player: jared staal

The Special Staal

Some things I’ve noticed about the Staals:

1. Teams
Eric: Hurricanes
Jordan: Hurricanes
Jared: Hurricanes
Marc: Rangers

2. Numbers
Jordan: 11
Eric: 12
Jared: 13
Marc: 18

3. Month they were born in
Jared: August
Jordan: September
Eric: October
Marc: January

4. Year born in
Eric: 1984 (even)
Jordan: 1988 (even)
Jared: 1990 (even)
Marc: 1987 (odd)

5. Position on ice
Eric: Forward
Jordan: Forward
Jared: Forward
Marc: Defenseman

6. Hand they write with
Eric: Right
Jordan: Right
Jared: Right
Marc: Left

At the Staal dinner table
  • Eric: You know, now that the Olympics are coming up, I think it's time I remind you all about my gold medal.
  • Jordan: Oh yeah, the one almost as good as my Stanley Cup ring?
  • Marc: Guys, SHUT UP!
  • Jordan: What, you jealous? What do you have Marc?
  • Marc: You wanna know what I don't have?
  • Eric and Jordan: What?
  • Marc: A mugshot.
  • Jared: *sprinting around the dinner table* OOOOOOOOOOOOH SHIT SON!