Since the Shinra photo book is taking forever and a day, gathered up a few of my faves and made a photo collage.

A2 poster (17 x 23 in), on 160gsm card, which I’ll be selling at any cons I trade at this year. I imagine postage will make them prohibitively expensive for overseas buyers, but they’re $20USD + whatever postage/handling is (likely to be around $10USD but don’t quote me just yet) if anybody’s interested. Ping me over the messaging system if you are and we’ll sort something out.

@kizunatsudoishi​ OMG, I had no idea you were reading my fanfic! *o* Thank you! <3

Yeah, the subject of Sephiroth’s hair has been in my fan-nerd mind for some time. OwO I wrote about it in another unpublished fanfic but decided to incorporate the hair concept into The Boy Voted Most Likely to Rule the World since I consider the tradition headcanon. 

Many actual cultures actually have treated hair length as a status symbol. In Ancient Greece, long male hair served as a symbol for wealth and power. During the ethnic Manchu Qing dynasty, hair length became a matter of life-or-death. O_O I figured Wutai would have their own hair traditions. In fact, my idea was inspired by the film, The Last Samurai. There’s a scene where a skilled Japanese warrior is publicly shamed: an asshole cuts his long beautiful hair. :(

Funny enough, when Tseng dishonors himself during the events of Before Crisis, he removes his ponytail. He lets it fall on his shoulders as a form of shame. This act confirms there’re traditions related to hair in Wutai.

In my headcanon, Hojo comes from Wutai, which greatly explains his Wutai-sounding name and his in-game ‘Wutai’ features. He, himself, has long hair. Since hair length acts like a status symbol in Wutai, Hojo is basically telling everyone ‘I’m powerful and undefeated’… at least in the realms of science. XD

Since Hojo hails from Wutai, this actually makes Sephiroth half-Wutai himself! :D I figured Hojo would put these ‘traditions’ in his son’s head in a sly effort to push him into becoming a stronger, invincible warrior. It works, LOL. Sephiroth not only sees the length/care of his hair as a status symbol, but also as an act of honoring his ‘culture’.

Lastly, if Tseng’s ponytail actions are any indication that letting the hair down acts as personal atonement, then that explains why Sephiroth keeps his hair down. It could be his non-verbal way of personally atoning for all the lives he’s taken, especially in Wutai. In fact, if it’s ever proven that he is half-Wutai, he actually committed a double whammy. O_O Not only did he destroy his birth place (Nibelheim) but also his motherland (Wutai). O_O

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Hojo in L-O-V-E? =>

So sorry that this took me forever and ever to answer this color palette challenge, anon! A lot of stuff happened… but here you go! It came out cuter than I expected. He’s a sweet, clueless boy. And props to our girl Kagome for being so good that Hojo literally believes she would never ditch him unless her life depended on it. Cuties. 

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AU where Sephiroth gets turned into a toddler when he comes back from a tour in Wutai.

No one in ShinRa, SOLDIER, the Science department knows exactly what happened. They suspect a lot of Wutai knows, but they’ll never tell. Witnesses were part of the raid led by Sephiroth of this fortress. By all means they should have won, but there was this weird explosion and Sephiroth disappeared for about an hour. He was returned…as a two year old. 

The whole raid was allowed a retreat. In fact…it was a damn near pleasant trek back to the main ShinRa camp by the coast. A lot of the locals who avoided them or attacked them before treated them quite well, Sephiroth especially. The men had to carry him and try to keep him occupied. It became obvious very quickly that Sephiroth remembered everything, he just couldn’t communicate it very well and that made him quite frustrated. Inside he felt like an adult, but he had the body and habits of a child and he couldn’t break free. He missed his fine motor skills. 

The labs put him through rigorous tests and found it wasn’t a status affect, a spell, or anything otherwise magically reversible. Sephiroth was two again. Hojo was horrified. Sephiroth growing up once had been horrible enough, especially his teens. Even worse, ShinRa didn’t want to pay to enhance and raise him again…that is…until a lot of SOLDIERs asked if they could. 

