player: max talbot

Hello, I’m looking for a sid/geno fic and I’m wondering if anyone has read it, and could tell me the title or give me the link. 

Here’s what I remember about it: 

It’s Sid and Geno’s rookie year. Geno doesn’t know a lot of english or any english at all. They are in a hotel room, with Max Talbot who is basically helping Geno sleep with Sid. Max doesn’t really participate, but he is there the whole time. And G and Sid like full on have sex, and Max is just kind of on the bed with them? I can’t really think of anything else, but I am pretty sure that Sid’s a virgin and Geno has been trying to tell Sid how he feels, but he can’t find the words so he goes to Max for help. 

That’s all that I remember. Does anyone know the title or have a link to this fic? Does anyone remember if this is even a really story, or something I just think that I read?