player: dan girardi


[Being a New York Ranger] means everything, I think. It’s an Original Six franchise, one of the more famous teams in the league, just overall with the players that have been here and the numbers in the rafters. And just to be able to play at Madison Square Garden, where everything in the world happens there. It’s a great place to call home. I think this fan base is one of the best. When you’re winning, there’s no better place to play. They’re loud, and they’re happy for you, and they keep you honest, too, out there. That’s what a good fan base does. We’re not playing well, they’re gonna let you know. It’s up to us to get ourselves going and get them excited about the game. It’s been an amazing ride.

Thank you for pouring your heart and soul into this club for the past ten years, G. Good luck on all your future endeavours. You will be dearly missed. ♡