It was undeniable that Sephrioth was…adorable. None of them would say that out loud in his presence though (he could still kick pretty hard). Lazard never expected to be making a caretaker schedule…but he was. A lot of guys had parents send old baby clothes and toys. Genesis predicted Sephiroth was going to grow up spoiled his second time. He was not wrong. Genesis was also the one to teach Sephiroth to throw stuff. Angeal got Seph to temper it down to only when he was very displeased…which got Seph back into a lot of meetings…though the president was not happy to be hit with a rattle when he made stupid announcements. 

ShinRa got sick of SOLDIER becoming a glorified babysitting service and started plotting to get rid of Sephiroth or just have him labeled as a failure. He made the mistake of saying that in Hojo’s presence. He might have been upset with Sephiroth’s new age…but like hell they’d throw Sephiroth away. So he tattled to SOLDIER, who defected to Wutai. Shockingly, Wutai was happy to take the baby Seph…which made Sephiroth suspicious that this was their plan all along…something about the way they murmured “second chance” around him in Wutainese. 

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1. Growing up Sephiroth didn't have a lot to believe in but one thing he secretly clung to was the notion of Santa. Hojo used to tell Sephiroth that Santa didn't deliver to naughty boys and Sephiroth was 'always' naughty. Eventually, when Sephiroth was older and Gast was gone, Hojo told him that Santa didn't exist. Gast was the only reason he kept the charade going but now that Gast was gone there would be no more of this silliness.

I think the rest of your story was eaten…but I’m taking this and running with it. 

Hojo thought the whole thing was finished. He hated pretending because Gast insisted that it seemed to bring some spark of joy to Sephiroth’s life. Joy or not, Hojo wasn’t good at that sort of thing so he cut it off as soon as the man was gone and decided that would be that. 

Gast, however, got in the last word about this “Santa Claus” who brought toys to good children. Sure Sephiroth thought he was always naughty, but Gast told him it wasn’t true. 

This Santa was not magical enough to get through all of ShinRa’s security systems. He needed a helper on the inside. Someone who knew the truth…and who had the best stealth and military training in the world. Sephiroth didn’t get presents  not because he was naughty…but because he had a higher purpose. He had to do something for those who needed it. 

If Gast was still alive that next Christmas, he would have been delighted on how well his story worked. 

The first thing the staff noticed was the bows on the test animal cages. The night technician swore he turned around for a few minutes to prep a mixture. When he turned around, all of the cages had big christmasy bows on them. All 162 of them with neatly tied ribbons that the animals were immediately amusing themselves with. 

The tech didn’t know who else was even up at this hour, which was how they found out the cameras weren’t recording. They called maintenance to get it fixed. 

But then the culprit had moved to the mailboxes. Everyone had received a very generic holiday card with their favorite type of candy inside. Many were freaked out. Who even knew what their favorite candy was unless they obsessively listened to all their conversations? 

Hojo found out about it then, when he opened his card and found a small bag of wasabi peas. He frowned as he ate them. 

The maintenance man finished his repairs and found a cute little tree ornament. Hojo fumed when the man thanked the labs for it. 

People were talking now, trying to figure out who this christmas culprit was before Hojo fired them or put them in a mako tank. It sure as hell couldn’t have been Hojo himself…so who was it?

Hojo stopped for a moment, his mouth opening a little bit as the horrifying idea came to him. He stormed off to the housing cells. 

Sephiroth was reading on his cot when Hojo came in. A bright red bow was still attached to the cover. 

“Thank you for the book,” Sephiroth said. 

“I didn’t give it to you,” Hojo said coming forward. Sephiroth looked surprised. 

“Oh…do you know who did?” 

“No,” Hojo said. He stared at Sephiroth for a long time. It was the first time he realized that if Sephiroth lied to him…he wouldn’t know the difference. He ripped the bow off the cover and stormed back out. 

