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“Grilled Cheese, Gingers, and Great Hair” - an autobiography of Claude ‘G Baby’ Giroux

“I Have the Best Hair in the League and I’m the Only Teammate active on Instagram” - an autobiography of Michael 'MDZ’ Del Zotto

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Claude Giroux Appreciation Post because I can

This dork here, in case you didn’t know, is Captain of the Philadelphia Flyers (how could you not thought).

This gif is important for reasons.

He used to have this super curly hair. Shame that he cut it, but he still looks hecking good with short hair. (see below)

Shoutout to Amanda Kurtz, whoever you are, for these pictures. We thank you.

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He can hockey very well

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He also wipes his hand on the refs and that’s something we all want to do so technically he’s our overlord

His laugh is adorable

He and Voracek might as well be sin bin twins (MY GOSH APPRECIATE THAT RHYME PEOPLE)

Also have him concentrating very hard on his cards. Guest appearance by Michael Raffl (10/10 on the hair)

Very sassy as well.

Master of facial expressions

Also this gif has nothing to do with it but he has a strange aversion to shoes.

G, bottom right, no shoes. He also likes thumbs ups. And smiling. Because he’s a dork.

He and his girlfriend have a dog that looks like fried chicken. He is carrying said fried chicken in a backpack. This is the best picture on the Internet.

G + Text Posts are incredible.

He produces Stall Talk for us. Thank you, good sir.

His smile is amazing and he managed to lose a tooth in the most attractive place. Guest appearances by Brayden Schenn, Steve Mason, and Jake Voracek.

Jake likes to poke the butt.

He also smol.

This has been a good post. Thank you, Claude Giroux, for existing.