player: danny briere

Meeting Flyers Players

Here are somethings I noticed that really make the Flyers perk up. 

1. Tell them to have a good day/night. Usually people just say Thanks and walk away. So hearing that makes them smile a little extra.

2. Make something.  I customized a sweatshirt to say “Fight like Scotty, Hit like Luke, Score like Brayden, Live like Bryz, Be sweet like Danny, Be rough like Zac.” Brayden and Luke loved it, they laughed and thought it was awesome.  I’m almost positive that with the laugh and comment I got from Luke, Bryz heard something.

3. If you are a young lady, compliment them on something recent that they did.  "Great hit" or “That goal last night was perfection!” a lot of the time they think we’re really just there because they have a pretty face, show them you actually watch and remember an accomplishment.   

4. Don’t stare, it’s creepy.

5. Be confident, and not nervous. They are human, he’s not as awesome as you want him to be (*cough cough* Matt Read. but no really he was really sweet but really short.) 

6. Don’t push anything. 

7. If they’re Canadian, you will probably hear them say “eh?” don’t scream until you’re atleast outside the area. 

8. If it’s a farewell signing, like for Danny Briere, tell him something that will make him feel like no matter what you support him, I told him “Prove them wrong, win the cup.” He actually gave my friend a free inscription later and I got an extra smile. 

9. I was actually told that Danny Briere was an asshole, so if you hear that about the player, don’t be afraid to be extra sassy. 

10. Once you meet them, unless its a two part signing, don’t stick around. Once again, creepy.  

11. Though the price for the signing may be crazy (spent $85 for Danny) The memories you will have forever and the little things will make you smile long after the meet and greet is over.

12. Be confident, if you’re shy then you’ll smack yourself for not making an impression.

These are the tips I can give you from my experience.  If you meet a player and use one, then totally let me know how it went.

-Lily xoxo