Sephiroth smirked and nudged the stolen candy bowl from a few floors down a little further under his bed. Steaking a few peas from Hojo’s lunch was easy enough and passing them on no harder. The spool of ribbon was still under his mattress and he settled in to read a little more of the book Gast had left him and he had been hiding. 

Santa Claus had visited everyone in the lab that year, including Sephiroth. Santa’s helper made sure of it. 

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An AU where Sephiroth was raised by Veld instead of Hojo?

Hojo’s mistake was thinking that Gast wasn’t expecting them. Gast Faremis was and he sent his wife and daughter ahead just in case. Hojo wasn’t ready for Gast to have his own gun. ShinRa science department was left in flux. Hollander wanted to take over, but there was a list of reasons why he shouldn’t. While ShinRa bureaucracy sorted it all out, all projects were frozen. By frozen, that meant no one in the science department could care for the specimens…including the Project S specimen. 

Sephiroth’s pediatric caretaker was literally trying to find someone to take him before she left ShinRa never to return. She couldn’t take him with her, and there was no place to put him, no one who would take him. She didn’t go to the Turks lightly, and she sat outside their floor for hours bouncing Sephiroth, feeding him, just feeling helpless. Veld noticed her on his way out. Their conversation was brief, but Veld agreed. She left him holding Sephiroth awkwardly. 

It took two years for ShinRa to get a Science Department again. By then Sephiroth could walk and talk, knew all the Turks by name, knew every single dirty secret in the company, and practically all swear words in existence in several languages. There was a small push to restart Project S, but it died quickly. Sephiroth had gotten the idea in his head that the Turks were part of his family and well…they decided to adopt him. 

ShinRa agreed to let Sephiroth stay with the Turks if he would be the specimen and prototype for super SOLDIERs. Sephiroth hated it and the Turks liked it less. It wasn’t a pleasant process for him and often left him sick and debilitated. He usually had a lot of visitors when he was stuck in bed. Turks coming by to tell him about their last missions, what had gone wrong, or…sometimes Veld with a book to read to him. There were usually Turks piled outside the room to listen in on those days. 

ShinRa wanted a war with Wutai, but Turks always thought the move was pointless and a waste of money. They let ShinRa try and make their super SOLDIERs on what they got from Sephiroth. Turks found their new favorite operative to send to Wutai: Sephiroth. He was frighteningly good at infiltrating, and he was good with that katana of his. Most SOLDIERs found him annoying, but he had all the good info, so they kissed ass. Except for one asshole redhead, Sephiroth soon got a certain joy of jerking him around. Reno was so proud of him. 

bulletprccf replied to your postHi, what made you so certain that Lucrecia…

bless you. also I wondered, what are your thoughts for how she became pregnant? I’m all for artificial insemination b/c uh…Hooj is…gross…but Squeenix is kinda strange anyway. |:

Well, funny you should mention that, because the supposed grossness of Hojo is definitely the primary reason why I say Square can’t be trusted to use accurate character models. Because those scenes took place 20–30 years before OG, and even in OG he had shorter hair in the flashback, indicating that he looked different back then.

I’m guessing that the reason why they didn’t give Hojo a younger model for the DoC flashbacks and an older model for the end/opening flashback was to avoid confusing people who hadn’t played FF7 (and specifically that one hidden flashback scene) about older Hojo and younger Hojo being the same person. Not that I don’t think that’s a stupid reason, but it seems in line with their alleged reasoning about developing a storyline for Cloud in AC that made him angsty so that casual players would recognize him as the same character, and what I assume is their reasoning for giving Grimoire the exact same clothes as older Vincent so that we’ll recognize them as being related even though that makes absolutely zero logical sense whatsoever. They seem to base a lot (read: most) of their reasoning for doing things on aesthetics and visual readability rather than what actually makes sense. (See also: every buckle and zipper Nomura has ever drawn, everyone’s hair, etc.)

