, “…But because we never got to listen to this song together without me wrecking it”

Those close enough to the two of you chuckled at his comment before partnering up with their prom dates and slow dancing to the music, with Jackson following suit. With one hand in yours and the other by your waist, he pulled you in closer for only you to hear this time,

“Let’s start back at one”

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Baseball Player! Hobi
  • BLACK HAIR HOBI STRAIGHT UP I WONT HAVE IT ANY OTHER WAY So ok this sunshine is still a sunshine but he’s on another team aka the rivals to tae’s team so he’s kinda evil
  • yoongi has that influence 
  • he loves playing and practices for hours and hours 
  • he accidentally hits a baseball into his neighbors backyard
  • he doesn’t even bother to ask for it cause he’s so frustrated at the moment 
  • at school the next day, he realizes this really pretty girl is walking up to him
  • he’s getting all confident, his teammates watching
  • but all she does is put a baseball in his hand
  • “you forgot this”
  • the team takes it the wrong way and starts catcalling
  • turns out you’re the neighbor and you hate when his baseballs go over into your yard because then your dog eats them
  • rumors are sorted about you and the baseball kid
  • you’re like ?? who??
  • hobi starts to really notice you after having to deny the rumors everyday 
  • sometimes watches you through the window creepy much
  • goes over to get the ball he “accidentally” threw over
  • finds you in the pool and can’t stop staring at you 
  • cause you’re practically naked and he’s a teenage boy
  • and you’re all “What the hell are you doing here!!???”
  • trying to put a towel around yourself but he keeps looking and can’t help but laugh as he leaves
  • he heard from someone that the yearbook class was gonna come to the game for pictures
  • and surprise, you’re in that class
  • you take the team photo and everyone knows who you are
  • “hey hobi isn’t that your girlfriend”
  • sports are just not your thing but whatever you’re getting extra credit for this
  • theres another kid there to take pictures for the game with you 
  • and you’re hoping he’s actually taking photos of the other members cause your camera seems to be attracted to the shortstop
  • “good thing he’s mvp or this would be really creepy”
  • you’re forced to sit throughout his games and practices
  • why’d you sign up for the sports section
  • a wild throw is coming your way but you’re too busy checking the camera 
  • so you don’t see the ball
  • luckily, hobi runs as fast as he could and catches the ball before it knocked you out
  • he kinda falls on your feet though
  • “hi there”
  • somehow manages to convince you to go on a date with him bc he “saved your life the other day”
  • the date goes horrible
  • all his teammates are there watching 
  • you both find a way to see each other in secret
  • its going well and no one really gets a confirmation but everyone suspects it
  • when his team wins the championship game, you run to him and kiss him
  • no ones shocked cause they all knew already
  • really enjoys trying to teach you about baseball
  • but you’re so against it
  • you prefer to just watch
  • even when he makes it to the big leagues 
  • and makes it on the same team as his once rival Taehyung
  • best players on the team 
  • may or may not become best friends

i did want to write this as a fanfic but I’m not even lying, i suck at writing and i would ruin everyones image of it but how would i write it and who would read it anyway :(

There's Always Next Time

Pairing: akafuri

Summary: Kouki and Akashi coincidentally meet each other in a park and their dogs are instantly all over each other. Akashi sets up a play date and they both come to realize how they feel for each other.

Note: this is based slightly on the headcanon i made!

Spots of light splay from the spaces above the trees. The air is slightly humid, but not quite so. The lake glimmers, its waves serene and slow. If you look close enough, you’ll see ducks afloat with their little one’s tailing behind in an orderly line. The grass was evidently trimmed, giving the park a very clean and ideal look. Occasionally, there were joggers passing by and a group of friends or a pair of lovers would lay their mats for a picnic. This park was entirely foreign to Kouki, but nevertheless, it didn’t fail his expectations.

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