So with that reasoning (which by the way is shitty reasoning because who’s going to play DoC with little to no experience of OG first and not be confused already??), if they had used a younger model for Hojo in the flashback scenes, which is literally ALL of the scenes he appears in until he’s revealed as the villain, less savvy players might have been all like “who dat” when it’s revealed at the end that gasp Weiss is internet!Hojo.

They could have solved this, of course, by having Vincent see internet!Hojo as his younger incarnation, which would have arguably made more sense considering that’s how Vincent mostly knew him, assuming that the apparition of Hojo on screen is Vincent’s interpretation of what he’s seeing and not necessarily what “is” in “reality.” (You know, fictional reality. >.> ) But then that wouldn’t necessarily tie this character to the opening sequence of a man with a black ponytail and white labcoat slumped over a computer terminal (for the really dumb gamers), nor would newcomers to the compilation necessarily connect this shorthaired man to the Hojo in Crisis Core the following year.

So… I’m guessing they made the decision based on what worked best for their bottom line financially and wouldn’t risk alienating new fans/customers, and not necessarily based on what was the “right” thing to do. :/ (Which I hope is not predictive of what we can expect from the remake, since they’ll have the opportunity to invite new players in from the beginning…)

This is all to say that I don’t think Hojo was old and ugly when Lucrecia was married to him just because DoC portrayed him as such. It’s pretty impossible for him to have not aged at all in those years, which is what DoC portrays, sooo choose your retcon: Did Hojo actually age, or is Hojo actually a vampire? I prefer to choose that he aged.

Which also brings us to something else: They were married. Canonically. It’s not in the game but it’s referenced in the ultimania materials in several places. (Maybe this is another thing that was “lost in translation,” either literally or via cultural cues, and the Japanese audience was never as confused about as the Western/English-speaking one was?) It stands to reason that, as a married couple, they were having sex.

I still think a case could be made for Sephiroth having been conceived via IVF because it was easier to manipulate the embryo that way or something (a headcanon I don’t favor btw), but it doesn’t make sense as a means of avoiding the idea that Lucrecia ever had sex with Hojo.

You could certainly headcanon that the conception was IVF. You could headcanon they never had sex—hell, you could headcanon them both asexual. You could headcanon them never married if you want, and you could headcanon them all to be part chocobo.


My favorite way to imagine she became pregnant…? Ambiguously, by falling into bed with Vincent, then having that incident with him, and then impulsively agreeing to the Jenova Project right away and then having the luck of conceiving in the first month, so that she was never quite sure which one was the father. xD  But that’s simply my preferred headcanon.

Hojo: If you bit it and you die – it’s poisonous. If it bites you and you die – it’s venomous.
Zack: What if it bites me and it dies?
Hojo: That means you are poisonous, Zack Fair, learn to read.
Zack: What if it bites itself and I die?
Cissney: That’s voodoo.
Zack: What if it bites me and someone else dies?
Tseng: That’s correlation, not causation
Zack: What if we bite each other and neither of us die?
Reno: That’s kinky
Cloud: Oh my gods, you people!

Mini fanfic - No statements


Like every Wednesday, Sephiroth stops by at 3 to bring Hojo fresh groceries from the super market. He’s got two bags hooked on one arm, that are filled to the brim with healthy foods. 

He uses the key to open the door, and notices there is a vein on his arm that pops out, is he getting that old? He turns the key, but the front door is still on the night lock. 

Sephiroth sighs, forgetful old man, and rings the doorbell. And rings. Not a sound. 

No answer on his mobile phone either. Sephiroth contemplates if he should just enter. A broken door would expose an elderly person, certainly someone as unpopular and infamous as Hojo himself, to certain dangers. Burglary. Talk about the visit of a locksmith would fill up the silences though.

Sephiroth presses the metal door gently and it gives way. Inside, it is quiet. It smells like musk and unopened windows and hyacinth: the plant is right by the door. Sephiroth had given it to the Professor. A scan through the rooms leads to nothing. He is not in the tiny garden, either. 

He climbs the stairs. He’s not been upstairs in many years and doesn’t remember the hallway. He knocks, but it turns out that door leads to the bathroom. It’s dark inside and a spider in the corner is dead so he plucks it out of its webbing and flushes it through the toilet.  

The next door is the closet, with a folded-up Christmas tree he hasn’t seen in years. It reminds him of a conversation the had a long time ago: Professor, your dick is like a Christmas tree: it is dead from the root up, it stands only once a year, and the balls are just for decoration. He closes the closet door, smiling to himself. 

Then the third room, is the bedroom. He has not been here since Hojo moved in many years ago. The walls are decorated with drawings, photos, fanart, posters, advertisements commercials. Sephiroth steps into a kaleidoscope of himself, and the thousand self-stares he gets are unnerving than a mirror house. 

He finds Hojo in bed, fast asleep?



He lies there, calmly. His face looks infinitely more gentle with his hair tousled (”you should braid it before sleeping”). His glasses are on the nightstand. The serene look and manner of death strike him as unfair.

Sephiroth calls Shin-Ra. Tseng is as socially competent as not to say, I’m sorry for your loss. He just ‘hm-hms’, and says, we’ll pick up the remains.

Sephiroth glances around the room. He turns on the television. The news plays. In a few hours, there will be propaganda reels of how wonderful Hojo was, and how much he contributed to science. Sephiroth will be asked for statements. 

He presses the EJECT button on the old-fashioned video player, and the device opens its beak and spits out a videotape. It is a security camera video of them in the science department, the label thorn off. He puts it in a videotapebox, will take it home.  Then the news item shifts to a music item, but Sephiroth questions if this could be called music at all. He switches off the television again.

Sephiroth turns around. He leaves. He is about to close the bedroom door, then glances in one last time. He looks at the old man’s face. Then he closes the door for good. 

He doesn’t attend the closed casket funeral. 

But he makes sure Hojo’s full name is written correctly everywhere.

Experiment vs. Experimental

We often speak colloquially about how Lucrecia “experimented” upon Vincent when she attempted (and succeeded at) bringing him back to life. Heck, I’ve even used the word colloquially myself, and Hojo accuses her of just experimenting upon him in canon.

But there is a subtle distinction between experimenting on someone and using an experimental procedure, and since the loss of this distinction seems to be what leads people to have such an unflattering opinion of Lucrecia—particularly in her treatment of Vincent—I thought it might bear some discussing.

I’m a fan of beginning any discussion of semantics with dictionary definitions, so let’s examine this from Wikipedia:

An experiment is a procedure carried out to support, refute, or validate a hypothesis. Experiments provide insight into cause-and-effect by demonstrating what outcome occurs when a particular factor is manipulated. Experiments vary greatly in goal and scale, but always rely on repeatable procedure and logical analysis of the results.

Wikipedia doesn’t have an entry for just “experimental procedures,” but let’s look at this one for “experimental cancer treatment,” which is similar to the situation we’re looking at:

Experimental cancer treatments are medical therapies intended or claimed to treat cancer (see also tumor) by improving on, supplementing or replacing conventional methods (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and immunotherapy).

And sure you could say, “But Vincent didn’t have cancer!” And that would be 100% true. Vincent had death. He was literally afflicted with death, which I am going to be so bold as to say is actually a more serious affliction than cancer.

Back to experiments. First and foremost, an experiment is “carried out to support, refute, or validate a hypothesis.” This is why Hojo accuses her of conducting an experiment upon Vincent’s body (i.e., he was accusing her of simply wanting to validate her hypothesis rather than actually caring about the man and wanting him to live for unselfish reasons), this is why the suggestion unnerves her so much, and this seems to be why so many fans take offense to her merging Vincent with Chaos.

But here’s where I believe the critical error is happening: When Hojo says, “You’re using this fine specimen to finish your thesis,” he is not actually a reliable narrator, nor do I think he is meant to be taken as one. (I do think we’re meant to question it for a time, and you can read more about my interpretation of this scene here.) And I can’t believe we’re still in an age where we take the words of this abusive man at face value but need her words to be proven when she insists “no, you’re wrong, you’re wrong!” but I’ll lay it down nevertheless:

Lucrecia was not “experimenting” upon Vincent. This was not a repeatable procedure, and it’s arguable that screaming, banging on her computer, and crying on the floor constitute a logical analysis of the results. It also stands to reason that Hojo does, in fact, understand what an experiment is and knew this was not one, but he was taunting her because he is an emotional abuser.

She was using an experimental procedure. And, as in the case with cancer patients, she was resorting to this in a situation of life or death where the result was unlikely to be favorable otherwise.

Now, admittedly I have a personal tie to this analogy; my mother died of cancer a few years ago, so I’m somewhat familiar with how it goes when you resort to experimental treatments. First the typical, approved methods are tried—the “safest” methods with the least pleasant side effects that are still determined by the doctor to likely be effective (eg., radiation). Then, if those treatments don’t do the trick, the suggestion is to up you to the next most intense level of treatment that has proven to be effective (eg., chemotherapy). (Mind you, at some point radiation and chemotherapy were experimental as well; they’ve just already gone through all their experiments and been approved. And “approved” just means “benefits deemed (through sufficient trials a.k.a. experiments) likely to outweigh risks and side effects.”) And then at some point, if you’re quite unlucky, the doctor tells you nothing seems to be working and you have a very low chance of survival and would you like to try this experimental procedure because hey frankly it might not work but it could work and if you don’t you’re pretty much definitely going to die? And you probably say yeah, what the hell, sign me up.

Except Vincent was way past that. Vincent was on death’s door already, probably past the threshold. Vincent’s chance of survival at that point was 0%. Also, Vincent was not being treated at Massachusetts General Hospital, where presumably oncologists are subject to regulations about exactly what experimental procedures they can offer to which patients under which circumstances and at which point in their illness. Vincent was in the laboratory of Dr. Lucrecia Crescent, scientist, who was not presently at risk of being fired if she did not adhere strictly to treatments approved by the FDA, and who also had a very emotional investment in the survival of said patient which probably clouded her judgment.

So Lucrecia used a highly, highly experimental procedure, by which I mean “hey I just thought this up but what the hell I think it might work.”

There are two key differences here between what Lucrecia did and the latest study going on at your local hospital:

  1. Participation in a medical study is entirely consensual by the patient (or at least the person legally permitted to make medical decisions for them, I guess?); Vincent was not given the chance to consent.
  2. The medical studies at the hospital are far past the “wow I just had this crazy idea let’s see if it works” stage; Chaos was not.

On the first point, while I fully understand why that enrages some people, I’d like to point out that the only person who can say whether or not it was okay for Lucrecia to have used that experimental procedure on Vincent and whether or not he consents in hindsight to it having been done to him is Vincent, who thanks her at the end of DoC for saving his life.

On the second point, I’d say that yeah, the procedure clearly could have used a little more FDA testing before being tried on a patient. But Lucrecia also didn’t have that option, as Vincent was going to die and decompose if she did not act immediately, and acting immediately does not always allow time for calm and rational thought, which she goes on to apologize profusely for.

While we could of course spend many hours debating the morality of many of Lucrecia’s decisions, and while this distinction between “experiment” and “experimental procedure” does not apply to the actual experimenting she did on Sephiroth, I think it’s important to not lump all of Lucrecia’s actions together under the same broad stroke. What makes her such a fascinating character is her moral complexity and the dialogues we can have about it, and simplifying her actions and decisions is the very definition of overlooking the complexity of them.

So, in this, at least, let’s acknowledge the difference between experiment and experimental.